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    There were so many guests here today, and there was a delay in saying hello to acquaintances on the way. As soon as they stepped into the backyard, the panic-stricken servant girl instantly found the backbone and rushed over.

    Being so unsteady, He Jia scolded: "I don't even look at the occasion, I bumped into the guests, and I'll have your fruit!"

    The servant girl didn't care about the punishment, she was already crying, "Miss, it's the young master who's gone!"

    "Yi'er is gone? Didn't I tell you to follow me every step of the way?"

    "Just now, the madam was holding the young master in the front hall, but the young master suddenly kept crying, and the madam asked the nanny to bring the young master back first. Halfway through a corner, the slaves couldn't find the nanny... "

    She was supposed to watch the child, but she went out to pick him up just now.

    He Jia panicked, turned around and walked out, "Nian Nian, you wait here for me first, Yi'er is my sister-in-law's heart flesh, if something happens, I can't explain it to them."

    Xu Nian quickly followed her and asked, "Is the nanny a person who knows everything?"

    He Jia's head was still buzzing, and when she heard her question, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

    "Nurse is my sister-in-law's dowry. In the past, she cared so much about taking care of my sister-in-law, so I entrusted her to take care of Yi'er, but this..."

    I usually hear people say that there will be some family members in the mansion who buy children for the matchmaker outside due to difficulties, but her family has always treated the servants generously, let alone the mother-in-law of the sister-in-law.

    He Jia wiped away the urgent tears indiscriminately, and somewhat understood what Xu Nian meant.

    Xu Nian continued: "Nurse is a trustworthy person, so this matter is not her fault. If there is a banquet today, all the side doors and back doors of your house must be closed, leaving only the main entrance to enter and exit. The main entrance is heavily guarded. In the mansion, let the whole mansion be searched, it must be quick!"

    He Jia nodded in a panic, and was about to go to the front hall to call for someone, but was stopped by Xu Nian, "Don't disturb the guests in the front hall, there are too many people here today, if the gangster fishes in troubled waters, or becomes angry from embarrassment, the situation will only become more dangerous. "

    Seeing the figure running out, Xu Nian frowned slightly, and Lian Tang was shocked when he heard it, "Second Young Lady, do you think someone will play a prank?"

    Well done, who would steal a child.

    Xu Nian didn't know either, thinking that there would be no delay, she said: "We will also help to find it, the nanny will not disappear in thin air, we will help to find it carefully around."

    But just after passing through the corridor, a maid-like person came up to him suddenly, and said in a panic, "Miss Xu, this servant has found the young master, please go with the servant quickly, if you delay, the young master will die!"

    Xu Nian glanced at her, the clothes she was wearing were indeed He Fu's clothes.

    After hesitating for a while, Xu Nian asked Lian Tang to call for someone.

    Seeing that she was not fooled, the servant girl suddenly changed her face and threatened: "If Miss Xu sends someone to report, the young master of the He family will undoubtedly die today, and you will kill this life by yourself."

    Xu Nian winked at Lian Tang as he walked, and covered it up with his sleeves, and the two of them broke off the dead branches together as a mark.

    The fingertips are full of untouchable tingling pain, but the twigs are scattered on the ground, and you can't find it unless you look carefully.

    Qi Chu leaned on the highest eaves, watching from a distance that the figure who pretended to be smart disappeared out of sight, and finally his gaze went down, staying on the dead branches on the ground.

    He jumped down and stood there for a while, then without hesitation, he walked over and kicked off the marks on it.

    The person leading the way stopped, and Xu Nian recognized the person in front of him at a glance, "Chen Ning, it turned out to be you."

    Chen Ning broke the can, and no longer wanted to pretend to be sisters. He sneered and said, "If it weren't for you, why would I have been sent to be married? Since I can't escape, you think I will let you go."

    Xu Nian felt very uneasy and asked directly, "Where did you take Yi'er?"

    When asked about Chen Ning's favorite place, she curled her lips and raised her hand to point to the lake next to her.

    He smiled and said, "It's right in front of your eyes, is this hide-and-seek fun?"

    There was heavy snow some time ago, and the lake was covered with thick frost. Although the sun has been warm in the past few days, there are still some half-melted ice floating on the water, and on the small ice near the center of the lake, shaking There is a bamboo basket precariously placed.

    You can vaguely see the baby's little hands in the swaddling clothes scratching randomly in the air.

    If the ice surface completely melted, the consequences would be disastrous.

    Xu Nian's palms were sweating, and he said sullenly: "Why do you involve other people in the matter between me and you? If something really happens to Yi'er if you mess around like this, do you think the He family will let you go?" Pass you!"

    The limbs were all cold, Xu Nian regretted coming directly, he should have tied someone up and tortured him at that time.

    Nervous, overwhelmed, angry but helpless, all things Chen Ning wanted to see.

    She admired this scene and said with great satisfaction: "To tell you the truth, I pushed you into the water last time on purpose. Not only did I not miss it, I just wanted you to die there."

    Speaking of this, Chen Ning suddenly turned cold, "Your eldest sister can't make it to my family, and she still relies on my elder brother. I hate it to death. What's wrong with scolding her? Don't you always like to stand up for others? I will give you a call today." Your chance."

    "Anyway, I'm going to be sent to be married. There's nothing to be afraid of. No matter what I do, the result will be the same. Maybe you will die here. When the Holy One gets angry and thinks that I am not worthy of virtue, I will punish me. No need to go."

    "Within a stick of incense, the ice will melt. It's up to you to save it or not. Just keep going. I just want to see you make a fool of yourself. I won't do anything to you in the future. You have to pay attention to your feet. If you drown, then you will die." You asked for it."

    Xu Nian gave her a final look, and then she looked at the bamboo basket and made up her mind. Lian Tang wanted to stop her: "Miss, you are not good at swimming, this servant will go for you."

    Xu Nian was also very scared, and the fingertips hanging by his side were trembling.

    In the turbulent days of the previous life, she still exercised her ability to forcibly calm down when encountering troubles. She tried her best to maintain her usual voice, and said, "You don't know how to water at all, get out of the way!"

    There was only a little bit of ice left at the bottom of the bamboo basket for support. There was no time left, so Xu Nian pushed Lian Tang away, and finally told her: "No matter what they want to do later, you must stop them on the shore."

    The maid who brought them here just now stood behind Chen Ning and did not leave. Chen Ning looked at her with malice, Xu Nian couldn't believe what she said easily.

    Qi Chu had stopped for a long time, and he roughly estimated in his heart how many steps it would take to drown a person.

    First trick her into the water.

    The water has spread to the bend of her calf, the lake water may be really cold, her lips are biting white, and she can vaguely see the slight chill from her body being frozen.

    The second is to pretend to do nothing and wait quietly for her to walk into the depths of the water.

    Winter clothes already absorb water, so she only took off the cloak, and the dress was wet and stuck to her legs, taking away the last of the temperature, and it was bitingly cold.

    The last step is to force her to continue walking deep and cut off all her chances to go ashore.

    Lian Tang saw that they had taken the bamboo poles, and she was already frantically trying to stop them, who would have thought that at this moment, the person who had been hidden earlier came out of the quiet water, tightly covered Liantang's mouth and threw her into the water Ribbon.

    Chen Ning laughed at her overreaching, "Xu Nian, you can believe everything I say. Since I dare to do this, I have already made sufficient preparations. Neither you nor your maid can walk out alive today."

    If the cat takes the initiative to enter the water, it is not to die.

    Qi Chu had seen enough, turned around and was about to leave.

    Chen Ning's vicious voice continued behind him: "Drown you, you deserve it!"

    Ruthless words are always very powerful, they can penetrate the wind and break through the air, making it hard for people to hide.

    ——‘Such a hard mouth, drowning you, you deserve it! '

    The cursing sounds inexplicably coincided with a voice deep in memory.

    Qi Chu suddenly stopped.

    He slowly raised his eyes, the previously lazy and indifferent eyes were getting gloomy a little bit, and finally turned into a coldness that couldn't be dissipated.

    It deserves it, I'm afraid it's not necessarily true.


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