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    "The person you should see most now is Jiao'er, who came all the way to Yandu for you. If she knows that you want to see other people, she will be sad for a while."

    Qi Xuan's expression darkened.

    Empress Shen stepped out of the palace, with a calm and dignified appearance, and a graceful and luxurious appearance.

    She raised her hand to screen the palace servants behind her, and then she said, "It's not certain who will win the battle, if it is revealed, it will be revealed, you just push it to him, no one will doubt you."


    Just now to report, Zhao Ji, who was halfway through the sentence, stood aside with downcast eyes, Qi Xuan glanced at him and asked him to go out first.

    Some palace people came to clean up the mess in the house.

    Shen Shi and the others all withdrew, and then said: "Now he is the only one who is your biggest disaster. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, no matter whether he is alive or dead, there will only be your Seventh Highness in this palace from now on."

    Qi Xuan said: "But the matter of Su Yang, if I don't bury it as soon as possible, it will be a heart disease of mine after all."

    But Shen disagreed, "It hasn't been found out for five years, and now it's hard to make a fortune overnight."

    "What the mother said is true", Qi Xuan didn't continue to argue, he raised his eyes and asked, "Why is the mother coming here today?"

    "It's not a big deal." Shen Shi glanced at him, and the maid beside her had already brought up the things, "Jiao'er made molasses shortbread, and I want to send it to you to have a taste. I was stopped, I thought you had something important to do, so I came here to have a look."

    "There is such a thing?" Qi Xuan frowned, wanting to ask who stopped him.

    Seeing his reaction, the queen showed her first smile when she entered the palace, and asked him to come back again, "These are your affairs. If you want me to tell you, I can't blame them all. You don't walk around with her often, that's why it's called this." No one in the palace knows her."

    "Recently put the ones in your hands away and spend more time with her. You have always understood her feelings for you. You are also a child I watched grow up. Naturally, I will not harm you. I have already set a good day for you. , and in the name of coming back, I arranged the marriage together."

    Qi Xuan said: "It's up to the queen mother to make arrangements, and I will listen to you."

    Seeing that he was still obedient as usual, Shen shi felt a little more at ease, after all, if they were not her own children, even if they were raised under her name, it would be separated after all, and there would always be fear.

    But as long as they get married and have children, they will be on the same boat from now on. Whether he is obedient or hides his ambitions, he can only be at the mercy of their Mrs. Shen. This marriage must come true.

    Shen Shi also came to beat him up today, and now that the matter is over, she doesn't plan to stay any longer.

    When the watcher left, the smile on Qi Xuan's face slowly faded, and finally returned to calm.

    Zhao Ji and the others left before coming in again, Chi asked: "Your Majesty obviously doesn't like it, so should you continue to do what His Highness just told you?"


    Qi Xuan's gaze turned to the dessert on the table, raised his hand to hold it up, and looked at it for a moment, but suddenly let go of his fingertips, allowing it to be knocked over in front of him.

    Zhao Ji handed over the handkerchief as usual, and he took it, with disgust floating between his brows, he wiped his fingertips all over.

    "She regards me as a family dog, but one day, I will let her know that even if I am cut off, I will not lack the strength to bite back."


    Qi Chu felt that he should ask a question at this time, why she was so clear.

    Such an extraordinary reminder appeared in front of his eyes, and he should always be puzzled.

    For a moment, he thought about many things, such as she knew Qi Xuan, she wanted to kill herself, and she kept silent recently.

    Intuition told him that what she said now was the reason.

    But the little girl had already said her words, but she didn't feel relaxed at all, she drooped her eyebrows, even lowered her eyes, and didn't look at him.

    The appearance of being full of thoughts, as if to explain everything and then clear the boundary with him.

    Xu Nian didn't notice his gaze, and only thought that his silence was to reflect the credibility of her words.

    She pursed her lips, thought for a while, and then said: "I think, since you have someone you like now, if I let you stay in the mansion again, if Shen Jiao knows about it, it will still be a little unclear. "

    After the words were spoken, the strange feeling in my heart didn't disappear, on the contrary, it got worse.

    Her mind was full of rumors about the two of them in the previous life, but in the previous life, she was not as entangled and uncomfortable as she is now.

    "Miss", Qi Chu suddenly called her.

    When she raised her eyes and looked at him in a daze, she continued: "Listen to the meaning of Miss's words, is that you want to let me get married before the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

    Xu Nian felt that his mind was completely empty after finishing speaking, and now he looked at him blankly, his voice was a little soft: "You can go whenever you want, and now I am not your lady, so you don't need to ask me."

    With deep meaning in Qi Chu's eyes, he asked with some distress: "But if I leave, won't Miss be sad?"

    She just doesn't look too happy at the moment.

    The eyes cast from the opposite side are straightforward and bold, a little scorching, reflected in the always silent eyes, making people want to look away, and want to take another look, to understand the meaning of the deep eyes. wearing something.

    Xu Nian couldn't tell what kind of feeling it was, and when the hard words came to his lips, he paused, and replied seriously: "Maybe I'm not used to it."

    After all, after getting along for such a long time, and suddenly not being able to see each other again, it will take some time to get used to it.

    Thinking of this, she smiled at him again: "But it's okay. Auntie has been helping me to say goodbye recently, and maybe I will have a busy day in the future, so I shouldn't have time to get used to it."

    "Say kiss?" Qi Chu's expression turned cold for a moment.

    Xu Nian didn't pay attention to his changes, and continued to explain, "Although I don't know who it is now, Auntie said..."

    Just halfway through speaking, Qi Chu suddenly reached out and pinched her jaw, not wanting to listen to her anymore.

    Her eyes were reflected in his eyes, the year-round silence seemed to be knocked into the bright light, ripples arose, and it was out of control.

    The heart is resisting but clamoring to approach.

    The heart that had already wiped out all expectations began to beat alive, and then faltered towards a direction that I couldn't control.

    If he takes a wrong step, he won't even be able to stay in the abyss.

    Xu Nian looked at him, and could see the whizzing, crazy and persistent emotions in his eyes. Those things were not hidden anymore, and they were just let her see and feel.

    He said stubbornly: "Miss can't talk to other people, let alone like other people."

    People are always very strange, a little bit or nothing can distract your reason.

    Xu Nian felt that his eyes seemed to be glued together, and there was an unreasonable ambiguity between his words, and even the way he spoke softly seemed to have a hint of farewell.

    She blinked, turned her head slightly to the side, not looking at him: "Why should I listen to you, the matchmaker's words are the parents' orders, and it's not something you can't agree to."

    He always speaks indistinctly, leaving people with assumptions for nothing.

    Xu Nian told herself that he might have such a personality, and she happened to overhear her when he said something like this casually. If she thought about it too much, it would appear that she was being sentimental.

    He just has the ability to disturb other people's heartstrings. He has frank and straightforward eyes without hiding his gaze. When you look at a person like this, you always have a feeling that when there is no one around, he sees you in his eyes. His eyes are still your illusion.

    But the illusion is just an illusion, he can do this to others, especially now that Shen Jiao is here.

    So rationality always occupies all thoughts, she always reminds herself that she and him should grasp the boundary line, and should not have any undue thoughts.

    "Miss", Qi Chu looked at those eyes, the long curly eyelashes showed a relaxed state just like the owner, the eyes were so clear that they could reflect everything, there was starlight and spring breeze in them.

    A smile is as bright as a March day.

    But now he didn't smile, and some wanted to avoid him.

    He only yelled, and there was no response after a long time.

    Xu Nian felt that he was like a fish in the hands of a man, so he could only accept all his gazes, struggled uncomfortably, and wanted to stay away from him.

    Qi Chu just looked at it for a moment, before she moved, she moved closer and kissed the soft corner of her lips like a dragonfly.

    Suddenly there was a coolness, and it was fleeting like a human illusion, but the unique feeling made Xu Nian suddenly hold his breath, and pushed him away suddenly as if he was stepped on his tail.

    But Qi Chu is just a badass, he took all of her bewildered appearance into his eyes, and said frankly: "It's all right now, Miss and I can't get married anymore."

    The tone is consistent, but there is also an indescribable ambiguity in it.

    Realizing what happened, Xu Nian opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

    Qi Chu still refused to give up, "You don't need to verify the third thing that the lady said. I don't like her, I don't like her, and I don't know her. It is absolutely impossible to marry her like the lady said."

    The words could not be written into the ears, and the words could not be spoken. Thinking of what happened at that moment just now, heat jumped up from the base of the ears, and the white cheeks seemed to be on fire, and then under his gaze, he became a little rout.

    Flustered, dazed, puzzled, her always rational and clear thoughts suddenly became chaotic, trying to lead her in a dangerous direction.

    "There is no one else but Miss."

    His voice was soft, as if coaxing her to let go of all the scruples in her heart.

    Xu Nian suddenly fell into an unknown confusion.

    He kissed again, at first he just tasted it, just nodded slightly, Xu Nian didn't expect him to be like this, he forgot to breathe, forgot to struggle, all his consciousness seemed to be on his lips.

    His movements were so light that they were almost cautious, which was completely different from the fierceness accumulated in his eyes.

    Xu Nian was stunned.

    In Qi Chu's eyes, such a dazed look seemed to accept his temptation and his provocation.

    Qi Chu withdrew his gaze from observing her, twitched the corner of his lips, and suddenly bit down on her, all following his instinct, no longer limited to the gentle probing just now, where his lips and teeth collided.

    "Miss, look, you don't hate it, do you?"

    The flustered breathing from the tip of the nose seemed to be entangled, Xu Nian's heart beat to the extreme, his lip was cut, and it hurt so much, he finally regained his confused rationality.

    She came back to her senses in shock, and suddenly remembered where this place was and what she was doing, her ignorant eyes suddenly realized that all the breath was his, and the words of refusal were still spoken, and had been swallowed up.

    Xu Nian had no choice but to push and push, and suddenly bit down hard.

    Qi Chu let go of her, touched the place where she had bitten with the tip of his tongue, and the smile on his lips became more and more wanton.

    Xu Nian gasped for breath, unable to hold back the crimson color on his face, and looked at him blankly and aggrieved.

    In addition to panic, it is chaos.

    "I'm not someone who dares to be or not to be." The joy on Qi Chu's brows couldn't dissipate, "So from now on, Miss can't have any other choice except me."

    It doesn't matter if there is, no matter who it is, he will make him disappear.

    Xu Nian's raised hand stopped in mid-air, and looked at him anxiously and angrily, "I don't want to listen to you."

    "If you're trying to tease me, that's going too far," she couldn't tell if she was angry or trying to bluff to look calm.

    But when she spoke, there was only a flustered voice, and nothing was hidden.

    "But what if it's true?" Qi Chu didn't like that kind of misunderstanding between them, and he would never break his promise when he said it.

    "As long as the lady is willing, the lady can always choose to believe in me."

    Every time he called Miss, it seemed that he had other meanings, Xu Nian felt relieved, he shouldn't call her like this, "Don't call me Miss anymore, it's too weird."

    Qi Chu laughed lightly, without the slightest sense of being the culprit, "Then how should I shout properly?"

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