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    His tone seemed to be interrogating, it was too scary, it made Xu Nian inexplicably think of a wolf tearing up its prey, fierce and violent, keeping the prey out of sight, as long as you move, he can immediately pounce on you and eat you to pieces Vague.

    Xu Nian was so stared at by him that he panicked, put down his hands quickly, and explained: "What kind of person, I'm just asking casually, it's not what you think at all."

    To ask her suddenly like this, always give her some time to think, let her find a reason that can be explained, and an excuse that can be prevaricated.

    Now she was startled, and her mind was blank.

    Qi Chu saw the strangeness flashing across her face, the fluster she wanted to cover up coupled with her forced calm, it was simply trying to cover up.

    Well why did she ask about this medicine.

    Harmful? Hurt yourself?

    But according to his observation, she has never formed such a grudge with anyone, and besides, she can't do such a thing with her character.

    But if it's not the former, then it's the latter.

    He said in a low voice: "Miss, your sister, do your parents know about this? Is the miss protecting that person now? It seems that the miss is not unintentional towards him. Now that I have children, miss What I think of is not telling the parents who are close to me, but thinking about solving it myself."

    And drink the medicine that won't kill you immediately! Who taught her the stupid way? !

    Thinking of this, he pretended to smile with disdain, "Listen to the meaning of what the lady said, that person should not want the lady? He left after bullying, but now the lady can't let him go, because she wants to hurt herself A way to torture yourself in exchange for his return?"

    "No self-respect or self-love, is that the way the tutors in the Duke's Mansion are?"

    Xu Nian didn't know that she just asked for some kind of medicine and it fell into his eyes, so it turned out like this.

    When he said this, his face flushed instantly, and he stared at him: "I'm just asking, and even if it's true, whether I intend it or not, does it have anything to do with you?"

    Why should she be belittled so badly.

    Qi Chu only felt that her reaction was said to be painful, and she became angry from embarrassment.

    "I really can't control who the young lady likes to be close to, but if the young lady really drank the medicine and died in this mansion, wouldn't she be implicated in that time? After the young lady died, I, as a daily attendant, Don't Miss's family want to take me to be buried with her?"

    "I cherish my life more than Miss. Ask more, because I don't want to die in an unclear way in the future."

    Xu Nian was also angry, and replied to him: "Are you thinking too much? If I really die, I won't want you to be buried with me!"

    Qi Chu said: "That's not necessarily the case. There will be no proof at that time. If others mistakenly think that I did it like him, the lady protected the adulterer, and Lu Zhike will suffer."

    Xu Nian tightly pursed the corners of his lips, looked at him for a moment, and denied again, "Where did the adulterer come from, you just thought about it yourself, I'm curious, can I ask casually?"

    "Whoever asks about this medicine for nothing, does Miss think that anyone will believe what she said?"

    Qi Chu sneered, the corners of his lips were so stingy that he couldn't hear it, but he still asked jokingly, "Who the hell is it? It's worthy of Miss's maintenance?"

    Xu Nian took a deep breath, calmed down first, walked to the table and sat down, stopped arguing with him, raised his hand on the table, turned his head and gave him a sideways look, and said, "Wouldn't Zang Mi know how to read?" ? Then let him see if what I said is the truth!"

    Zang Mi looked left and right, suddenly became quiet, and the scary sight fell on him.

    He lowered his head and moved over with all his strength, caught the wrist, a gaze from behind, and a gaze from the front, so that he was overwhelmed and quickly let go of his hand.

    Xu Nian was finally able to sigh, raised his chin slightly and said exasperatedly, "Lu Zhi, you think too much. It seems that the poison not only damages the body, but also damages the brain."

    I have never found him to be so unreasonable.

    Qi Chu just asked Zang Mi in a cold voice: "How?"

    "The pulse condition is fast and fluent, like pearls." Zang Mi felt that today was an innocent disaster, and he was about to cry. He glanced at Xu Nian dodgingly, lowered his head in panic, and said, "It's a sign of happy pulse!"

    He spoke very quickly, and when he realized that the sneer sounded again, he hurriedly withdrew to the door and pretended to say: "This is the first time I have this pulse, and I am still inexperienced. If I want to know the age of the child in months, I will go back and read the book now!"

    Go, go, go, go!

    Xu Nian still maintained the look of Mou Ding just now, and after his voice fell, he froze for a while.

    In an instant, his self-confidence seemed to be defeated, and he became a little dazed and flustered.


    Xu Nian couldn't believe it, she was so frightened by his thunder that her legs went limp, and when she stood up, she supported the table to stabilize her shaking steps.

    She asked in disbelief: "Zang Mi, tell me again, what is the pulse?"

    But in her mind, she told her that Zang Mi could cure such a complicated poison as Lu Zhi, and he shouldn't make mistakes in the pulse of ordinary doctors.


    how is this possible? !

    Zang Mi turned around and pushed the door for a moment, but the person inside was silent. He just wanted to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible, and he refused to leave the door for a moment.

    He turned around stiffly, glanced at Xu Nian apologetically, and quickly asked: "Miss, have you recently experienced loss of appetite, weakness, nausea and vomiting, and night dreams?"

    Xu Nian recalled that in the past half month, she really couldn't eat well and sleep well, and she always had nightmares. She only thought that Wei Ze was frightened that night, and thought that Qi Chu might be near Yandu, so her thoughts were uneasy.

    As for nausea and vomiting...

    She quickly denied: "I don't have any discomfort of nausea and vomiting."

    Without denying anything else, Zang Mi immediately made a decision, "It means that the month is still young, and the lady has not yet shown any signs of displeasure."

    Even Xu Nianshen, who knew that it was impossible to have a child in this life, was also taken aback by his determined expression.

    Zang Mi felt that although he really wanted to run at this time, he had to be more responsible at this time.

    He asked the last question: "Miss, did you get your monthly letter this month?"

    Xu Nian didn't talk much about this in front of outsiders, his face was a little unnatural, he hesitated for a while and shook his head.

    This month has indeed been slow.

    Zang Mi sighed, raised three fingers and swore: "Doctors, never lie."

    After finishing speaking, he hurried away without looking back, went back and rummaged through the books, and resolutely never came here again.


    Qi Chu's eyes shifted from her stunned face to her slender waist, a storm was brewing in her eyes, but her lips curled up dismally, "Miss, do you have anything else to say?"

    "I..." Xu Nian touched his lower abdomen in horror, feeling nothing about where his palms were.

    But how did it come about?

    But after thinking about it, in her last life she would not have believed in the supernatural words of rebirth, but she was really reborn.

    So she didn't do anything and suddenly had a child, which happened to her, a reborn person, outrageous and reasonable.

    What if the rebirth is the body she had before she died, and the child is reborn as one with her?

    Xu Nian had changed from being calm and doing nothing to being nervous and flustered. She seemed to be taken out of her wits, and when the words of denial came to her lips, she suddenly lost her confidence.

    If there is a child, then it belongs to that lunatic Qi Chu.

    But they have never seen each other in this life, and there is an extra child in their stomach for no reason. How will she explain it to her family? Where does the origin of the child come from?

    The palms of Xu Nian's hands turned white. Those things that couldn't be explained clearly, things that couldn't be explained, and the panic that no one would believe that couldn't be explained made her breathless like a tide.

    Qi Chu had come to her at some point, and reached out to touch her belly. Xu Nian was startled by his action, his empty eyes came back to him, and he subconsciously took a few steps back to avoid it.

    There is a cabinet behind her, and there is no room to retreat.

    Qi Chu's patience was exhausted, he pressed his palm firmly to cover it, rubbed it lightly, obviously suppressing his anger, but still tried to calm down and asked: "Miss, who is that person?"

    His voice was low and deep, as if he spoke without emotion, and as if every word he uttered from the blade, every word would cost people blood.

    Xu Nian tightly grabbed his cuffs, trying to stop his movements, but found that her strength could not resist at all. Qi Chu's movements were very light and slow, but not cautious. It was after he tried his best to restrain himself. It worked out.

    He wants it gone now!

    But he suppressed his temper and coaxed in a coaxing voice: "Miss, if you dare to be someone you don't dare to recognize, is it worth it for you to defend him repeatedly?"

    Xu Nian looked up at him and shook his head.

    It turns out that when people are at a loss to the extreme, their brains are really blank.

    The strength in Qi Chu's hand became heavier, Xu Nian recalled some bad memories, trembled, and wanted to escape in discomfort.

    "Lu Zhi, let me go first, let me take care of it." Xu Nian raised his eyes and begged, thinking about what he said just now, and comforting him, "Don't worry, I will make it clear to my parents and I will never involve you Come in."

    Qi Chu clenched and loosened the hands beside her, then let her go, and took her to the chair next to her to sit down.

    She lowered her head nervously pinching her fingertips, and he also knelt down in front of Xu Nian, looked at her, and asked again: "Miss would rather be wronged by herself than to protect him. Could it be Miss’s childhood sweetheart?”

    His voice gradually became gloomy, but he still pretended to be indifferent.

    "The surname is Chi, and the name is Chi Yanyu, right? No wonder he hasn't come to Miss these few months anymore. That's why."

    The coldness in his eyes couldn't be hidden, it should have been discovered long ago.

    "I heard that the lady liked him when she was a child, and now he came back specially for the lady. The lady must like him even more. The lady likes him so much, it is understandable for him to cover it up, but since there is a child, let's give birth."

    Born to be strangled.

    "No..." Xu Nian was already in a hurry, he said one sentence after another, she couldn't get in at all.

    Qi Chu smiled, "Miss, are you humble? Do you want someone to be nervous about you by taking the medicine? You want to sacrifice your life for him to care about you? Are you not afraid of a dead body and two lives? Just for him?"

    What is that.

    Xu Nian was in a state of confusion, she wanted to speak out, but found that she couldn't explain the child, and in his fables on the left and right, she completely pushed the panic to the peak.

    Her fingertips were red from being pinched, but she couldn't feel the pain. Her thoughts couldn't find a way out, and they were running rampant in her mind with no way out.

    How to explain the origin of this child?

    "I have nothing to do with Yan Yu..."

    Qi Chu didn't want to hear the name come out of her mouth, he stared closely at those eyes, and said the most terrifying words in the lightest tone.

    He said: "I'll help Miss kill him, okay? Miss likes him. I'll cut off his head and give it to Miss. From now on, Miss can watch it whenever she wants."

    Xu Nian couldn't take it anymore, she suddenly raised her hands to cover her ears, her eyes were a little red, she said angrily and urgently: "It has nothing to do with him, it's not him."

    She remembered the fear and grievance she had suffered in her previous life, and she finally had to do it all over again, and now she was dragged into the abyss again by this child. The fear and panic did not subside, but intensified, and even spread to an uncontrollable level.

    "Who is that?"

    Who is left to be close to her? !

    Xu Nian's eyes were turbulent, she looked at Qi Chu's unusually calm gaze, and her messy thoughts calmed down a bit.

    "Miss can rest assured to tell Lu Zhi that she dares not let her parents know, then Lu Zhi can quietly solve the problem for Miss."

    Qi Chu's voice was rare and gentle, and he coaxed and lied: "Miss asked quietly, presumably because she didn't want to disturb other people. If Miss doesn't believe others, you can tell Lu Zhi that I can keep the secret for Miss forever."

    Xu Nian's lips moved, a little loose under his strongly encouraging gaze.

    Qi Chu saw it, and continued to say: "Isn't it uncomfortable to bury your worries by yourself? I can share the burden for the young lady. If there is one more person, there is another way. If the young lady really likes him, tell me, and I can also think for the young lady. A way to make him sure that he will be full of young ladies in the future."

    At that time, the eyes will be plucked out, the skin and flesh will be peeled off, and all will be fed to the dogs!

    His gaze was so easy to trust, as if if she just said it, he could solve it.

    It was so tempting that Xu Nian wanted to boldly believe him once.

    Qi Chu was not in a hurry, and slowly guided her: "I will help the young lady keep the secret, isn't the young lady staying with me to help the young lady solve her troubles? There is nothing to worry about, as long as the young lady trusts me, I can help the young lady settle it. "

    Xu Nian paused for a moment, looked at him, breathed a sigh of relief, and finally mustered up the courage to say, "It's the one I've always wanted to kill him."


    The rising anger was suddenly extinguished, and Qi Chu's mind buzzed for a moment, thinking that he might have heard it wrong.

    "I once asked you to help me kill an enemy in the future," Xu Nian said anxiously, "This child belongs to him."

    Xu Nian has no one to talk about this matter, and now he looks at him as if he has grasped a life-saving straw, his eyes are full of pleading for help and anxiety.

    Her expression was serious and cautious after thinking over and over again, and her words gradually calmed down.

    "That's why I had to kill him," she explained.


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