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    "Since you have not been framed by him, you have already seen that he is uneasy and kind, and you still go in if you know it is a trap."

    Lian Tang had already come down, Xu Nian asked her to give her a hand, and walked down too.

    Standing on the flat ground, she raised her head and said very seriously, "You really don't care, but you didn't think about what I should do next?"

    Xu Nian felt that after all, they had been together for a while, no matter in the future, let’s just say that now, he still lives in her house, so he should be concerned about Teng Guogong’s house, all prosperity, all damage, so reckless, she had to reconsider, If he does something again one day, will her family be involved.

    "I didn't mean to provoke you," Xu Nian calmed down now.

    What happened today was a wake-up call for her. She thought that taking him in and treating him well would make him remember this kindness, and she would be more considerate of the Duke's Mansion in the future. No, she wanted to keep it simple.

    Qi Chu felt that the way she looked at him at this time was very interesting, so he kept his mouth shut, but fell silent.

    "What is Miss thinking?" He asked curiously.

    "Wondering if you have the heart," Xu Nian looked at him, "Did I treat you badly or harshly in the past, and you put me in that situation today."

    "There are so many eyes looking at me, Xiao Cheng is used to messing around, he just wants to pull a back, if we go straight away, and punish him, this is making it difficult for my grandfather."

    Xu Nian raised his hand and spread his palms in front of his eyes, "So this is because of you. If you listen to me and don't go in, nothing will happen later. If you don't follow him when you find out that he wants to harm you Xiao Cheng won't be able to beat him if his plan goes away."

    Qi Chu's eyes moved, and it seemed to be the same as usual.

    "You only care about your own comfort and ignore my situation, but in the end you still blame me for not believing you."

    "I've always thought about it for you from your standpoint, but when you do these things, have you ever thought about how I should deal with it, and whether you don't care about the consequences or not, do you come here based on your mood?"

    Qi Chu finds it very strange why she has so many things she can't let go of, these things that she cares about will only make people restrict, just like she is today.

    But she definitely didn't like it, so Qi Chu took the ice pack from Lian Tang's hand, put it on her outstretched palm, and said:

    "Lu Zhi has remembered what the lady said, and will not act impulsively in the future. Before acting, he must think about the situation of the lady, and stop acting so arbitrarily."

    Xu Nian looked at him for a moment, and when he suddenly behaved like this, she felt that it was not good for her to lose her temper just now.

    She was dubious: "Really remember?"

    So easy to talk to?

    Qi Chu raised his eyes and smiled slightly, "Lu Zhi said long ago that I will listen to you whatever Miss says, and I think what Miss says makes sense."

    Xu Nian remembered what he said just now, and asked again, "What about the younger brother you mentioned just now?"

    This was the first time heard him mention Qi Chu on his own initiative.

    Qi Chu smiled deeply, looked at her, and said quite seriously, "Just like what Lu Zhi said just now, he has a bad temper, has never been liked by others, and has been used to be called a disaster star since he was born. "

    The tone of his voice when he came slowly gave Xu Nian a very strange feeling, but he couldn't tell what was so strange.

    Xu Nian asked a question, but he didn't know how to answer him, and asked awkwardly, "So the relationship between you is not good?"

    According to the previous life, it's not only bad, it's quite bad, so bad that it's a life-and-death situation.

    Because of this, she was also blamed for it.

    Qi Chu seemed to have expected that she would ask such a question, and replied briskly, "I hate him very much."

    Xu Nian tentatively asked, "Why?"

    Qi Chu paused for a moment, and said in secret, "When Miss sees him in person in the future, she will know the answer."

    Xu Nian was taken aback for a moment, speaking as if he really knew that one day she would really meet her.

    She hesitated for a while, and asked the question she wanted to know the most, "Then... where is he now?"

    This is also the problem that bothers her the most now. She doesn't know where he is, but she always feels uneasy in her heart, fearing that when she wakes up, it will turn into the same situation as in her previous life.

    "I don't know either," Qi Chu asked meaningfully, "Miss, do you want to know? Lu Zhi can help you find him."

    Xu Nian felt that as long as she said the word "think", he would be able to ask why immediately.

    "What am I looking for him for?" she said earnestly, "But after all, he is your close relative, and according to what you said, your relationship is still so bad, I think you should be more careful, otherwise, if one day he finds him Come on, how do you deal with yourself when you are unprepared."

    Qi Chu said without hesitation, "There is a young lady here, and he is the one who found it. Isn't there still a young lady who takes Lu Zhi in?"

    Xu Nian wanted to say that if he came, it would be a question of whether she could protect herself, and it would be even more impossible for her to take risks like in her previous life.

    She said, "You still have to think about how to deal with it. It's your siblings. It's not good for me to get involved."

    She was so afraid of death that she didn't dare to get involved anymore.

    But at this moment, a burst of firecrackers suddenly came from the street next to him, interrupting Xu Nian's thoughts.

    Xu Nian was puzzled, and looked at Qi Chu with questioning eyes, Qi Chu frowned slightly, and his eyes seemed to just know.

    Lian Tang was afraid that they would quarrel again later, so he hurried out to be a peacemaker, explaining, "The daughter of Xiang Cheng who had been lost for five years was found, and she was picked up from her adoptive parents today, and the sound of firecrackers is estimated to be coming soon. Here it is."

    The lost daughter of the Prime Minister's Mansion?

    She knew about this, but in the previous life, the Prime Minister did not find his daughter until his death.

    Why did suddenly find it in this life now?

    Xu Nian could feel that with his rebirth, many things had changed in the dark.

    Five years was such a coincidence that it reminded her of the old case of Su Yang five years ago.

    "Do you know how his daughter got lost?"

    After asking Xu Nian, he realized that he had been a hostage in the enemy country for seven years and was not in Yandu at all, so how could he know about this.

    Qi Chu didn't answer as she thought, with a thin smile on her lips, "It's nothing more than abduction and deception, as young lady is so easy to trust people, if you can't recognize people and evil spirits, naturally you will Torn and eaten clean."

    I don't know who I'm scaring.

    The soft sedan had already passed the door of Teng Guogong's mansion, and the person in the sedan suddenly lifted the curtain, revealing a small corner.

    Just as Xu Nian was about to turn around and go into the mansion, out of the corner of his eye he bumped into the person in the sedan chair.

    Those were a pair of rippling, charming eyes, very impressive eyes.

    On New Year's Eve, the one who bumped into came from a person called He Niang.

    Xu Nian asked Qi Chu to look over there, and said lightly, "Look, is that the beauty you never forget that night?"

    Qi Chu suddenly drew a long tone, and repeated it slowly, "The beauty who never forgets?"

    Xu Nian felt weird hearing it, and just wanted to make him talk properly, but when he went to see him and looked at the soft sedan, he was silent for a moment.

    Qi Chu's eyes were dim, and he suddenly asked, "Miss, didn't your cousin mention anything else when he came back that night?"

    After Xu Nian went to the palace, he stopped and thought about it carefully. The cousin was worried about the girl's situation that night, so he followed up and asked carefully, but after returning home, the cousin didn't talk about it again.

    She shook her head, not knowing why he asked that.

    Qi Chu withdrew his gaze and followed, "Does that miss think that there is a technique of living the dead in this world?"

    Xu Nian said without thinking, "No."

    Qi Chu smiled, and said casually, "But Lu Zhi has seen this young lady's grave."

    In other words, it was the pile of bones sent to the Xu Mansion.

    Xu Nian felt that he was scaring her by speaking so horribly, because she just lost her temper.

    "How do you know it's someone else's grave?" Besides, it wasn't that they found it, and sent it back properly. I saw it outside the door just now.

    Qi Chu didn't answer, but asked her another question, "Does Lu Zhi have to pay for the cat that Miss ran away?"

    Xu Nian looked at him, and saw that he didn't seem to be joking, and was about to test it out when he said yes, but was interrupted by his next sound.

    "Miss, don't ask for a cat. Lu Zhi will help Miss to find out whether it is a human or a ghost."

    A counterfeit like Qi Xuan, it seems that he is so eager to make a move, his good brother really can't wait to replace everything in his past.

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