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    On the city wall, the flag with the logo of the Great Wei fluttered in the wind, and one person stood on it with his hands behind his back, looking in the direction of Changzhi Palace from a distance.

    Qi Xuan asked: "Still no news?"

    "They are too cautious. Whenever we are about to find some clues, our people will soon be silenced. Although some information has been detected, it is half true and half false. It needs to be carefully verified before it can be used."

    "It's been delayed for too long." Qi Xuan looked at the attendant and said, "There is only one possibility if we can't find out. His people have already sneaked into our side."

    That's why everything hit a wall and was played by him in the palm of his hand.

    The attendant wanted to clarify: "Then what does His Highness mean?"

    Qi Xuan raised his eyes and gathered a cold light, "The transferer will check Yandu City first."

    Maybe it's already here.

    Even in these four weeks, there may be eyes watching his movements in the dark. He doesn't like being so passive.

    "He could have come back directly, but he has to waste time with me at this time." Qi Xuan paused, and said with a smile: "It seems that not only I want to get rid of him, but he also can't wait to kill me. In the past, letting the tiger go back to the mountain was not a good choice."

    The attendant thought for a while, and echoed: "The method of sending him as a hostage back then was proposed by the Lu family. If Lu Shisheng's words at that time hadn't deceived your empress and His Highness, why would you have made such a big circle with him? .”

    I'm afraid that he has long since disappeared in the palace without anyone noticing.

    Qi Xuan said: "It's not too late now, there can only be one His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince in this palace, and I'm already here, so it definitely can't be him."

    "There is never anything I can't grab from him. No matter what he's up to, it's quite interesting to see him come to nothing in the end."


    The palace people who cleaned up the ruins were busy among them. Although the fire was extinguished in time, the main hall was so badly burned that it was no longer inhabitable.

    There were two incidents a month. The last time saw the prince, he was dying, and now only the coffin remains.

    Xu Sijiang frowned, and said: "You say it's a coincidence, you just presented the evidence of the messy things the prince has done these years, and he fell ill in a blink of an eye."

    Just when he thought he was pretending to be sick on purpose, he encountered a fire again and died completely.

    Chi Yanyu had to meet Sheng Sheng later, so he just stopped by to have a look.

    It was inconvenient for him to stay for a long time, and upon hearing the words, he only said: "It's possible to go to the water at any time. Besides, it's not surprising that anything happens in this palace."

    Xu Sijiang felt that the conversation could not continue, so he waved his hand to let him go, but just turned around, when he saw something in his hand from the corner of his eye, he was slightly taken aback.

    Chi Yanyu never thought of covering up.

    Xu Sijiang moved his eyes from the file in his hand to his face, and asked vigilantly, "This is the person involved in the Su Yang case? What are you doing with this?"

    She has also looked for it many times, and I am afraid that no one is more familiar with it than her.

    Chi Yanyu flipped through it casually, smiled lightly, and said, "It's not just Su Yang, I've read all the major cases that happened in the past five years, recounted these old cases, and familiarized myself with the regulations."

    Xu Sijiang didn't believe his rhetoric.

    The case involved a lot, no one dared to get involved with the Su Yang case, even in Yandu, this was a topic that everyone actively avoided talking about.

    Even she has now learned to restrain her thoughts about probing these things. Even if she wants to know more details about that incident, she will not blatantly read the related records like this.

    Too blatant and easy to be regarded as a living target.

    "Yan Yu", Xu Sijiang told him solemnly, "Don't touch anything related to it. The five years when you Si Jiang and I were punished were the best lessons."

    "I have a plan in my heart", as if afraid that she would think too much, Chi Yanyu explained again, "These are not what I can get if I want, and I am reorganizing these records recently, these few copies are taken No, I don’t know where to return it, so I specially brought it to ask His Majesty today.”

    Xu Sijiang gave him your best look.

    Chi Yanyu remembered another thing, and said sideways: "The child you asked me to investigate and was arrested by the prince already has a clue."


    "We found people in mass graves."


    Qi Xuan just retracted his gaze, and when he was about to go back, his eyes paused, and he saw Xu Nian who was going there at this time.

    He thought thoughtfully, "Is that Xu Sijiang's younger sister?"

    The attendant followed his gaze and replied, "It seems to be something for her sister."

    "It's good luck, I let her escape last time." Speaking of this, Qi Xuan smiled slightly, "It's hard to say whether it's luck or misfortune, but now I suddenly changed my mind, and I'm going to use another method Take the Duke's Mansion into your pocket."

    The attendant reminded him: "Miss Shen arrived in Weirdu for the first time today, and she is now in the Queen's Palace. It is not easy for you to stay outside for too long. Your Highness needs to go there as soon as possible."

    Hearing this, Qi Xuan lowered his eyes slightly, a little impatient but still held back, stared at the attendant, then turned and went back.

    Xu Nian only felt a chill behind him, subconsciously turned his head and looked around, but there was no one extra.

    Suspiciously withdrawing his gaze, he thought, sure enough, no matter when he entered the palace, it would give people a creepy feeling.

    Qi Chu unfolded the note, scanned the content on it, raised his eyes and said leisurely: "I finally thought of it, and I said that no matter how stupid he is, he will not be so stupid as to forget the place in front of him."

    But Wu Zheng felt that it was too risky, "Our preparations are still a little too late, and my subordinates feel that it will be more beneficial to our plan to withdraw from the weir at this time."

    After all, Yandu City is stretched, which is not conducive to action.

    Qi Chu pulled out the saber by his side, and raised his finger to scratch the edge of the blade, "It's not that far, it's hard to say anything."

    Wu Zheng's expression was solemn, and he wanted to persuade him, but suddenly he glanced at him with his raised eyes, and immediately lowered his eyes.

    The moment Qi Chu looked away from him, his eyes remained unchanged, and he raised his hand instantly, the handle of the knife came out of his hand, and threw it towards the bushes in the distance.

    There was a muffled sound, and the person hiding and eavesdropping rolled out of it, with the tip of the knife still stuck in his heart, opened his mouth and whimpered a few times, but was completely silent.

    Wu Zheng was shocked, "This is...?"

    Qi Chu's expression was slightly cold, and he told him: "Leave the matter of Yandu to Wei Ze for the time being. You go to Bei'an now, and use his eyes to return a gift to the newly enthroned Prince in Bei'an."


    "By the way, tell me a word, see you next time, and I will step on his flesh and blood and accept his entire Bei'an as an apology."

    When Xu Nian found him, he saw that he was picking up the chess pieces, "You are in such a good mood today, don't let yourself be bored, aren't you?"

    Qi Chu's hand playing chess did not stop, he looked up at her, the corners of his lips slightly raised, and said in a brisk tone: "So Lu Zhi is waiting for Miss to come back."

    It was so serious, if she didn't know that he had gone out today, she would have thought it was true.

    Xu Nian sat down opposite him, the chessboard was already empty, Qi Chu pushed the white piece to her, "Miss never takes the initiative to come to me for nothing, she came here as soon as she came back today, what do you want to ask?"

    Only at this time can take the initiative to surround her, extremely heartless.

    Xu Nian's mind was guessed, so he stopped being polite to him, and said, "The crown prince died, and Changzhi Palace was burned, have you heard?"

    Qi Chu said without raising his head, "I heard."

    Xu Nian gave him a strange look, and wanted to say that if you know, you are still playing chess here.

    After Qi Yu's death in the previous life, everyone elected you as the new crown prince. You were the most popular and most likely to get this position, but why are you in such a hurry in this life.

    He looked so indifferent as if he had nothing to do with you.

    Qi Chu noticed that he had lost his words for a long time, and there was no sound from the other side. He raised his eyes and saw that she was watching what he was thinking in a daze.

    He tapped the table with his fingertips, and waited until he pulled back the human spirit before playing with taste: "Miss is hesitant to speak, what exactly do you want to say?"

    Xu Nian paused, noticed the joke in his words, imitated his leisurely manner and raised a smile, and teased him back: "If you want to say that you are good-looking and I can't win at chess, that's fine." Take a look and make up for it.”

    She didn't have anything to worry about, maybe he had already quietly thought about when to go back.

    There was a bit of joy in Qi Chu's eyes, but his subordinates mercilessly blocked her into a dead end, "Miss is so absent-minded, of course you can't win."

    While talking, he had already cleared the chessboard again, meaning to come again.

    Xu Nian felt that his smile was somewhat provocative, and he now had the strength to not admit defeat.

    She took the chess box, lifted her chin slightly, and said: "You are so proud, be careful not to stumble, if I win you later, I will not let you get it back."

    Qi Chu said: "You don't necessarily lose if you stumble before the horse. Miss is so determined, does it mean that she doesn't believe Lu Zhi, or do you think I will definitely lose a game?"

    Xu Nian said in his heart that he was afraid that you would follow in the footsteps of the previous life and really lose.

    But she remained calm and tried her best to find the flaws in his actions, "It's not that I don't believe you, I just believe in myself."

    After all, she has seen the ending once.

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes and smiled lightly, "So what the lady said is going around and around, or are you saying that you don't believe Lu Zhi?"

    Xu Nian raised his eyes, "You said it yourself, I didn't say it."

    While talking, Qi Chu blocked her last way again. Seeing that she was a little discouraged, he rubbed the smooth jade with his fingers, looked at her and said, "Miss, if you just say trust me, I will let the miss win a game, how about it?" ?”

    There is still something to discuss, Xu Nian met his gaze, remembered what a certain person once said, and refuted his words with his words: "Last time on the day of Shangyuan, you didn't say that chess was not interesting to play, why are you not interested now?" Want to let me?"

    Qi Chu said: "The man asked Miss to let himself win, and I asked Miss to lose to Miss willingly."

    Xu Nian was stunned for a while before asking, "Is there any difference?"

    Qi Chu didn't hand her the packed chess box this time, but laid out the situation on it first. When the chessboard was full again, he stretched out his hand in front of her, and opened his palm with only one chess left.

    Xu Nian took it suspiciously, and suddenly realized when he saw the chessboard in front of him.

    There is no place for her to choose where to move. He has decided everything before, leaving only this last move. Although the chess is in her hands, she has no choice.

    No matter how she falls, she must win.

    Xu Nian raised his eyes and said bitterly: "You speak so nicely, I thought you were really willing to lose to me, but you obviously let me have no choice but to follow your words."

    "One for the same," Qi Chu looked at her with interest, "Miss is not at a loss, isn't she?"

    In the past, it was impossible for him to retreat even one step, but now he has retreated to this last step.

    It was the only time that she regarded her as a bully.

    "But I didn't agree to the conditions you just said, so it doesn't count." Xu Nian didn't like the feeling of being arranged like this. She stood up and wanted to say no more.

    The chess piece that was thrown into the box was spinning around the wall of the box, Qi Chu heard the sound getting smaller and smaller, and watched it return to a static state.

    Then his eyes turned, and he said calmly: "Miss is very ruthless. When you have something to ask me, you can sit down and play with me for a while. When you find that you haven't asked what you want to hear, turn around and ask me what you want to hear." Just play tricks and leave."

    Xu Nian paused as he was about to leave, feeling that not only had he become more courageous recently, but even his sharp lips seemed to be a different person.

    The tone of the words spoken is neither light nor heavy, but it always leaves a mark in the ears.

    But if you look carefully for a while, you will find that the culprit who caused all this is unmoved, he just throws out a sentence lightly, deliberately making you worry.

    Then take the time to watch your next reaction.


    Where did the obedient person she picked up at the beginning go?

    Xu Nian turned around and said firmly in a low voice, "This is all your own idea, not mine."

    He said it as if she really threw him away after using him.

    Have it?


    Qi Chu curled his lips calmly, "Miss, your voice is too low, and you are still standing so far away, I can't hear what you are talking about."

    It seemed deliberate, very anticlimactic, such a lazy tone, for a moment she couldn't tell whose home it was.

    Xu Nian was as stubborn as he was, he just didn't listen to him and just stood still.

    After looking at him for a moment, he said sincerely, "Let Zang Mi come back to take a good look at you tomorrow. I think maybe he took the wrong medicine. I'm not used to you."

    "After all, the pulse can be diagnosed wrongly, and I also suspect that he took the wrong medicine." Qi Chu motioned her to sit back.

    Xu Nian had no choice but to walk away under his gaze, so he had to back up and sit opposite him.

    Qi Chu said: "Miss said I was pretty just now, why don't you look at me now and stare at the table?"

    Xu Nian felt that he was getting worse, and he was not ashamed!

    There was a dangerous gleam in his eyes, and the moment they met, the tension that naturally arose seemed to climb up his back immediately.

    After taking a look, Xu Nian immediately moved away again, and said, "It was just now, but now I feel bad again."

    Qi Chu said: "Really?"

    The question was serious and inquisitive.

    It seemed that what she just said was very lacking in confidence.

    Seeing that Xu Nian was getting a little annoyed, he also quit and changed the subject.

    She said persuasively: "Miss should ask Lu Zhi other things besides asking me if I have heard, or there are other things you want to know, but why don't you speak up?"

    Xu Nian was a little surprised. She really wanted to test his current plan. After all, there was a deviation from the previous life, and he didn't know much about it, which would make people feel uneasy.

    "As long as the lady asks, I will answer the truth, but the lady doesn't want to speak. Lu Zhi doesn't know what the lady wants to know, so naturally she can't answer the result that the lady wants."

    When he spoke, his eyes looked at her with a slight smile, which was very deceptive.

    Those eyes are like a combination of a fox and a wolf, cunning and inquisitive, when they stare at you, they seem to have predicted your reaction.

    Xu Nian couldn't be fooled by him, "If I don't tell you, you can also say what you guessed, maybe you can guess right, and you don't need me to ask you to be able to answer."

    Qi Chu pretended to be embarrassed, "But if you always guess like this and don't reach a consensus, if someone sows discord one day, then it's not going to be the way to go."

    Xu Nianben felt that he was a little messy, and felt that what he said was still a little reasonable. Thinking this way in her heart, she didn't make a sound, wanting to see what he wanted to do.

    Qi Chu said: "I have nothing that makes the young lady disbelieve, and I have never betrayed the young lady's trust. The young lady simply put aside those worries, say what I want to say, ask whatever I want, and tell the young lady everything I know. ,OK?"

    He always likes to ask how he is, but now he suddenly becomes okay, not in the usual tough style, with a slight ending in his words, with a hint of coaxing.

    Oh, to put it completely, it is coaxing and deceiving.

    The former is full of ambiguity, while the latter is all purpose.

    It sounds good, but also because he wants to test what he wants to know.

    Xu Nian can already imagine that it is so hard to resist. If he really believes in his words and asks those strange words, not only will he not get an answer from him, but he will dig out the cause and effect in turn. .

    You can hardly even fool it.

    When she made up that line last time, she discovered that this person was too sensitive at certain times.

    Xu Nian looked at him and said firmly, "You guessed wrong, I have nothing to ask."

    Qi Chu seemed to have expected her to answer this way, smiled at her, and did not end the topic as she thought.

    He said: "Since the lady doesn't have one, then Lu Zhi has some questions that he still can't solve, so he has no choice but to ask the lady."

    Courtesy first, soldiers later, people can't refuse.

    Xu Nian had a bad feeling.

    Sure enough, at the next moment, he heard him say: "As for Miss's enemy, what Miss said last time was too rough, and now there is too much time for no one, why don't Miss explain the cause and reason from the beginning to the end carefully, and it will be easier to understand. Some of my confusion."

    Xu Nian: "..."

    You should have left just now.

    Or is it too late to go now?

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