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    When Xu Nian woke up again, it was already evening.

    She opened her eyes and saw Lian Tang's swollen eyes from crying.

    There was a thick velvet mattress under her body, which was soft, and her whole body was sunk in it, and the pain in her back shoulder also subsided a lot.

    "Miss, you're finally awake..." Lian Tang wiped away her tears, and tried to help her up, "Before that person comes back, this servant will take you out of here first."

    Xu Nian was dizzy, she looked around, it wasn't at home.

    Lian Tang was dying of anxiety, she felt that the young lady had stepped out of the tiger's mouth and into the wolf's pit again.

    Who knows what the crown prince is thinking about? King Yu imprisoned the young lady because he wanted to use the young lady to blackmail Duke Teng's mansion, and now, the young lady is imprisoned here again.

    Maybe, these people have the same purpose, to take advantage of Miss.

    She urged: "Miss, hurry up, or he won't be able to come back..." It was too late.

    Before the words were finished, there was a chill behind him, and he was pinned in place by his eyes.

    Xu Nian looked up: "Qi Chu?"

    Lian Tang stood in front of his young lady, "Don't hurt my young lady!"

    She looks very uneasy and kind to anyone now.

    "Miss took you in before, but now you not only don't miss the old love, but confine you, miss, you, you..." She really didn't dare to swear out the four words.

    Lian Tang has already thought about it, even if she dies here, she must protect the young lady.

    Qi Chu frowned slightly and asked someone to pull Lian Tang out. Xu Nian was startled and wanted to get up to stop her, but Qi Chu stepped in front of her first, not allowing her to look any further.

    "I asked her to serve Miss, not to drive Miss away," Qi Chu said.

    Xu Nian reached out to hook him and pulled him closer, "Lian Tang is also kind..."

    He didn't seem very happy and didn't even smile.

    Xu Nian said again: "Besides, I didn't want to run away, don't you think I'm here?"

    Qi Chu sat on the side of her couch, and put a cushion behind her without saying a word.

    He didn't know where he came back from. There was a burst of cold air on his body, and even his palms were cold.

    Xu Nian grasped his knuckles, and gave him a hug, "Don't be angry, okay?"

    She remembered that he didn't like all her movements away from him.

    Now it seems that she thinks that she is going to run away quietly while he is away, which is why she is not happy.

    Qi Chu said: "Miss don't want her anymore, I can also serve Miss."

    Xu Nian stared at him blankly.

    Qi Chu is still emphasizing, "I can do better than her."

    He was afraid that Miss would not get used to it when she woke up and went to a strange place, so he brought the little maid along with him. If he had known earlier, he should have thrown her in the Yu Palace to fend for himself.

    His eyes were firm and his tone serious, not like he was joking.

    As soon as he became stubborn, Xu Nian had no choice but to yell out suddenly, pretending to be uncomfortable. As she yelled, she saw that the sullen person immediately changed his expression.

    Qi Chu asked nervously, "Miss, what's wrong?"

    Xu Nian frowned, and tried his best to act, "It hurts everywhere..."

    It's just that halfway through saying this, Qi Chu suddenly leaned over, palmed her back, and held her in his arms.

    Xu Nian followed his movements, put his chin on his shoulder, and leaned his whole body into his arm.

    Qi Chu raised his hand and rubbed it gently for her, "It must be that the congestion has not melted away."

    Xu Nian rubbed against his neck, and said in a low voice, "Then what should I do? Let Lian Tang come in and let me have a look."

    I don't know if the sisters are still worried about her safety now, Xu Nian wants Lian Tang to bring her some words back, so that the family can feel more at ease.

    But if she said it directly now, Qi Chu would be in trouble again.

    He seemed to particularly dislike her valuing other things.

    He didn't make a sound, Xu Nian continued coquettishly on her neck, "Just a little while, okay, I'll send her back after I let her finish reading."

    Qi Chu suddenly straightened her shoulders and made her face him.

    Seeing those thin lips move slightly, Xu Nian said, "I'll help miss."

    Qi Chu hugged her and turned her around, letting her turn around.

    Xu Nian felt his hands on her shoulders.

    As long as it is pulled down gently, the wound can be exposed.

    She pinched the quilt beside the bed nervously. It didn't hurt at all, but she curled up slightly with the clothes he took off.

    Yuyuan's shoulder protruded from the clothes, and there was a bruise on it, which looked extremely shocking.

    Qi Chu's eyes dimmed,

    Xu Nian turned to look at him, "Actually, it doesn't hurt very much, let Lian Tang..."

    The words suddenly stopped in the throat, and the room was silent.

    Because Qi Chu suddenly leaned over and kissed her, her lips gently pressed against the bruise.

    He whispered, "Miss, if I kiss you, it won't hurt anymore."

    The itching of the brushed lips was followed by numbness, as if sensing that she was uneasy, Qi Chu suddenly reached out to cover her helpless hand hanging by her side, separated her curled fingers one by one, and clasped them again. tight.

    It doesn't hurt, but it's weird.

    Xu Nian couldn't bear it anymore, and called him in a soft voice: "Qi Chu, it's okay, it doesn't hurt anymore..."

    Qi Chu raised her head, her eyelashes were trembling, and her face was also red.

    "But I'm in pain." Those beautiful eyes were full of gloom, "I just separated from Miss for a while that day, and Miss disappeared."

    "I have searched many places, but there is no trace of Miss."

    If Wei Ze loses someone, he will punish him. As for the person who tried to harm the young lady, how should he be dealt with.

    He lowered his head and scratched her sensitive skin with his eyelashes, "Miss said she would never leave me, I will die without her. I have been dead for several days now, and my heart hurts."

    He had planned everything, but there was an accident.

    He thought he could do it, no problem, he pretended to take a step back, making Qi Wenyu think that when his plan succeeded, it was time for him to fight back.

    Five years ago, Su Yang's blood flowed like a river, and he came out of it to claim his life.

    Several cases came together, and he wanted to make Qi Wenyu unable to hide and accept all due retribution.

    But something went wrong, his conceit almost hurt the miss.

    He said in a sickly low voice: "Nian Nian, it's dangerous outside, I'll hide you and prevent them from finding you, okay?"

    Hiding somewhere only he knows so no one can hurt her.

    Xu Nian didn't say anything, she turned around, touched his cheek, threw herself into his arms, and whispered, "There's no need to hide."

    She was a little cold, she took the initiative to pull up her clothes, and then raised her eyes in his arms, her eyes were full of dependence.

    "I like to be with you, and I want to be with you, just like now." She smelled the cold fragrance on his body, which made people feel at ease.

    "Like and wish are all yours, and so is Nian Nian."

    At this moment, Wu Zheng's voice came from outside: "Your Highness, Eunuch An Xi has come and said that His Majesty called you over."

    Xu Nian let go of her hand, but just as he moved, he pulled her back to her shoulder. In this position, he bit her lips hard.

    There were still people waiting for him outside, Xu Nian pushed him lightly, her lips were abnormally red.

    It's all the result of someone doing something wrong.

    Qi Chu was still worried, but Xu Nian had already said, "Don't go, I'll wait for you to come back."

    After finishing speaking, she lay down obediently and put herself under the quilt.

    The door was closed, and the voices from outside gradually faded away.

    Xu Nian opened his eyes again.

    I remembered what he said just now.

    Hide her?

    It seems that such extreme and sick words are always brought up by him.

    Qi Chu seems to be sick and getting worse, and she seems to be the source.

    he looks like……

    Always afraid of her leaving.

    what should do? Xu Nian was a little distressed, how to make her lover get better.

    At this moment, Lian Tang quietly pushed the door open a crack, "Miss?"

    Xu Nian remembered the business, let her in and asked, "Can you go outside?"

    Lian Tang shook her head, "People are guarding outside." She also just found out.

    Xu Nian was even more distressed, it was over, he was just talking about it before, but this time it was for real.


    In the palace, An Xi led him the way, and said in a low voice: "Your Highness, today His Majesty has made a big fuss about King Yu. Please be careful in everything, Your Highness."

    Qi Wenyu himself couldn't hold back his anger, and caused Emperor Cheng to destroy a large game of chess. He was angry from the beginning to the end, and he was afraid that he would die of anger.

    "Eunuch An Xi has been in this palace for more than thirty years, and his ability to read words and demeanor is very good." Qi Chu gave him a sideways look, showing his courtesy without doing anything.

    An Xi pushed the door open for him, "Our family just did what we should do, your Highness, let's go in."

    The broken vases in the hall fell all over the floor, and were trampled to powder by the people who came in.

    Chengdi's angry voice came, "What exactly do you want to do?!"

    He can't control him now!

    If he didn't understand it now, he would have been the emperor for so long in vain.

    After Qi Chu returned to the palace, he followed him in everything. He always thought that he was an obedient pawn in his hand, and could only follow the path he gave.

    Unexpectedly, he retreated to advance, breaking all the balance he created.

    The false appearance he made made him relax his vigilance, and he was turned into an army.

    "I didn't do anything," Qi Chu let out a gloomy sneer.

    "Your Majesty, you covered up the Su Yang case because you were afraid of the master of the Lu family, and let him silence you."

    "What about now? Your Majesty, let's see if the Shen family will let it go."

    Enough chess pieces, he will start to be a chess player.

    Emperor Cheng stood up in disbelief: "What did you call me?!"

    "Your Majesty's son is called Qi Xuan." Qi Chu's dark eyes were heavy, "Your Majesty, don't admit the wrong person."

    "You are presumptuous! Do you still remember who gave you all this! I can give it to you or take it back at any time!"

    Emperor Cheng's hands were shaking while supporting the table, and he held his breath in his throat. He even called someone a few times, but there was no movement outside.

    "Your Majesty may not have seen his current situation clearly," Qi Chu reminded him, "I have done a lot of things during my return. Your Majesty may wish to guess how many people in this palace are still willing to listen to you." Your words."

    It was only recently that An Xi discovered that there was something wrong with the palace, the familiar faces had quietly disappeared, and before he knew it, there had been a wave of newcomers in the palace.

    Regardless of his anger, Qi Chu walked to the desk and spread out the ink table.

    "Your Majesty, you still need to take care of yourself. If you die early, it will be difficult for me to get married. This wild dog in the palace will have something to eat."


    Xu Sijiang finally got his way, "Where did Your Highness take my sister?"

    She couldn't find anyone, how could she not be in a hurry!

    "I won't be your sister soon," Qi Chu didn't want to stay, he told her before he left, "The imperial decree to grant marriage will probably come to the Duke's mansion soon, and I will stay with Miss until the big wedding."

    Xu Sijiang clenched his fists, "Your Highness is too reckless."

    "The opportunity for a thorough investigation of the Su Yang case is right in front of Mr. Linyi. I will take care of the young lady. When the wedding date comes, I will personally send her home. Go and do what you should be busy with."


    When Xu Nian was half asleep and half awake, he realized that there was someone lying behind him. He was always cold, and the cold outside seemed to always be able to contaminate him.

    She approached, found him in his arms, and closed her eyes safely.

    Qi Chu heard her whispering and said: "Look, I said I won't leave, I didn't break my promise."

    He didn't get enough sleep, and his voice was muffled.

    Qi Chu placed a kiss on the top of her hair.

    "Does your shoulder still hurt?"

    Xu Nian shook his head, "Thinking of you, the pain will gradually disappear."

    He said, "Miss's elder sister asked me for someone."

    He didn't want to give it, but he still told her.

    Xu Nian said "Oh" without any response, "Then next time, you can help me tell Elder Sister that I am fine, and let her not miss me."

    Qi Chu chuckled, and in the quiet night, a "good" sounded satisfying and pleasant.

    On the second day, Xu Nian was woken up by someone's kiss.

    Seeing her open her eyes, Qi Chu kissed her more fiercely, as if he wanted to swallow her into his stomach.

    Xu Nian responded to him at first, until the two of them's breathing became hotter and hotter, and then raised his hand to cover his mouth when he moved away a little.

    She begged for mercy: "No, I'm going to suffocate to death if I can't breathe."

    Qi Chu took advantage of the situation and pecked her palm: "I will practice more with Nian Nian from now on."

    Xu Nian let go of his hand and wanted to get up.

    But he rubbed against her neck again, thinking of what she said last night,

    ——"The liking and willingness are all yours, and so is Nian Nian."

    The breath became hot.

    He pestered her and asked, "Miss, can I kiss other places and let your mouth take a good breath, is that okay?"

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