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    Qi Chu's consciousness was dizzy and diffuse. Although he had controlled his strength, this body was indeed too worn out.

    The moment the body fell down like the wind, the thoughts that had not been relaxed for several months were finally forced to silence.

    Cold, empty, silent, the heavy eyes lost the last glimmer of light.

    He entered Yandu by accident, and there was a secret agent hidden by his side. At this time, there were too many people who wanted to kill him. If he wanted to discuss it for a long time, he had to recuperate first, and then settle accounts with those people.

    This woman looked at him twice in a row with killing intent in her eyes, but it was so strange that the hand holding the sword would still shake when she wanted to kill him.

    Hate and anger, red eyes but can't do anything, interesting.

    He suddenly became very calm, he no longer fought against his instincts, and allowed his body to become lighter and colder, the pain gradually dissipated, and his consciousness fell into an uncontrollable sleep.


    Ripples were stirred up on the surface of the water, and he looked sideways, and a face exactly like him appeared on the ripples of the water surface.

    The four eyes meet, one pair is astonished, and the other pair is smiling.

    When the other party stretched out a hand towards him, Qi Chu suddenly realized that he was the one in the water.

    His feet were heavy, and he had exhausted all his strength to barely emerge from the water. Whether it was the ease of breathing between the nasal cavity, or the hand in front of him, it was enough to make people relax their guard.

    The warm person smiled and said: "Come here, Brother Huang will pull you up, my good brother, why are you hesitating?"

    As he spoke, he sent his hand to Qi Chu again, his eyes full of concern.

    Qi Chu still didn't move, he glanced at the hand behind his back calmly, and looked back at the face full of kindness.

    He didn't move, that face seemed to suddenly lose patience, and gradually became ferocious, the previous warmth was swept away, and the slyness was twisted to a terrifying degree.

    "I told you to come here! Do you hear me?"

    That face suddenly approached, and the sharp knife hidden behind also showed its edge.

    Qi Chu looked at him calmly, then slowly raised his lips, and made a smile that was the same as before.

    He asked curiously, "If I go up, who will go down for me?"

    While speaking, he had already grabbed the wrist that he hadn't had time to retract, and then pushed Qi Xuan into the water with all his strength.

    The strength in his hand did not loosen, and it increased sharply, causing Qi Xuan to sink into the water. Then he took the knife in his hand, stepped on his back and shoulders, and climbed up to the shore step by step.

    The heavy objects hanging under his feet were untied, and the water surface had returned to calm. Qi Chu stood up, his cold pool-like eyes glanced at the only remaining ripples on the water surface.


    The snow on the eaves turned into water droplets.

    Qi Chu opened his eyes in an instant, staring at the person beside the bed with sharp eyes, his hand was already faster than his consciousness, and he could break her neck almost in the next moment.

    Seeing that he was awake, Xu Nian hurriedly turned around and asked Lian Tang to bring the medicine. This movement happened to miss Qi Chu's hand.

    Qi Chu had recovered from the nightmare, and when Xu Nian came back again, he returned to normal.

    When the person woke up, Xu Nian breathed a sigh of relief, and sighed, "You are really lucky."

    The most frightening time when he was reborn was when he knew that he almost killed him by mistake.

    Her voice was soft and light, her tone of voice was brisk, and the previous malice towards him was gone.

    Is it guilt for almost killing him?

    If so, where did the unreasonable hatred for herself come from before, when she even wanted to kill herself.

    Suddenly, she remembered the slack in her eyes when she saw the jade pendant that night, and when the word Qi Xuan appeared in her mind, his eyes darkened.

    The slender white neck is fragile and beautiful, if he grasps it, it will be more than enough.

    At that time, can she still be so grateful that he is not dead?

    Qi Chu hid the fluctuation in his eyes, and asked her with pale lips: "Miss, don't you plan to kill me now?"

    The voice is light and slow, but the timbre sounds extremely comfortable.

    Sure enough, throwing away the prejudice against this face and talking to such an easy-going and kind person will not make people feel uncomfortable at all.

    Only that lunatic Qi Chu would put on a handsome face, kill and threaten people everywhere, and make himself gloomy and bloody.

    Bah bah bah! Why do you think of that person again, bad luck!

    Abandoning the nonsensical comparisons in his mind, Xu Nian raised his eyes, "You have no enmity with me, why should I kill you?"

    "But that day—"

    Xu Nian glanced at the person who was still arguing, and picked up his words, "I misunderstood you in a fit of impatience that day, besides, I gave you a chance to explain, but you didn't say anything, of course I misunderstood you." more angry."

    His eyes were bulging, and there was a hint of resentment in his tone.

    Qi Chu was a little helpless, "Miss asked me why I wanted to kill people that day? I really can't explain it."

    Xu Nian didn't expect him to say that, and instantly opened his eyes wide, "Why?"

    Everything can be said if you open your mouth, how can you not explain it?

    "Miss could recognize where I came from when she saw me for the first time, so she naturally knew that foreign lands are good at raising beast slaves to please nobles. We lowly playthings must not only survive the mouths of ferocious beasts, but also survive in the hands of the same kind." survive."

    "I can live to this day. If I hadn't killed anyone, I would be the one who was decapitated."

    It would be difficult for others to say this, and they dare not look at others. But when Qi Chu stated the past, he didn't lower his eyebrows, but raised his head, and looked back at Xu Nian with a pair of eyes straightforwardly and calmly.

    His face was still pale, and his voice was weak and slow, Xu Nian had mixed emotions in his heart.

    She saved someone, but hurt him again, and scolded him so sharply, only to find out that there was a misunderstanding.

    For him, it was indeed his own fault.

    Listening to him talk about the past so calmly now, my heart is sore and uncomfortable.

    He was tortured so badly by Qi Chu in the previous life, so he can't make a good plan in this life to fight for the thankless wretch that kills Qi Chu in the future.

    Xu Nian has a lot of questions to ask. He wants to know how the short-lived husband in his previous life was a hostage in the enemy country, how he is here now. He also wants to know that since he has returned to Yandu, he will report his identity according to his reputation. Naturally, someone would take him back to the palace, so he wouldn't be reduced to the point where he was frozen and beaten.

    Xu Nian was silent for a while, and suddenly asked him uncertainly: "Have you lost your memory? But what family members do you have?"

    Qi Chu did not hesitate, and flatly denied it: "I have never lost my memory, my parents and elders in my family have passed away, and now I am the only one left."

    Your majesty and queen are all alive, but Qi Chu doesn't know where he is watching, how could you be the only one.

    Xu Nian nodded as if believing him on the surface, pretending to be unintentional and asked: "You come from a foreign country, so you have no relatives and friends in Yandu, have you thought about what to do in the future?"

    If you don't tell the truth, it means you have other plans. With such a tight mouth, the lies you tell are calm, and this plan is not small.

    I just don't know what he's planning.

    While Xu Nian was distracted, Qi Chu had already got up from the bed, and he stood in front of Xu Nian, as if he was about to kneel down.

    "Miss, if you are willing to accept..."

    Seeing him about to kneel, Xu Nian jumped.

    Not to mention holding this face, even Qi Xuan couldn't make him kneel down like this.

    He hides his identity, which is hibernation, and the worst thing in the future is to be King Yu like in the previous life. In this life, they don't have the fate of husband and wife. What should do if find trouble with the government? !

    As soon as his knees were bent, Xu Nian immediately helped him up again with his eyesight and quick hands, and his expression became a little restless.

    She said embarrassingly: "I almost hurt your life, I am ashamed, how can I make you kneel to me."

    She tried her best to be as strict as possible, "Remember, you are not allowed to kneel now, and you are not allowed to kneel in the future. If you don't listen, I will take it as you remembering that I almost killed you. Do you understand?"

    The fingers holding his wrist were white and tender, and one could feel that they had used great strength to support him, not pretending.

    Pressing his puzzlement in his heart, Qi Chu replied, the corners of his lips were bent, and he asked with a smile: "So what Miss means is that she is willing to keep me?"


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