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    In the palace, Xu Sijiang turned back with a serious expression.

    Seeing the imperial physicians coming in and out, she said coldly: "Just because I happened to come to this palace today, you are going to say that I poisoned you?"

    The Commander of the Forbidden Army is also very difficult to deal with, "This is a serious matter. The King Yu and the Empress are still awake. I didn't intend to make things difficult for Lord Linyi. It's just that all suspicious personnel must be checked one by one today before they can be released."

    Xu Sijiang held his breath in his heart, "Then what are you doing, hurry up and ask."

    Not far away, Wu Zheng withdrew his gaze and asked in confusion, "Why did King Yu suddenly advance the plan?"

    According to what they had previously learned, King Yu would not use this move until the eve of the October Dynasty half a month later.

    Qi Chu's complexion was covered with frost, he turned around suddenly, faintly aware that something was wrong.

    Today happened to be when Xu Sijiang entered the palace, and the incident happened again today. I'm afraid Qi Wenyu wanted to kill two birds with one stone, and even set up Xu's family in.

    Xu Sijiang is here, where is that lady?

    Almost instantly, Qi Chuling's eyes narrowed, "Go to Wei Ze, I want to know where the person I asked him to protect is at this time?"


    Xu Nian was awakened by the pain, it was like a secret room, it was so dark that it was hard to tell whether it was day or night.

    Her mouth was gagged, her hands were tied behind her back, and she was casually thrown in a corner.

    The back of my neck hurts.

    Xu Nian burst into tears from the pain, someone walked in from outside, and the penetrating light finally illuminated the place in front of him.

    "Miss Xu Er, long time no see."

    This sound brought back Xu Nian's consciousness, and she finally saw where it was through the candlestick in his hand.

    It turned out to be the secret room of Prince Yu's Mansion!

    Xu Nian was blocked, unable to speak, and could only watch him approaching.

    Qi Xuan was in a good mood, but he never thought that there would be unexpected gains.

    "If you want to blame, you can only blame your bad luck. I didn't intend to target your family at first."

    After knowing that Xu Sijiang was investigating Yandu's case, and even obtained evidence, he chose between alliance and enmity for them.

    But he had to choose a dead end.

    He was well prepared, and he really didn't find a chance.

    It seemed that Xu Nian was suffering from suffocation, and he kindly removed the cotton cloth for her.

    The shadow he cast shrouded the thin figure, and Qi Xuan even comforted her, "Don't worry, I still want to spare your life to threaten Xu Sijiang, and I won't do anything to you for the time being."

    Xu Nian moved back a little bit, trying to stay away from him.

    She asked in a panic: "What are you trying to blackmail my sister with me?"

    This is Prince Yu's Mansion. In this world, besides King Yu, she is the most familiar with this place.

    Xu Nian thought that as long as he could loosen her hands, she would be able to find a way to escape.

    Qi Xuan was not afraid of her tricks at all, he said: "Naturally let the Xu family live and die with me. I want you Xu family and Xiao family to obey your words and use them for me. You are my bargaining chip now."

    "It doesn't matter if they don't save you. Whoever let her just enter the palace that day, one more scapegoat or one less, it doesn't matter to me." Originally planning to frame Qi Chu, Xu Sijiang entered the palace that day. , he temporarily changed his mind, not only to put Qi Chu in trouble, but also to use this to hold Xu Sijiang.

    He said that day, Xu Nian guessed, was not the first day she disappeared.

    Qi Xuan said: "Poisoning the queen is a serious crime against the nine clans. Your family will think about which is more serious, right?"

    Whether to help him complete his great cause or seek his own death, probably no one will choose the wrong one.

    The more Xu Nian listened, the more frightened he became.

    It turns out that the one who should come is still coming back. If you avoid it with extreme care, you will come back in another way.

    She clenched her fists and bit her lips to calm down the anger in her heart. Don't irritate him, don't irritate him.

    Be calm, there is always a way.

    Qi Xuan saw the hatred in her eyes clearly, he didn't care, he just said: "Three days, I only gave them three days to think."

    "Today is the second day, Second Miss Xu, guess how your elder sister will choose?"

    Xu Nian never thought that he would use such a vicious trick, "My family has no grievances with you. If you harm my family like this, aren't you afraid of retribution?"

    She regretted it to death now, she didn't know people clearly in her previous life, and she wholeheartedly regarded him as a good person, but she never thought that this was his true face.

    "Retribution?" Qi Xuan didn't care at all, "The prince doesn't even care, why should I care, do you care?"

    Xu Nian's eyes turned red with anger, but he heard him say, "I planned to make good use of you, but you seem to have noticed something from the very beginning."

    Xu Nian looked at the white porcelain bottle in his hand, becoming more and more terrified, "You...what are you going to do?"

    Qi Xuan wanted to force her to drink: "something that can make you obedient."

    He was getting closer and closer, Xu Nian refused to drink, clenched his teeth, and suddenly got up and bumped into him.

    Qi Xuan didn't notice for a while, and staggered.

    This touch made Xu Nian's whole body feel like it was falling apart.

    Qi Xuan was also angry, and when she turned around, she pinched her neck and threw her against the wall.

    The pain in the back of the shoulder made me gasp.

    Qi Xuan said: "I just want to save your life and threaten the Xu family, but I didn't say that you are allowed to be unrestrained!"

    Xu Nian's eyelids were too heavy, but she felt Qi Xuan approaching her. She struggled to hide, but she could only allow herself to be shrouded in his shadow.

    It's just that before Qi Xuan could take a step closer this time, a sharp arrow suddenly shot out from the darkness, and the sharp arrow pointed at his throat.

    The young man's black eyes were full of hostility, revealing a terrifying aura in the darkness.

    Qi Xuan dodged in time, but his flesh and blood were still scratched, and the blood rolled down from the flesh.

    Qi Xuan had no doubts that his arrow really killed him.

    According to his plan, Qi Chu should be caught in the public opinion of poisoning at this time, and he can't get away!

    And what is he doing here? ! Where did the Xu family go? !

    Wu Zheng finally caught up, and he said, "Your Highness, the private soldiers of Prince Yu's Mansion have been stopped."

    Xu Nian opened his eyes with difficulty, and wanted to call him, but his back was so painful that he couldn't speak.

    She felt that she had fallen into a safe embrace, and the clear and cold fragrance made people feel at ease. She reached out and grabbed the corner of his clothes, and called him softly: "Qi Chu..."

    Qi Chu's whole body was full of evil spirits, although he tried his best to cover it up, but the gloomy eyebrows couldn't hide it.

    He only separated from her for a short while, and she disappeared.

    He searched all over Yandu City, but he couldn't find her.

    She just disappeared...

    He was in fear for two days.

    Let him not calm down.

    He asked, "What's wrong? What's wrong? Can I help you find it?"

    At this moment, Qi Xuan finally understood a little bit, but before he moved, a knife had already been inserted into his shoulder.

    His Nian Nian said that his shoulder hurts.

    As if feeling that it was not enough to relieve his hatred, Qi Chu held the handle of the knife and swirled it vigorously in the flesh and blood.

    Qi Xuan snorted, "How dare you..."

    Enduring the severe pain, he suddenly realized, "No wonder she looked so strange when she saw me for the first time..."

    At that time, Zhao Ji was killed, and none of the messengers came back. At that time, he felt that there must be some important news that caused his people to be silenced like this.

    But didn't expect it to be——

    The cruelty in Qi Xuan's eyes gradually showed, and he said viciously: "I knew it earlier, I should have killed her directly just now!"

    It's just that he thought of all the points, but he didn't expect that he would like someone.

    Qi Chu took Xu Nian and turned around and walked out. Hearing his words, he looked back and warned, "The queen is in the palace, guess who Xiaocui belongs to?"

    He didn't forget everything that happened to Su Yang. He was waiting for Qi Wenyu to repeat his old tricks again, and he used all tricks to make him lose completely.

    But he didn't expect that he turned his attention halfway.

    Qi Chu said in a low voice: "Qi Wenyu, the dream must have woken up."

    "You can wait at ease. Today, I will come to you to get back all the things I did in the past!"

    Wu Zheng wanted to leave behind to deal with the aftermath, so he made a gesture of invitation and politely shouted: "His Royal Highness, please move to Dali Temple and explain the reason of the matter."

    Qi Xuan came to his senses, and he lost control and yelled: "You have provoked me again and again since you came back, just to wait for me to jump into the pit on purpose?"

    Yes, from the beginning, he was waiting for him to make the first move.

    In this contest, whoever loses his temper first will lose first.

    Qi Chu walked outside, Xu Sijiang was stopped outside just now, saw his younger sister at this time, and hurried forward.

    "His Royal Highness, the people from our Xu family are outside, please hand over A Nian to me, and I will take her home."

    Qi Chu avoided it, and the soldiers outside surrounded the Yu Palace. At this time, the people in the Yu Palace still didn't understand what happened, and the timid and good-for-nothing looked at this scene with their heads shrunk.

    After all, two days ago, two major incidents happened in this weir capital.

    One is that the Queen and King Yu were poisoned and their lives were in danger, but it was simply that King Yu ate less by mistake and woke up in the evening.

    Then came the identification by the palace people, saying that he had been instructed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to do such an act.

    Finally, the poisoning medicine was found in Changzhi Palace, and the evidence was conclusive, all pointing to the prince.

    As soon as the incident happened, the prince was imprisoned in Changzhi Palace.

    At this time, there was another news spreading in Yandu City, that Teng Guogong's youngest daughter had disappeared, lost in the busy city in broad daylight.

    But now, things have changed again, the person who poisoned became King Yu, and Duke Teng's missing young daughter was also found in King Yu's Mansion.

    Xu Sijiang searched many places and sent many people, but they found nothing.

    Who would have thought that King Yu would lock him directly in the mansion.

    In a haze, Xu Nian felt the hands around his waist tighten.

    Qi Chu's nice voice seemed to be suppressing something, he answered Xu Sijiang coldly, "She doesn't want to go with you."

    She wants to go with him and stay by his side forever.

    Xu Sijiang frowned slightly, "Your Highness, A Nian is my Xu family's daughter after all, so you..."

    But before she could finish speaking, Qi Chu had already led Xu Nian to his carriage, as if the sound just now was just to inform Xu Sijiang, and he didn't intend to care whether she agreed or not.

    From the two days of looking for someone, Xu Sijiang could see the clues of the two of them.

    She still wanted to stop her, but was blocked by Wei Ze.

    Qi Chu didn't want to let go.

    From now on, he will be by her side all the time.

    No one could steal her away from him anymore.

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