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    Until the old lady of the Chen family left, Xu Nian still hadn't recovered from the surprise just now.

    What a big face, it was their family who disliked her elder sister in every possible way at the beginning, and now they are the ones who come so shamelessly to say such things at the door, it is really a disaster to catch their family.

    "Come out," Duke Xu stood at the door, and had spotted her a long time ago, "Don't you feel cold standing outside and listening for so long?"

    Xu Nian belatedly stretched out her hand to rub her face, it was cold, she shivered, it was really cold.

    "When did Daddy know I'm here?" She came out from behind the pillar and said coquettishly, "If Daddy had said earlier, my daughter would have gone in and listened openly."

    "You, why are you so restrained at home? When I was talking to my mother just now, I just came in if I wanted to. Why hesitate?"

    When Duke Xu said this, he seemed to be reprimanding, but his tone was somewhat doting and helpless.

    Xu Nian patted her head in embarrassment. Duke Xu saw her embarrassment and didn't go into it. He just asked, "I heard that you took Kang Yi out in a hurry a few days ago, and these days you always go to the hospital. What's the matter?"What happened?"

    Seeing the concern in her father's eyes, Xu Nian was stunned for a moment, she really wanted to tell the whole story, but it was a funny story, even if she loved her parents, how much could she believe.

    What's more, how can she tell them all the miserable experiences in her previous life frankly and without any grievances? She doesn't have the face either.

    Feeling depressed, Xu Nian still smiled and said, "It's not a big deal, it's just that my daughter rescued a beggar a few days ago, a good person has done his best, and recently gave him some things to keep out the cold."

    Duke Xu didn't become suspicious, but just confessed a few words to remind her to pay more attention to safety.

    Before leaving, I remembered something again, and turned back and said: "Your sister is already on the way back. The Chen family is shameless, and they have the nerve to pay attention to you. Just pretend that you didn't hear what you said earlier. The wicked have their own day." Grind, let him suffer on his own."

    Sister is coming back? Xu Nian's eyes lit up.

    With my elder sister around, I am a little bit more sure of helping my family avoid those disasters in the previous life.

    Thinking of this, she suddenly realized that she seemed to have forgotten one thing.

    I forgot to ask where the lines on the jade pendant came from.

    As long as Master Pingdeng is bribed to reveal what happened in the previous life to my aunt, my aunt will definitely talk to my father and mother again, and then she will echo a few words, as long as my father and mother are dubious and have a heart of defense, It is not a problem to avoid many disasters.

    Thinking of going there again, Xu Nian frowned slightly. She had already promised her cousin that she would go to the Plum Garden Party with him later.

    After thinking about it for a while, Xu Nian called Kang Yi and confessed: "Go to the medical clinic for me and ask a question about the man I rescued a few days ago."

    In the medical hall, no one noticed that a figure had already quietly disappeared from the wall of the backyard.

    And on the small pavilion on the top of the mountain in the depths of the plum garden, where layers of plum branches are covered, a man stands tall and tall, standing like a pine and cypress, tall and elegant.

    Although he has a sickly look on his face, his eyes are bright, he is immobile and majestic.

    "Has it been cleaned up?"

    Wu Zheng stood aside with his head bowed, and replied in a low voice: "There are eleven people in detail, and the heads are all here. Please take a look at it, Your Highness."

    After finishing speaking, he stepped aside, and on the round table behind him, eleven black and red sandalwood boxes suddenly appeared in front of him.

    The wind blew, and the bloody smell it brought dirty the dry wind.

    Qi Chu just glanced at it, motioning for Wu Zheng to continue.

    "The subordinates found out that they all obeyed He Feng, and the news that they had peeped from His Highness before all passed to He Feng." Wu Zheng looked solemn, "Although He Feng died at His Highness's hands, we don't know How much news has he sent to Yandu, and the matter of staying in Yandu, please think twice."

    Qi Chu suddenly raised his eyes to stare at him: "Are you going to question my decision?"

    With murderous intent in the gaze above his head, Wu Zheng knelt down on one knee and immediately replied, "Wu Zheng dare not."

    In the past few days, the warm sun has been coming out one after another. The snow on the top of the mountain is melting the fastest. The snow is washed with red plums, and the color is so gorgeous that it catches the eye. Qi Chu's gaze is through the plum branches, looking at the pink and white at the foot of the mountain in the distance.silhouette.

    Wu Zheng didn't hear His Highness's words, and he didn't dare to speak out without authorization. He lowered his head and lowered his eyes, just waiting for instructions.

    After a while, Qi Chucai said slowly: "He Feng wanted to capture me alive to claim credit. He was greedy too much. He was reluctant to give away the news of my arrival in Yandu until he died. My good brother really raised me." A fine dog."

    "I'm staying in Yandu right now, so I'm sure he'll have to investigate for a while."

    She seemed to be in a very good mood, talking and laughing with everyone around her, with bright eyes and curved lips, she was relaxed and brisk.

    There was no vigilance, no alienation in the eyes, let alone the look of pity and hatred when looking at him.

    When Qi Chu spoke again, his voice was inexplicably low, "Go and check again, what is the relationship between Teng Guogong's mansion in Yandu and Qi Xuan?"

    He was almost certain that her soft heart that day all came from that jade pendant.

    "Yes! Your Highness," Wu Zheng stood up and retreated with fists in his hands.

    A group of people had already entered the plum garden, Mei Duo covered them, and the last trace of pretty figure disappeared, Qi Chu suddenly covered his lips and coughed a few times.

    It's just that the lowered eyes were bent slightly.

    It's interesting to recognize Yupei but not recognize the person.

    At this time, Kang Yi hurriedly found Xu Nian.

    With a solemn expression, she replied in a low voice: "Miss, he is not in the hospital. The doctor said that he has never seen him go out."

    Xu Nian froze in place as if someone had poured cold water on his head.

    Panicked, his back felt cold, Xu Nian subconsciously turned around and looked around.


    Puzzled, she looked away, and she said to Kang Yi: "Go and check, before tonight, I want to know all the traces of him after he went out."

    The snow melts on the long steps and winds up, and the quiet Buddhist temple is hidden among the clouds and mist in the green mountains and forests.

    The praying man with drooping eyes in front of the Buddha, his back is quiet and introverted. As the bell in the temple rings, he slowly raises his eyes and silently looks at the Buddha statue who is sympathetic to the world.

    The monk himself came up and made a Buddha ceremony with his hands, saying: "The almsgiver came to pay respects to the Buddha on behalf of His Majesty. If you pray sincerely every day, you will surely be blessed by the Bodhisattva."

    The man turned around, with a slight smile in Wen Ya's eyes, "Father always taught me to follow what I saw, and to obey when I heard righteousness. If you live in a permanent place, you must be virtuous. I have to preside over and take care of you for a few days. This trip It is bound to benefit a lot.”

    The monk said "Amitabha Buddha", "The donor's self-nature is pure, so I will take more care when I go."

    Hearing this, the man looked humble, folded his hands flat in front of him, made his last salute, turned around and walked out.

    The waiting person handed over the cloak, lowered his head and whispered: "Your Highness, He Feng has lost contact with our people, and the news of that person has also been completely cut off."

    The rising sun in the east was about to set, and the man stepped down the steps, dressed in white brocade without any stains, "Continue to investigate, before the new year, I want his life to congratulate Xinyuan."

    Following his movements, the delicate white jade ring and light ink-colored tassels around his waist shone faintly under the light and shadow of the mist.

    The author has something to say:

    [See what is good and follow it, and when you hear righteousness, you will obey... You will have virtue when you live and permanence]

    ——From "Guanzi Discipleship"


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