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    At the end of the autumn hunt, Emperor Cheng had a banquet in the palace, and the family gathered together, which was second only to the excitement of Xinyuan.

    After everyone returned to their respective homes to tidy up, they began to head to the palace.

    On the street, the voice of a woman crying came immediately: "I beg you to save my grandma, I need a doctor, my grandma is dying, I beg you..."

    There was a lung-piercing cry, which was already desperate and helpless.

    With a hoarse voice, she begged over and over again, her desperate eyes were full of red threads, and the passing carriages were chased all over.

    But none stopped.

    Someone drove her away, and someone scolded her for not knowing what to do.

    "I beg you... I really can't help it..."

    But no matter how hoarse he was, he was still thrown to the side of the road, his head was smashed, and his face was covered in blood, which was even more frightening.

    The onlookers jokingly said: "It's the granddaughter of that crazy woman in Dongmenqiao. The old one is also crazy, and the young one is also crazy. If she doesn't learn well, she steals people's things, and now she's pretending to cheat money. Really. You deserve to die of illness."

    The boss of the pharmacy stood up and took a look: "Bah! I'm so unlucky."

    The person who was thrown into the corner, ignoring the pain, wiped his face indiscriminately, gave up all dignity and arrogance, rushed into the pharmacy again, and begged: "I am willing to pay you back, doctor, first on credit." I have some medicine, I will definitely pay it back..."

    The boss asked two servants to beat him out, and stood back at the counter in disdain.

    The light in the woman's eyes dimmed little by little, and after three days, she still couldn't find a doctor who was willing to see the grandmother.

    There was blood at the corner of her mouth, as if she had been completely numb, she wiped it off indifferently, and got up staggeringly.

    A lotus green dress broke into her distraught eyes, and she slowly raised her eyes.

    Standing in front of her was a strange girl, her face was not as malicious as that of ordinary people, and there was even some concern in her eyes.

    People with muddy faces can't see their original faces clearly.

    Xu Nian withdrew his scrutiny and asked her softly, "Do you still need a doctor? I can ask someone to find it for you."

    "Yes!" It had been a long time since anyone had talked to her like this, and the woman's eyes lit up again, and she looked closely at Xu Nian, fearing that Xu Nian would go back on his word and take back his words.

    Seeing her nervousness, Xu Nian smiled reassuringly, and said, "Lian Tang, help her find a doctor."

    It's true, it's true...

    The woman's eyes were red, and she knelt down with sobs in her throat, "My name is He Song. If the nobles need me in the future, no matter whether it is a mountain of swords or a sea of ​​fire, I am willing to do it."

    When the words fell, he kowtowed loudly.

    "He Song", Xu Nian called her, "Don't delay, go back and meet your mother-in-law." It might be the last time.

    She didn't expect this life to be so early.

    The encounter is almost like a lifetime away.

    Her name was a bit familiar, but He Song didn't care about it anymore. The old woman and her depended on each other for life, and they were her last relatives in this world.

    He Song stood up, held back his tears, and swore: "I am not a person who breaks promises, I will repay the favor of saving my life, and I will definitely repay Miss!"

    Xu Nian looked at the man who was almost trotting away, and was absent-minded for a moment.

    Kang Yi frowned: "Second Young Lady, I inquired about it just now, and they said it's a Song..."

    Xu Nian looked back, and picked up her words, "Petty theft, swearing, and rats crossing the street are like people avoiding, right?"

    Kang Yi was surprised: "How did you know about the Second Young Lady?" It was obvious that I just saw it.

    Xu Nian recalled his previous life, but he didn't answer her words, he just said: "Let's follow and have a look."

    "Huh?" Kang Yi was puzzled.

    Although there is still a while before the dinner party, why should go to see it.

    Xu Nian had already walked out when she was in a daze.

    The pale-haired old lady was lying on the bed, her bony hand reaching out to hold her granddaughter's hand.

    The house is cramped and dilapidated, not even a chair can be taken out.

    He Song has been crying for a long time. She held her shriveled hands and wept uncontrollably: "Grandmother... don't sleep... I'm here, you don't sleep..."

    The old woman was so angry that she coughed a few times, tears flowed from her cloudy eyes, she barely moved her lips, but she couldn't speak anymore.

    The doctor sighed, and whispered to Lian Tang next to him: "Three days ago, there was still hope for rescue, but now it is a strong bow, even if the gods come, there is no way, so prepare for the funeral."

    As if reflecting something, as his words fell, the old woman's struggling hands dropped completely, losing the last trace of vitality.

    He Song was completely flustered, and went to pick it up at a loss, shouting in panic.

    Until the end, kneeling down and weeping as if resigning to fate: "Grandmother!"

    Xu Nian turned around from the window, and when he was sure that no one in the house would be disturbed, he sighed, "Grandmother is her only family member, so please help her with the funeral."

    He Song is still the He Song of his previous life.

    Kang Yi was puzzled.

    Xu Nian said: "It's good to believe half of the rumors." She looked back at the man who was crying so hard that he couldn't stand upright, and thought of her previous life.

    He Song has always been the best to her, so she has the most trust.

    There were other maids around her, but those people were all killed by Qi Chu, and only He Song was left for her.

    The bowl of medicine was presented by He Song himself.

    Qi Chu asked He Song to present the medicine.

    Qi Chu will not trust anyone easily, unless he is very sure that there is no problem with the person.

    But the medicine only went through the hands of two people, He Song and him, if...

    But she felt that her knowledge of people was not so bad. He Song took care of her, tried her best, and had no second thoughts, so it was impossible to betray her.

    Then only Qi Chu is left...

    It was obvious that he already knew about it. Thinking of this, Xu Nian dimmed his eyes, and his eyelashes were full of sadness.


    At the same time, at the gate of the palace, the carriage stopped, and a jade-like pine figure got out of the carriage, holding a fine xylophone in his arms, stretched out his sleeves, stood quietly, and greeted the passers-by.

    "His Royal Highness King Yu." Someone shouted.

    Qi Chu turned his eyes and smiled warmly, "Li Shilang."

    Don't be Li Shilang's person, return a salute, and say: "I heard that His Royal Highness King Yu's piano skills are superb, no one in the world can match it, seeing it is better than hearing it, it seems that Li can be that lucky person today."

    Qi Chu smiled, but did not answer directly, and called him into the banquet together.

    Xu Nian was chatting with He Jia, and while talking, he saw a figure passing by from the corner of his eye.

    She raised her eyes, and Qi Chu saw her too.

    Xu Nian paused for a moment, then lowered his head pretending to be unintentional.

    "Look, that's King Yu." He Jia still feels strange, "I haven't heard of such a person a few years ago. It was rumored that he was the former prince. He just came back from Bei'an this year, but King Yu never There was no reply."

    Xu Nian whispered: "I don't respond, probably it's not true, it's just a rumor."

    That being said, she could guess why King Yu didn't dare to respond.

    When Qi Chu was in one day, King Yu would not dare to take this risky move. After all, if he admitted rashly, if Qi Chu came back by then, he would not be able to justify himself.

    Therefore, keeping a line is just letting the rumors spread indistinctly and watching the changes.

    Because there is a ghost in heart, dare not admit it generously.

    "Brother said that now he is the only adult prince left in the palace. Recently, the royal court memorial has been arguing in the court every day, and many of them support him. His reputation is the highest."

    Xu Nianxin said, well, it was like this in the previous life, even after Qi Chu came to power, everyone was still lamenting the impermanence of the world and the injustice of heaven.

    She felt the same way in her previous life.

    After all, judging from the world's impression of King Yu, he can indeed be called a good and benevolent king.

    While speaking, everyone has arrived, and the banquet is started.

    After Chengdi said a few words, he left first and handed over the banquet to the queen.

    The male and female seats were separated, Xu Nian watched the sweet-scented osmanthus cake in front of him being delicately made, twisted a piece and stuffed it into his mouth.

    In the midst of peace, someone suddenly stroked the piano.

    The sound of the zither was long and long, gentle and peaceful. Everyone searched for the sound of the zither, and found the young master who was sitting under the master, with lowered eyes, who was playing the zither seriously.

    Qi Chu flipped her fingers on the strings, her dark eyes seemed to be impenetrable into a hot pool, hiding all her emotions in it.

    Only the qin color was left, and the people who were chatting and laughing at the banquet involuntarily stopped talking.

    Gradually it became quiet, and the sound of the zither became more and more obvious. Those who hadn't found anyone followed the sound of the zither and looked at the person in the silver brocade and silk robe at the same time.

    "It seems that His Royal Highness King Yu is in great spirits today."

    "I've only heard rumors in the past that our Highness King Yu has a good ability to hide, and what's more, he is the little prince who asked himself to be a hostage back then."

    "He was only ten years old when he left Yandu, but seven years have passed in a flash."


    Subtle discussions sounded, and the guqin seemed to be alive. When it reached the extreme high point, it became more and more excited, like a thousand horses galloping past.

    Su Sha is hidden in it, becoming more and more impassioned, and it seems to be a different person from the previous thin and flowing water.

    It's as if the player who played it suddenly turned his sword away, and a good elegant show turned into a killing song.

    At such a banquet, it seemed out of place.

    At this time, the wind moves, the shadow moves, and the cup is silent.

    Qi Chu's nimble and slender fingers plucked the strings faster and faster, gradually making it difficult for people to understand how he picked up the strings and how he dropped them.

    Zhang Yang beat him silently.

    When the last touch fell, Qi Chu's lips curled into an extremely gentle smile, but the smile didn't reach his eyes, and he looked cold and gloomy.

    Qi Chu put his hands flat on the strings, waiting for someone to find him.

    Sure enough, at the end of the song, a figure had already come from outside, stepped through the endless night behind him, and gradually arrived at the crowded place.

    With a dark face, Qi Xuan drew out the long sword of the guard next to him, and slashed at Qi Chu's.

    Almost instantly, Wu Zheng's ice-cold tip of the blade pressed against Qi Xuan's throat quickly.

    A drop of blood fell, and fell into the wine glass with a tick.

    Qi Xuan's sword was barely there and stopped in mid-air.

    He roared sullenly: "Have you played enough? After you killed your mother, do you still want to kill your brother?"

    Since he has to torment him like this and it's not easy for him, then it's better to hurt both sides together, and no one wants to have a good time.

    After finishing the sentence, the audience was silent, the queen gradually realized that something was wrong, and first asked people to evacuate the crowd.

    Qi Chu didn't care at all, he slowly raised his eyes, and smiled slowly, "If brother wants to try, I can also help him."

    "You—" Qi Xuan couldn't help it anymore, "You are so bold and reckless, you know where this place is, and you can tolerate your disrespect and lack of etiquette!"

    "That's right," Qi Chu thought for a while, and seemed to think that what he said made sense, so he got up.

    The master sat on it, and Shen Shi, who hadn't recovered from the panic, was just being stared at.

    Qi Chu's eyes swept over lightly, and quickly moved to the person who was about to tip off the news.


    The man turned his head back in fear, not knowing what to do for a while.

    Qi Chu said: "After seven years, since you want me to come back, why don't you lead the way?"


    Lian Tang came to Xu Nian's side in a panic, "Miss, it seems that the banquet ended early."

    No wonder it suddenly became noisy.

    During the banquet, someone had already stood up and was about to leave.

    "What happened?" Xu Nian asked.

    Lian Tang shook his head, and said in earnest: "Just now a messenger came, saying that today's banquet is over, let everyone go back."

    Xu Nian thought about it.

    Just after walking a few steps, another court lady rushed in, she hurriedly searched for something on the tables, and finally looked at Xu Nian.

    The maid saluted, her tone was a little unstable, and she asked urgently, "Miss, have you ever eaten the cakes on the table?"

    Xu Nian hesitated for a while, then nodded.

    The maid immediately knelt down, knowing that she had caused a catastrophe, "The sweet-scented osmanthus cake on the girl's table and the imperial concubine's cake came out of the same cage."

    The palace maid raised her eyes, "The imperial physicians are all in the Zichen Palace now, and the imperial concubine suffered a miscarriage after eating a plate of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, and now her life is in danger."

    There was a buzzing in Xu Nian's ears, he couldn't stabilize his figure, and took a few steps back several times before he stood firmly with the support of Lian Tang.

    The maid's words continued, "Now that the poison has not been found, please go to the Zichen Palace with the servants, and let the imperial physician treat the girl."

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