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    When Xu Nian came out of Zichen Hall, he was still a little confused.

    The sweet-scented osmanthus cake is not poisonous, she is fine.

    But just now, she actually saw the miserable appearance of her previous life on someone else.

    In the room, the imperial doctor was still puzzled: "All the things that the empress ate today are here, but I have read and verified them all, and found nothing wrong."

    This poison seemed to appear suddenly, and then disappeared for no reason, leaving no trace of it.

    Xu Nian curled his fingers tightly, feeling a chill on his back.

    It's the same kind of poison, she saw it just now, the dying person on the bed, except for one breath, his death has already appeared.

    Lian Tang called her several times in succession, but her own lady didn't respond.

    Xu Nian was still immersed in her thoughts, only to hear a bang, and she accidentally knocked over the tray in the palace man's hand.

    "Your servant didn't do it on purpose..." The palace man was afraid of hurting someone, so he squatted down in a panic to pick up the broken porcelain pieces.

    Xu Nian was also startled by the sound, the handkerchief in her hand fell to the ground, she bent down to pick it up, the palace servants seemed to be afraid that she would be held accountable, so they left in a hurry.

    At the same time, in the main hall where Emperor Cheng lived.

    The wind and shadow outside are gloomy, and the candlelight inside the house cannot illuminate the oppressive and deep gray.

    The person who reached the door unloaded the knife and handed it to the person next to him, and pushed the door open with deep eyes.

    As the figure approached, Emperor Cheng also stopped the carving knife in his hand.

    I haven't seen him for seven years, but it's already a different look. The boy's brows and eyes gradually became dark and stern, and as he approached, gradually, they overlapped with the deep and stern eyes of the superior.

    "You are more like me than I imagined." Emperor Cheng said with satisfaction.

    When Qi Xuan tried his best when he was young, he was given the reward that he wanted to get. A few years later, after Qi Xuan thought that he had endured for many years and was about to think that he could get everything he wanted, he appeared again.

    He always had a special preference for this son.

    Therefore, he did not hesitate to devote decades of hard work to him, obliterating all his conscience and kindness, and turning him into a lunatic with hatred and resentment.

    He raised an eagle coveting for a high position in Yandu City, and tortured and tamed a wolf in a dark place where no one knew.

    After so many decades, the eagle has grown into what he wants to see, but the wolf is not completely for his use.

    Obviously, he destroyed his cognition of all emotions from the very beginning, subverting and distorting his life.

    But always, just a little bit less.

    Even now, he still wants to break free from his grip on his destiny.

    is it possible?


    "I used to think that you were more like the Lu family than your elder brother."

    The Lu family has assisted two generations of kings, held heavy troops, and even tended to have power over the government and the opposition.

    He did rely on drunkenness to forcibly imprison the daughter of the Lu family, and the king seized the minister's wife, committing a heinous crime.

    But he is the emperor, a king whom no one dares to question, so even that kind of nasty thing, if it happens, it happens, no one can do anything to him.

    But the person in front of him has the blood of the Lu family in his bones. Even though he hid his background back then, he was still favored by the Lu family among the many princes.

    No one can be unscrupulous, so five years ago, he contributed to the flames, acquiesced in everything that happened, and took the opportunity to eliminate all future troubles.

    But now, looking at the person standing in front of him, he felt that he had made a mistake in the past.

    In Qi Chu's bones, he should be like him, cruel and cold-blooded, and even the current situation is the same as he was back then.

    Thinking of this, Emperor Cheng couldn't help being excited, "You are like the second I, although not perfect, but one day, you will follow my old path."

    Step by step what he did back then.

    So what about resentment and hatred, but he couldn't get out.

    "Why didn't you come back earlier, I have been waiting for you", waiting for the achievements he has made for so many years.

    Qi Chu's hand hanging by his side tightened silently. Whenever he saw this person, he wished he could drag him into hell and kill the creator of the nightmare.

    But the uncontrollable thought only appeared for a moment, he slowly let go of his hand, just raised his eyes, and met the scrutiny.

    He said calmly: "I thought that the abandoned son should not come back."


    Half an hour later, the door was pushed open again, Qi Chu walked out from it, followed closely behind, and the person who had waited for a long time went in to report, "Your Majesty, something is wrong, the imperial concubine is dead..."

    The voice was already far away, Qi Chu raised his head, the weather is not good tonight, and there is not even a shred of light in his eyes.

    In the long corridor, there was only the cheerful voice of the little eunuch: "Your Highness, Your Majesty has already drawn up the imperial edict, and the Changzhi Palace has also been cleaned up. You can live in tonight."

    He was still following, but Qi Chu suddenly looked back, his condensed gaze made people feel chills on his back, the little eunuch stopped where he was, and did not continue to follow.

    Wu Zheng was waiting in the shadow of the corridor, recalling what he had heard just now, and said: "Your Highness, I heard that a noble concubine in the palace died in childbirth, and she was poisoned. The imperial doctor has not found the poison so far. place."

    "The timing is too coincidental, I'm afraid it came down to blame His Highness."

    How come it just happened to be the day when they entered the palace.

    A cold light gathered in Qi Chu's eyes, "There are so many people in total, it won't be long before they jump around."

    He didn't intend to follow the rules.

    Wu Zheng hesitated for a while: "Didn't your Highness get a prescription in Autumn Hunting when he was pretending to be King Yu? Could it be..."

    He guessed that it was King Yu's framing.

    "That prescription..." Qi Chu paused, "Zang Mi read it, it's not a medicine for killing people."

    He also doubted the use of that prescription at first.


    Thinking of this, Qi Chu frowned rarely.

    Not only is it not murderous, it's the opposite.

    There is Gu in the Western Regions, called Resurrection Gu, which is said to have the effect of bringing life back to life on people whose lives are hanging by a thread.

    Qi Wenyu wanted to save someone.


    In the queen's palace.

    Empress Shen felt scared when she thought about it: "He pretended to be you for so long, but I never noticed it."

    The doctor was treating the wound on Qi Xuan's body. He was very irritable, and his voice was low and terrifying:

    "The thing that I dreamed of getting is in his hands again."

    Like the praise he wanted when he was young, it always made his full expectations come to nothing by accident.

    What is wrong with him, why is he doing such mischief, and he can still get that position easily.

    The darkness is magnified little by little. As long as he exists, he will always be so short.

    If only dead.

    Empress Shen glanced at him, remembering what she heard just now, "You did the imperial concubine's miscarriage?"

    She knew that he had never tolerated future troubles, and anyone who might threaten him would not be left behind.

    Qi Xuan seemed to be puzzled by hearing something, suddenly raised her eyes and looked at Shen Shi, "Didn't the queen mother do it?"

    Shen has no children in her life, she doesn't have one and doesn't see others have one, so she has used many tricks these years.

    Empress Shen was stunned for a while, then denied, "Could it be him?"

    Qi Xuan thought so, and he sneered: "I'm afraid he planted me, it really bothered him, he came up with such a way to target me, did he think I would admit it easily?"

    When they returned to the mansion, everything was already quiet.

    The subordinate said: "It's our fault for being careless. Last time, that person also saw this medicine list. I don't know if the prince has a way to save it?"

    Qi Xuan paused, "It's okay to know, it's not a big deal." After all, even he himself didn't know where the obsession in his heart to find this medicine came from.

    If you can't figure it out, don't think about it anymore, he turned to order: "You go and do something for me first."

    You can't sit still and wait for death, you have to pull him down.


    After several consecutive days of rain, Yandu City was shrouded in dampness, and the pharmacies everywhere were crowded with people.

    Sick people coughed and had a high fever, and rumors spread that there was an epidemic.

    It was also at this juncture that the rumors that the new crown prince took over and everyone was busy avoiding the epidemic and had no time to worry about it disappeared for a while.

    Xu Nian also fell ill, and fell ill the second day after returning from the palace.

    Xu's mother was very nervous, "No one at the banquet that day was sick, but my Nian Nian was sick, Lian Tang, how did you take care of him?"

    Lian Tang was also very nervous, she didn't know how she suddenly got infected.

    Xu Nian heard his mother's voice, and called out in a hoarse voice, "Mother, don't blame Lian Tang."

    The high fever gave her a headache, but she could vaguely remember what she did that day.

    She met He Song. He Song's grandmother died of illness, and she might have contracted it at that time.

    Xu's mother wiped her tears, and pulled the corner of the quilt for her again, "Stop talking, your voice is so hoarse, are you thirsty, do you want to drink water?"

    Xu Nian shook her head, she was so sleepy, shrank back into the quilt, and said unconsciously: "Don't worry, Madam, it's not an incurable disease. I heard that people in the city will be fine if their fever subsides, and it's fine..."

    "Aniang, stay away from me, don't be infected by me."

    Although wearing a veil has protection, there is still a risk of infection after all.

    "I'll sleep in the room next to you tonight. If you feel uncomfortable, remember to call mother." Mother Xu put the wet cloth on her forehead back, and was still worried when she closed the door.

    He urged: "Lian Tang, go and see again, is the medicine ready? I'll bring it to your lady later."

    The voice was indistinct, Xu Nian was too tired and allowed himself to fall asleep with his swollen consciousness.

    In the middle of the night, Xu Nian felt a more icy touch on her forehead, and Xu Nian rubbed it comfortably, but she burned so badly that after a while, the cold was warmed up, and she became uncomfortable again.

    Qi Chu felt the heat in his palm, he frowned, went to the side of the basin, took out the cold handkerchief, wrung out the water, and put it on her forehead again.

    He moved very little, almost silently, so as not to wake her up.

    When Qi Chu came back again, Xu Nian looked at him with burning water mist, and opened his lips to call him.

    But she hadn't spoken for a long time, and her voice was so hoarse that she couldn't hear clearly.

    He just stretched out his hand from the quilt and grabbed the corner of his clothes.

    "Qi Chu."

    "Yeah," Qi Chu lifted her up, wrapped her arms in his arms, let her lean on his shoulders, reached out and brought over the medicine that had cooled for a while, "Drink the medicine first."

    Xu Nian looked at the medicinal juice that was sent to his mouth, hesitation instinctively appeared in his dazed eyes.

    When she raised her eyes, her hand was already pushing against his arm.

    Qi Chu thought she thought the medicine was bitter, so he lowered his head and rubbed her hair, coaxing in a low voice, "Drink it and it will get better, Nian Nian, open your mouth."

    "Qi Chu." Xu Nian didn't move, but called him.

    Qi Chu heard something was wrong from her voice, and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Xu Nian smiled, he had been ill for several days, his whole body was pale and weak, he barely died from laughing.

    She said, "Why do you always like to feed people and drink medicine like this?"

    Qi Chu paused and looked at her blankly.

    Xu Nian had opened his mouth voluntarily during his absent-minded moment, and the bitter medicine slid down his throat.

    "Bring me a candy next time." She frowned slightly and whispered, "It's really bitter."

    Qi Chu suddenly lowered his head and pecked her lightly, "Is this better?"

    He looked at her eagerly, as if he wanted to satisfy her.

    Xu Nian's breathing was stuffy, she moved, turned around suddenly, stretched out her arms to hug him, buried her head on the side of his neck and sniffed, it was a familiar and reassuring smell.

    She snuggled down like this very quietly, and muttered, "If you don't bring me candy, I don't want to take medicine. If I don't take medicine, I will die of illness. If I die of illness, you will never see me again."

    Confused, something flashed through mind and said something.

    The voice was soft and waxy, as if she was acting like a baby.

    She was very hot, the heat had been burning for a day, her face was red, but her lips were white and dry, and her breathing was not smooth.

    Qi Chu wanted her to lie back, so as not to catch a cold again, but Xu Nian never let go, "You are so cold."

    The places reached out and touched were filled with the cold air from outside. After talking like this, it was still cold.

    "Miss, be good," Qi Chu coaxed her.

    Xu Nian hugged him even tighter, and muttered in a low voice: "I've been lying down for a long time, my waist is sore and my back hurts, and I still can't find anyone to talk to me."

    Qi Chu helped her gently follow her back, and there was nothing she could do about it, "It would be great if Miss clings to me like this every day, then I won't worry that Miss will suddenly abandon me."

    It wasn't a serious word at first, but Xu Nian's nose was inexplicably sour, and he cried out of grievance, saying to him: "I'll take you in, you've gotten to know my house well, now come to my house quietly, that's me, replace it with someone else, You're screwed."

    She is so easy to talk, why should you talk about her.

    Qi Chu said softly, "I dare to be so unscrupulous because the young lady is not angry and won't let me die."

    "Aniang is still next door," Xu Nian said in a dazed state, somewhat annoyed, "I'm the one to die."

    What the hell, my dull brain can't react.

    Qi Chu felt that she couldn't be allowed to mess around like this, first let go of her hand, and stuffed her back into the quilt a little forcefully.

    Xu Nian stared at him with blinking watery eyes.

    Qi Chu stretched out his hand to cover it, and scratched his palm regardless of the eyelashes, and said, "Miss should rest now, sleep well, and you won't feel bad tomorrow."

    "How do you know?" Xu Nian asked stubbornly.

    Qi Chu covered her quilt tightly, only her fluffy head was exposed, and even put her hands in for her.

    "Be good and go to sleep," he coaxed patiently.

    Qi Chu stood up straight, and before he moved, Xu Nian stretched out his hand again, grabbing the corner of his clothes again.

    She looked at him sideways without blinking, moved her lips, and said, "I'll give you something."

    Qi Chu was puzzled: "What?"

    Xu Nian also stretched out her other hand, and she took the hand that was hanging by his side, spread out the palm of her hand, and put the thing that was tightly held in the palm of her hand into his palm.

    "This is...?" It was a small piece of broken porcelain. I don't know how long she had been holding it in her palm. It was as hot as her hand.

    Xu Nian said, "I picked it up."

    "Look at the color of the crack, is it darker than ordinary utensils?"

    Qi Chu suddenly looked up at her.

    Xu Nian's voice was gradually stained with uncontrollable crying: "If someone is making utensils, they will have poisoned the clay."

    "Or, after it was made, it was soaked in something, and it was stained with poison. No matter what it contained, it could kill people."

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