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    The moment Qi Chu turned around, his eyes turned completely cold. The people who responded were already ready. With a nod, he turned and walked towards the back hall.

    The boy who was waiting with his head bowed as he passed by reported, "The crown prince has just arrived, and he is now on the fourth floor. We are hiding in a hidden place, and he hasn't discovered the clue yet."

    Qi Chu lifted the curtain, and when Yu Guangsao saw that the man was about to follow, he stopped and said, "You stay here."

    "Yes! Your Highness."

    If it weren't for the sudden action today, he suddenly knew that Qi Yu would come here, and he didn't want to involve irrelevant people, but with her cover, it would be much easier for him to act.

    Upstairs at this time, Qi Yu sat down in the room on the fourth floor under the flattery of his cronies, took a sip of hot tea, and then looked at He Niang who was standing aside.

    He Niang had already taken off her veil, knelt down on the ground almost instantly, and begged, "I have been doing what you said, please let my brother go."

    "It's your blessing that you look somewhat similar to the daughter of the Prime Minister's Mansion. You just need to continue to do what I say, let alone your younger brother, and it will not be a problem to make you rich and prosperous for the rest of your life."

    Qi Yu thought it was funny when he thought about it, but he was never willing to be just a puppet. Now that he has reached this position, how could he let it go easily.

    Thinking of this, a ruthless light flashed in his eyes, let Qi Xuan kill Qi Chu first, then it will be Qi Xuan who will be trapped in the cocoon, and he will be the one who will reap the benefits of the fisherman.

    He Niang just lowered her head, she didn't know why she was suddenly called here today, and asked anxiously: "I have already lied to the person who came to me as the nobleman said, and now the Prime Minister's family is also treating me. Believe it or not."

    Kneeling and walking a few steps, she humbly grabbed the corner of her clothes and begged, "My lord let me see my brother, I just want to make sure that he is safe and sound..."

    Qi Yu raised her chin, leaned close to her, put the tip of his nose close to her cheek, sniffed and touched her, then pressed her back spoon, pulled her closer to his arms, and threatened: "You tell me now! Requests are not acceptable. If I can fish you out of the Goulan courtyard, then I won’t break my promise, as long as you are obedient, I will naturally give you two a way out.”

    He Niang sensed his intentions, stretched out her hand to push him, and seeing his displeasure flashed across his face, she immediately explained, "Tomorrow, the Prime Minister and his wife will hold a banquet in the mansion, and tonight I was able to get away because I fainted the servant girl. If I go back If it is too late, people may find out, which will ruin the nobleman's plan."

    Qi Yu was not happy with the soft fragrance and beautiful jade in his arms, but thinking of how hard it was for him to slander him once under Qi Xuan's nose, he could only bear it now, squinted at her, and said, "You We must cheat the prime minister's trust as soon as possible, and win over this person into my camp. What did that person tell you?"

    He Niang didn't dare to hide it, and said in all honesty, "He also asked me to gain the Prime Minister's trust as soon as possible, saying that I will be of great use to him in the future."


    Qi Yu squinted and thought for a moment, although Qi Xuan hid his thoughts deeply, but the purpose of left and right is not the same as his, and there are other uses.

    "You have to play it for me. If he finds out the problem, I'll kill you both." Qi Yu pushed her away and talked about the business of calling her, "I'll let you find a way Make an impression in front of the Xu family, you did a good job that night, and at tomorrow's banquet, that Miss Xu family will definitely come, you must remember what I told you."

    "He Niang understands."

    Qi Yu still can't figure out why none of the people he sent came back that night, but fortunately, he died cleanly, and Qi Xuan didn't notice anything strange, at least it was hidden.

    Thinking of this, he felt the fire was burning, and his heart was agitated for a while, so he handed her a pack of powder immediately, and said with a disturbed face: "I will go there tomorrow too, you put this pack of medicine in her food, and the work is done." Alright, I'll let you meet your brother."

    He Niang took it and carefully hid it in her sleeve.

    Thinking of her current fake identity, Qi Yu couldn't stay for long, and looked around her body, but seeing that she was well dressed and couldn't see anything, he asked someone to send her back without interest.

    He Niang put on the veiled cap again, and the moment she turned and walked out, she looked down at the things in her hands, her brows were a bit worried, but it was only for a moment, and she immediately suppressed it.

    She can't protect herself, it is impossible to take care of other people, as long as things are done well, when the nobleman releases her younger brother, then she and younger brother will leave Yandu City, and they will no longer have to be restricted by others.

    Inside the house, Qi Yu called people in for a dance, collected all the bills, and then remembered the important events of his trip. He walked out of the door, pushed open the room at the end that was the same as the other rooms, and looked back. Have someone behind you guard the door.

    He took a second look inside the room to make sure there was nothing unusual, and then he touched the corner under the table, the mechanism was opened, and the wall opened silently, revealing the secret room inside.

    All the collected gold, silver and jewels were placed inside, and he felt a little relieved when he looked at this place. It didn't matter if he didn't have much power, but the money was all his.

    It's only a matter of time that money can turn ghosts around. As long as he calms down and deceives Qi Xuan, everything that the father has in the future will be his.

    At this time, the person who had been hiding behind the outer pillar for a long time also came out.

    Qi Yu hid the treasure, but he just turned on the mechanism, and only had time to see a figure standing in front of him, before he could get a glimpse of the whole picture, the back of his neck hurt and he lost consciousness.

    Outside, Wu Zheng took a long look at the tall building that had always been quiet, and when the time came, he turned and walked towards the planned place.

    It was the last round of the three rounds, one lost and one won, even Xu Nian was a little flustered at the moment.

    The woman on the opposite side glanced provocatively, and said with a charming smile, "Who brought you here, do you know what will happen if you lose this round?"

    Xu Nian has understood the rules here just now, if he loses, he will be sold here for the entertainment of these aristocratic families.

    She pursed her lips, but she couldn't find a half-familiar figure among the many masks. Someone in the crowd was whistling, and the teasing voice was unbearable.

    Here, women are looked at as if they are commodities, but they have to be proud of them.

    Xu Nian frowned, and just said, "It hasn't started yet, so it's hard to say the outcome."

    But she knew that it was pure luck that she won.

    The woman smiled, hooked the neck of the man behind her disdainfully and said coquettishly, "Last time when I won, you took me in as a concubine, but this time, anyway, there are so many people in your house, so I'm not the only one behind you." , you simply take me back to the mansion..."

    The rest was soft whispers in the ear, Xu Nian couldn't hear clearly, but saw the two people's heads and necks entangled suddenly, and immediately hung his head in fright.

    Looking at the few dominoes left in his hand, Xu Nian's heart was completely lost. It's fine if he loses in chess, but now he can't let her luck a little bit better.

    Before the hour came, she could only bite the bullet and continue.

    The hand that was stretched out to grab the dominoes was suddenly pinched by someone's wrist, and it was about to stop in mid-air without letting go. Xu Nian could recognize who it was by looking at the slender joints.

    Xu Nian turned to look at him.

    With such a small wrist, Qi Chu asked her softly when he met her questioning eyes:

    "Miss, do you want to leave after the end, or now?"

    Asking seriously, without changing his face, Xu Nian felt that he must have done something terrible, so that his eyes were full of joy that could not be separated.

    Or maybe he was so preoccupied that Xu Nian subconsciously withdrew his hand and replied frankly, "We can't play anymore, let's go."

    Although he didn't know how to get out, but since he asked, there must be a way, Xu Nian added quietly, "Next time, don't lie to me like this, it's better to find someone who can play than me. "

    What helped her investigate the Su Yang case was basically what he wanted to do, but it was just an excuse to coax her, Xu Nian knew it from the moment he stepped here.

    Thinking of the escape that helped him save him in his previous life, which was also designed by him, but failed in the end, and took her life, Xu Nian felt a chill down his back.

    Qi Chu felt that her emotions were inexplicable. Xu Niangang wanted to stand up, but was pushed back by the strength on his shoulders.

    That voice came from next to my ear, and said very clearly: "Miss, trust me, you won't leave until you win."

    Xu Nian drooped the corners of his mouth, thinking, you have already made the decision for me, why bother to ask her.

    If it is meant to be, it is not at all true.

    The people inside hid their identities, and no one could see who was who. Now that it was delayed for a while, and there were more and more eyes looking around, Xu Nian uncomfortably went to draw his cards again.

    If you said that you still had hope just now, your heart is ashamed now, and you are about to lose completely. After all, the complacent eyes of the person opposite you can't hold back anymore.

    "It seems that the son who brought you here is going to sell you."

    Xu Nian looked up at her, and almost couldn't bear to look straight at her, and turned over the last two cards in his hand.

    The surrounding area was quiet, without any strange sound, Xu Nian probed to take a look, but was instantly stunned.

    There was also some disbelief on the opposite face.

    Qi Chu glanced at the person who was in ambush, and knew that he could not delay any longer, so he pulled Xu Nian away, "Lu Zhi has always wanted to tell the lady one thing, no matter how much the lady cares about the truth about Suyang City, it is not the lady who can do it." meddling."

    "It's not safe to keep the clues in Miss's hands, so Lu Zhi took the initiative and sent the clues to Mr. Linyi."

    He spoke very calmly, it didn't seem like he had a sudden idea, but he seemed to have thought about it long ago.

    Xu Nian said, no wonder it took so long to see her clues, not even her sister.

    There seemed to be chaos behind him, the cheers were replaced by other screams, Xu Nian wanted to turn around, but he dragged him away faster and faster.

    She couldn't help asking, "What did you do?"

    She couldn't see the clue at this time, she was just stupid.

    Qi Chu smiled and said without any hesitation, "Leave a gift for the master here."

    Xu Nian looked at him sideways. From this angle, he could only see the slightly raised corners of his lips. He could even tell from his brisk tone that he was in a great mood.

    She couldn't see through his emotions in the past, but this was the first time that she could clearly feel what he revealed.

    Sensing her gaze, Qi Chu asked, "Why is Miss looking at Lu Zhi like this?"

    Xu Nian moved away in embarrassment, and found a random reason, "How did I win just now?"

    Whether she wins or loses, she is the one who sits there, and she can't be more clear in her heart.

    "Lu Zhi changed the card of Miss."

    "Using thousands of strangers is a common method in this place." Qi Chu met her gaze and said calmly, "It's like the lamp that the lady wants to win. When playing chess, the man made the lady win four times in a row." It's because I want to keep the young lady to play until the end, and earn as much money as possible."

    "Here we won't let the young lady lose everything, we must let the young lady win once and taste the sweetness, only then can I see the young lady make a fool of herself in the third fight."

    Xu Nian got into the carriage and wanted to ask him what he did tonight.

    When the words came to his lips, he just asked, "Why do you know so much?"

    Qi Chu chuckled, but the smile on his thin lips faded a lot. He tilted his head and said pitifully in his eyes: "Before I met Miss, Lu Zhi's life was probably not so glorious. Little is known, I am afraid that by now there will only be a pile of bones left."

    Listening to his half-truth and half-false tone, Xu Nian was not sure whether he was joking or telling the truth, his eyes were full of mixed feelings, and he was always depressed.

    If someone else said this, they should be depressed and uneasy, but he didn't have it at all, and he could even sell it openly.

    Xu Nian said: "Aniang said that all hardships come with rewards, maybe the rest of your life will not be so difficult, and you will be safe and smooth to the end."

    Qi Chu raised his eyebrows, and asked seemingly unintentionally, "If things don't go well, will Miss protect me all the time?"

    Xu Nian felt that he needs her protection because of his ability, but he also found out some of his habits during this time, so he asked, "Then you will remember me?"

    "Miss is the best person to me, Lu Zhi will naturally remember."

    His voice was so soft that he couldn't discern his emotions: "But if one day someone wants to kill me, can you really take what the lady said just now to protect me?"

    Xu Nian thought of when Qi Chu wanted to kill him in his previous life, paused, and said with a smile, "I will do what I say, and I will definitely help you then."

    Anyway, he won't be on the side with Qi Chu.

    "What if Miss breaks her promise?"

    Go back on your word?

    Xu Nian couldn't think of a reason to break his promise, and wanted to shake his head in denial, but saw his gaze poking over.

    He asked persuasively, "If miss breaks her promise, can you let me deal with it then?"

    Xu Nian wanted to say, someone is going to kill you, and you are too busy to take care of yourself, how can you care what I do.

    She replied without any hesitation, "I will not break my promise. If I really break my promise, I will let you dispose of it."

    I just hope that Miss will not regret it too much.

    Qi Chu withdrew his gaze and stared at the lantern held in his hand, thinking that that day must be very interesting, and the lady would regret it and be very sad.

    After all, he still remembered to kill him when he was on the line of life and death, but he missed such a good opportunity now in vain.

    Just why did you have to kill him?

    The carriage had already arrived at Xu's residence, Xu Nian first asked Lian Tang to find out if his father and mother were in the front hall, and he got out of the carriage with peace of mind when Lian Tang came back to answer.

    She just wanted to wash off this dress as soon as possible, Qi Chu saw her urgency, and only called to stop her when she turned around.

    Xu Nian turned his head and saw him standing under the weeping willow, most of his figure was covered by the branches, the bright moonlight just fell on the end of the eyes of the mask, the light spot was very eye-catching.

    Qi Chu said: "Miss, at tomorrow's banquet, we must remember to beware of the daughter that the Prime Minister retrieved."


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