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    She was not only afraid of this face, but also of this body.

    Qi Chu's arms were hard and broad, and she was often trapped under them in her previous life, allowing the opponent to explore and make trouble. The burst of strength from the waist, abdomen and arms was Xu Nian's nightmare.

    Even though he deeply knew that it was no longer Qi Chu, when he saw this familiar face, he couldn't help but tremble and fear.

    Xu Nian couldn't help asking again when he didn't hear him, "Are you dressed yet?"

    Asked hesitantly, in a soft and whispered voice, soft and waxy.

    Qi Chu withdrew his gaze, and suddenly covered his mouth and coughed a few times. Hearing the urgent cough behind him, Xu Nian turned around almost immediately, and was relieved to see that he was fully dressed.

    The shame on his face was still there, and a layer of blush was faintly spread on his cheeks.

    When Qi Chu raised his eyes, he glanced vaguely.

    Xu Nian felt her face was hot at first, and he looked at her in a way that made her feel even more embarrassed, and stared at him in embarrassment, trying to cover up the unnaturalness on her face,

    "Since you don't intend to change, why didn't you make a sound when I asked you just now?"

    Make her look so ugly.

    Qi Chu narrowed his eyes, and replied slowly: "I'm just thinking, since the lady dodged, should I change or not?"

    He spoke in a serious manner, Xu Nian was already lacking in confidence, and now he felt even more embarrassing because of Qi Chu who took his anger out on him.

    It's all to blame for this face, it's better to cover it up, don't let her see it, and she won't be so easily affected.

    His throat was stuffy, Xu Nian saw that he was still struggling, and said, "I told you to change it later when there is no one around."

    Qi Chu's eyebrows stretched, and a pair of black pupils lit up generously, "I will do whatever Miss says, it's all up to Miss arrangement."

    With such an appearance, Xu Nian sighed in her heart, she really couldn't bear to let him fend for himself.

    One day husband and wife, one hundred days of grace, they had worshiped in the previous life anyway, although they had never been a real couple for a day, but in Xu Nian's heart, he had a good impression of him.

    With his current temper, it seems that he is much easier to get along with than the future King Yu, at least Xu Nian will not feel nervous talking to him now.

    People say that a young man has gone through a thousand sails before he can finally be determined, and they don't know what he has to go through in order to fully grow into the gentle and gentle demeanor later.

    Looking at it now, it's pitiful, there is still a long way to go before becoming King Yu.

    Xu Nian looked at him for a moment, and knowingly asked, "What's your name?"

    When she asked him about his situation last time, she got all lies, but she wanted to see what he could make up to fool her now.

    Sure enough, Qi Chu didn't answer right away.

    Xu Nian seemed to have grasped the clues, and asked with a strange expression: "You're not going to say you don't have a name, are you?"

    So it was a temporary idea to lie to her and hide her identity.

    Never done this before.

    That was the real name he used before, Xu Nian gave him a complicated look.

    The imperial edict of the old emperor in the previous life was given to you, and you had the praise and support of the people all over the world, but it was delivered to your mouth, but in the end, Qi Chu stepped in and snatched it away, and you were tortured like that by him appearance.

    This vigilance is indeed lacking, and it is understandable that he lost to the ruthless Qi Chu in his previous life.

    Xu Nian thought about it, if he said he didn't have a name, she would give him a higher level, and she could give him a nicer name according to his temperament and preferences in his previous life.

    Qi Chu's eyes moved, and he shook his head to deny her thoughts, and only said: "Miss, you can call me Lu Zhi."

    "Lu Zhi?" Xu Nian repeated.

    Or she was thinking too much, Qi Chu has so many brothers, if you survived them, you still have a little bit of your own ability.

    Not as vulnerable as she thought.

    "Miss asked my name, are you planning to keep me?"

    Qi Chu raised his head, speaking in an anxious voice, and the ending was extremely weak, without any sense of confidence in it.

    Xu Nian felt that such King Yu was a bit interesting, so he couldn't help but take a few more glances.

    In her previous life, every time she saw King Yu, she was always in a panic, and she was as embarrassed when talking to him, as if she was afraid of being rejected.

    Hearing that she didn't make a sound, Qi Chu lowered his eyes dimly, and said: "It's Lu Zhi who has made an inch of it. Miss can save me many times, which is already the greatest kindness to Lu Zhi. I really don't know what to do if I insist on it like this." gone."

    As he said that, he suddenly lifted the quilt and stood up from the bed. This movement seemed to have pulled a wound, he snorted softly, and sweat broke out from his forehead.

    "Miss has saved me many times, but I can't repay it. In the current situation, it's a waste to consume the medicine of Miss. Lu Zhi still has this breath left. If Miss has any grudges in this world that I haven't reported, I will report to Lu Zhi. If you do it for the young lady, you will repay the kindness of the young lady for saving her life, and you can die without regrets in the future."

    Xu Nian had asked the doctor about these injuries on his body when he was in a coma, not to mention raising his arms and bending over like this, it's just the movement of getting up, it's good that he didn't pass out from the pain again.

    The bloody face that was just now turned pale again, but this person wanted to avenge her as if nothing had happened.

    But what he said was useless, Xu Nian suddenly remembered that she did have such an enemy to kill.

    In the last life, Qi Chu killed her with a bowl of poisonous soup. In this life, still don’t know where this person hides his bad intentions. If we can get rid of him as soon as possible before he grows up, the things in the previous life will be gone. will happen again.

    "Lie back first." Xu Nian frowned, "Since you know that I saved your life, you should keep it for me. If you continue to torment like this, it will be a waste of my painstaking efforts to save you."

    Qi Chu looked up at her for a moment, then walked to the edge of the bed and sat down.

    Seeing that he was quite obedient, Xu Nian went on to say, "As for what you said, help me kill my enemy. I really still have revenge."

    When she was speaking, she had been quietly paying attention to the expression of the person in front of her.

    Qi Chu just lowered his eyes, the long eyelashes just enough to cover all the expressions in his eyes.

    But it is indeed the demeanor of listening carefully.

    Noticing that she stopped, Qi Chu said: "Miss only needs to tell Lu Zhi her name, even if I risk my life, I will take that person's life and hand it over to Miss."

    You said it resolutely, but just don't know if you knew that the man was your younger brother, would you still be so calm and sonorous?

    Xu Nian withdrew his gaze and sighed silently.

    Now she doesn't know where Qi Chu is, besides, she found it. This person is like this, and if he goes, he will be killed easily. If Qi Chu finds out that she is behind her back, the tragedy of the previous life may be close Earlier.

    She held back the small calculations in her heart and said: "Heal your injury first, and I will explain this to you in detail later."

    Qi Chu readily agreed: "I will listen to Miss."

    Xu Nian recalled the purpose of his visit, restrained the redundant look on his face, and said suddenly: "I can take you in Duke Teng's mansion temporarily, but the mansion doesn't support idlers, are you really willing to do anything?"

    It is already extremely irrational and impulsive for her to take the risk of hiding the person pursued by the court in the mansion.

    Yibang originally came here with good intentions, and any disturbance would make them feel embarrassed, but now suddenly an idler is left in the house for no reason, and she and his parents can't do business.

    "As long as Miss is willing to accept me, Lu Zhi is willing to do anything."

    Xu Nian was quite quick to agree, Xu Nian remained expressionless, and said, "Then remember what you said today, since you choose to stay, I will treat you fairly, and you must never blame me in the future."

    "Lu Zhi won't," Qi Chu looked up at her, "Lu Zhi is willing to do everything for Miss, everything is Lu Zhi's willingness, and she will never blame Miss."

    Being so easy to talk to, Xu Nian's original discomfort from looking at this face gradually dissipated.

    She said: "Tomorrow, the mansion will select a group of servants to enter the mansion, and I will report your name. No matter where you go at that time, you must remember not to mention your past experience, and don't cause trouble for me."

    "Lu Zhi understands!"

    The other things are almost finished, so Xu Nian got to the point, "You said you would do anything to repay my life-saving grace. I have one thing I want to ask you right now, and I hope you will answer it truthfully."

    "The first time I saw you, you have an important jade pendant, do you know the origin of the pattern on the lower right corner?"

    Qi Chu's drooping eyes sparkled, and many things flashed across at once.

    The jade pendant is a token of the messenger's subordinate, and it is not his property at all. She asked like this, maybe she found some clues and was testing him.

    Seeing that he didn't answer right away, Xu Nian was afraid that he might think he was planning something wrong, so he said, "You don't need to think too much, I just want to find the trace of the person who carved this pattern, and I don't want to ask too much about your personal affairs."

    She has no interest in what he is going to do to hide his identity, and now she just wants to get the trace of Master Mi Deng, and reveal the news of the previous life to her parents as soon as possible.

    Qi Chu suddenly asked: "Miss, do you want to ask about the whereabouts of Master Mi Deng?"

    Xu Nian was slightly surprised, "How do you know?"

    As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I remembered that this was originally his thing, and it's not normal for people to know the source.

    She went on to ask: "I'm looking for this person, do you know where he is now?"

    Qi Chu's voice was bright, and the young man's voice said very convincingly: "Master Mi Deng travels all over the world. I only saw him once a few years ago. If Miss wants to find him now, it may be a little troublesome."

    He didn't say that he couldn't find it, but that it was a bit troublesome to find it, and Xu Nian felt a little more at ease.

    Although she knew that the harmless person in front of her was most likely Qi Xuan, when she saw this face, she would subconsciously try it out.

    If he said he didn't know, Xu Nian would never believe it. Since he was able to engrave patterns on his jade pendant back then, it was someone who had connections with the royal family.

    Xu Nian felt relieved again, and completely trusted the way he looked into his eyes, "As long as there is a way to find him, I'm willing to try it, you just have to say it."

    Qi Chu looked up at her for a moment, and said: "Master Mi Deng has been hiding from the world for many years and has never seen a stranger. Lu Zhi is willing to try it for Miss."


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