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    Being so close, the dangerous sense of oppression envelops him layer by layer. Xu Nian looked at him and felt that she was too naive in the past, and everything was clearly traceable.

    Those things that were ignored, that she regarded as accidental, turned out to be the truth in front of her eyes.

    What she tried to change ended up leading her astray into another path.

    She didn't know where the courage came from, so she met his gaze like this.

    Every word seemed to be full of tears, and he asked him: "Do you still want to hurt me again?"

    The voice was obviously not loud, but it was full of sadness.

    Qi Chu didn't understand, what is meant by 'again. '

    The endless sadness in her eyes seemed to be gnawing at him, making him sink into it, and tasted a bit of bitterness.

    It's so strange, obviously it wasn't sweet in the past, but now despise bitterness instead.

    Xu Nian exhausted all his strength and begged him, "Let me go, I will definitely stay away from you in the future and never provoke you."

    If she knew it was him from the beginning, she would definitely leave without looking back.

    The lessons from the previous life were too painful. She was afraid of death, and she didn't want to be contaminated any more.

    Qi Chu sneered, "What if I don't let you go?" His eyes dimmed and he said, "If I insist on entanglement, what should I do, Miss?"

    Xu Nian knew that she couldn't do anything, she couldn't do it in her previous life, and she couldn't do it now.

    But she had already accepted her fate once, and this time it was even more difficult to be willing to be at his mercy.

    She said calmly, "Then I will kill you."

    "Really?" Qi Chu said, "I'll give you this chance."

    After saying that, he handed the dagger into her hand.

    Xu Nian couldn't hold her hand tightly, so he wrapped his palm around her hand.

    She resisted and struggled, not wanting to be controlled by him like a marionette, but Qi Chu took her hand firmly, and pointed the tip towards her heart.

    His eyes never left her, and the madness gradually overflowed from his eyes, seducing her, seducing her: "Come on, you don't want to kill me, or just stab me now, no matter what kind of grievances you have, the lady will immediately kill you." will be free."

    Xu Nian was held tightly by his hand, at first she refused to move, and the seductive blade froze there.

    Qi Chu noticed it, and suddenly exerted force on her hand, and used her hand to penetrate into her body.

    Xu Nian raised his eyes in disbelief, he couldn't stop the movement of his hands at all.

    The silver-white blade was stained with blood, and it began to turn bright red.

    But he didn't seem to feel the pain, not only did he not let go, but even the curvature of the corner of his lips became more and more rampant with the pain brought by the piercing flesh and blood.

    So the feeling, after passing through his hands, and then into her hands, became extremely clear, as if as long as she took the initiative a little bit, she could really realize her wish in two lifetimes immediately.

    What a pleasure to kill a murderer.

    But Xu Nian felt that all this was extremely dazzling at this moment, he was on the way of no return, and he was going to take her there now.

    No one can be alone, some just sink together.

    Xu Nian is unwilling!

    She struggled to withdraw her hand, resisting his strength, but the joy in Qi Chu's eyes deepened.

    "Miss has been thinking about something for so long, and now it's in front of me," he laughed at her, "but miss is a coward, not only can't do it, she doesn't even have the strength to hold a knife."

    "Qi Chu!" He didn't let go, Xu Nian looked at the smile in his eyes and felt hatred and annoyance, "Not everyone can kill without burden like you."

    If she really made a move, wouldn't she become the second him.


    Enmity and resentment, how can we calculate clearly.

    He had killed her and saved her, grievances and grievances were mixed together, turned into hesitation and vacillation, confused and confused.

    Rather than doing it herself, she wants to see him in a cocoon and reap the consequences.

    Qi Chu also seemed helpless: "It's a pity, how can Miss kill me like this?"

    Xu Nian was also annoyed when he laughed at him. She vowed to kill him, but she was defeated on the spot, but she took a step back, and the prestige on her lips was gone, but he, the murderer, didn't know how to restrain himself, and he was still able to push forward with ease. You have to force her.

    How can you do this.

    He didn't let go, Xu Nian suddenly lowered his head, biting the back of the hand that was restraining him regardless.

    She closed her eyes tightly, and her whole body was tense. That was her only outlet. She hated so much that she tried her best, and her lips and teeth bit the flesh. When the blood spread, there was a muffled groan from above her head.

    Qi Chu pinched her jaw, making her let go and raise her eyes.

    The tooth marks on the back of her hand were bloody and bloody, Qi Chu let go of her hand, and the bloody dagger fell to the ground.

    The corners of Xu Nian's lips were stained with blood. He was very beautiful, but he looked at him stubbornly and unwillingly.

    "You owe me," she said.

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes, ignored what she said, raised his fingertips to wipe off the blood from her lips, and rubbed her lips with slight force, as if paying back the bite she had just had.

    "Xu Nian, I gave you a chance just now, if you regret it in the future, you will have no choice."

    Xu Nian's lips were burning hot, and while he was not paying attention, he pushed him away, trying to run away from his side.

    Qi Chu noticed her movement, lowered his eyes, did not turn around, and only held her at the moment when she was about to leave him.

    "Let go of me", the corner of the clothes was in someone's hand, and she couldn't go anymore.

    "Miss has the grace to save my life. I will not hurt Miss, and Miss doesn't have to avoid me like a snake. She will run away just by saying a few words."

    Suddenly his voice was not as tough as before, but it was lowered, making it hard to discern the emotion in it.

    Xu Nian looked at the figure standing in the shadow with his back to her, and wanted to refute him viciously, but stopped at his throat, unable to say anything.

    She attributed this to not being soft-hearted, but just wanting to keep a line in order to prevent herself from being killed in the future.

    Qi Chu turned around, and there was a short distance between her and her, but he was stubborn and didn't let go, "Actually, as long as you coax me, I'm easy to talk to."

    Xu Nian looked at him, his strong and fierce appearance just now was like a hallucination, but now it was him who was wronged.

    "No matter what you like, I can learn it." Qi Chu raised his eyes, "But you can't let me go, you said, you won't leave me."

    She told him to leave just now, but now she is running away by herself.

    When she saw Qi Xuan today, what was she thinking at this time, was she regretting that she had admitted the wrong person, or was she wondering when she would see Qi Xuan again.

    Why do you trust Qi Xuan so much, but he can't do it?

    Qi Chu felt that he was indeed crazy. Jealousy took root in the dark, and once he thought about it, he couldn't stop.

    His obedient appearance was the same as the first time I saw him, and he begged: "Don't trust him, okay?"

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