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    Not knowing how to restrain himself at all, Xu Nian was so angry that his teeth itched.

    She lowered her face seriously, and threatened in a fierce voice: "Qi Chu, don't laugh."

    Said she acted well, obviously he pretended to be better, and said that he didn't know the way, and took him in for more than half a year, so he didn't know.

    Qi Chu glanced at the look on her face, thinking that the sickness had subsided, and the murderer's ability was gradually increasing.

    The person who was pestering him pitifully during his illness seemed to be different from the person in front of him who pretended to be estranged from him.

    "Since seeing me here, the lady has been nervous."

    "Every time Ms. gets nervous in front of her parents, I feel that Ms. and I are not innocent."

    Qi Chu carefully recalled her reaction just now, "I dare not raise my head, and I dare not speak." His eyes swept across the distance between the two of them intentionally or unintentionally, and his voice changed, "I'm still standing so far away now. .”

    He spoke seriously, looking straight at her with beautiful eyes.

    Xu Nian couldn't refute.

    "Miss's actions are all talking about one thing."

    His gaze was so deep that Xu Nian felt that his whole body could fall into it, making people unconsciously follow his words: "What's the matter?"

    "Guilty", Qi Chu said, "Since seeing me appearing here, Miss has always been guilty, as if she was afraid that someone would find out."

    He added aggrievedly, "But there is obviously nothing between me and Miss."

    What else do you want?

    This has made her feel like sitting on pins and needles.

    Xu Nian curled his lips, and carried out his ruthlessness to the end, "Qi Chu, do you know what you are doing now?"

    Qi Chu frowned, but said nothing.

    Xu Nian's tone rose slightly: "You are making trouble for no reason, you are making trouble for no reason."

    The girl in front of her was full of cunning, her eyebrows were curved, and she was extremely happy.

    Qi Chu was silent for a while, wanting to deny it.

    He said: "Miss is avoiding the important and changing the topic again. When I talked to the lady last time in the autumn hunt, the lady also fooled me with a few words."

    Every time she talked about the relationship between them, she just avoided it calmly.

    Qi Chu found out, more than once.

    Seen through, Xu Nian wanted to cover it up: "How can it be? Isn't it well said and never changed?"

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, but before he could speak, another person came to urge him.

    Xu Nian heard it and said that His Majesty was looking for him.

    Although the epidemic in Yandu was not serious this time, it has involved the flaws behind it.

    There is a lot of rain this year, and someone has already played it earlier. The embankment of the river area is particularly important, and it must not be careless to cause flood disasters.

    Nancheng is backed by mountains and rivers, and flood control and drainage are the top priorities. The money allocated by the court is more than enough, but after layers of exploitation, when it is actually sent to Nancheng, less than half of it.

    In the end, there is very little money that can really be used for waterproofing.

    Therefore, it is said that Nancheng was flooded half a month ago, and the epidemic was born from this. The local officials couldn't close the scene and tried to suppress the matter privately.

    Some victims escaped from Nancheng, and died halfway from serious illness, and the rest hid in Yandu City, their illnesses were mild and did not attract attention.

    It may be related to anyone, but it will not be him who just came back.

    In the entire Yandu city, there is no one more suitable for investigating this case than him who came out of the blue.

    Moreover, corruption involves a large number of people, and the forces behind it are intertwined and have existed for many years. It is not easy to shake them. Although he is suitable, it is not beneficial.

    Emperor Cheng didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional, so he handed over the matter to him.

    Xu Nian had already walked in front of him, "Your Highness?"

    She said something inexplicably, Qi Chu was startled for a moment, and looked up.

    You can see the shadows cast by the eyelashes under the light, you can see the fine hairs on her face, and you can even see his shadow reflected in her eyes.

    Xu Nian looked up at him, "Is this distance okay?" It cannot be said that she was standing too far away.

    Qi Chu knew that he was a greedy guy, and after getting closer, he would think about getting closer, if it wasn't enough, how could it be possible.

    Still so far.

    He thought so, but he didn't say so.

    Xu Nian didn't understand why his gaze deepened.

    Qi Chu looked at her for a while, restrained himself from doing anything else, but asked inexplicably: "Ms. the poisoner must know?"

    Xu Nian didn't know what he meant, so she nodded: "I want to know", after thinking about it, she added: "You also need to know."

    Qi Chu smiled very shallowly, "I won't be able to explain that matter for a while. I will find a place where no one will be disturbed someday, and then I will slowly tell the lady what I know."

    Xu Nian said, "I'm not in a hurry, I can wait for you."

    Qi Chu moved his lips, but what he wanted to say still stopped in his throat.

    It's not that he can't say it now, it's because he hesitated.

    He hesitated for three days.

    On the one hand, reason is saying, you know it clearly, but you didn't tell her.

    On the other hand, if you tell her, then what will she think of you for it.

    He is not a calm person at all, what he can let her see is only one side in the thousands of gullies.

    The ones in the darkest and darkest corners were still hidden by him.

    Things that once seemed insignificant suddenly became precarious.

    Afraid of being seen through by her, she alienated him.

    It's always been like this, everyone is like this, no exceptions.

    Before that, he didn't even think it was a secret.

    But now, not only has it become a secret, it is also an unbearable secret.

    Xu Nian felt that the way he was looking at him was a bit strange, so he couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong?"

    He had never shown such an expression before.

    Qi Chu asked: "If the person who poisoned me is using this to trap me, and I know what the outcome will be, I still voluntarily join the game."

    What happened was too coincidental, as if someone wanted to make a fuss under the name of his return.

    He can put too many names on him,

    Misfortune, conspiracy, misconduct, everything can be speculated hundreds of times.

    After the incident, the open and secret fight between him and Qi Wenyu also started completely.

    That person probably suspected that he did it, and from his side, it seemed that Qi Wenyu did it to set the blame on him.

    They will keep guessing about it.

    Infighting. His nominal "father" liked this kind of scene the most.

    A secret and extreme poisoning ignited the fuse of mutual suspicion between him and Qi Wenyu.

    And now, the corruption caused by the epidemic has also been handed over to him.

    Just ask, in Yandu City, except for his elder brother, who else has the ability to play favoritism and cheat.

    It's called reuse, but in fact, let them kill each other.

    The truth and facts are not important, the important thing is to make a good game, and everyone is just a pawn.

    And he, knowing the result, still walked in and turned himself into what he is now.

    Xu Nian couldn't understand, and looked at him with bright eyes without blinking.

    He didn't smile when he said this.

    After a pause, he saw that the person in front of him was listening seriously, so he asked, "What will Miss think of me?"

    For some reason, Xu Nian heard the cautiousness in the words.

    He hid it so well, she wanted to investigate further, but she couldn't find him, as if the trace of uneasiness was her illusion.

    How to see him?

    Xu Nian thought of the twenty-year-old Qi Chu, and it was him at this moment that caught his eye.

    Xu Nian raised a smile, and answered him without hesitation: "You are voluntary, then you have your own plans. I won't think of you."

    She has seen him at his most terrifying times, and she seems to be able to accept whatever the result is.

    But, if possible, don't be like the previous life.

    It's good now, and it will be even better in the future.

    Qi Chu wanted to say something else, but Xu Nian suddenly interrupted him.

    She said: "As long as you don't hurt me, I will trust you in whatever you do."

    Not knowing what he was thinking, Xu Nian didn't know how to dispel his worries, so he could only answer him in such a not-so-smart way.

    The words were not beautiful, and they were also very strange, but they were what she really thought in her heart at that moment.

    Qi Chu curled his lips, "Miss must keep her word, and I will not break my word, and neither can Miss."

    He believed it.


    Please don't lie to him.

    Otherwise, he didn't know what the consequences would be like.

    In the palace, Emperor Cheng was carving wood carvings, and with a stroke of his hand, blood poured out.

    An Xi saw it, and let out a cry, and wanted to tell someone to pass on the imperial physician, but was interrupted by Emperor Cheng.

    "Don't be surprised, you might think something is wrong with me if you don't know."

    Emperor Cheng didn't care at all, looked at the carved wooden figure on his hand, and laughed, "It's getting more and more like it, as long as he stays in this palace for a day, it doesn't matter if he hates me, one day, he will too. become like me."

    He couldn't imagine what would happen if such a person hated him one day.

    Looking forward to it, really want to see that day.

    An Xi has been by Emperor Cheng's side since he was the Prince of Lenggong, and he has seen how he has gone from being an unfavored prince to where he is today, and also seen how he has imposed all the sufferings he has suffered on the prince. body.

    He suppressed his sigh and said, "Since Your Majesty prefers the crown prince, why do you always torture him?"

    Even he could tell that, whether it was more than ten years ago or now, among all the sons of His Majesty, only Qi Chu was the most special.

    Countless princes died in this palace, but only one person escaped from death again and again. As long as he is alive, Emperor Cheng will not only give him the position of prince, but also appreciate and encourage all his actions.

    "Because I want to turn him into a second me." Chengdi looked at the huge palace and thought of the distant past.

    He asked: "An Xi, do you still remember how I got to this position back then?"

    An Xi knew it, but An Xi dared not say it.

    "I personally killed my own mother, brothers, and even my own flesh and blood," Emperor Cheng showed some amusement, "Oh, and Lu Mingyue."

    "I'm not torturing him, I'm just telling him how to take the shortcut."

    He wants Qi Chu to live like him one day.

    He wanted it so much, so he changed his life step by step.

    At this time, someone sent a message, "Your Majesty, the prince is here."

    Emperor Cheng made the last stroke of the wooden villain and was very satisfied.

    "Let him in."

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