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    The carriage of the Duke's Mansion was walking slowly on the street, and Xu Nian was full of preoccupations all the way back.

    Xu Guixin was puzzled, hesitated for a while, and said with concern: "Cousin, what else is wrong? There is a medical clinic in front, why don't we find a doctor?"

    Another medical hall.

    Xu Nian pressed his swollen forehead, and just about to speak, the carriage that was moving smoothly stopped abruptly.

    The carriage shook violently, and the coachman yelled from outside: "Where is the beggar, you dare to bump into the carriage of Duke Teng's mansion?"

    Xu Nian frowned, and opened the curtain to look out. The coachman stopped in time, and the horseshoe barely stopped in front of the beggar. The people curled up in a ball on the ground seemed to be terrified, with their heads drooping and trembling.

    "What happened?" Xu Gui also looked over.

    "The beggar suddenly jumped out from the side. I didn't notice it for a while and almost ran over him. Now I still refuse to leave."

    Xu Gui glanced at the beggar who didn't dare to raise his head, told the driver to back up a little, and walked away from him.

    Xu Nian was thoughtful, why there are so many beggars in Yandu City recently, this is the second time he has encountered them.

    Subconsciously, she opened the curtain and took a look again. The beggar who was kneeling down was terrified. Hearing that he was not held accountable, she jumped up and ran to the side alley in a panic. go.

    When he was leaving, he looked back furtively, and Xu Nian happened to see his face.

    Isn't this the one who took the lead in bullying Qi Xuan that night?

    The images of that night were always uncomfortable for her.

    Xu Nian glanced at the direction in which the person disappeared, and suddenly said, "Let's follow and have a look."

    The alley in front of the carriage could no longer pass. The beggar was standing in it just now, with blood dripping from his drooping hands. It was almost dusk, and under the faint light, he could still see a vague figure lying on the ground.

    "What are you doing?" Xu Nian shouted almost instantly when he got off the car.

    And the beggar turned around when he heard the sound, subconsciously glanced at the dagger that fell at his feet, as if he had suddenly woken up, and frantically shook his head in denial,

    "I didn't kill it, I didn't do anything, I didn't touch him at all..."

    He ran out like crazy, as if he was afraid that Xu Nian would arrest him and report to the police.

    The person in front of him also showed his original appearance, his pale face was as lifeless as the cold winter, the wound on his shoulder was oozing blood again, and there was a frightening bloodstain on his bare palm.

    The wound is the trace left by holding the blade and resisting.

    Xu Nian quickly pushed him, and the eyes of the unconscious person moved, but they were still heavy, and they just raised them slightly.

    It doesn't look clear.

    The lips moved, as if to say something.

    His lips were dry and pale, Xu Nian put his hand on his forehead, and it really caught fire.

    She shouted anxiously: "Cousin! Where is the clinic you mentioned just now?"

    Then he suddenly remembered that the whole city was searching for him recently, so he suddenly changed his words, "Cousin, please help me find a doctor and bring him to the mansion, remember to go through the back door quietly, and don't let the adults know."

    Adding new injuries to old ones, it's really desperate.

    Xu Gui was worried and hesitated, but meeting Xu Nian's urging eyes, he still obeyed her.

    Several servants helped him into the car, and he seemed to wake up a little while shaking.

    "Why did you come outside from the hospital in such a good manner?" Xu Nian frowned.

    Qi Chu reluctantly leaned against the car wall, looking at his dry lips, Xu Nian poured a cup of hot tea from the car table and handed it to him, he subconsciously took it with his injured hand, and Xu Nian patted it down.

    "You don't want your hands anymore? Change hands!"

    She rarely looked so serious.

    Seeing him like this three times and four times made Xu Nian feel uncomfortable, and he couldn't let go of his conscience so he just let it go.

    The water stained the lips, and the mouth of the throat slipped, and Qi Chu was obedient from the beginning to the end.

    Xu Nian couldn't say what kind of anger he was holding at this time, but he just felt that he was so half-dead, maybe he would really be hit by her words, and he wouldn't survive this winter.

    A few drops of blood from the palm of his hand fell on her fox fur. Xu Nian glanced at it and saw that he was still wearing thin clothes. Then he remembered that the clothes he gave him that day were given to those children. She later forgot about it, too.

    But there is nothing extra in the car.

    Freeze it!

    Xu Nian sat back to the side, and quietly glanced at the person whose lips had been softened a bit from the corner of his eye.

    Qi Chu's voice was very soft: "Thank you, Miss, for saving my life..."

    Qi is like a gossamer, just listen to it and get angry.

    Xu Nian thought, could it be that she saved someone that night, those beggars were dissatisfied, they sought revenge and found them again, taking advantage of their weakness, they took people to the alley to silence them.

    Thinking of this, she looked at the hand hanging by his side again.

    Perhaps he was afraid of soiling the place, so he just placed it cautiously by his side. At this moment, the coagulated blood seemed to be entwined from the palm of his hand to the back of his hand.

    In the previous life, Qi Chu chopped off these ten knuckles.

    Xu Nian gave him a complicated look, then took out his handkerchief, and suddenly sat down beside him.

    It's bloody and dirty, she doesn't like it.

    Qi Chu's eyes froze for a moment, his hand was gently pulled up at this moment, the soft top of hair was right in front of her eyes, the touch on his hand was very light, and even brought a burst of itching.

    Xu Nian took his hand, his hand was long and slender, with well-defined joints, cold and thin, but also had a sense of strength to control everything.

    The blood stained it, and the bright red reminded her of that lunatic Qi Chu.

    In the previous life, Qi Chu always liked to call her into the palace after killing people. His sleeves and robes were stained with blood, and he sat on the main seat with his hands raised, looking at her with a gloomy gaze like a poisonous snake. cold.

    Every time Xu Nian sees him like this, he is terrified and panicked, and even regrets the bad move he took in order to survive.

    Qi Chu hated seeing her pale and frightened face the most, so he always called coldly: "Princess Yu, come and help Gu wipe off the blood."

    When the blood was stained from his hands to hers, Qi Chu's mood would obviously improve, and he would treat her less harshly.

    When she escaped from the memory, those hands had already been wiped clean, leaving only the hideous wound on the palm, which she dared not touch lightly.

    Qi Chu looked at his hands, a little dazed flashed in his eyes.

    The cold hands relaxed unnaturally, as if they were a little nervous, Xu Nian's hands occasionally rubbed against them, and the coolness could make people tremble.

    "Okay, don't be nervous, and I won't blame you for dirtying the place."

    Xu Nian withdrew her hand, she breathed a sigh of relief, and told herself in her heart that she was not allowed to think of Qi Chu again.

    Even if that person is dead, he will not be able to torture you in this life.

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes, completely covering the emotions in his eyes.

    Xu Nian thought of the coldness on his hands just now, and finally couldn't bear it, so he covered him with the last blanket from the car.

    Maybe it's because a fever will reduce people's reaction force, Qi Chu's eyes moved slowly.

    He looked at Xu Nian, and suddenly asked, "Why is Miss treating me so well?"

    Seeing you are unlucky, seeing that our two previous lives were equally unlucky.

    Xu Nian thought silently in his heart, since I really can't bear to leave you like this in the cold winter, I will help you for a while, and I only hope that one day you will remember this kindness.

    When she gets into trouble with Qi Chu again, he can help her and stop making her so helpless.

    Qi Chu couldn't understand what she meant by that look back at her, his consciousness gradually dissipated in his tenderness, and he looked at the person who was staring ahead and ignoring him in a daze.

    I thought, no one must have taught her that the coincidence of turning three times and four times could not be God's will, but man-made.

    The person beside him was breathing heavily suddenly, Xu Nian glanced at it, the fever had not subsided, and with these injuries on his body, others should have been unable to survive.

    She quietly reached out her hand to his forehead, it was so hot, and seeing that peaceful sleeping face again, she had mixed feelings in her heart.

    After helping him through this difficulty, she broke off all ties with him, lest he die outside now, making it seem like she cursed her.

    In the past few days, the heavy snow has not come again, and the sun is warm, but it looks like a new year.

    Xu Nian read the reply letter that sister wrote to him. In the letter, sister said that she had already left, and it was time for her to ask about the whereabouts of master mindeng.

    I have to get everything done before my sister comes back.

    Xu Nian called: "Lian Tang, is that person in the courtyard awake?"

    It had been three full days, and if the doctor hadn't said nothing was wrong, she would have suspected that this person still had a short life in this world.

    "About waking up soon, the fever has receded in the morning."

    When Xu Nian passed by, Qi Chu could already sit up.

    He was only wearing a single shirt, and because of the dressing of the wound on his body, the neckline was a little loose. The boy's seemingly thin body actually had obvious lines, and his thin and powerful figure didn't look like he was in a coma at all. Three days of people.

    The doctor said that the most serious thing on his body was the bloody pit on his shoulder. The wound was repeatedly torn, the old one was opened and a new one was added, and if it dragged on for a while, the hand would be completely useless.

    Other injuries, large and small, also need a period of time to ease, and they are not as calm as they appear on the surface.

    "Miss..." He wanted to get off the bed.

    Xu Nian didn't dare to let him torment him any more, "Don't move! I told you last time, you don't need to salute me when you see me."

    Just remember this kindness.

    She finished the second half of the sentence quietly in her heart.

    Qi Chu looked up at her, as if a little embarrassed, and said, "I shouldn't bother you anymore..."

    Hearing these words, Xu Nian frowned, looked at him for a moment, the fever had just subsided, the whole person still looked weak, his complexion turned a little bloody, those black pupils were too bright, he looked sick and a bit weaker.

    When meeting that cold and pale face, Xu Nian used to avoid that gaze subconsciously.

    The shadow of the previous life was so deep that when she saw this face, she still felt scared instinctively.

    The person behind him handed him something, Xu Nian said to him, "These are clean clothes for a change of clothes, you can try it on later, see if it fits."

    She was prepared according to the figure of Qi Chu in her previous life, so she should be similar.

    Qi Chu stopped after seeing her finished speaking, thinking that she wanted him to try it now, paused for a moment, then lowered his head to untie the belt around his waist.

    It's just that Xu Nian was not calm when his hand touched the belt.

    She stared at him closely, and said in amazement, "...what are you doing?"

    Is she still here? !

    Qi Chu answered her calmly, "I will do whatever Miss asks me to do, and I will never disobey Miss's orders."

    As he spoke, his hands didn't stop.

    Xu Nian was dry mouthed and wanted to explain, but was afraid that his hands would be released soon, so he hurriedly turned around.

    "I'm asking you to try it later, let's talk about whether a man and a woman can accept each other. If you do this in front of my face, where is your sense of shame?"

    He was so anxious that his tone was unstable.

    Qi Chu raised his eyebrows, looked at the figure, and slowly lowered his hands.

    He didn't intend to really solve it either.

    There was no movement behind him, Xu Nian asked in surprise, "Are you okay?"


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