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    Xu Nian repeated the meaning of his words in a murmur, his eyes widened as if facing an enemy, "Then what else do you want to do?"

    Qi Chu didn't hesitate: "I want to have fun with Miss...OK...well"

    Before he finished speaking, Xu Nian covered his mouth first.

    The base of the ear is hot, not everyone can keep his expression on like him, and not everyone can be indifferent when hearing such words.

    The delicate skin of her palm was attached to her lips, Qi Chu blinked, and did not move, letting her breath sweep over it, feeling a movement between her fingers, as if she wanted to avoid it because of the itch.

    But he was also afraid that if he let go, he would say something shameless and impatient.

    Xu Nian corrected him with an unnatural expression: "You don't even know what this means."

    After finishing speaking, she was about to let go, but she was pulled back just as she left.

    Qi Chu grabbed her wrist, looked at her without blinking, and said stubbornly, "I know."

    "Know what?" Only those who don't know can say such words without shame, just like her, because she knows, she will feel ashamed and embarrassed.

    It's not that his expression has not changed.

    Qi Chu said: "It's the fish and water..."

    Xu Nian quickly covered his empty hand again, never expecting that he could put it another way.

    Qi Chu stopped talking, looked at her quietly, and paused for a while when his eyes swept across the side of her face, deliberately reminding her that the change at this time was the same.

    His pair of eyes are deep, and there is a beautiful and dangerous light hidden in them, poking out a little just around the corner.

    It doesn't show the whole picture, but it's a little bit of groping to the bottom line of people.

    Like a venomous snake lingering and observing before catching its prey.

    But there is something different, the poisonous snake is poisonous, and it is ready to kill the prey with one blow, but he is slowly, so that he will not be driven away.

    Xu Nian has never encountered someone who can act so recklessly, easily disturbing people, and still doesn't know how to restrain himself.

    "Don't say such things again." She emphasized again before letting go.

    Qi Chu nodded obediently, and agreed very neatly.

    Xu Nian looked at his wrist being pulled into the air, and said, "You have to let go if I let go, shall we let go together?"

    Qi Chu nodded again.

    Xu Nian sat back helplessly, before he could catch his breath, he heard him say in frustration: "Miss, is it not willing?"

    He was worried when he said this, as if he was already thinking about what she didn't want to do.

    Xu Nian didn't know where to put her gaze, the green plants by the window were about to be seen through, she moved her eyes away again, staring at the dark mark on the door without stopping.

    In short, it was impossible to look at him after his words.

    I don't want to talk to him about this topic anymore, because no matter what he says, he won't stop.

    "You don't look at me." Qi Chu's voice was somewhat resentful.

    He said: "Miss looked at him many times just now, but now she doesn't want to look at me."

    "You always look at me, and it's me standing beside you, and I'm the one coming in through that door. But now, I can only watch you talking from afar, and I can't get close, or show my face, and even now I find you No, Miss doesn't even look at me."

    It's pitiful to say.

    Xu Nianqiang pretended to be calm and went to touch the porcelain cup. As soon as his hand touched it, the cup was already held down by Qi Chu.

    She had no choice but to raise her eyes, and shouted a little at a loss: "Qi Chu..."

    "I have been waiting for the next time you said since the lady left. I have waited until now. I didn't wait for the lady, but I waited for him to follow you home."

    "I really miss Miss, so I can only come quietly. Maybe if I don't come, Miss will forget me in a few days."

    After the words fell, he lowered the end of his eyes, as if something was happening.

    How can someone tell you that you are wronged first when they are clearly forcing you.

    Xu Nian's eyebrows twitched, and he could only answer in a series of words: "I will never forget you."

    Qi Chu seemed to be persuaded a little, and raised his eyes, just when Xu Nian thought he was no longer holding on to these things, he heard him ask again: "Then are you willing?"

    Xu Nian: "..."

    He circled back again.

    Qi Chu refused to stop, urging: "Huh?"

    Xu Nian shook his head: "I don't want to."

    Afraid that he would continue to ask, he hastily added, "I said it just now, I can't continue talking about this matter, you promised me."

    Qi Chu didn't seem to hear the second half of the sentence, he just said: "Miss is unwilling to be with me, or is she unwilling to be with everyone?"

    "I don't want to."

    "Why?" Qi Chu said, "Miss, don't you have such an idea?"

    But he has.

    Xu Nian felt a little sad when he asked him, and couldn't help but said, "Qi Wenyuan, you talk too much today."

    Qi Chu imitated her soft "oh" just now.

    When he was talking, Xu Nian couldn't handle it, and suddenly fell silent, Xu Nian was even more at a loss.

    She wondered if her tone was too strong.

    When did he become like this, it seems that a few words can break him up, obviously in the previous life when she was angry, she also scolded him, he would only become more fierce then.

    Just as her thoughts were racing, there was a slight noise from the side of her hair. Xu Nian looked sideways and found that he had cut off a strand of her hair.

    Then he took his own again, put the two strands together, tied a small red string in the middle, and carefully put it back into his arms.

    Qi Chu said: "I may not see Miss for a long time. Miss said last time that the family is helping Miss to say hello. I think I have to leave something behind."

    Xu Nian wanted to say, but you look like you want to take it away, you should keep it for me, not take it back yourself.

    He seemed to want to fill in all the words he couldn't say during the time he was away, chattering endlessly: "During the time I was away, if Miss dared to go with other people, I would follow wherever I went, and I would never let it go stop."

    He looked serious, and he didn't seem to be intimidating at all.

    Before Xu Nian could speak, he said again: "Next time I come to Miss's house, I will visit Miss's parents first."

    The etiquette is comprehensive and aboveboard.

    "Miss can then consider whether she wants to or not."

    Xu Nian just looked at him, his cheeks puffed up, and he didn't answer him, just said: "We'll talk about it when you come back."

    Qi Chu got up, stretched out his arms to embrace her, and gave her a light hug.

    His movement was sudden, but extraordinarily gentle, inexplicably... gentle and comforting.

    Xu Nian heard him say: "The empress doesn't like me either, she used to always make things difficult for me, no matter what she says, miss doesn't have to care."

    He will remember that in the future, he will even ask for what he owes him.

    The voice was very soft, coaxing her clumsily, and mentioning herself was to make her feel that she was not alone.

    There is another person who can empathize with you.

    Even though what he experienced was not the same thing, he felt that he had already experienced it once, so he didn't want her to continue.

    At that moment, Xu Nian felt that someone had touched the softest part of his heart.

    She gave a "hmm" in her nasal voice, and when he let go of his hand, she quickly and shyly put her arms around him.

    "What do you mean?" Qi Chu raised his lips, but still pretended to be puzzled and asked.

    Xu Nian raised his face, "Coax you."

    You seem to have not yet become as violent as in the previous life.

    I don't want you to be like that.

    You, who are covered in killing by evil spirits in the world, are much less alive than you are now.

    When Qi Chu came out, Wu Zheng had already been waiting for a long time.

    "He's going out of town, this time is the best time for us to act."

    Wu Zheng: "Everything is well arranged, Your Highness is ready to go."

    "According to plan."


    After confirming that Qi Chu had left, Xu Niannian quietly went to the front hall to look. Qi Xuan had just left too, and Father and Sister had a bad look on their faces.

    Xu Nian stepped forward and heard them talking.

    Xu Sijiang said: "He is going to perish with our mansion. He knows that it is because of him that A Nian was called by the queen, and he went directly to the door with the car. After today is over, and the news spreads, he will not do anything at that time." No, but whether it's the queen or the Shen family, they can take Ah Nian alive."

    This is on purpose.

    Xu's father said: "You have such a big handle on him in your hand. He is not moving now, but he won't move for the time being. I can see what he means. He is testing our intentions for an alliance and an enemy."

    When Xu Sijiang thought of those innocent souls, his fists would harden, "Five years ago in Su Yang, the good generals were killed, the weak were eaten, the underground was full of bones, the people of the whole city, the last ones who survived, those who were rescued, They are all young people, the ones who are greedy for life and fear of death and harming their own clan survive to the end, while the ones who are utterly devoted to each other don't even have a complete skeleton."

    "The Lu family back then was so glorious because it assisted the two emperors and protected the great Wei mountains and rivers. But once the dynasty collapsed, the loyalty of generations was ruined by the word conspiracy."

    If Xu Sijiang is as calm as he is, when he talks about these things, his eyes will turn red. She said: "When the accident happened, Lu Shisheng was only twenty-three years old. One month before the Su Yang case, he was still telling me, One day, he will cross the Yannan Mountains, let the Buda clan behind him bow their heads for the Great Wei, and let the morning sun above the Mohe River shine forever on the Great Wei's banner."

    It was all wanton and unrestrained, but later, the Su Yang case was closed hastily, all relevant personnel were cleaned up, all those who questioned were dead, and the murderer was at large.

    In bending the law for personal gain, there are those who are afraid of overriding their merits and demerits, and show favoritism and connivance towards parents and children.

    The horse rides on the iron bones, and the king chills the hearts of the people.

    Emperor Cheng was by no means fatuous, even in the early years, he had enough means and strategies, but he stopped at the time when the Great Wei should be the most prosperous, and in turn restricted the good generals.

    In the past five years, she has become more and more unable to understand what their Majesty wants to do.

    Xu Nian remembered something. Qi Chu said that when he was in Su Yang five years ago, Lu Shisheng wanted his life. Later, when his sister found out the truth, he went to Su Yang himself, saying that he was going to verify something. .

    How it turned out, he never mentioned.

    But Xu Nian faintly sensed that the reason for him to go in person was probably about Lu Shisheng.

    He said that his biological mother was surnamed Lu.

    Could it be, what Qi Chu checked was whether Lu Shisheng was forced to or really wanted to put him to death.

    If forced, then the drama of betrayal was designed by King Yu for him to watch.

    He not only wanted him to die, but also let him be betrayed by his close ones, disheartened and full of pain.

    What a calculation.

    Xu's father said: "We should be careful, we must not be careless."

    Xu Nian quietly backed away, she couldn't help, so she didn't want to get involved, Father and Sister would definitely have a solution.

    Turning around, met Xu's mother.


    Xu's mother took her daughter's hand, sat down on the porch, and asked her: "Did the empress make things difficult for you today?"

    "She doesn't like me. She asked me to enter the palace to warn me to stay away from King Yu."

    Xu Nian remembered Qi Chu's words, and smiled, "Anyway, whether she likes it or not, it has nothing to do with my daughter. I just listened to it and didn't take it to heart. So I think it's okay."

    It's just that the person who made such a fuss not only didn't shy away from it at all, but now came to the door.

    Thinking of this, Xu Nian felt a little uneasy.

    Judging from today's perspective, the Queen's discipline on King Yu is quite strict, and Shen Jiao is the Princess Yu who has been appointed for a long time.

    That's why the queen beat her so cautiously, so that she would not have delusions that she shouldn't have.

    This is the case now, and it was the same in the previous life...

    Then in her last life, didn't she become the eyesore of the Shen family by mistake, and she was stained with hatred all over.

    She was not killed in advance, probably because the court changed at that time, Qi Chu came to power, and the entire palace was cleaned up, so the Shen family was in decline, too busy to take care of herself, and there was no time to retaliate against her.

    If the queen was still in power at that time, judging from the current situation, she was helpless in her previous life, and she would probably be targeted very badly.

    Xu's mother pinned the shattered hair hanging down her cheeks behind her ears, "What are you thinking about? You're so preoccupied."

    "My daughter just realized today that seeing is not necessarily believing." Xu Nian looked at his mother.

    It is a very happy thing to have relatives within reach, chat like this, and have something to rely on.

    Everything she cherished in her previous life turned into ashes in the end, and her family and friends had nothing.

    Seeing the white snow, thought had found a pillar, but forgot that there might be fire pits instead of roads under the snow.

    But she didn't know the depth, she only saw the surface, and stepped on it.

    It seems... In her previous life, from the moment she met King Yu in her previous life, she had already made her way to a dead end.

    At the beginning, she just wanted to save Sister, and then find out who was behind the frame of her family.

    But after meeting him, sister-in-law died, Shen Jiao hated her, and Qi Chu...

    The whole family bailed her out so that the rest of her life would go smoothly. And she, under the guidance of King Yu, stepped into the involuntary state step by step.

    Mother Xu didn't know what was going on in her heart, she just said: "Well, it's never too late to know."

    "Your father and I are still here, so you two sisters have a chance to try and make mistakes."

    After Xu Nian finished listening, his eyes were a little sore, "Auntie, aren't you afraid that my misbehavior will bring disaster to the family?"

    "We can't teach you everything. There are always things you have to experience yourself." Mother Xu gently touched her head and gave her some encouragement. "You are not a child who doesn't know the importance. It is good to have your own thinking. Hesitating and indecisive, that's the worst thing to do."

    Xu Nian looked at A Niang and listened very carefully.

    "Look at your elder sister, she has been fond of wielding knives and guns since she was a child, and she ran to that bitter cold place without thinking about it. We didn't say anything."

    Speaking of this, Mrs. Xu sighed, "The case of Su Yang is your sister's obsession. What your sister means is that no matter how difficult it is, she will tell the truth to the world, and she died in Su Yang back then. Those thousands of people are innocent."

    Xu Nian raised his eyes with firmness in his eyes, and said, "I believe that the law of heaven is clear, and sister will make her wish come true."

    There was a wind blowing in the corridor, the sky was covered by dark clouds, and the big raindrops fell as soon as it was said, and the rain hit the bluestone, making a loud noise.

    Xu Nian glanced sideways, seeing the lightning flash in the sky, she helped her mother up and said, "The rain is about to fall, Aunt, let's go in."

    The autumn rain is continuous.

    That day, after King Yu's carriage got out of the Duke's mansion, he went out of the city and headed north all the way, in order to get a rare oriental pearl.

    Qi Xuan was sleeping with her eyes closed, but she was still disturbed by the thunder, so she opened her eyes.

    On such a cloudy and rainy day, the companion couldn't help complaining:

    "It's so good that the lord is going to look for some Dongzhu. No matter how much this Shen family miss wants, she won't find someone to get it by herself. She insists on asking His Highness to go in person."

    After the marriage contract was annulled, Shen Jiao had been unhappy all the time, Qi Xuan was not surprised to have such a temper.

    Patience always has a limit, the Shen family has repeatedly provoked his patience, and when the time comes, he will naturally make them all pay the price.

    "Ms. Chen feels that she has put a chain around my neck. As long as it is tightened a little, I will obediently go forward and let her manipulate me." In the past, people who used to have a mother and queen, but now they just call her Shen's coldly.

    "But she forgot that in the past I needed to be scrupled. Among the many princes, I really had nothing to rely on. If I want to survive in the palace, I must find support. She is my best choice."

    "Right now, except for Qi Wenyuan, no one can threaten my existence. Mrs. Shen is actually trying to use the things that tied me back then to continue threatening to restrain me."

    The Shen family is not irreplaceable, since it is not unique, it would not be a pity to abandon it.

    There was a killing intent in his eyes: "Soon, I will let her know that all my forbearance to her and her niece for so many years has a price."

    As soon as the words fell, the carriage in motion was stopped suddenly.

    Qi Xuan frowned and asked, "What happened?"

    "Reporting to the lord, we have met the carriage coming ahead, they are blocking the middle of the road and will not let us pass."

    Qi Xuan was already annoyed, and now that he encountered such a thing, he was even more unhappy at the moment, opened the curtain and said to the attendants beside him: "Go and negotiate with them, we won't let them, let them open the way for us. "

    "Yes! My lord."

    It's just that before the attendants left, someone from the carriage opposite had already arrived.

    The visitor had a knife on his waist, and he didn't say any extra words, but just repeated the original words of the master: "My master and the prince are old acquaintances, and now they have prepared tea in the car, and I specially invite the prince to have a gathering."

    "Who is your master?"

    The person who sent the message smiled slightly, "The prince will know when he comes out."

    The rain hadn't stopped, no one would want to get their robes wet at such a time, and in his capacity, when would he need to be so passive.

    Qi Xuan's face turned cold, and he didn't plan to pay any attention to it.

    The messenger raised his eyes, and the blade unsheathed silently: "My master also said that he survived in Changzhi Palace seven years ago, and survived in Su Yang five years ago. Today, he wants to thank the prince for his mercy." kindness."

    Qi Xuan's eyes turned sharp, "What did you say?"

    It's just that as soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings changed instantly, and everything was in chaos.

    The accompanying people fell down one after another, and the splashed blood mixed with rain and mist, and then fell into the dust.

    Qi Xuan was forced to get out of the car. In a panic, he stepped back step by step. He couldn't care about the chaotic scene in front of him, and his eyes were fixed on the carriage that was always invisible in front of him.

    A hand stretched out from the curtain of the opposite car, the curtain was lifted, and someone came out from it.

    They looked at each other in the rain curtain, and there was a fight between them, but the chaos and noise seemed to be cut off from their ears the moment they saw it.

    The person who had escaped from death countless times by him, one day, stood in front of him.

    Qi Xuan was just in a daze, and suddenly there was a burst of cold air from behind, and the next moment, the back of his neck hurt, and his consciousness gradually became blurred.

    At the last moment when he closed his eyes, he saw someone walking towards him across the bloody water.

    A thin smile curved Qi Chu's lips, and he said, "Brother, long time no see."


    Qi Chu was not as anxious as he was, and said quietly: "I will kill you, Zhao Ji, I heard that you made a big fuss, and you even ordered me to be killed."

    "Someone from the palace also came to look for me. I disobeyed the order and killed the person he sent. I heard that he was as angry as you. Those who come back in the future have never shown mercy." It's time to close the net.

    Qi Xuan moved his lips, but couldn't make a sound, his body collapsed weakly, and for the first time in his life, he tried the filth of muddy water.

    The filth was stained on the robe, and the splashed water dripped on the eyebrows and eyes, and dripped down the cheeks.

    Qi Chu looked at him with a smile, just like he used to look at himself.

    Before falling into a deep sleep, Qi Xuan heard that gloomy voice saying politely: "In the past, elder brother used me to block disasters, but this time, please trouble elder brother to block me."

    The black and smooth black hair was scattered behind her back, and the white brocade made her face even more beautiful, spotless, and there was also a warm white jade hanging around her waist.

    The young man who had faded away from his usual attire and was scarred by being chased and killed turned into a noble son dressed in brocade and unstained by dust and smoke.

    The former is loose and uninhibited, while the latter is upright and gentle, comparable to the gentlemen in the world.

    Like the bamboo in the mountains, or the moon in the lotus pond, it is clean and bright.

    Wu Zheng came to his side and presented the sandalwood box: "Your Highness, this is the Dongzhu he was looking for on this trip."

    They cut it off early in the morning.

    Several hours later, the carriage set off again leisurely, just like before. The people in the carriage took one last look at the rain curtain and let go of the curtain.

    "Spread the news and let those people know that he is here. I want him to start thinking about running for his life when he wakes up."


    This autumn rain fell for a long time, and the whole weir was shrouded in the mist of drizzle. When the first rain came after the rain, King Yu returned to the mansion.

    When entering the door, he untied the cloak and handed it to the guards in the mansion, asking them to send the things to Shen's mansion.

    Someone came to ask for instructions: "The trace of that person has been confirmed."

    Qi Chu didn't even raise his eyes, he just said: "Let's not spare any effort, kill."

    After finishing speaking, he raised the corners of his lips slightly, and warned: "He is the most cunning, and he might even think of pretending to be me. Now that I have returned home, no matter how eloquent he is, there is no need to hesitate to do it directly. "

    "Yes! My lord."

    Qi Chu washed his hands and took the cotton handkerchief from the attendant, "Is there any news from the palace?"

    "Autumn Hunting is under preparation. Yesterday His Majesty issued an order to prepare security settings with the Commander of the Forbidden Army."

    Just as he was talking, someone outside the door reported, "My lord, Commander Wu is here and is waiting for you in the living room."

    Qi Chu's expression remained unchanged, and when he turned around, his raised eyes were as deep as water, but they disappeared without a trace in just a flash, and he calmly went to the front hall to meet guests.


    The autumn hunt was held as scheduled, and the location was set at Nanyang Mountain.

    The autumn wind was disturbing, and Xu Nian's cloak was blown loudly. Before he could find a shelter from the wind, a familiar figure approached from afar.

    With a light crown on her hair, Mo hair is flowing behind her back, it is not King Yu who it is.

    Xu Nian just glanced at it hastily, and immediately stepped aside, trying to avoid it if he could.

    Fortunately, the person who came just passed her by and didn't stop. Xu Nian was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when he passed by.

    Glancing at the back of the person walking away, felt a little worried for no reason, so it's been half a month, what the hell did Qi Chu do, and why he hasn't come back yet.

    The person standing beside her moved to block the wind for her.

    Xu Nian recovered from his thoughts and smiled back, "Song Zhen, I'm sorry to trouble you today."

    Song Zhen scratched his head, and said a little embarrassedly, "Cousin He Jia often mentions you to me, so it would be great if I could help you."

    Ever since he walked with King Yu last time, Xu Nian was afraid that he would be hated by the Shen family again, so he thought of a stupid way first.

    Borrowing He Jia's cousin to block it, it won't be like this, and she has to say that she has dirty thoughts about King Yu.

    It is also useful to think about it, after all, it has been safe and sound for more than half a month.

    The people who were already sitting at the banquet crushed the cups in their hands, making a loud noise.

    Someone beside him asked, "My lord, what's the matter?"

    Qi Chu's eyes were calm, and when he heard this, he glanced at him, his eyes were as cold as death.

    Wu Zheng, who was pretending to be a servant, said first: "Go and get a new one."

    The man didn't suspect anything else and went to do it.

    Wu Zheng sighed silently.

    He looked at it all morning, and he probably understood where the anger came from.

    One is the person named Song Zhen, and the other is that Miss Xu's family did not see their highness.

    But this is a death solution. If Miss Xu's family is active with their highness who is now bearing the status of King Yu, then their highness will become even more terrifying.

    Thinking of this, he sighed again.

    Speculation, damn it, stop.

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