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    "Didn't you ask me before why I was so obsessed with killing him?"

    Xu Nian's eyes turned from his stomach to his face that was hesitant to speak.

    Qi Chu used to be extremely curious about the reason why she was so determined to kill herself, but now that she heard the reason, she was even more puzzled than ever.

    How could it be that he did it.

    In just this moment, he has recalled all the past ten years, all memories are complete, without any trace of loss or blankness.

    He hadn't even seen her before that winter.

    How could it be possible for her to have a child now and still hate him so much.

    Even if she said it was Qi Xuan now, he would believe it three points, but this sentence was absolutely unbelievable.

    Qi Chu said with a complex expression: "Miss, there are many similar people in this world, can you really be sure that you didn't recognize the wrong person?"

    "I can recognize him when he turns into ashes, and there is no way I can admit his mistake." Xu Nian glanced at him. Why did he suddenly stop after being so loud just now? She is still waiting for him to provide some more ways to send Qi Chu on the road method.

    Hearing her words, Qi Chu's eyes moved subtly.

    Xu Nian wiped away the non-existent teardrops in the corners of his eyes, quietly raised his eyes, and carefully observed his reaction.

    I thought, after all, wanted to use him to avenge her, and the person who killed was his own younger brother, but she was just an insignificant outsider in the end, and letting him agree to it now was based on the fact that he didn't know who this person was. who case.

    If he finds out who this person is in the future, and is indecisive at that time, maybe she will be merciful, then she will be finished. According to Qi Chu's character of vengeance, he can't be wiped out at once, let him know that she is in it Such provocations will undoubtedly kill her.

    Once the child is born, it will be there. As long as he dies, no matter if she really fell for the child, or if her parents find out, as long as she insists that he bullied her, everything can be explained. Got it.

    Qi Chu frowned, and wanted to grab Zang Mi and show her his mind.

    Just as he moved, there was a soft sobbing sound from behind him, and he froze in place when he half turned around.

    Xu Nian tried hard to squeeze out a few tears, and raised his sleeves to hide them, afraid that they would be blown dry when he turned around later.

    When Qi Chu turned around, she saw her lowering her eyebrows and lowering her eyes, explaining in a low voice and aggrieved: "I'm always timid, if it's just because of a child, I wouldn't take his life."

    Thinking of the righteous indignation when he guessed just now, Xu Nian felt that although his temper was a little different from that of the later King Yu, the essence remained the same.

    Jealous of evil like hatred, distinguishing between good and evil, and even killing people for it.

    King Yu was the most fair in his previous life, and he hated the unfaithful, unkind, and unfilial people the most. Anyway, now that she has said so much, she simply said it more seriously, and strengthened his determination to kill Qi Chu in the future.

    To kill a very bad villain can also reduce his psychological burden in the future.

    Besides, she couldn't tell the truth. She didn't dare to let her parents know about such things as rebirth, let alone tell him at this time.

    She lowered her head, trying to think through all the grievances she suffered in her previous life, and relived in her mind the panic when she suddenly found out that she had a child. Finally, she was teary, and then she pretended to raise her hands tired, and moved Opened the cover.

    Putting all the sadness and self-blame on the face, it is true that he made a miserable appearance.

    "Miss, you..."

    Xu Nian didn't give him a chance to speak, and when the corner of his mouth curled up, tears rolled out endlessly, from a small sob to a slightly louder sob.

    She cried pitifully: "Just like what you guessed just now, he bullied me, he dared to do it but he didn't admit it!"

    "Before he bullied me, he was tender and affectionate to me. He gave me a job offer and married me. He said it very nicely. Who would want to wait for me to believe in him, and he would threaten me with swords and poison, saying that if I If you dare to say a word, you will kill me."

    Speaking of the depths, Xu Nian remembered his attitude towards this matter just now, and acted more vividly. He touched his stomach helplessly, and said with pain and regret: "He said he was just on a whim, so let me stop pestering him. , I just want to save one more sentence, he kicked me and told me to get lost..."

    Qi Chu asked indescribably: "It's all...he did it?"

    It shouldn't be as simple as smashing his head.

    He glanced at her hand rubbing her stomach, then frowned again, feeling agitated, so who on earth let her have a child?

    Seeing his strange expression, Xu Nian thought he was moved, nodded pitifully, and continued: "During the half month you were in a coma, during this period, he came to me again and said that he would stay here for a long time. In Yandu, he has his color from his heart, relying on me not being afraid of death and not daring to speak out, he even forced me to be his confidant."

    "I dare not tell my parents that my sister is too busy to take care of me. This matter has been in my heart for more than half a year, and I really don't know how to open it."

    "So what is this medicine?" Qi Chu asked in agreement.

    Xu Nian seemed to have been poked into something sad, and suddenly burst into tears, frightened and helpless: "How could I possibly know this medicine? He told me all about it when he threatened him. He said he wanted a child just for fun. If I If you dare not listen to him, let me die, torture me if you want to live."

    "He lied to me, threatened me, and even tried to kill me when he was in a bad mood. I was panicked every day, and I didn't dare to tell anyone. I could only figure out how to do it myself."

    "I asked the name of the medicine, and I also wanted to know if there was any solution."

    Speaking sincerely, it seems that it is really so good.

    Xu Nian's head was already empty, but hearing him not making a sound, he wondered if what he said was not so miserable, and when he was hesitating whether to add something, Qi Chu suddenly stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears she had finally brewed. Wiped it clean.

    "According to Miss, is he still pestering you now?"

    The fingertips that fell on his face were cold, Xu Nianben was blushing from crying, the temperature difference was so great, he dodged uncomfortably, and raised his hand to wipe away the tears.

    Qi Chu paused and put it behind him.

    Xu Nian nodded and said, "He doesn't show himself, he just quietly sent word to intimidate me."

    "Who will send the message?"

    Xu Nian shook his head, recalled a bit, and said, "Most of the time I was on the street, they were strangers, and I didn't recognize them."

    Qi Chu made it clear, and followed her words, "It's really hard to find a needle in a haystack because of the vast crowd."

    Xu Nian immediately denied it, "It's not that I don't know all of them. I know one, and you have seen it too."

    Qi Chu's eyes signaled her to continue.

    "Wei Ze!" Xu Nian said more and more smoothly, "You saw it too, he wanted to kill me when he saw me."

    Qi Chu asked in an unclear tone: "Really?"

    She still knows about Wei Ze, but Wei Ze has never shown himself in front of others, how did she know?

    What happened by mistake, from her mouth, it turned into killing her.

    But he kept his composure and continued to ask: "Miss and other people have children, so you must at least know the person's appearance and name?"

    "Since the lady has said so much, it's not bad for these two things. Tell me, and I will give the lady a satisfactory result."

    Xu Nian's eyes dodged for a moment. She didn't want to say it, but she hadn't thought it through yet. If she said Qi Chu directly, wouldn't it appear that she was insincere when she rescued him at the beginning, and she seemed not so straightforward.

    Wouldn't it be hard work and thankless?

    But if you don't say it, it doesn't make sense that she has children but doesn't even know what their parents' names are.

    He hesitated at the meeting, and before the hesitation disappeared, he raised his eyes and tried to appear truthful and said: "He doesn't like to light up lamps, so I can't see what he looks like."

    Qi Chu looked at her with serious and thoughtful eyes, but he didn't stop her from continuing.

    Xu Nian felt that this didn't fully make sense, and his heart moved, and he said, "But it's not that I didn't fully see it."

    She looked at Qi Chu, her heart froze, and she said: "I vaguely think he looks a bit like you."

    Can it be different? Isn't every word and every word just rushing towards him?

    Qi Chu had never felt that he was so patient, and could still listen to her nonsense for a long time.

    It can be justified, there should be no problem with the head, if there is no bump, it is intentional.

    "What about the name?" Qi Chu waited leisurely.

    Xu Nian glanced at him anxiously, trying his best to pretend to be calm, not appearing to be so deliberate.

    She moved her lips, and said: "Wen Yuan, the name is Wen Yuan. I don't know his name, but he mentioned his name to me once."

    In the previous life, Qi Chu was too caught off guard when he returned to Yandu, and he was born out of nowhere. No one knew his past, and everyone's knowledge of him was limited to the four characters of the new emperor Qi Chu.

    No one knows the word Wen Yuan.

    The reason why she knew it was because the lunatic trapped her in front of the table when she escaped in her previous life and was captured, forcing her to write these two words over and over again...

    Thinking of this, the panting and moaning sounds in her mind made her dare not peek into the depths of her memory.

    She closed her eyes and tried her best to get those blushing and ambiguous pictures out of her mind.

    Since Qi Chu might be near Yandu, sooner or later he will be told. Instead of saying it abruptly, it is better to lay the groundwork a little bit first, so that he can have a guess in his heart and make preparations in the future.

    Qi Chu seemed to have heard something very interesting, and looked at Xu Nian with a slight smile in his deep eyes, and asked as if he really didn't hear clearly: "Miss, what did you say was that person's name?"

    Xu Nian met his thoughts and said affirmatively, "Wen Yuan."

    Qi Chu, courtesy name Wen Yuan.

    Qi Chu's eyes darkened, he had never mentioned these two words to anyone, even Lu Shisheng didn't know.

    Xu Nian panicked when he saw it, but he felt that there was no loophole in what he said. Seeing his sudden change of expression, he felt that he might have thought of something, but he couldn't accept it for a while or was thinking about it.

    "That's all I know," Xu Nian struck while the iron was hot, "You must—"

    Before he finished speaking, he saw Qi Chu suddenly smiled. He approached, Xu Nian was blocked by him on the chair, and was forced to look up at him.

    The smile didn't reach her eyes, Qi Chu asked her: "Who taught Miss this?"

    The person is right, what's the matter, impose it on him.

    It's just as true.

    Xu Nian clenched his words tightly, refusing to show any timidity: "What I said is true, how could I lie to you by casually talking about such a big matter."

    Qi Chu was still thinking about it.

    She immediately added, "Besides, I don't need to lie to you, and I'm not a storyteller. I somehow made up a story for you based on my innocence."

    Qi Chu looked at her without speaking, trying to find some clues from the angry face after being suspected by him, so as to provide some ideas for his guess.

    But there was only resentment and embarrassment on it, maybe he was a little guilty, but it was strange to be able to look as usual and remain unmoved after saying such things to him.

    Whether he can do it or not, he knows better than anyone else.

    Qi Chu suddenly restrained his anger, and even walked behind her chair with a very good temper, looking over her shoulders at the flat and tightened belly.

    Xu Nian didn't know what he was doing standing behind suddenly, she wanted to turn her head to look, but just as she moved, that hand covered her stomach again, her whole body tightened, and she wanted to get up and move away from him, but was caught by his movement. firmly fixed on the seat.

    "You, what are you going to do?" Is the inexplicable stomach pressing inherited from your family?

    She wanted to ask, but felt that there was a knife hidden in his smile at this time, and he was not very kind.

    Qi Chu's patience was exhausted, the person in the palm of his hand was very nervous, and his hands tended to protect his stomach, but he just didn't want her to do so.

    He even rubbed it badly, and Xu Nian was so frightened that he didn't dare to move anymore.

    He seemed to be a little satisfied with this, so he calmed down, and said in a thoughtful way: "Miss, people already know, let's talk about how to deal with it now?"

    When he was talking, he flicked his fingers meaningfully, and he was not in a good mood, because the blame was on him.

    It was there because of his movements, rising and falling with her fear and nervous breathing.

    Xu Nian was shadowed by this action, subconsciously followed him and said, " to deal with it?"

    Such a posture of being constrained by others made her very uneasy, and she was so frightened by his sudden change of face that her head was dizzy, and it was only after she said the words that she realized that the point of her saying so much was to kill Qi Chu, not to kill Qi Chu. How to deal with children.

    But she was inexplicably guided by him, and followed his rhythm to a direction she didn't know.

    How to deal with it, as if it has nothing to do with him?

    Qi Chu is very helpful to her obedience, but once he thinks of the person she refuses to confess no matter what, he wants her to cry again and tell the real truth again while crying.

    He said bewitchingly: "Miss is not out of the cabinet now, so I can't really keep it. If this kind of thing of unknown origin is removed earlier, no one will find it. Miss doesn't have to worry about it."

    He wants to see what kind of person is worthy of her being so secretive.

    Xu Nian felt uneasy, and turned to meet his gaze. Absolutely those eyes were silent and bright, making it hard to tell whether he was telling the truth or scaring her.

    She really didn't want to keep this child.


    The pain in the previous life is still a dull pain in the lower abdomen when I think about it now. She has thought about ways to get rid of it a lot in the previous life, but in the end she didn't dare to hurt herself.

    Now that she died once, she cherishes her life even more. Who knew that the result of her being confused and impulsive would not be one dead body and two lives.

    Xu Nian struggled and said, "Lu Zhi, let me go first, you just need to kill him for me, and I can explain the rest to my parents, they can handle it better than me."

    Qi Chu snorted coldly, the voice was not loud, which made people feel like an illusion, and said quietly: "Why do I feel that the lady is reluctant, I was anxious to ask, and she just found some excuses to fool me."

    If he was not talking about himself, he would really be fooled by her swearing appearance.

    How can we pry open this lying mouth, scare?

    Nervous and at a loss, anxious to explain, it is indeed much better to be frightened than to ask obediently.

    Her panic was all under the palm of her hand, Qi Chu really wanted to press it, she cared so much that she couldn't understand it, and hid it so deeply.

    He never hid it that deep.

    Xu Nian said angrily: "Didn't you say to help me solve the problem, why are you still calmer than me?"

    She pursed her lips tightly and tried to move again.

    "Solve the problem?" Qi Chu's voice was indifferent and gloomy, "But the lady refuses to tell me the real person who caused the problem. Since the source cannot be found, we can only start from the lady."

    Sensing the danger in his words, Xu Nian was taken aback for a moment, and asked, "What started with me?"

    Qi Chu suddenly leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Zang Mi must have a solution, we can choose a method that is less dangerous and less painful."

    lie! To put it so nicely, it's not her that hurts by then.

    Xu Nian didn't plan to mess around with him anymore, if he knew earlier, he shouldn't have told him.

    The matter has not been resolved, and now there is one more thing!

    She got up anxiously, but found that Qi Chu's arm refused to let go at all, trapping her in this small chair, she could only listen to him say:

    "Miss is so reluctant, when it's gone, I'll give it back to Miss."

    Said the most unbelievable words in the most ordinary tone.

    Xu Nian was shocked and said, " do you pay back?"

    How did the topic change from Qi Chu to her reluctance to bear the child?

    Is she reluctant? She is afraid of death!

    Qi Chu raised the corners of his lips, bluntly and ambiguously: "Miss has it, Lu Zhi will pay it back."

    "Let go!" Xu Nian felt that the poison in him affected his sanity to some extent, "I won't tell you, I'll find a doctor more reliable than you."

    Being held in the hands like this was too much like before death in the previous life. The visual sense was too heavy, which made her feel that she could not breathe so neatly, and the pain seemed to come to her body again.

    "Miss" Qi Chu said coldly, "Isn't it just a child? After saying a few words, the lady is reluctant to part with it. No wonder the lady is not angry or angry but frightened or frightened after knowing it. I think the lady is not so resistant to it. ,yes?"

    That's right, it's not without loopholes. If it's really like what she said, if she was deceived and threatened to persecute her, knowing that such a child exists will be somewhat disgusting.

    After all, the first time she saw herself was disgust.

    But it didn't happen from the beginning to the end, and she quickly accepted it after being at a loss.

    Qi Chu didn't let go, and even pressed harder, thinking viciously, if he cares so much, he just can't do it.

    Xu Nian frowned suddenly, and the strength to push him was much weaker, and suddenly wanted to cover his stomach, "I hurt—don't move—"

    It turned out that the discomfort just now was not an illusion.

    She bent down slightly, her abdomen curled up, her thin shoulders trembled, Qi Chu was startled, and quickly withdrew her hands.

    "Miss?" His voice was rarely flustered, but he withdrew his strength.

    Xu Nian's face turned pale, and there was a thin layer of cold sweat on her forehead. She raised her head with difficulty, frowned tightly, and shouted weakly, "Stomach hurts..."

    Qi Chu frowned, quickly turned over her wrist, and when his fingertips touched the veins, his face suddenly darkened after a while.


    Zang Mi was about to finish saying sorry for the rest of his life, and he said guiltily: "It's my fault, I'm sorry. I learned what I learned, but I didn't apply it well. The pulse of food accumulation and pulse of joy are somewhat similar, and I confused them. "

    Xu Nian's monthly letter, which was five or six days late, finally arrived, and she was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief because she had no children.

    In just half a day, she was scared to death.

    She said: "I didn't make it clear. I was scared half a month ago, and I haven't recovered recently. Loss of appetite and lack of energy must be the reason here."

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, then lowered his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

    Zang Mi felt very sorry. He just wanted to help when she heard her say that, so he took out a few herbal medicines from her bag and handed them to her: "Miss, put this on the eyes before going to bed at night, it can help you sleep, so you can have a good rest."

    Thinking of the important point, he added: "Miss, don't be greedy for coolness these days, I think tomorrow will be much better."

    Qi Chu, who had been silent all this time, suddenly reached out to take it, put it in front of his eyes for a moment, let the knot hang in his fingers and twirled around, and said with a smile: "Can it be used? Is it reliable?"

    Zang Mi saw another meaning from his face:

    ——You can even diagnose the wrong pulse, what use are you?

    He lowered his head a little unwillingly, flexing and stretching.

    Xu Nian glanced at him suspiciously, asked Lian Tang to take it from him, and planned to try it at night.

    With his fingertips empty, Qi Chu withdrew his hand meaninglessly.

    Xu Niangang wanted to ask Zang Mi if the poison in him had any sequelae, such as moodiness, affecting people's mind.

    Before he could make a sound, Zang Mi suddenly raised his head in puzzlement, his bright black eyes were full of puzzlement.

    He asked puzzledly: "Although I made a wrong diagnosis, it shouldn't be the young lady who knows best whether there is such a thing or not."

    He has been unable to figure this out, as long as she questioned him at the time and said it was impossible, he would immediately find out that something was wrong.

    After thinking for a while, Zang Mi still boldly asked: "Miss, why do you think you are pregnant? Miss, you haven't married yet?"

    Qi Chu's eyes also turned to her, his eyes were full of thought, but he was also waiting for her to speak.

    Suddenly everything seemed to stand still.

    Xu Nian closed his slightly opened mouth and was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized that he couldn't get round.

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