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    Chi's post has been sent to Xu's, and there is absolutely no reason not to accept it.

    Xu Nian turned around and handed the post to Qi Chu, "Lu Zhi, why don't you bring me a gift that day."

    What said last time was very clear, Xu Nian didn't want to have any more entanglements with him.

    Qi Chumu thought deeply, but raised it innocently, "Miss won't go, why should Lu Zhi go?"

    Seeing you staying in the mansion with nothing to do, I am anxious.

    Seeing that he didn't care, Xu Nian could only sigh, "Then you can go with me when the time comes."

    Qi Chu squinted his eyes slightly when he lowered his eyes, so that day, he would naturally go.

    After all, this most critical step cannot be missed.

    Before Xu Nian left, he remembered something again, "Do you still remember the Su Yang City case I told you about last time? Tell me you don't know, then today I will tell you the reason."

    Now that sister is back, the mansion will almost be unable to hide him, not to mention that sister has always been brooding over this case.

    "Su Yang fell five years ago, and there is no news about Lu Shisheng's defection. However, Lu Mansion, the weir capital, was implicated by him and collapsed overnight."

    After Qi Chu listened calmly, he said coldly, "Sounds like a crime that deserves death, doesn't it?"

    Xu Nian was noncommittal to his words, but she remembered what she overheard that night, that he was investigating what happened five years ago.

    He was not as indifferent to the matter as he appeared to be.

    "Miss, do you still suspect that I have something to do with this matter?" Qi Chu looked through her, as if seeing the purgatory-like Sucheng back then, his eyes gradually narrowed, and finally turned into a biting coldness.

    But it was only for a moment, so fast that Xu Nian didn't even have time to see clearly.

    He quickly lowered his eyes, still looking so calm.

    Xu Nian felt that he was extremely stubborn in certain things, just like now, he obviously never suspected his involvement in it, but he seemed to have spikes all over his body immediately.

    But it doesn't matter. Tell you, I don't care.

    "I never doubted you," Xu Nian said the truth, "I just want to know more about the whole picture of that year."

    She suddenly became serious, "You know that, right?"

    Also quite a bit persuasive.

    Qi Chu raised his gaze that was always lowered, and said in a sweet and gentle tone, "Miss guessed wrong. Five years ago, Lu Zhi was worrying about his life, and he didn't know as much as Miss did."

    Although it was an excuse, she was not cowardly, and even looked up at him boldly: "Miss has asked several times, but I still don't believe me. I don't have any evidence, but there is a five-year The fatal injury left before. Miss can come to see it by herself, or find a doctor, and she will know after inspection."

    Xu Nian was taken aback for a moment, feeling that his eyes were a bit fierce.

    She frowned, "Speak well, don't move your hands."

    Ben didn't doubt him, so why let him take off his clothes to prove it.

    Sighing, he really couldn't hold him back, Xu Nian wanted to inquire about some ideas today and just gave up temporarily.

    Qi Chu looked at the back of her leaving, and his eyes sank a little bit.

    The color of thinking is obvious.

    Eavesdropping, probing, but believing him, what's the point?

    In a blink of an eye, it was the eighth day of the lunar new year, the day of the Chifu banquet.

    Elder Sister just came back, if He Jia hadn't come to call her, Xu Nian really wanted to shirk it.

    He Jia only thought that their friendship was still the same as before, and excitedly pulled her into the car, "Yan Yu was afraid that you wouldn't see him, so he asked someone to tell me early in the morning, and when I came, I must call you. Yes, I am Yue Lao."

    Fearing that she would go further and further away, Xu Nian quickly brought back the topic, "Stop, between me and him, if you miss it, you miss it, and there is nothing left."

    "Hey, why did you say it so early?" He Jia opened the curtain and looked around cautiously before continuing, "When Lu Shisheng was still in Yandu, he walked in front of your elder sister all day long. Brother asked him if he liked your sister, but he also denied that he did not."

    "Anyone with a discerning eye can tell that it's not because of his stubbornness." She couldn't help but sighed when she said this, "It's a good thing that your elder sister didn't get along with him, otherwise he would have been responsible for such a big event back then." implicated."

    Xu Nian lowered his gaze, and said absent-mindedly: "Don't talk about it next time, if my elder sister hears it, she will be upset."

    This is my sister's second peach blossom,

    No matter it was past life or present life, she couldn't change one point.

    The banquet was not held in Chifu, but in a garden outside the city.

    Qi Chu held the horse rope, but when Xu Nian got off the car, he suddenly called out to her: "Miss."

    The evening wind blew his voice a little clear, with a slightly different flavor than usual.

    Xu Nian looked up, but he was silent for a while, just when Xu Nian thought he had heard wrong, he continued:

    "Miss, don't wander around at this banquet."

    After all, tonight he won't meddle in other people's business.

    "I've learned a lesson," Xu Nian looked back at him for a moment, "I won't be bullied like that again."

    She turned around, her figure gradually faded out of sight, and Qi Chu suddenly looked somewhere.

    On the high platform, one can vaguely see a figure, but his goal today is not there.

    After tying the horse, Qi Chu took out the night clothes he had prepared long ago, avoided the crowd, and disappeared outside the gate of the Chi Mansion.

    At this time, in the Chi Mansion, the maids were guiding the guests to their seats, and the people above the tall building just happened to stop looking.

    "Is that the daughter of the Xu family?" Qi Xuan stood by the railing, behind him was a man in a green robe, who was the current crown prince of Wei.

    The prince had a pointed face, but there was no poise on it.

    At this time, following his line of sight, there is a slim beauty, swaying and graceful.

    He showed a greedy look, and said: "Brother Huang, if you want to get the Xu family's military power, you don't have to use the Taifu to recruit his son. I can do it if the crown princess is free."

    Hearing this, Qi Xuan just chuckled, turned back to look at him for a moment, then shook his head, "She is a good girl, do you want to ruin her?"

    The prince smiled awkwardly, but there was a glint of sternness at the end of his eyes. Since ancient times, I am afraid that the prince has not been aggrieved like him, who is restricted by others and behaves like a puppet.

    He has always had a bold idea in his heart, what if he is the one who wins in the end?

    Nothing is impossible, only dare not think.

    Qi Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly, smiling unabated, "What is Xiao thinking? Do you need me to teach you how to plan, poisoning and assassinating the election, I am dead, maybe you can really secure this position. "

    The idea was seen through, the prince licked his dry lips, then lowered his head with a dark face.

    "I'm my enemy, don't forget, the deposed prince before you is still alive, you did no less to him than me back then, do you think he will let you go?"

    In Qi Xuan's gentle eyes, killing intent gradually emerged, "We are running out of time, get the military power, find him, let him disappear, this is your only way of life."

    How can the shadow see the light of day again, the shadow should be buried deep underground.

    Xu Nianzheng said hello to the ladies he was familiar with, and sat back in his seat, thinking about when it would be appropriate to leave.

    But she felt that there was always a line of sight behind her, she turned her head subconsciously, and the man with a sharp face next to the railing gave her a frivolous smile.

    Suspicious in her heart, if she remembers correctly, it is the current crown prince of Great Wei, Qi Yu.

    Qi Xuan put down the teacup, glanced at the careless person, and said: "Go and call the Taifu, his progress is too slow, I plan to help his family make this happy event as soon as possible tonight."


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