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    Xu Nian's heart skipped a beat when he saw him, and he almost blurted out Qi Chu's name.

    But when the words came to his lips, he was still held back by reason.

    I can't tell him yet, but if Qi Chu is mentioned, he will definitely be suspicious.

    Qi Chu saw her pause for a while, her lips moved slightly, but she never said a word.

    Although he tried his best to cover it up, the fleeting worries still fell into Qi Chu's eyes.

    He said: "Miss, don't worry that Lu Zhi will reveal it to others, I know, Miss knows, there will never be a third person in the world who will know."

    Xu Nian felt that his appearance was very docile and well-behaved, so he suppressed a smile and said, "Let's talk about this after you recover from your injury."

    She was here to remind him, but now seeing his straightforward attitude, she felt a little more at ease.

    There is no rush for this matter, she has to be more careful and make sure nothing goes wrong.

    After figuring this out, he felt relieved, Xu Nianhu said: "Tomorrow, the He Mansion's New Year's Eve banquet will not end until you hour, and I will stay in the He Mansion during the period, so I just let Lian Tang follow me when the time comes."

    "When you first came to Yandu, you may not be familiar with the location of the streets. If you want to follow me in the future, you must get familiar with them early. You should take this opportunity to go out and get to know the way."

    The steps have already been paved, she just didn't say directly, you can do whatever you want, tomorrow I won't care where you go or what you do.

    A trace of puzzlement flashed across Qi Chu's eyes, " can go anywhere you want? Is the lady so indulgent to other people?"

    Some time ago, people were secretly staring at him, and now they are suddenly so relaxed towards him.

    Is it really letting go of vigilance, or is it another temptation?

    Xu Nian said calmly, "I am taking you in temporarily, not keeping you by my side. Your freedom is of course up to you."

    Qi Chu's eyes moved slightly, and the dim light of the hanging lamp hit the slender eyelashes, and there was a rare perplexity in the deep eyes.

    Seeing that he didn't move, Xu Nian narrowed his eyes slightly, and said in a soft and persuasive voice:

    "The chance is only this time. No one else has it. I only promised it to you because of your good luck."

    She was smiling but pretending to be serious, pretending not to care much but staring at his reaction all the time, seeing that he still didn't agree, her face showed more regret and embarrassment.

    Like a cat that wanted to be tickled by someone, but was unwilling to admit it, so he had no choice but to cover up and coax people, but he said in his heart: "Hurry up and promise, don't hesitate!"

    Why does this face always make unexpected expressions.

    Qi Chu couldn't hold back a chuckle, his voice was very soft, and he said: "Lu Zhi said, everything is under the arrangement of the lady, since it is the lady's order, then Lu Zhi will make all the streets, big and small, in Yandu tomorrow. clear".

    Xu Nian rolled his eyes, thinking to himself, maybe the Duke's government is too strict, he failed to find the opportunity to act, and he should create more opportunities for him in the future.

    I just don't know how he contacted his subordinates?

    Xu Nian was still a little curious, blinked his eyes, the bright pupils stayed on him for a moment, and finally fell on his face.

    "Your face... is really ostentatious. Here, you will always wear this when you are by my side from now on."

    She suddenly took out a mask, and without waiting for any reaction from him, she leaned forward to get closer, and put her hand on his face.

    The faint fragrance from the hair lingers on the tip of the nose.

    The black is calm, hiding the handsome outline in it, and the eyes seem to be shrouded in a mask, turning into a deep and seductive black.

    Xu Nian's hand was still pressing on it, and he could feel the curvature of the bridge of his nose, and down the line was Ling Lie's tightly pursed lips.

    She froze for a moment, then asked, "Why are you nervous?"

    Scared him?

    Qi Chu had never let anyone get so close, not to mention that she still had one hand tightly pressed against his face through the mask.

    This was beyond what he could bear.

    Xu Nian didn't know what he was thinking. There was still a button behind the mask. She reached out to tie the knot, but she was already half-tilted, but she still couldn't reach it.

    Qi Chu already wanted to avoid it, but she got up completely, and the unique sweet fragrance of a girl had already hit her face.

    Xu Nian stood in front of him, and stretched out his hands behind his head to help him tie the knot. Such an intimate movement also hindered Qi Chu's dodging movements.

    The mask was fixed, and it completely hid Qi Chu's eyes that looked at her boldly.

    Xu Nian didn't notice anything, just looked at his appearance with satisfaction, "Lu Zhi, you can just follow me like this from now on."

    I will never think of Qi Chu again because of this face, and there are many people in Yandu, so it is more convenient to cover it up.

    Lian Tang has come to call her.

    Xu Nian rubbed his frozen face, then breathed out into his palms, thinking that it was getting late and it was time to leave.

    Qi Chu stood up and watched her leave. Her figure was small, and her skirt swayed slightly as she walked.

    She seems to be in a particularly good mood today.

    Before she could look back, she didn't expect her to turn around suddenly, and said briskly, "I'll buy you another outfit tomorrow. I don't like this black one very much."

    That lunatic also likes to wear dark clothes, especially black.

    She wants to put an end to everything that reminds her of Qi Chu.

    The night was getting darker, and the deserted and quiet blackness could not be illuminated by the moonlight.

    Qi Chu raised his hand slowly, and the mask fell on the palm of his hand, without the slightest bit of heat, it was still icy cold with a chill.

    A figure suddenly stepped out from the darkness, and said leisurely: "The pulse condition is vain? Are you satisfied with the medicine I gave you?"

    On the second day, the warm sun was shining brightly, making people a little lazy and comfortable.

    As soon as Xu Nian arrived, He Jia couldn't wait to pull her out of the sedan chair, "Why did you come here? Last time I heard that you fell into the water, if my sister-in-law didn't stop me, I would have to go to the Chen family to join them."

    "This time, stay at my house for a few days before going back, or you can take me to your house to play for a few days when you go back!"

    He Jia is the posthumous son of the former eldest wife of the He family. Before her, there was a brother. Today is her nephew's birthday party.

    This was the first time he saw his old friend after being reborn, and Xu Nian was also very happy, but before he could make a sound, He Jia glanced at Qi Chu, and suddenly said "Huh":

    "This is your new recruit? Where did Kang Yi go?"

    "It's just your sharp eyes." Xu Nian also followed her gaze, but fortunately, it was covered, otherwise it would have attracted so much attention.

    The two walked in together, Xu Nian whispered to her and explained to her: "My elder sister is coming back soon, and Kang Yi is going to meet her."

    "Let's not talk about that, take me to see your little nephew, let me see if he looks like you?"

    Upon hearing this, He Jia became excited, and said triumphantly, "Of course, my little nephew is as good-looking as me, he is carved with jade..."

    In the middle of talking, he suddenly bumped into Chen Ning head-on.

    Xu Nian hadn't heard from her for quite a while, and Yibang was going back soon, and her wedding was approaching.

    She has already sent a letter to Elder Sister to ask her to find someone she trusts to set up an ambush on the way back from a foreign country. If they dare to kill innocent people like they did in the previous life, they will definitely not let them get any more benefits this time.

    Chen Ning just pretended this time, with the protection of his elder sister, nothing would happen.

    Thinking blankly for a moment, He Jia thought she saw that the Chen family members were in a bad mood, and pulled her away from Chen Ning, explaining: "My sister-in-law is in charge of the invitations, and I didn't know she would come."

    Xu Nian knew, "It's okay, let's go see your nephew and leave her alone."

    Watching their backs gradually go away, Chen Ning's gaze also turned dark.

    What Xu Nian said last time in the school grounds is still vivid in her memory. At first she didn't think there was anything wrong, until she ran away from the beast slave, and His Majesty punished her to go and make a kiss.

    She suddenly realized that this incident was caused by her!

    Clenching his fists tightly, Chen Ning told the maid beside him: "Is everything ready? You can start now."

    As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his eyes and met Qi Chu who was waiting outside the door.

    Qi Chu glanced lightly.

    That lady from the Chen residence? Friends get together, but there is a good show to watch.


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