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    It seemed that how to call it was not suitable, Xu Nian frowned slightly, unable to think of something that could stop him.

    When had she ever experienced such a thing, at this moment she couldn't even stare at him properly, she just felt that the gaze above her head made people feel confused.

    "But I think it's very easy for the lady to yell." She didn't make a sound, and Qi Chu answered by herself.

    "There are so many strange things, and this one is not bad. Besides, the lady only said that it was strange, and didn't say that she didn't like it. Since it's not that she doesn't like it, then she can call it that way."

    Xu Nian raised his eyes and looked at him in shock, thinking that he might have restrained himself a little before, but now it seems that the last layer of worry has suddenly disappeared, and his whole person is so bold and straightforward that it is hard to resist.

    "I can't say no to you", she simply admitted generously.

    The cheeks of the person in front of him were bulging with anger, and the side cheeks propped up into a rounded arc. Qi Chu looked at it for a while, couldn't hold back, and suddenly pinched it, it was soft and very interesting.

    In this world, there are people who are charming and enchanting, and there are people who are more beautiful than everything else, but despite the skin, most of them are exactly the same in the dark inside.

    But as long as she stands here, Qi Chu feels that the previous cognition is not entirely correct, and he can also have less prejudice against this world because of her existence.

    He knew that he was just a walking dead, but occasionally, in order not to scare her away, he would put on human skin and plot slowly.

    "Miss, do you remember what you just said?" Qi Chu let go of his hand and looked at her with a smile, "If Miss considers other people in the future—"

    When he said the last few words, he drew a long tone and paused on purpose.

    Xu Nian was suspicious: "Then what are you going to do?"

    A dark color flashed in Qi Chu's eyes, but he suppressed his true thoughts.

    "If Miss is married to someone, then bring me along with her."

    He even worried for a while, and then made a concession, "If it's inconvenient to be upright, it's okay to hide me quietly like now."

    Xu Nian was startled: "What will I bring you to do?"

    Qi Chu thought for a while, and replied solemnly: "Miss said that my younger brother will kill me in half a year. I think that since Miss can predict the future and still face me like this, then she will definitely not see death at that time." save."

    "But everyone has their own destiny, and there is nothing others can do to help them," Xu Nian said seriously.

    Besides, she also mentioned that she told him what was going to happen. It is completely possible to start preparing now, and it is very likely to turn the situation around.

    "This seems to be too troublesome." Qi Chu seemed to have listened, and thought about it for a while, "If you and I get married, we have a better chance of being able to change."

    One sentence shocked Xu Nian to her feet. Thinking of the situation in her previous life, she shook her head suddenly, "No! If you are imprisoned again, I will save you, and he will torture me too."

    Qi Chu keenly sensed something from her words, narrowed her eyes slightly, and took her slightly fearful look into her eyes thoughtfully.

    He tortured her? Because of Qi Xuan?

    But according to what she said earlier, isn't that something that will happen in the future?

    Qi Chu's expression was unusually serious.


    Xu Nian only felt that the soles of her feet seemed to be stepping on cotton, and she couldn't get it right. She hurried away, but the heartbeat that couldn't slow down was obviously silent, but at this moment, it seemed to be deliberately beating in her ear, making people flustered .

    The bumped place did not disappear, always reminding her of what happened just now.

    Lian Tang saw it and was startled, "Is Miss sick? Why are you so sad?"

    She felt that it was not normal for the young lady to blush.

    Xu Nian didn't know what to say, so he pushed the door open by himself, and then suddenly closed the door when Lian Tang was about to ask again, blocking her puzzled eyes from the outside.

    very messy.

    Xu Nian buried himself in the quilt, closed his eyes, trying to figure out what was going on.

    Obviously before today, she still clearly knew that she was an outsider, and whether it changed or not in the future, it had nothing to do with her.

    But now.

    The clearest thing in my mind is the sound of breathing that is getting faster and faster, and the coolness caused by the tip of the nose touching together. What did she do?

    Closing your eyes is an involuntary panic, and opening your eyes is an annoyance that cannot calm down.

    This was beyond her previous understanding, and she suddenly didn't know what to do.

    Why not only did he change, but she also seemed to be brought along to change.

    The thoughts couldn't find a way out, blocked, stuffy in the heart.

    She straightened her head and calmed down for a while, but she still felt aggrieved. She treated the pillow as a human being and beat it a few times, finally feeling better.

    The door was slammed suddenly, and before Xu Nian could make a sound, sister's voice came, "Nian Nian, are you in? My sister has something to say to you."

    Xu Nian sat up from the bed and quickly ran to the bronze mirror to straighten his messy hair. He didn't take a deep breath until he was sure that he wouldn't see anything unusual, and opened the door.


    Xu Sijiang felt that her sister was a little guilty, but since it wasn't obvious, she didn't pay much attention to it.

    She had something more important to say, so she said directly: "Sister, I know you have always wanted to know who is behind the Su Yang case, and now you have some clues."

    In the past, she just thought it was weird, but she didn't expect that there was such a big inside story in the rebellion case back then.

    Xu Nian suddenly looked at her sister, "Who is it?"

    Xu Sijiang handed her the portrait in his hand, "This is a portrait drawn based on the people who escaped from it at that time."

    The thing in his hand is about to tear away that layer of unknown, and then reveal the bloody truth.

    Xu Nian opened it up little by little, revealing the whole picture of the people on it.

    The young man with a jade-like face is protruding his fan and smiling slightly. Those unforgettable eyebrows and eyes will grow deeper and more delicate later, making him the most outstanding and stunning face in the world.

    Xu Nian, on the other hand, felt cold for no reason in this scorching summer.

    It is impossible for Lu Zhi to do such a thing, so this is?

    "I should have thought of it earlier..." Xu Nian muttered to himself.

    Who else could be so cruel and merciless in the previous life besides Qi Chu.

    Xu Sijiang didn't expect that she would know him, but he was afraid that she would recognize the wrong person, so he explained: "I came here to tell you about him, maybe you don't know, the person you stay with is his... "

    Before he finished speaking, Xu Nian took the initiative to admit, "I know who he is."

    Xu Sijiang didn't expect that she would know because Lu Shisheng had mentioned it to her back then, and she had checked the past along this line, and she already knew almost the whole picture, so she knew who this person in the family was.

    Therefore, although she was on guard during this time, she did not do anything to drive people away, and it was thanks to his assistance that she was able to find the clues.

    Just about to ask her how she knew, Xu Nian suddenly pulled her back, the fear in her eyes hadn't faded, but she said firmly: "Our family knew about such a dangerous thing. According to the previous sister, I couldn't find any clues. It shows that this person is ruthless and thoughtful."

    "He must have been afraid of our family in the meeting. We must be fully prepared, otherwise if he still wants to silence him, our family will be the next one to bleed."

    Xu Sijiang looked at her for a moment, and felt that her younger sister's vigilance was far beyond his imagination.

    "Don't worry, A Nian, Dad and I are already thinking of a solution."

    Xu Nian nodded, as long as he knew who it was, it would be easy, so that he would never catch her by surprise again.

    Xu Sijiang saw that her expression was not good, so he said: "You don't need to worry about these things, I already have a solution, nothing will happen."

    Xu Nian didn't dare to go through the pain of loss again, she could only do what she could, and take care of herself so that no one would worry about her.

    She smiled and said: "I believe in Sister and Dad. I can't do anything, but I won't hold back. Sister just put a hundred hearts on me, and the bad guys will definitely be punished."

    Xu Sijiang smiled gratifiedly, remembering the conversation with Qi Chu half an hour ago.

    "Your Excellency has kept everything secret and used my mansion as a place to cover up. Now that you have sent such important clues to me, it would be unjustifiable if I don't come to fulfill the friendship of the landlord."

    Qi Chu said: "But the person in the portrait is the same as me, how do you know it's not me?"

    Xu Sijiang felt that his worries were unnecessary. She felt that this person was difficult to deal with. He seemed to be talking to you in a few words, but they were actually trying to test what he wanted to know.

    But he still showed his sincerity, "I once heard Lu Shisheng mention you, the former prince of Changzhi Palace."

    Qi Chu was noncommittal.

    Xu Sijiang continued: "He trusts you the most, and I trust him, so I believe he won't misjudge anyone."

    "So?" Qi Chu refused to accept her words.

    "This kind of clues fell into our hands, your brother will not let us go easily." Xu Sijiang came to negotiate conditions, "Now, among the heirs of His Majesty, the two of you have the most chance indivual."

    "His Royal Highness and our government have a common enemy, why don't we stand aside and take what we need?"

    "Everyone gets what they need?" Qi Chu said indifferently, "What can the Duke's Palace give me?"

    "Since your Highness is back, there must be some intentions." Xu Sijiang can see that he is used to the wind and rain, and knows what is the most convincing person at this time, "His Highness helps me block his revenge, and the Duke's Mansion can also help His Highness get away Smoother."

    "Quan, it's not what I want." Qi Chu raised his eyes without moving, "You guys should think about what you want to give me before we can negotiate terms."

    Xu Sijiang pressed the button in puzzlement, and asked: "Then what does His Highness want?"

    Qi Chu smiled lightly, thinking of Xu Nian, but only said: "I haven't figured it out yet, let's owe it first, and when I think it over, I'll just come and pick it up someday."

    Since the beginning of the new year, Xu Nian rarely had nightmares.

    At this time, he suddenly fell into a nightmare again. On the execution platform in the busy city, the grandfather's head rolled down to his feet, and the blood was still whimpering from his mouth, as if he wanted to tell her something.

    Elder Sister blindfolded her eyes, Xu Nian was very anxious, and wanted to let her sister let go, but touched the blood on his hand during the struggle, Elder Sister's hand had already been let go, and as she fell to the ground, countless The blood swallowed her in it.

    She wanted to take her elder sister to see a doctor, but the moment she carried her elder sister on her back and turned around, suddenly there was a desolate and dilapidated Duke's Mansion behind her.

    Xu Nian stretched out his hand to open the door, but saw Lian Tang hanging in front of the door, and fried chestnuts in sugar all over the floor.

    The door behind her was suddenly blown up by the wind, Xu Nian was trapped in the courtyard, someone was crying, someone was begging for mercy, she followed the sound to find it.

    The door was too brand new, and as she stood still, it suddenly opened to her, and before she could see the whole picture inside, the blood splashed on her face splashed towards her...

    Xu Nian tightly closed his eyes, and the warmth spread to his face, gradually becoming scorching hot.

    In the palace, flames erupted from the center, and the scorching heat made Xu Nian retreat frequently. When she raised her head again, she saw a person with his back facing her in the huge flames, walking in step by step, before completely stepping into the sea of ​​flames When she was in the abyss, she looked at her sideways as if she had noticed something.

    The handsome silhouette of the person who stopped in the flickering firelight was extremely brightly illuminated, but his eyes were silent to the end.

    Xu Nian met his gaze, and the other party just looked at her quietly, and laughed at herself for a while, turned around, and walked towards his home without any nostalgia...

    In an instant, there seemed to be a pulling force, trying to pull her in.

    Xu Nian sat up suddenly, the night outside the window was hazy, there was no wind tonight, but the house was a bit stuffy, presumably it was raining.

    She rubbed her forehead, and when she put down her hand, she smashed the ornaments next to her. She was shocked again, and couldn't sleep at all, so she got up and got dressed.

    Lian Tang ran over when she heard the movement, "Miss?"

    Xu Nian recalled the scene in the dream just now, his palpitations were severe, and he asked her to pass the lantern to him, "I'll go and see my parents, you don't have to follow."

    Seeing that her face was so pale that there was no blood in it, Lian Tang hesitated for a moment, and Xu Nian had already left.

    Go through the corridor and walk across the stone bridge in front, and you will find the residence of Auntie and Auntie.

    The lights were bright, and two shadows fell on the window.

    Mrs. Xu is connecting the tassels on the sachet, "It will be the Mid-Autumn Festival soon, give each of them one to keep them safe."

    Duke Xu was a little clumsy at making fringe tassels. Seeing that she finished another one, he couldn't help sighing, "Ma'am, please slow down, I'm about to be unable to pay for you..."

    Xu Nian stood under the window and smiled along with him, finally feeling relieved, turned around and left quietly.

    No, definitely not, they still have to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, saying peace every year.

    It was just a dream, she told herself.

    Qi Chu released the black pigeon in his hand, turned around, and saw people walking in the corridor below.

    A small stone fell on his feet, Xu Nian looked around, and finally saw the person standing by the rockery when he looked up.

    When she got closer, Qi Chu realized that her face was extremely pale and her eyes were uneasy, and she didn't even notice that the lantern in her hand was dimmed a lot.

    "I had a nightmare." Xu Nian sat down next to the pavilion, put the lamp in his hand on the table, and felt terrified when he thought of everything in the dream.

    "What did you dream about?"

    Qi Chu went to the corridor in front of the side again to get two brighter lamps, which illuminated the pavilion brightly.

    Xu Nian raised his eyes, stared at him for a while, and then said, "I dreamed that everyone I cared about died in front of me."

    "I can't save them, I can only watch the blood spread to my feet." Her lips were a little pale, and her voice was very soft when she spoke, as if she had been holding it in her heart for too long. It's good to listen, but to speak out will make you feel better.

    Qi Chu said: "Dreams are all fake."

    Xu Nianyu shook his head, and said sadly, "It's not fake, it's all real. I've seen everything I've seen, and I've dreamed about everything I haven't seen."

    Qi Chu didn't know when and how she met her.

    "I'm the only one left..." Xu Nian has no home.

    Qi Chu asked: "Miss, did you dream of me?"

    Xu Nian inexplicably thought of the last look he saw in the dream, like him, but with that look, it could only be Qi Chu.

    She moved her lips but didn't make a sound. Qi Chu had already guessed, "It wasn't dreaming of me. It was him, right? Is he dead too?"

    This was the first time he heard his ending from her mouth.

    Xu Nian saw bugs hitting the lampshade, looking at the fire, it was as if he saw the figure looking sideways in the fire again.

    "Maybe." Walking into such a big fire would mean death. "I saw him walk into the fire, and then something tried to pull me in, and I woke up suddenly."

    Qi Chu felt incredible: "He is not someone who would commit suicide."

    Everyone is dead, and he will live to the end, and then watch the flesh and blood turn to bones, laughing at them looking for their own death, how could he choose to die on his own initiative.

    Xu Nian didn't expect him to say that, and looked up at him: "I don't think he will either."

    Qi Chu smiled, stood up suddenly, and reached out his hand to touch Xu Nian's cheek, which was not only pale, but also cold.

    Xu Nian looked up at him, wanting to say that you should go first, and sit down when she can't sleep.

    Qi Chu suddenly confessed: "I'm leaving tomorrow."

    Finally, it was time to leave.

    Xu Nian was slightly stunned, and then he realized something, "Are you going back?"

    "No", Qi Chu's eyes were dim, "I'm going to Su Yang to check some things."

    After finishing speaking, as if she was afraid that she might think something wrong, she explained: "I didn't go to get married quietly, Miss can't doubt my future."

    Xu Nian cut off the thought that had just arisen in his mind, and said firmly, "I didn't!"

    "Really?" He raised the corners of his lips, "Miss, remember, I didn't go to get married, and neither can Miss."

    Qi Chu lifted the lamp, saw the sound of thunder in the sky, and sent her to the porch.

    Xu Nian looked back at him for the last time, and said unwillingly, "What you said doesn't count. When I meet someone I like, I will definitely marry him."

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, and felt that what she said might be true, what she said was true, and what she said was true.

    So what if you get married, just grab it.

    Xu Nian didn't know what was going on in his mind, but he saw that his eyes were becoming more and more dangerous. At this moment, a wind suddenly blew up and blew the lamp in his hand.

    She turned around and wanted to leave, but Qi Chu suddenly called her from behind her, "I thought Miss would tell me to be safe and come back properly, but Miss was thinking about waiting for me to leave to meet someone I like."

    "Miss, you think I'm blocking your marriage, and you think it's just right for me to leave?"

    There was a trace of grievance in the voice.

    "It's not now, it's also in the future." Xu Nian looked at him sideways, puzzled, "What does this have to do with you, it's always my business."

    "But I kissed Miss, shouldn't I be responsible?"

    He didn't speak loudly, but when he heard it in Xu Nian's ears, he felt his face slowly heat up again, and he just wanted to cover that mouth.

    "You're talking nonsense. I just thought I was bitten by a dog. I didn't want you to pay me the rest of your life."

    "The dog bit me?" Qi Chu had a smile on his face, but he walked towards her with a smile on his face.

    Under the light and shadow of the corridor, the curve of the corner of the mouth was bent just right, but it was inexplicable to see that people's backs felt cold.

    Xu Nian watched helplessly as the distance between the two got closer and closer, and turned to leave, but was held back by his hand.

    "What are you afraid of?" Qi Chu blocked her in front of the pillar, thinking that if she really said it well, she couldn't do it, she had to rely on scaring.

    Xu Nian looked up at him, and found that he was standing here alone, his broad shoulders had blocked all the light behind him.

    "You, do you remember where this is?"

    "Remember, your family." Qi Chu also answered well, but fixed his lowered eyes on her, "Anyway, I've already been bitten once, so you can think about it again, can't you?"

    Words are dangerous, and so are people.

    Xu Nian tried to push him away, but found that no matter how hard he tried, he still stood still.

    "I provoked you to provoke you, and you bullied me like this."

    She was still worried about alarming people, so she said the words in a suppressed voice, leaving only embarrassment, not anger.

    People with red lips and white teeth are not very good at swearing, and they just repeat a few words, which are considered the kindest words Qi Chu has ever heard.

    "Then I'll let the young lady bully you back." He looked down at her with a smile in his eyes, and he looked very talkative.

    Xu Nian gritted his teeth, only regretting that his family didn't have a dog, otherwise he would really let the dog bite him back.

    "You are so bold, someone will sue Dad later, no matter who you are, he will beat you out first."

    Qi Chu didn't want to hear her talk about others, but only wanted her to talk about herself.

    Xu Nian saw his eyes suddenly resting on her speaking lips, something seemed to flow in his eyes, she had a bad feeling, she raised her hand first and covered her mouth tightly.

    Seeing his reaction, Qi Chu laughed lowly, turned around halfway, and touched her nose, feeling a little greedy for this feeling.

    Xu Nian could feel the itchiness brought by the breath from the tip of his nose on his face, and there was a bit of coolness in the gentleness. But he didn't know how to restrain himself, and when the tip of his nose met, she held her breath, but it made Qi Chu even more daring.

    The touch on the back of her hand completely made Xu Nian anxious, and her eyes seemed to be cursing in her heart.

    Qi Chu kissed it, noticed her nervousness, and laughed at her: "Miss, don't think about marrying someone else, you bullied her, but I'm here, and I can let her ask for it back at any time."

    Xu Nian finally couldn't bear it anymore, let go of his hand, and dodged back when pushing him, and finally stood at a safer distance.

    "I'm definitely going to get it back. So you'd better come back intact. I'll go to the market tomorrow to buy a dog, and then I'll let it bite you."

    "Okay," Qi Chu looked at the people who had run away, and said to himself in the empty corridor, "but then Miss won't be able to run away."


    In the palace the next day, Emperor Cheng looked at the person who came back to report, and asked, "Are you sure you read it right?"

    "He did go in the direction of Su Yang, presumably there was something urgent and he left in a hurry, that's why we ran into him by accident."

    "Can you find someone to follow?"

    "He is really cautious. We are afraid that our whereabouts will be exposed first, so we will come back and report to His Majesty first before making a decision."

    Emperor Cheng paced back and forth, feeling overjoyed that it took no effort to get here, and immediately ordered: "Let him come back at all costs. Qi Xuan has become more and more dominant recently, and no one can control Qi Xuan except him."

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