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    Although the boy's eyes were deep, they were bright enough, shining like the stars behind him. The bright spot in his eyes was the reflection of Xu Nian.

    She forced herself to stagger her eyes and told herself not to be soft-hearted.

    But the hand hanging by the side still couldn't stop clenching.

    The servant had already approached, and Qi Chu's eyes turned cold, and his hands hidden in the shadows were secretly accumulating strength.

    The beautiful jade should be smashed to the ground, not to mention that this woman looked at him with hostility.

    Everything was on the verge of breaking out, Qi Chu raised his eyes indifferently, his weak eyes had already become cold and frightening, and the sharp dagger had already been unsheathed.

    "Wait a moment"

    Xu Nian suddenly raised his hand to stop.

    The dangerous light in the young man's eyes dissipated like an illusion, and he turned into a dying look again.

    Xu Nian frowned slightly, then bent down, and picked up something in the snow under his feet.

    It was a white jade pendant buried in snow, with a very special engraved imprint on the bottom.

    ——What King Yu loves most is all kinds of beautiful jade. When she asked him for help, she also gave her the ring pendant left by her grandfather.

    When Qi Chu saw the thing in her hand, he stared imperceptibly, but after only a moment, he became harmless again.

    Xu Nian walked up to him again, handed the things in front of him, and asked, "Is this yours?"

    Qi Chu hesitated for a moment, then suddenly covered the wound on his shoulder, and struggled to get up to get it: "Thank you, Miss..."

    His eyes are pure and sincere, not as if fake.

    Xu Nian handed over the things to him, seeing the bleeding wound was still a bit uncomfortable.

    She was tortured by Qi Chu in the previous life, and she ran into him in such a situation in this life. It's hard to tell what kind of evil fate it is.

    Xu Nian asked Lian Tang to fetch the extra fox fur from the car, when his figure suddenly leaned closer, the light fragrance from his daughter's body flooded his face, and a trace of shock flashed across Qi Chu's face.

    His thin white fingertips were tying a beautiful knot, he lowered his head, and in front of his eyes was the top of her fluffy hair.

    ——The person who is close to him has not survived.

    You Qi also bumped into him in such a mess.

    He lowered his eyes, the dagger hidden in his sleeve was about to show its edge, Xu Nian had already fastened it, she looked up at him, and saw that his expression was gloomy, his face was not very good-looking, his eyes were lowered, he didn't know What are you thinking.

    When he saw that face that was indistinguishable from Qi Chu's again, Xu Nian would still tremble and be afraid.

    She tightened the fox fur, wrapped herself up tightly, and distanced herself slightly.

    Qi Chu also straightened his head slowly, and suddenly looked at her, hesitantly asked: "Why save me?"

    At first she looked at herself with no kindness in her eyes.

    Xu Nian tilted his head and thought for a while, then smiled and replied, "I'm in a good mood."

    Broken sister's peach blossom, did not really meet Qi Chu, and still has a home, not happy.

    Under the moonlight, the little girl seemed to have just returned from a banquet. She was dressed in exquisite brocade clothes, and she was smiling loosely on the white snow field. Her bright eyes were bent into crescent moons, and her soft and delicate face was full of peace.

    Qi Chu stared at her for a moment, then let go of the corners of his mouth, and put away the dagger in his sleeve.

    Such a slender, white and tender neck does not need a knife, just hold it with a little force, and she will disappear without a sound.

    He pressed his shoulder. His hand hurts today, and he can't use it yet.

    Xu Nian was actually taken aback for a moment,

    Even though she hated this face to the extreme, when she looked at it now, although there were scars and blood stains on his face, he was still handsome and delicate. White fox fur suits him best, a person as bright as the moon should wear more white.

    With such lowered eyebrows and eyes, gentle and easy-going, Xu Nian scolded Qi Chu even more in his heart.

    Her good marriage in the previous life was completely ruined by him.

    Qi Chu's eyes moved, and he suddenly asked: "I have nowhere to go, but Miss wants to take me in?"

    The question was frank and upright, neither humble nor insignificant, but instead looked straight at her with a pair of eyes.

    Xu Nian blinked, feeling that this face said such words, which made her a little at a loss.

    She watched for a while, and retorted firmly: "Why should I keep it? I'm just in a good mood today, not every day. I don't know if you can survive this cold winter. What's the use of keeping you?"

    After finishing speaking, he left money and asked a few servants to take him to the clinic, then turned and left.

    The arrowhead on the opposite roof had disappeared, and Qi Chu followed the wall for a few steps.

    "If Miss takes me in, I will definitely survive until the next cold winter!"

    In the lonely wind, his eyes were hidden in the dark night, as deep as a cold pool, but he stared closely at the tiny figure in front of him.

    Xu Nian heard the movement behind him, turned his eyes slightly, but didn't look back, and directly got into the carriage with Lian Tang.

    She said silently, sending you to the hospital, I have done my best.

    For that kindness, she had already lost her life in her last life, and she couldn't afford to offend anyone with the surname Qi.

    With this in mind, Xu Nian quietly opened the curtain after the carriage had gone a certain distance.

    The figure in the distance is gradually getting smaller, and it looks more thin and pitiful. Qi Chu is propped up against the wall, and the wind has rolled up his clothes. He raised his hand to wipe the blood stains from the corner of his mouth, and just quietly watched her carriage go away. .

    Like a poor little girl who has been abandoned and dare not step forward.

    But what she didn't know was that the moment the curtain fell, Qi Chu's eyes were full of undercurrents, and he became completely blatant.

    Like a beast that has shed its human skin, it is gorgeous and dangerous.

    He patted the hand holding the wall, and the snow on the eaves suddenly fell, just covering the exposed half of the bloody hand covered in frost and snow.

    If Xu Nian was still here, he would have discovered that the few steps he took just now were not for chasing the car at all, but to prevent her from turning around and bumping into the dead body in the corner, and deliberately covering it up.

    Qi Chu stroked the white jade in his hand, and was about to throw it back on the corpse when he suddenly thought of something, hooked the knot and took it back.

    Snow covered everything, and the last trace disappeared.

    "Let's go, we'll take you to the nearest hospital."

    It was a cold day, and the servants were getting impatient, they just wanted to finish the task and go back.

    Qi Chu turned around and said apologetically, "The snow is wet and slippery, don't bother me, I can still go, just go by myself."

    The elegant voice was blown a little weaker by the wind, and there was a thin layer of smile on the corner of the young man's mouth, and there were some strange things mixed in with the easy-going, which made people feel a little uneasy.

    The servant hesitated, holding the purse tightly in his hand, "Then don't sue us if something happens to you? You didn't go by yourself."

    I don't know where the beggars came from. It's also good luck. Today, just met the lady in a good mood. It doesn't matter if it's a doctor or not. guess won't see them in the future, and can't find them.

    The person next to him gave him a wink, and the two reached an agreement and quietly hid the money bag in their arms.

    As soon as the two of them turned into the restaurant, Qi Chu turned and walked into the alley next to him.

    He lowered his face and scolded: "Aren't you going to get out?"

    He Feng landed in the shadow behind him, knelt on one knee and cupped his fists and said: "...Your Highness, it's your subordinates who neglected their duties and failed to notice their plan to turn the tiger away from the mountain, which is what hurt you..."

    If you listen carefully, his answer is not calm at all, his voice is trembling slightly, and his voice is trembling and unsteady, he doesn't even dare to look up at the person in front of him.

    "Really?" Qi Chu looked back, his face was calm, but his tone was cold, "Is it unaware, or is it collusion?"

    He Feng knelt down with a plop, the heavy gaze on his head made him break out in cold sweat, and he desperately explained: "This subordinate has never betrayed His Highness."

    "He Feng, are you still not going to tell the truth?"

    He Feng's pupils narrowed sharply, and he raised his head in disbelief. Qi Chu had already stood in front of him, and drew out the sharp sword at his waist.

    In this place shrouded in darkness, there is only trembling and cold sweat, and the fear of death.

    When he saw the cold light before his eyes, He Feng already regretted it, and the plan that the man said after he bribed him appeared in his eyes, but he almost captured him alive and brought him in front of the man.

    When he was looked down by such an oppressive gaze, he clearly understood that his way of life was in front of him, as long as he was killed, he would be able to live, and that person also wanted him to die.

    He raised his head that had been lowered all the time, his eyes were full of resentment, "Since His Highness knows, let me take your head back and return to my life."

    Qi Chu's eyes narrowed slightly, and He Feng had already jumped up, approaching him.

    With his body covered in wounds, He Feng's eyes flashed contempt, "Stop struggling, this Yandu city is full of people who want you dead, you deserve to die!"

    Qi Chu stopped, as if he had heard something interesting that made him happy.

    He raised his eyes and said slowly: "Too many people want my life, tonight depends on whether you have the ability."

    It was only then that He Feng noticed that the eyes of the person with the smile on his lips were so cold that it was biting colder than this winter, with just one glance, it seemed as if he was gouging out his vitals.

    The wind and snow fell again, and the last light was extinguished in the dark alley.

    Perhaps because he saw that face again during the day, Xu Nian's dream tonight was extremely real.

    It was so real that it seemed that Qi Chu was staring at her side of the bed. She tried her best to escape, but was finally caught in that charming dream.

    In the dense mist, the ripples in the water swayed layer by layer, from fair and tender skin to touching the hot body.

    Humidity, red heat, and the sound of choked breathing all end up in undulating waves.

    Xu Nian couldn't cry anymore, he couldn't step on anything, his arms were hanging around Qi Chu's neck as limp as if they were boneless, and the hand supporting his waist behind him rubbed lightly and slowly.

    She was like a cloud floating in the sky, when the wind blew on her vulnerable parts, her body would tense up, her sensitivity flushed to the extreme, and when the wind stopped, the downpour would come one after another.

    She whimpered in a low voice, the voice between her lips and teeth was so unfamiliar that it didn't seem like her own, the softness from head to toe came too suddenly, the bad wind refused to stop, and turned her over with a force, her fingers touched the cold The edge of the wall, but behind him is a hot sleepy arm.

    In front of her eyes was a messy pile of wedding dresses, intertwined with the man's regular clothes, which fell to one side vaguely.

    Pushing and struggling with her slender wrists, she crazily climbed from the water to the shore, driving the silver bells on her ankles to ring non-stop.

    A red string just outlines the beauty of the thin white ankle, and also makes the eyes of the people behind him red.

    His hand was warm and powerful, with just a gentle tug, all her struggles would look so ridiculous.

    "I still have the strength to run, so I don't need to rest anymore if I think about it." He pulled her back into his arms again. She was small and delicate, and her body was dotted with pink water, how could she run away.

    "Princess Yu, tell me, on the wedding night, you and I are here like this, does King Yu know?"

    "You want to run so much, do you want to meet him?" He played with taste, "Why don't you ask someone to call him outside the door to hear Princess Yu's voice in person, how charming it is."

    She desperately shook her head in denial, her hands were raised above her head, and her toes barely touched the ground. When she was exhausted, she was picked up by someone and got out of the deadly water.

    Qi Chu's hoarse and long voice was still in his ears, and he said: "Why do you want to run away? Gu always leaves you the opportunity to choose, and Princess Yu has never let Gu down, right?"

    Xu Nian suddenly opened his eyes, unable to recover from the nightmare for a long time.

    On the second day, breakfast at the Duke's Mansion.

    When Xu Nian went, her aunt Zhao and cousin Xu Gui had already returned from praying in the temple, and this was the first time she saw them after she was reborn.

    "Miss my sister."

    "Cousin, aunt."

    Xu Nian was just recovering from a serious illness. He drank a few sips of soup like a kitten and stopped his chopsticks. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a safety talisman dropped on the seat next to him.

    Ask Lian Tang to help send it over.

    Thinking of the safety talisman, Xu Nian's mind flashed, and she suddenly thought of how to hint at what was about to happen to her parents.

    People in their family don't believe in chaos gods, but my aunt does.

    From what she said to her parents, they can always listen to half of it.

    What is the name of that very prestigious master?

    Master Lantern? My aunt believed in this most.

    Xu Nian searched early in the morning, and found that this person's whereabouts were a mystery, no one knew his whereabouts, and she had no choice but to invite someone.

    Just as he was depressed, the hand that turned the page suddenly paused.

    She saw a familiar pattern engraving.

    ——It said that after the master consecrated the object, such a mark would be left behind.

    Last night, on the jade pendant of her short-lived husband in her previous life...

    He knows the whereabouts of the lamp!

    Xu Nian stood up suddenly, his brows beaming with joy, "Lian Tang, go ask those people last night, which hospital did they send him to?"


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