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    When Qi Chu went out, he happened to meet Lian Tang who was about to enter the courtyard.

    Lian Tang had just gone to deliver chilblain medicine to the victims, and she just came back at this time, saw him coming out, and asked casually:

    "Miss, did you call me?"

    Qi Chu's eyes were calm, "No, Miss just ordered that no one should go in and disturb her."

    Lian Tang didn't doubt that he was there, saw him going out, and asked again: "You still have to go out so late?"

    She still remembers that when the young lady first brought this man into the mansion, she still found someone to stare at him every day, and then the young lady began to trust him more and more inexplicably.

    Qi Chu said: "The horses in the stable haven't been fed yet, Miss asked me to go and have a look."

    Lian Tang looked at the person who had gone away and scratched her head suspiciously. She actually wanted to ask a few more questions, but his eyes were really scary.

    Unable to tell where the chill came from, Lian Tang rubbed his arms and left without looking back.

    The shadow of the young lady sitting by the desk was reflected on the window. Lian Tang thought of Lu Zhi's words, so she didn't push the door, but stood at the door and waited.

    In the room, Xu Nian's curled fingers first moved, and slowly raised his eyelids.

    Although she was still a little dizzy, fortunately, when Lu Zhi was around, she kept holding her breath. Even though she pretended to be stunned, she always covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve.

    Not to the point of unconsciousness yet.

    Ever since he took the initiative to follow Yang, Xu Nian felt that something was wrong.

    This was the first time in such a long time that she noticed that he was actively trying to do something.

    Xu Nian pushed open the door, and Lian Tang was taken aback: "Miss..."

    "Hush!" Xu Nian covered her mouth, "Let's follow and see what Lu Zhi is going to do?"

    In the past few days, she has been deliberating whether to keep him or choose to help him contend against Qi Chu.

    The former is wise and safe, while the latter is full of unknowns.

    But he was as smart as a fox, and he couldn't clearly test it.

    In the deserted small courtyard, Zhou Hai's consciousness has been blurred, his hands and feet are tightly bound, and his fat body has no ability to escape at all, and he didn't even see clearly who caught him.

    Until tonight, the closed door was pushed open, and under the cold moonlight, the young man stood at the door, as if he had merged with the long night behind him.

    Seeing Qi Chu turning his head and closing the door, Xu Nian immediately hid himself.

    He was too cautious, Xu Nian only dared to follow from a distance along the way, if he took a step closer, he would definitely be discovered.

    Qi Chu stood in the courtyard, staring coldly at the struggling people, "Zhou Hai, you are hiding in Linyang County here, it is really easy for me to find you."

    That day outside the Chen residence, he was about to leave, but he received another message.

    Zhou Hai didn't know when he had a grudge with this person, he cursed: "You let me go! Do you know who I rely on behind my back? I don't care who you are, it's you A big man who can't afford to offend."

    "Don't think about it, I've stopped all the letters I sent you." The man under the mask suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, and there was faint light in his black pupils.

    "If I'm not wrong, the people behind you not only let you kill the victims in the county, but also let you find someone among the refugees."

    Find someone?

    Xu Nian found an unobtrusive corner and listened intently to the movement inside.

    Lian Tang felt scared, carefully grabbed her sleeve and shook it, telling her to go back.

    If she had known earlier, she should have prevented the lady from coming.

    No matter how you look at it now, it's like killing people to silence them and being seen by them. If this is discovered, then they are all finished.

    Zhou Hai was shocked, but he couldn't even see the expression of the person in front of him when he looked up, "Who the hell are you?"

    What he said was exactly right.

    Qi Chu played with his taste: "Why, in just five years, you have completely forgotten everything."

    After falling silent, he was overwhelmed by great fear. Zhou Zai remembered the night in Suyang City five years ago, and he gritted his teeth, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

    Qi Chu also lost his patience. He asked in a deep voice, "What happened in Suyang City five years ago?"

    "There are not many people who survived it, and there are only a few people who have a smooth career like you. You really think that the people behind you can protect you."

    Xu Nian had already tightly covered his mouth to keep himself silent.

    It was the Su Yang City case again, she knew it, how could she never even heard of such a big case, when he asked him on the way, he still fooled her and said he didn't know.

    Just when Xu Nian was about to hear how the man would answer next, Lian Tang lost his footing and suddenly slipped on a small rock on the ground.

    The sudden voice sounded from the night, Qi Chu also noticed it, and Xu Nian yelled in his heart that it was not good.

    Before she had time to react, she pulled Lian Tang up and ran towards the same road, which was not very far from where they lived.

    When Qi Chu opened the door, there was no one outside, but Qing Falcon, who had been standing on the eaves, kept looking in one direction with his dark eyes.

    In that direction, miss?

    His gaze changed, thoughtful.

    And from behind him, another person walked out.

    Zang Mi followed his line of sight, her tone was calm like a child's, "Last time I wanted to persuade you that Qi Xuan is already on his way back, you stay in Yandu, it's too easy for him to find you."

    "You said that she was kind to you because of Qi Xuan's jade pendant. You have to know that she may meet the real Qi Xuan after a simple banquet, and Yandu will be the place where you will be buried." place".

    Qi Chu looked sideways, and warned in a deep voice, "You talk too much, Zang Mi."

    "I just don't think it's good to kill innocent people indiscriminately."

    He's already cheated someone for him once.

    Zang Mi said, "You need to find Lu Shisheng as soon as possible. The poison on your body was poisoned by him. Although I helped you relieve most of it, you still need to use the medicine."

    "Lu Shisheng?" Qi Chu found it ridiculous, "He gave me the deepest knife five years ago. If you look for him, it's better to kill him directly."

    Zang Mi ignored his obsession, and continued: "A few days ago, you were deliberately stabbed. Even if you were not injured, you would be unconscious for several days if you were poisoned. You deceived people's sincerity and made Miss Xu's heart soften towards you. Continue to keep you in hiding in the Duke's Mansion."

    "Miss Xu's elder sister used to have a very close relationship with Lu Shisheng. You stay here, wait for the opportunity, and use her everywhere. You have no good intentions at all. You have too many schemes. Be careful that you end up reaping the consequences."

    Evil consequences? retribution?

    He never believed it.

    Qi Chu's eyes were hidden in the darkness, and the mask covered all his emotions.

    He suddenly snorted lightly, and said coldly, "Zang Mi, I suddenly regret saving you back then."

    His tone suddenly sank, Zang Mi's back turned cold, and he stopped talking.

    How could he have forgotten, how could this man listen to persuasion, his heart is dark.

    Along the way, there was only one thought in Xu Nian's mind, and he must not be discovered!

    She could feel that Qi Xuan was still very wary of her, even unwilling to say anything, and she was also afraid of him.

    They were not familiar with each other in the previous life, let alone that familiarity, superficial things can't be used as a reference in this life at all.

    But she didn't expect that he was investigating Su Yang's matter.

    Elder sister revealed a lot of things to her in the letter, combined with what she knew in the previous life, it can almost be concluded that most of her family was ruined because of this incident in the previous life.

    "Lian Tang, you should go back to your room to rest now, and you must pretend that you have fallen asleep and never went out."

    Xu Nian didn't know if he had been discovered, but he just explained what he thought of first, so as not to reveal his flaws.

    After Lian Tang left, Xu Nian took a few deep breaths, adjusted the disordered breathing, pushed open the door and returned to the desk in the same way as before.

    It looked like he never woke up.

    When Qi Chu came back, he saw exactly such a scene.

    He was not in a hurry to go in, but just pushed open the door, the candlelight had burned to the bottom, and the incense inside had also been burned away.

    Xu Nian could hear footsteps stop at the door, she didn't know what he was going to do.

    Qi Chu remembered what she said to test herself on the way here a few days ago, and suddenly a playful smile rose from the corner of her mouth.

    So is it from that time?

    Was she suspicious of something, identity, or what he wanted to do.

    There has never been good intentions for no reason in the world, and more are profitable, just like him.

    Qi Chu seemed to have some helplessness in his voice: "Miss, although Lu Zhi asked you to rest earlier, he didn't let you rest here directly."

    While speaking, the sound of footsteps was already in front of him, Xu Nian didn't know what he was afraid of,

    She is still guilty most of the time.

    She can guarantee that her original intention at the beginning was really just to see what he was doing with him, without any malice, just curiosity.

    If they have a good chat, it is not impossible for the two of them to let go of their suspicions and then conspire together to make a big deal.


    These days he has pretended not to reveal anything, which shows that he is cautious and vigilant. She is still eavesdropping today, and the seeds of doubt have been planted, and now no matter what she says, she will hang there.

    In the end it just looks like a cover-up.

    He could only pretend that it wasn't her, and gambled that he didn't know who it was.

    Xu Nian could already feel the shadow covering her, she held back her panic, and tried her best to get away with it.

    Qi Chu stared at her with lowered eyes, the windows around her were already open, and the cool wind that came in made her black hair a little messy.

    Just when Xu Nian was still thinking about what he was going to do, his body suddenly lightened, and he was hugged by the waist.

    Losing weight all of a sudden, Xu Nian almost didn't cry out, she resisted the hand that wanted to grab something, but it just hung vainly by her side.

    Qi Chu's eyes didn't know where to look, and suddenly he pursed his lips, "Since Miss is tired, then Lu Zhi will send Miss back to rest."

    Xu Nian just wanted him to leave as soon as possible, she didn't even know how much courage she had to not show his clues in his arms.

    She tried her best to relax herself to the same state as when she was in a real coma, but she couldn't hold on for long.

    When he felt the steady footsteps, Xu Nian thought to himself, he should have known that Lian Tang should not have gone back to rest first.

    But after thinking about it, according to the temperament of King Yu in the previous life, he should not be able to kill people and silence them.

    So is this scaring her, or testing her?

    In just a few steps, Xu Nian has imagined all possible possibilities thousands of times.

    But along the way, Qi Chu didn't do anything, but sent her back to the room.

    It's just that the man stood by the bed, showing no sign of leaving.

    What is he going to do? !

    Xu Nian was already burning with anxiety, if she didn't leave, she would hardly be able to pretend anymore.

    The sharp blade twirled at the fingertips, and the cold light emitted was still hesitating.

    Qi Chu thought about everything that happened during this period of time in his mind, and when he looked back at Xu Nian, it was with deep consideration.

    "I know Miss is awake, don't pretend to be asleep, doesn't Miss have anything to ask Lu Zhi?"

    Xu Nian even breathed very slowly, so how dare he show signs of fainting.

    Qi Chu stared blankly at the man whose face was so relaxed that there was no flaw, and raised his eyebrows uncommonly.

    The bedside was quiet for a while, just when Xu Nian thought he was leaving, the chill brought by someone approaching became more and more obvious, and she could even feel the hand on her side wanting to move because of the instinct of fear. hide.

    can't move...

    He was just trying, and there was no evidence.

    Xu Nian crazily comforted himself in his heart.

    It's just that the next moment, she couldn't calm down anymore, and someone hooked her belt.

    Qi Chu pulled it slowly, as if deliberately trying to make her too scared to bear it.

    He suddenly lowered his voice, "Miss, are you really asleep?"

    His eyes fell motionlessly on that face that was always calm, his eyes were like a deep pool, and he could never detect the truest emotion in his eyes.

    The tone rose with a little joy, "Miss, if you don't answer me anymore, then you won't even know what Lu Zhi will do next."

    The cold blade was already out of its sheath, and we were waiting to see Xu Nian's reaction.

    Xu Nian felt that he missed half a beat of breathing.


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