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    If she had known that it was an oolong, she would not have made up those words just now.

    But the words have already been uttered, wouldn't it be obvious to overthrow what he said just now in a panic.

    Xu Nian moved his eyes, thought for a while, and said firmly, "It's him anyway."

    Zang Mi didn't understand, he asked puzzledly, "Who?"

    Qi Chu looked sideways, and asked him in a calm tone: "Have you finished reading the book?"

    Zang Mi met his threatening gaze, shook her head in denial without any hesitation, restrained her curiosity, turned around in a panic, and took a step first.

    The look in his eyes was about to kill, maybe he didn't guess that it was something he did as a bad bastard to the extreme.

    Now let him go, is he going to threaten or kill him.

    The young lady is so pitiful, still don't know his true face, Zang Mi felt a little sorry, but he didn't dare to stop, and waited until he was out of his sight, then turned his head and glanced at the room bitterly.

    Xu Nian tucked himself into the quilt, leaving only a pair of eyes looking at him, "Why don't you believe what I said?"

    She thought that there was nothing wrong with it, but he didn't seem to believe it just now.

    Could it be that now that he still believes in Qi Chu after all, he is skeptical of what she said, so he doesn't believe it?

    Xu Nian thought silently in his heart: No wonder you lost in the previous life. After all, you still know little about the dangers of the human heart.

    Qi Chu watched her eyes moving, thinking carefully, and sometimes frowned, not knowing what she was thinking.

    He said, "Miss, you are so strange."

    He also thought she was strange before, but he just wondered what was so strange in his heart. This was the first time he asked her, and he didn't have any hope of finding an answer.

    "You are so strange." Xu Nian stared at him suspiciously for a moment, "What I said just now was for my parents to hear, and they all believed it. Why do you suspect that I am not telling the truth?"

    Fortunately, there really isn't a child, otherwise he would really reveal his secrets by asking him.

    Anyway, have said it, there is no road of retrogression when say it, as long as she doesn't let go, it will be true.

    Besides, it wasn't fake, Qi Chu's actions were no less serious than that, only more excessive, and she said it was euphemistic.

    Qi Chu suddenly smiled, but did not answer her directly, "Lu Zhi just felt that Miss was too gullible, and was afraid that Miss would be deceived, so he asked a few more times."

    Speak calmly, just now he was not so easy to talk.

    Xu Nian thought to himself, if you want to say that you are credulous, you are the most credulous in people. She has said so much, if you don't believe half of it, forget it, and suspect that she is lying.

    It seems that you still believe that you have more blood relatives after all.

    "Anyway, he is the one who bullies me, whether you believe it or not, you have promised me that you will kill him for me," Xu Nian said solemnly, "He is not a good person, and he is the one I hate the most. "

    Qi Chu said calmly: "He let the young lady be so worried, wouldn't it be too easy for him to kill him directly?"

    Xu Nian thought for a while, and felt that it made sense, and tentatively said: "Then torture for a while before killing?"

    Just as Qi Chu curled his lips, he saw that she immediately shook her head and said no, "No, it's too long a dream."

    Qi Chu sensed something from her words, and asked with a slight uptick, "Miss, are you afraid of him?"

    I still worry about nights and dreams, is it because I am afraid that the ashes will burn more fiercely.

    Xu Nian wanted to nod, but felt that this was a bit of a waste of future, and said vaguely, "He is a very dangerous person, and he still holds grudges. If you don't succeed once, you won't have another chance in the future."

    Hearing this, Qi Chu smiled, with a little joy in his pupils, and said, "Miss knows him quite well."

    Xu Nian felt that his appearance was very strange, and before he had time to think about it, he heard the second part of his sentence: "So when Miss first took me in, she was always in a daze when she saw me, because she saw me. This face that resembles him makes the young lady feel dazed, doesn't it?"

    Qi Chu thought of the complicated expression she had when she looked at him at that time, which can explain more than half of it.

    Xu Nian looked at him, when he was fine, he was fine, and when he was stubborn, he was stubborn, but it didn't work in the right place.

    She sincerely admitted: "It used to be a little bit, but don't worry, now I think you are very pleasing to the eye, and I won't bring my prejudice against him to you."

    Qi Chu raised his eyebrows slightly, and confirmed the last thing, "He is the one who bullies Miss, so Miss hates him so much that she must kill him? Can I understand this?"

    Xu Nian nodded affirmatively, his eyes were full of resignation, and he wished he could find him and kill him right away.

    He warned worriedly: "Remember not to be soft-handed. He is deep-minded and cunning. He must do it well at once, and he can't startle the snake."

    This is the key to turning her fate around, the hope of rebirth.

    Qi Chu remained motionless, raised his eyes, and looked at her, "Miss is right to believe me, miss rest first, and wait for Lu Zhi's good news."

    Seeing the person turn and leave, Xu Nian finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    The rain beat on the stone steps, tiles slipped and beads fell, and the last rain in late spring came fiercely.

    In the private room of the teahouse, Wu Zheng clasped his hands and reported: "My subordinates have checked, and in the past six months, there are two people who have had the most contact with the second girl of the Xu family. One is Miss He Jia, He Jia—"

    Qi Chu pushed open the window lattice, raindrops dripped on the window sill, and the word "Xu Fu" on the plaque was washed out brightly.

    "What about the other one?"

    Asked, but Wu Zheng silenced, and some did not know how to speak.

    Noticing that Qi Chu was looking back, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue: "The other is you, Your Highness."

    Qi Chu was silent for a while, Wu Zheng didn't dare to speak, until after a while, he ignored the matter and only asked: "Has Qi Xuan ever been out of the palace?"

    "No," Wu Zheng said, "Recently there has been news in the palace that the prince is seriously ill, and the prince may have become an abandoned son."

    The rain became lighter and drizzling, but the green hills in the distance were still hazy in the rain and mist, Qi Chu's gaze retracted, and fell back on the gate of Xu's mansion again.

    He suddenly asked: "Has she ever been out of Yandu before?"

    "No," Wu Zheng didn't know why he asked this suddenly, he hesitated and said, "Your Highness still suspects that the Duke's Mansion and Qi Xuan are in collusion?"

    But if you suspect the Duke's Mansion, you should start with Xu Sijiang and Xu Zhouzhang.

    "I won't check her anymore," Qi Chu thought for a while, then turned around, "Make arrangements, I want to see Qi Yu."

    The young lady said very well, he must repay the extreme, and he will not let anyone off so easily.


    In the dim Changzhi palace, Qi Yu was coughing muffledly, and he didn't know why he was like this all of a sudden.

    The imperial physicians all said that the collapsed house had held him down for too long, and he was contaminated with moisture and disease.

    But obviously a few days ago, he tried to hold that person to cover his death. How could it be possible to lose such a loss in just a few days.

    Thirsty and dry, his throat was tearing and aching, and he wanted to drink water.

    He exhausted his energy and tried to call someone over, but in the silent palace at this time, it seemed that he was the only one who was silent.

    Everyone was called away, not to mention the epidemic, now no one dared to serve him, forced to sit up reluctantly, Qi Yu went behind to get water on the table next to him.

    "Squeak—" With a sound, the long-closed door was pushed open, and footsteps became the only sound in the quiet hall.

    Qi Yu was suspicious, and asked weakly: "Who came in?"

    Only the sound of approaching footsteps, no one answered, the wind blew up the gauze curtain, and through the moonlight outside the window, one could see a figure walking to the lamp.

    But there is only a figure from the back, and no one can be identified.

    "Bold!" Qi Yu dragged his weak body out a few steps, "Where do you work, are there any rules..."

    The candle lamp was turned on, Qi Chu raised the lamp, turned around, the light and shadow reflected the outline flickeringly, and Qi Yu also froze in place for an instant.

    He opened his eyes wide, and while stepping back, he muttered: "I must still be in a dream..."

    Illusion, it must be an illusion, he can never appear here!

    "Qi Yu, last time I took it as if you recognized me," Qi Chu sat down at the table and said unhurriedly.

    "It's not an illusion..." Qi Yu looked at the figure in horror, "You, when did you come back?"

    He's back, how can he come back, he shouldn't be back!

    Qi Chu chuckled, raised his hand to pour him a glass of water, and handed it to him.

    Qi Yu looked at him, as if he saw the cup of tea that was handed to him when the sun set that day, he backed away in a panic, and knocked over the vase behind him, the huge shattering sound was piercing and shocking.

    "Do you still like living here?" The water handed out was not picked up, and Qi Chu was not annoyed. He stood up and looked around the palace.

    The more calm he was, the more Qi Yu felt that his hairs were about to stand on end.

    "You dare to come, you dare to come to the palace, I'm going to report you to Brother Huang."

    Qi Yu moved his steps and looked anxiously at the door, hoping that someone would notice the movement here.

    Qi Chu sneered, and said, "Aren't I your imperial brother?"

    He let go of his fingers, and the bowl of water fell to the ground, and there was another crisp sound.

    Qi Yu thought he was crazy, Qi Xuan looked for him everywhere, but he ran into the palace.

    If he doesn't go to Qi Xuan, why come to him!

    He didn't dare to think about it anymore, and slowly backed away with his approaching steps, but he was sick at first, so he didn't have any strength at all at this moment, the table and chairs were knocked loudly, why hasn't anyone come over yet?!


    In the dark night, the flames of Changzhi Palace jumped up, scarlet devoured everything, a hand reached out from it, trying to grab something, but the flames could only be caught on the back and dragged into the sea of ​​flames.

    Qi Chu wiped his hands, turned around without looking back, disappeared into the night as if he had never been here before.

    At the same time, at the queen's birthday banquet, the person holding the sleeves and writing paused slightly, "Changzhi Palace is on fire?"

    He asked people to transfer the palace servants there, and what he wanted was to kill Qi Yu, but he never thought that he would die in such a way.

    "Check how the fire started," Qi Xuan put down his pen, thought for a while, and said, "I'd better go and see for myself."


    The herbal medicine was applied to the eyes, and it was cool and comfortable. Xu Nian let the heat envelope her, she was relaxed physically and mentally, and felt that she would be able to sleep well tonight.

    While drowsy, the sound of footsteps stopped at the door. Xu Nian had something applied to his eyes, and now he couldn't move, so he shouted directly: "Lian Tang, the water is cold, help me add some hot water.”

    Qi Chu stopped knocking on the door, frowned slightly, looked around, did not see Lian Tang, but saw hot water at the door.

    Xu Nian didn't hear the sound for a long time, and urged: "Lian Tang, hurry up."

    The sound finally had some effect, the door was pushed open, Xu Nian moved to the edge of the bathtub, trying to make room for Lian Tang to add water.

    The hot air is dense, the round white shoulders are submerged in the water, the shoulder line is looming on the water surface, and the delicate neck is leaning against the edge of the wall, defenseless.

    The steam is steaming, the lips are red, and the face is also red, as if relaxing.

    Qi Chu felt that the hot air seemed to be staining his body, and it also blurred his eyes. When he lightened his hand and finished adding everything, he breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably.

    Xu Nian suddenly sat up from the water, raised his arms and stretched out his long hair behind his back, and leaned back again, as if someone would brush his hair.

    The hair was drawn to the front, part of it floated on the water, and part of it sank into the water.

    The clavicle, shoulder and neck are so white that it seems that traces can be left easily.

    The people who waited leisurely to serve hadn't noticed it yet.

    Qi Chu scanned around, not knowing where the hair-wiping thing was put, and thought it was better to find her little maid.

    Just as he made a move, there was a "crash" sound from his side.

    Xu Nian didn't wait for Lian Tang's movement, he stood up from the bathtub first, and said in confusion, "Liantang, what are you doing, you're just dawdling."

    The water surface moved to the waistline, and the water drops falling from the upper body were like flower branches that had been rained during the day, crumbling, rolling along the skin and falling into the water.

    She turned sideways, that slightly red body might be extremely hot, even scorching, otherwise how could he feel stuffy, the breathing stopped there, and it seemed to start from there.

    But the culprit didn't know how to restrain himself, and stretched out his hand to grope in front of his eyes for a moment, his thin white fingertips slid onto the wall of the bucket, and the protruding fingertips were also red. Leave a prominent watermark.

    She held on to the edge of the bucket and tried to step out. The water waves were moving and shaking with her movements, and all of them were reflected in Qi Chu's eyes.

    Qi Chu felt that his breath was hot, and Xu Nian was not used to being covered with his eyes, so he wanted to reach out to remove the eye mask.

    All the sluggish senses were awakened at that moment, he stepped forward to help her on the shoulder, and before Xu Nian could react, he quickly turned her back, pressed her back into the water and sat down properly.

    The water was hot, and the delicate palms were also hot, but his hands felt cool, because Xu Nian was curled up by the ice.

    "Lian Tang?" Xu Nian called out in confusion.

    But what answered her was only an empty room, and no one answered her.

    Lian Tang heard the young lady calling her from a distance, walked over quickly, waited for the door to be opened, and took the handkerchief from the shelf next to her which was pressed by the clothes to wipe her hair when she went in, explaining: Yu, I saw that the kitten in the mansion was stuck on the eaves and couldn't get up and down, so I went to help."

    Xu Nian muttered softly, no wonder his hands are so cold.


    Xu Nian really had a good night's sleep, but Qi Chu seemed to have fallen into a nightmare that was very different from before.

    There is no sea of ​​swords and blood, no betrayal and mutual killing.

    It is a dreamland of charming red shirts and mist.

    The person in the bath was taking a nap with his eyes squinted, and the crisp ringing of the bell from far and near awakened his thoughts, and Qi Chu opened his eyes suddenly.

    By the pool platform, barefoot people are dancing.

    On the white-skinned slender wrist, a red string is strung with a silver bell, and her snow-white and jade-like toes step on the water stains, and the splashes of water bloom together with the hem of the skirt.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes and met a pair of bright and clear eyes, he murmured: "Miss..."

    Xu Nian didn't seem to hear it, the silver bell swayed softly following her movements, and her feet kept walking, Qi Chu saw clearly that she had also been wearing a coat well, and the whole picture of the red skirt was just a layer. Half-covered gauze.

    That layer of veil spreads, closes, and repeats with the movement of the person. The red and white echo each other, making the skin look like jade, hiding it, and showing it to others.

    Deliberately seduce people, half-hidden and half-shown, making her exquisite figure look very pretty.

    The slender waist dangles in front of your eyes, as if waiting for someone to pick it.

    Qi Chu's throat moved slightly, and suddenly a pair of hands came up to his waist, the fingers were slender and delicate, and they slipped into his belt deftly and skillfully, Xu Nian suddenly got out of the water, and the light gauze was submerged by the water Completely lost the effect of occlusion.

    Clinging close to her body, the undulating outline was shown straightforwardly. As she moved closer, the undulating, squeezing, and trembling.

    As if she didn't know what she was doing, she smiled, untied her belt, and moved her fingers up his chest, across his Adam's apple, and finally landed on his lips.

    The place she touched seemed to be on fire.

    Qi Chu involuntarily wrapped her arms around her waist, and wrapped her between his arms. She bent down and kissed her. Her lips touched together, her teeth collided, and the sweet blood in her mouth I don't know who it is.

    When Xu Nian raised his eyes, his eyes were curved, and there were water waves in his eyes, as if luring him to dominate all this.

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, took over her action, stuck the tip of his tongue in, pried open the white teeth, no longer limited to kissing, it was biting, tearing, the urge to swallow it, but it was also a careful lick.

    Rationality is disappearing, instinct is being followed, and people are greedy for soft fragrance.

    The panting in the ear was very rapid, the pushing hands were as soft as bones, without any strength, and the entangled body seemed to be clamoring for something.

    Xu Nian's face was flushed, and all the sounds between his lips and teeth were swallowed up. That domineering and tough body pressed tightly against her, trying to swallow her breath as well.

    He saw her tightening fingers pressed against the edge of the pool, the trembling body was full of joy, and the frightening thrill made her want to hide back.

    She began to resist, began to dodge, struggling to get out of the drowning water.

    The terrifying force brought by the hard and hot body suddenly made her panic, and the burst of force between her arms, waist and abdomen seemed to kill her at any moment.

    Qi Chu stretched out his hand, covered the back of her struggling hand, inserted it between her fingers, and imprisoned and wiped out all her intentions to escape.

    The back of the neck was shaking in front of his eyes, he lowered his head, kissed the fragile and sensitive place, licked with the tip of his tongue, sucked in his sharp teeth, whispered and panted endlessly, and the sound of suppressed breathing overshadowed the sound of shaking water waves.

    Nostrils intertwine, the ambiguous sound of the charming water vapor, the slightly parted red lips, the tip of the tongue seems to have forgotten where it is at a loss, and it is revealed in front of people's eyes with the change of breath, and the water on it is glistening, which is absent-minded and addicted.

    Qi Chu's eyes seemed to be reflected in scarlet, his eyes were blinded by possession and aggression, Xu Nian turned and crawled towards the edge of the pool, fat and sleek in front of his eyes, he stretched out his hand to grab her ankle, let the copper bell ring, let her Throat begging for mercy.

    The fleeing people were pulled back to their original positions, and their fiery breaths were entangled again.

    Not far from the pool, scattered wedding dresses and uniforms were piled aside, Qi Chu frowned slightly, but he seemed to have lost the ability to think.

    It's just an eyesore.

    The waist and abdomen were tightening, Xu Nian raised his neck, and the voice that the tip of the teeth couldn't hide came out, Qi Chu was breathing fast, pulled him back, hugged him tightly, grunted and panted, and finally calmed down.

    The nails on the back were printed under the candlelight, ambiguous and charming.

    The person in his arms seemed to be suffocated, buried his head on his shoulder and panted for a long time, then raised his pitiful eyes to look at him, and parted his red lips lightly, as if to call him.


    "——Lu Zhi?"

    Xu Nian knocked on the door again, frowning slightly.

    Usually at this time he got up early, thinking of the scene of his being poisoned last time, he felt a little bad in his heart.

    Won't be dizzy again?

    Xu Nian tried to shout again: "I'll come in if you don't make a sound?"

    Qi Chu opened his eyes suddenly, and before he could calm down and recuperate, the sound of pushing the door came. His sideways eyes met Xu Nian who was raising his eyes.

    The same pair of eyes as in the dream.

    In an instant, the scene in the dream came to him like a tide.

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