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    He also smiled kindly, looking very kind.

    If Liu Qi had never seen him kill the last person without blinking an eye.

    Liu Qi's throat slipped nervously, his back was covered with cold sweat, and he asked in a trembling voice, "What exactly do you want to say?"

    In the past few days, the young man was very worn out, and they took all the medicines for his wounds, probably because of the repeated injuries on his body, which never healed.

    Liu Qi felt that he had a great chance of winning.

    The boy's brows were still harmless, he slowly raised the corners of his lips, and approached him: "Don't be afraid, I'm just—"

    Covered by shadows, Liu Qigang was about to struggle: "You..."

    "I want you to die," the young man finished the second half of the sentence slowly and calmly.

    The moment his heart arose, Liu Qi tightly held his throat. He opened his eyes wide, from his gentle smile to the hairpin on the bloody hole in his neck.

    The young man put his hand on the pearl hairpin, pretending that he committed suicide, and then sat back to his original position, imitating his previous appearance, hugging his knees tightly, tightening his body, trembling all over. As if terrified.

    The last thing Liu Qi saw was the indifference in the boy's pupils pretending to be panicked.

    Palace dinner.

    Xu Nian was worried all the way. Her little cleverness yesterday seemed to have no effect at all, and the situation is still calm, and she has not fulfilled her wish at all.

    Several times she wanted to tell her parents what she knew in her previous life, but her family believed in facts and tabooed strange powers and chaos the most. If she said it directly, they might really think she was sick and confused.

    What should do?

    The moment he walked into the palace gate, Xu Nian was immersed in his own thoughts for a long time.

    Who would have thought that she would come in again today.

    I just walked a few steps, and there is a weirdness everywhere, how can the atmosphere of the welcome banquet be so heavy.

    Xu Guogong also noticed it, grabbed the waiter who was rushing by, and asked, "But what happened?"

    "The duke doesn't know. The Chen family lost a beast slave this morning. The foreigner has to force His Majesty to find it. Now let alone a banquet, the adults who came here have all gone looking for someone."

    "The Duke should go back with the little girl first. It is said that the beast slave is violent and loves to hurt people, so don't be surprised."

    really ran away?

    Xu Nian's eyes lit up, she didn't expect to succeed at all, this was a surprise.

    Xu Nian immediately asked, "Father, are we still going in?"

    Xu Guogong thought for a while, and asked Xu Nian to go home first, and he stayed for now, so that if the banquet was held halfway, no one from the Xu family would come.

    On the carriage back, Xu Nian was in a good mood.

    The foreign envoys are ambitious, and they will not let go of any opportunity to make trouble. It is absolutely impossible for the banquet tonight to continue peacefully.

    You don't need to enter the palace, but you also pinched my sister's bad love.

    Right now, just need to wait for Sister to come home.

    The chestnuts were so hot that everyone's hands were red, but Xu Nian was happy to eat them.

    She doesn't like many things, and this winter's candied chestnuts are the same.

    It's a pity that after the Duke's Mansion was in disaster, no one bought it for her again.

    When think of this, feel a little sad again.

    She picked out a few big and good ones from the middle bag and handed them to Lian Tang, "Liantang, you can try it too."

    The last bag of chestnuts she ate in the previous life was bought by Lian Tang, and when she found Lian Tang the next day, she had committed suicide in her room.

    "Thank you miss!" Lian Tang said happily.

    The little girl smiled sweeter than a chestnut.

    Just as Xu Nian was about to praise her, the carriage seemed to be startled suddenly and stopped unexpectedly.

    "What happened?" Xu Nian asked.

    "There seems to be a fight ahead," said the coachman, "Miss, there have been a lot of refugees in Weirdu recently, and they must be gathering to make trouble. Shall we take a detour?"

    Xu Nian lifted the curtains of the car and took a look. If he took a detour, he would have to walk two streets.

    She made a decision: "Just go the same way, let's avoid it."

    Just when she was about to put down the curtain, she suddenly froze.

    On the road ahead, the young man was wearing a thin undershirt, and the winter was hard to bear, and those beggars wanted to rob him of all his clothes.

    When Xu Nian saw it, someone happened to sneak up on him from behind and hit him on the back. The young man's already unsteady body turned to the side, staggered a few steps, and almost knelt down.

    Perhaps it was because of his serious loss of strength, he tried to turn around to resist, but was kicked by someone, kicked up the knee forcibly, and was pushed down to kneel in a very humiliating posture.

    The leader viciously pressed his head and rubbed it against the ground a few times, saying: "You boy hit twice, walked away from my territory, and injured me. If you knock your head three times for us, we will forgive you!" Life."

    "What's the point of talking to him? He hit me so many times just now, and let our brothers beat him to death to avenge him. I think it's because of the stubbornness of the dead or his stubbornness."

    After all, he picked up an iron chain and tied his head, and dragged him a few steps.

    The corners of the boy's mouth were covered with blood, and the snow under his body melted away in the fight. He struggled to resist, but was pressed even tighter. full face.

    Just as Xu Nian was about to look away, the person blocking her sight moved, her pupils trembled, and she suddenly stopped breathing.

    The blood in the whole body froze instantly.

    She saw those stubbornly raised eyes.

    And—that face.

    The chestnut in his hand fell with a clatter, Xu Nian's face was pale, and he quickly fell down the curtain as if he was hiding something.

    Almost fled.

    My mind went blank, is it Qi Chu?

    The coachman didn't know why, he only knew that the nobleman inside told him to go faster and don't stop.

    Xu Nian couldn't believe it.

    The Qi Chu she had seen was always aloof, controlling the fate of everyone, depriving others of life and death, he was noble and arrogant, and what she saw the most was the figure of others begging for mercy.

    That person who vilely humiliated the entire Yu Palace, actually looks like this now?

    Lian Tang panicked: "Miss, what's wrong with you?"

    The blood on Xu Nian's face had completely faded, and his fingers were twisted together nervously.

    She still remembers that in her previous life, Qi Chu forced her to drink that bowl of soup regardless of her resistance and struggle.

    No one knew how desperate she was.

    She wanted to live a good life, but he ruined it all!

    After a moment of silence, Xu Nian gritted his teeth. If it was Qi Chu, then he must not stay.

    She snapped: "Turn around, let's turn back."

    She didn't know much about Qi Chu's past, or in other words, few people in the whole world knew about Qi Chu.

    I don't know where he came from, and don't know where he is going.

    The day he entered Yandu City in his previous life, it was the first time that everyone knew that there was such a person.

    Before that, the most famous person in Yandu was his elder brother, the deposed prince Qi Xuan.

    At the end of spring in the eleventh year of Qishun, the long-term infertile queen Shen Shi gave birth to a son. Emperor Cheng was overjoyed and made his son Qi Xuan the crown prince.

    For more than ten years, Qi Xuan has been virtuous and virtuous, diligent in government and loving the people, and is most loved by all people.

    In the autumn of the 23rd year of Qishun, the enemy country invaded, Yandu was threatened, and was forced to hand over a prince to the enemy country as a hostage.

    This trip is seven years.

    In all the stories that Xu Nian had heard, Qi Chu was never present from the beginning to the end.

    He appeared out of thin air in the thirty-second year of Qi Shun, entered the imperial city, held a blood edict, and stepped on the sea of ​​corpses to the Ming Hall.

    Only then did people know that the former deposed prince had a twin brother.

    The blood of the Qi royal family flowed like rivers, and only his own elder brother, the later king of Yu Qi Xuan, survived.

    But that lunatic left King Yu just to torture him slowly.

    Everything in the previous life is still vivid in my mind, but it is still a nightmare to this day.

    Xu Nian closed her sore eyes, now it is the end of Qi Shun's 30th year, counting the time, her short-lived husband, King Yu, who was in Qi State as a hostage, should come back.

    She hadn't paid attention to these things in her previous life, so she didn't know how Qi Xuan came back from the enemy country.

    The two countries are still hostile, and the enemy country will definitely not take the initiative to release people.

    So the person saw just now could be Qi Xuan.

    In the previous life, when her family was ruined and everyone fell into the well, fortunately King Yu didn't dislike her family background and welcomed her into the Prince Yu's mansion. Although she couldn't save Sister, the kindness was real.

    she told herself,

    If it is King Yu, save him,

    If it was Qi Chu, even if he called all the servants of the Xu family, he would be killed tonight!

    The people who went and turned back got out of the carriage with their brows frowned, the smooth collar of the fox fur set off their small faces, the redness on their cheeks still lingered, they walked over step by step with such a cold face.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes while struggling, and saw his figure reflected in her angry eyes and clear and clean pupils.

    Several skilled domestic servants have already gone up to drive away those vicious people.

    The restraints on his body were removed, and Qi Chu turned over and lay on his back on the ground. He had no intuition for a long time, and he couldn't even tell whether it was cold or pain.

    Xu Nian stopped in front of him, staring down at him.

    The girl is like a piece of beautiful jade in the cold winter, even more flawless than the white snow all over the sky, wrapped in fox fur, she stands gracefully.

    See you again.

    Qi Chu suddenly pulled the corner of his bleeding mouth, and smiled weakly at her.

    There is a slight arc, as if it was made after exhausting all the strength.

    There was blood all over his body, the wound on his shoulder was still oozing blood and soaking his clothes, and it was difficult for him to even lift his hands while lying in the snow.

    Xu Nian forced himself not to look at how miserable he was, and just stared at that face.

    She was almost certain: "Are you the beast slave who escaped today?"

    As seen in the previous life, the exquisite facial features have grown, the jaw and nose bridge are particularly outstanding, and the pair of thick ink-like eyes are even more expressive.

    It's just that there is no splendid costume now, and his appearance is full of scars, which is very different from the high-ranking new emperor in his impression.

    Before he could speak, Xu Nian asked again: "What's your name?"

    The hem of her clothes fluttered in the wind, and her delicate face was full of ruthlessness.

    Qi Chu didn't speak, and looked at her for a moment, then suddenly coughed violently, and the blood that had dried up at the corner of his mouth was covered with bright red again.

    He tightly clutched his bleeding arm, and his frowning seemed to be in extreme pain.

    He doesn't seem to be able to speak like this.

    Xu Nian pondered for a while, then suddenly moved a few steps away, and she called the nearest servant, "Go search him and see if you can find something to prove your identity."

    The wind that blew past her was also tainted with a faint fragrance. Her face was vigilant. She was obviously saving someone, but people couldn't feel any sense of relief. Instead, she looked fierce because of the hatred that couldn't dissipate in her eyes. Baba.

    Qi Chu didn't resist, and kept silently watching Xu Nian back away.

    Just for a moment, she silently glanced at the roof behind her.

    On the roof tiles that had been empty just now, the sharp arrowheads were shining coldly under the moonlight, facing Xu Nian's deadly spot.

    Qi Chu's hand covering the wound moved slightly, and Xu Nian just happened to stop.

    He turned his head, his dark pupils were silent in the night, and innocently gave Xu Nian one last look.

    What a coincidence, just in time to die.

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