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    When we got to the door, everything was quiet and there was no one, as if the sound just now was a hallucination.

    When the two returned to the house, Xu Nian hesitated for a moment before making up his mind and said, "Sister, until there is no definite evidence, I will believe him."

    What she thought of was that there were too many chances to harm her, and according to her previous life, he was no threat to her family.

    Xu Sijiang looked at his younger sister's serious expression, but he didn't expect her to be so persistent, he stopped talking a few times, and said: "If you want to stay, you can stay, sister is staying in Beijing for the time being, so I don't worry about his uneasiness. .”

    "What you told me about the prince last time, don't say anything for now." Xu Sijiang's eyes sank, "We don't have any evidence now, so we can only wait until we get hold of him again. As for the other group of people—— "

    Xu Sijiang's eyes were deep, "The whereabouts are strange, the attack is fierce, the comer is not good, and he has not shown his feet yet."

    "A Nian, did you offend anyone in the past?" Such a deadly attack was either seeking revenge or deliberately planning.

    Just as Xu Nian was about to shake her head, the scene of Qi Chu in her previous life drugging herself appeared inexplicably in her mind. She was suspicious, could it be Qi Chu?

    Could he appear in Yandu at this time?

    But he didn't know her in this life.

    Afraid that hesitating for too long would make sister think too much, Xu Nian temporarily put aside this doubt, and said: "Sister, I have never had such a big enmity with anyone, and if I have enmity with the person behind me, that night In that case, they should have killed me without hesitation, instead of cutting off the rope and leaving me alone in the carriage."

    "There are a lot of doubts about this matter. They cut grass and roots too hard. Among the fifteen people accompanying them, only Kang Yi and Yan Yu survived, and there are too few clues left." At this point, Xu Sijiang looked at his sister, Said: "It's strange to say that after that night, I haven't seen Yan Yu for more than ten days in a row."

    Xu Nian thought, maybe what she said had worked, and Yan Yu finally realized that they could never go back to the past, so she simply wanted to let go of the relationship.

    After all, when he resolutely left back then, he kept silent like this.

    Winter in Wei Dynasty always leaves very early. When we arrive in Xinyuan, the north wind disappears without a trace, and we have already seen the spring breeze.

    Early in the morning, the boy on the porch was hanging lanterns, and the servant girl polished the doors and windows brightly.

    Xu Nian will always be fond of such lively times. She put down the pen for writing and waited for the ink marks on the paper to dry before asking Lian Tang to hang it up.

    "Father and mother", Xu Nian first went to say hello to his parents, and then ran to Sister's courtyard to pester her to give her thrush, all the way sweet-mouthed, "Niannian's Sister is the most beautiful in the world!"

    Xu Sijiang tapped the tip of her nose, and gave her the zodiac coins that had been prepared earlier and strung with red strings, "Just remember this, right?"

    It's double!

    Xu Nian jingled in the palm of his hand, smiled and ran to his room, without Lian Tang's help, tied all six strings of zodiac coins to the foot of the bed.

    It's just that extreme joy begets sorrow, and when he turned back to the corridor in high spirits, he suddenly bumped into the oncoming person.

    Xu Nian clutched his painful forehead, glanced at the direction he was going, and asked casually, "Lu Zhi, do you want to go out?"

    Thinking about it carefully, haven't seen him for several days.

    Qi Chu also seemed to be a little surprised, but he didn't show the slightest bit on his face. He pointed to a lantern that was inexplicably extinguished behind her, and said, "The steward asked me to see if it still needs to be replaced."

    She was dressed very festively today, the red dress made her whole body pink and jade-like, and there was a longevity lock made of Hetian jade at the neck, which was smart and compact.

    Qi Chu already had a guess in his heart, and asked back: "Miss, are you going out?"

    Xu Nian nodded, asked Lian Tang to pass the things to him, and then explained: "New clothes for the New Year, there will be a lantern festival in the city later, so you can go with me."

    Seeing that he hadn't moved yet, Xu Nian began to urge him.

    She couldn't stop today, seeing that there was not even a piece of festive paper in his yard, so she asked Lian Tang to get the lantern and window paper.

    Qi Chu looked at the sudden extra things around him, and his eyes returned to the corner of Xu Nian's mouth that hadn't let go all day.

    He really couldn't understand why anyone could be happy all day because of the festival.

    The hustle and bustle is obviously the thing that can most arouse people's desire for destruction. The night should be silent, and such a bright smile should be wiped out.

    Xu Nian restrained himself a little, and urged him again, "Hurry up, if you are late later, my cousin will leave."

    Elder Sister doesn't like to play with them, in the past today, only he and Xu Gui went back.

    Qi Chu didn't know what he thought of, raised his brows indifferently, and said with a smile: "Since Miss wants me to follow, why do you need someone else?"

    The letter in his sleeve hadn't had time to unfold yet, but at this moment he was holding it between his fingers, but it was so calm that no one could notice anything unusual.

    The smile on the corner of his mouth was just right to make a look that Xu Nian would like.

    "Because you look good." Xu Nian suddenly stood on tiptoe, took off the mask on his face with his own hands, and stared at him for a while, "Lu Zhi, I have never seen anyone more beautiful than you."

    "Really?" Qi Chu said in confusion, "Will Miss praise other people like this in the future?"

    The tone of voice rose slightly, but he couldn't discern the emotion in it, Qi Chu's eyes gradually turned cold when he thought that it might not be him, but Qi Xuan that she was praising.


    But Xu Nian didn't notice this, and quickly put on the mask on him, only revealing the smooth lower half of his face, and said with satisfaction: "It's better like this, you are too ostentatious, you will be snatched away by others. "

    He hasn't helped her figure out the truth about Suyang City, so he can't lose the money spent on his medicine.

    The moment she approached, Qi Chu smelled the smell of old wine at the tip of her nose, and seeing that the tip of her nose and cheeks were a little pink, she probably knew what was going on.

    Taking advantage of Xu Nian's inattention, he changed the letter to the other hand, and when he took the clothes, he smiled subtly, "Lu Zhi can remember everything Miss said, if one day in the future, Miss praised her like this Man, Lu Zhi will definitely—try his best to get Miss to praise her back."

    When he said the next few words, he deliberately bit his tongue and slowed down his tone, not thinking that what he said was hidden in his heart, and the person reflected in his quiet black pupils was his prey.

    All provocations, substitutions, and rejections are not allowed.

    Xu Nian didn't understand what he said, so Qi Chu in the room quickly scanned the content on it, until the letter was completely swallowed by the flames, then picked up the clothes and took a closer look.

    Another thing came to mind, no wonder he liked to wear some jade white clothes from the beginning to the end, isn't it Qi Xuan's favorite.

    I really understand, even know such preferences.

    Qi Chu's eyes were filled with unresolved gloom, as if dark clouds were majestic and lingering, they were all in his eyes.

    Such emotions come inexplicably, which is always very unpleasant.

    Xinyuan of the Great Wei Dynasty has the custom of setting up a blessing lamp on New Year's Eve. This day is often the time when the streets are the most crowded. Xu Nian pointed to the front and said: "Cousin, there are few people there, let's go there .”

    Qi Chu followed behind leisurely, casually followed the direction she pointed, and then retracted his eyes indifferently, but he glanced somewhere from the corner of his eye, and stopped for a short time.

    And at the end, Wu Zheng received the order, leaned half of his body from the corner of the wall, raised his hand, and the black dove instantly flew into the sky and disappeared into the night.

    Seeing that they were about to reach the place, a woman ran up ahead suddenly, her bun was slightly messed up, and she dodged around.

    He Niang's eyes searched for someone who could protect him in the crowd, and finally quickly locked on to the person holding the sword behind Miss Changshousuo in the crowd. Although he covered his face, he was tall and tall. It also looks a little distracted, so it is the best target.

    As if she had made up her mind, she quickly lowered her eyes, put away her scrutiny, tears welled up in her eyes, and stumbled into his arms regardless.

    A figure trotting against the crowd suddenly appeared, Xu Nian subconsciously stepped aside, Qi Chu also stopped in his tracks, his indifferent gaze fixed on the visitor.

    When the woman came to the front, the moment Chuchu pitifully raised her eyes, she met a pair of sharp eyes with a coldness that seemed to be a warning, which made her barely restrain her steps forward. A gentle man with a concerned face.

    Almost immediately, she changed her goal, changed her footsteps, and fell directly into Xu Gui's arms, and with this force, she slid down and sat on the ground.

    Sobbing softly, "My lord, save my family", Lihua raised her eyes with rain, and pointed to the thugs behind her who were still searching for her in the crowd, and said: "They cheated me of money, seeing that my family was helpless, how could I It's the bustard who wants to sell me to that brothel."

    "Girl, stand up if you have something to say."

    Xu Gui had never been pulled by the corner of his clothes like this before. He wanted to pull it out of her hand, but found that she was holding it tightly, not loose at all.

    She was only wearing a summer thin shirt, and the outer shirt slipped a little with Xu Gui's struggle, and her skin was faintly visible, but she didn't seem to notice it, and raised her head and begged, "My lord, please save my family, my family is also a good man." Son of man, they force people into prostitution, this is the life of the slave family."

    After saying that, he started to cry loudly, and the people around who heard the voice turned their heads frequently, Xu Gui had never seen such a scene before, he couldn't walk away, and he didn't dare to look at it, and stood there with an irritable face .

    Xu Nian suddenly took off his cloak, and Qi Chu glanced at her, feeling that this scene was so familiar before.

    Xu Nian covered her, squatted down, saw the girl's charming eyes, she should be a few years older than her, and said: "Sister, if they are looking for you, you made such a Wouldn't this sound be more eye-catching."

    The woman lowered her head and thought for a while, and there was a little movement, but she refused to let go, as if she had seen that the person on the table was easy to talk, she raised her head and said with tears in her eyes: "My lord, as long as you save me from the sea of ​​suffering, I will be happy for you in the future." A slave is a servant girl, and the servants are all at your command."

    Xu Nian and Kang Yi looked at each other, and asked her to go over there to see if someone was really chasing her. Kang Yi took the order and came back after a while, nodding to Xu Nian.

    it is true?

    It's no wonder Xu Nian thought too much, in her previous life, she had seen someone pounce on Qi Chu like this, and before she succeeded, she was already frightened crazy by the way Qi Chu killed the person who let her in.

    It was the first time Xu Nian saw it. It turns out that blood can really flow down the fingertips, drop by drop, like a blood plum blooming on the slender fingertips. Those who are stained will not get good results.

    Later, Qi Chu got all the blood on her sleeve, and regardless of her trembling and fear, he threw her a handkerchief and asked her to wipe his hands.

    Xu Nian shuddered for no reason, and when he escaped from the memory, Qi Chu keenly noticed that she showed that disgusted expression again.


    Miss also hides too many unspoken secrets.

    Xu Gui on the side had never been so at a loss before, and said nervously: "How much money you owe, I'll just help you pay it back, let me go first."

    "Really?" He Niang was still hesitating.

    "Really", Xu Gui turned to call the boy, "Tell him, I'll let him go back to pick it up, and I'll make sure you'll be fine tonight."

    He Niang didn't believe him, "I want you to go back and get it, and I'll follow you, otherwise if you cheat me and run away, I'll find someone."

    Xu Nian looked back at the empty space just now, and now it was delayed and full of people, so he said, "This place is not far from home, my cousin will go home and find her some clothes to keep out of the cold."

    The woman finally breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the sound, stood up and thanked Xu Nian, then looked at Xu Gui shyly, thinking in her heart, as she thought, she was a soft-hearted guy.

    Seeing her let go of her hand, Xu Gui stood aside cautiously.

    Xu Nian suddenly called out to Kang Yi, "Cousin still wants to go with me to light the lamp, so I won't go back, Kang Yi, just listen to how much money she owes, find a bank to get it from her, and then take her to buy it." clothes."

    "It should be a good fortune for today's day."

    The woman's complexion changed, she didn't expect that she was cheated, and she was ready to repeat the old trick, this time before she fell down, she was caught by Kang Yi, "I helped you pay back the money, what are you still pestering for, let's go. "

    Seeing that he walked half a step back and called out to Young Master, Xu Gui still couldn't bear it, and said in a low voice, "The world is not good, and I don't know what happened to such a girl's family to become like this."

    Xu Nian knew that his cousin was always soft-hearted, so he just said: "Cousin, she pesters you like this only because she sees that you will believe her words, three parts are true and three parts are false. Fortunately, cousin is not married yet, otherwise today you will be killed by her In a few words, I really softened my heart, and my sister-in-law will definitely not let you go."

    Xu Gui was a little disturbed by being entangled, and looked back at the direction Kang Yi took her away, "If it is a group of gangsters who not only want money but also life, then I will die today."

    "No, I'd better find out the cause and effect." Regardless of Xu Gui's conscience, he handed the lantern to Xu Nian, "Sister, let's go, my cousin will come to you later."

    Xu Nian only had time to see a weak figure walking away, sighed helplessly, turned around and saw Qi Chu looking at her, he couldn't help but be taken aback, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

    Qi Chu said calmly, "It's not common to see a hard-hearted lady."

    It turns out that it's not that he is so soft-hearted that he has no bottom line at all times, it's just Qi Xuan.

    Seeing his gloomy eyes, Xu Nian frowned, thinking of his side concubine who kept calculating all day long in his previous life.

    Fox questioned: "Could it be that you are also worried that such a beauty is wandering outside, and want to follow and see for yourself?"

    "Yes." Qi Chu curled his lips slightly, "I'm not as good as Miss. Saving people varies from person to person. I'm soft and sweet, so I can't let go of it."

    Xu Nian's expression has become completely serious, no wonder the side concubine in the previous life was domineering, so you thought so and gave her many privileges.

    Xu Nian calmed down and said, "If you want to go, you are not allowed to go. The one who asked you to light the lamp is not to let you see the beauties. The ambition of youth should be everywhere, why should it be limited to Yingying and Yanyan."

    "Ah", Qi Chu dragged his tune, as if he suddenly realized, "Can't we go?"

    While speaking, he looked at the street where the woman disappeared, and said unintentionally: "It's a pity, if Lu Zhi goes to call the lady's cousin back, I'd better go and have a look, there are not many peach blossoms delivered to the door." See."

    Xu Nian walked back a few steps, and firmly put the lantern in his hand, "Follow me, you won't be able to go anywhere tonight, so pray for next year's self."

    He raised his eyes and stared at him again, and said with a very serious face: "I see you will have a disaster of blood and light next year, and if you add another catastrophe, you may lose your life at that time."

    The world can learn from each other, what she said is the truth.

    "Really?" Qi Chu stretched out his fingertips to straighten the crooked lantern, and followed her, "I think Miss will have a bloody disaster next year. There is no need to add peach blossoms, or maybe her life will be lost."

    Suspicious and suspicious, it was as if the truth was true, if Xu Nian didn't know what was going to happen in the future, he would really have been bluffed by him.

    "Talk big words, Lu Zhi, you have recovered from your injury very quickly recently!"

    Already arrived at the place, on the high stands, the lights of Yandu City's houses are brighter than anything else, and every blessing lamp floating in the sky carries a hope. When looking up, it is more dazzling than the stars exist.

    Xu Nian stopped messing with him, just raised his pen, and saw him staring at him out of the corner of his eye, hiding what he was going to write for an instant, not allowed to read it.

    The wishing lamp in his hand hadn't written yet, and he didn't look like he was going to write. Xu Nian handed his own to Lian Tang for a while, then took his wishing lamp, and wrote four words with a pen: " peaceful always."

    Qi Chu's gaze didn't change, but it was cold.

    Is it Zhu Qixuan?

    The other one, is it to write that it can kill him as soon as possible.

    Xu Nian lowered his head and wrote, this is his biggest life-and-death problem now, after finishing writing, he handed it to him again: "No, nothing else will work, try your luck, if you can see this scene next year, it means it will work .”

    Qi Chu fiddled with it casually, and there was a crisp "click", and one of the supporting skeletons suddenly broke. He raised his eyes and looked innocently at Xu Nian, "I didn't do anything."

    Xu Nian looked helplessly at the unusable wishing lamp, ignored him, and walked away from him a few steps to avoid being peeped, and then wrote down his wish.

    Qi Chu glanced at it unclearly, and then took the initiative to look away, seemingly not caring about what she wrote.

    When it is lit, that single lamp slowly rises to the sky, returning to the same place with many lights.

    "Let's go." Xu Nian turned and went downstairs, "Have you gone to look for your cousin and come back? Maybe someone really deceived you."

    Qi Chu still sloppily landed at the end, and when he went down to the third floor, he stopped suddenly. Wu Zheng stood up and asked with lowered eyes, "Your Highness, are you ready to start action?"

    After waiting for a while, but did not hear the order, Wu Zheng boldly raised his eyes slightly, followed his line of sight to the stands outside, and saw the sky full of brightly lit prayer lights.

    None of those bright lights could be reflected in Qi Chu's eyes.

    "Find her lamp and shoot it down," he said quietly, "I want to know what she wrote."

    It wasn't until the people left that Wu Zheng raised his head slowly, and looked back at those Kongming lanterns that were similar but slightly different with some doubts.

    At the same time, amidst the crackling of firecrackers, the back door of the Xu Mansion in Yandu City opened, and the steward urged the group of craftsmen who had just arrived, "This fine house, for some reason, burned a piece of it for no apparent reason. Repair it earlier, and prepare a reward bag for you, so that you can get a good fortune."

    The leader nodded in a low-key manner, and entered the Xu Mansion with the redundant staff behind him. When the door was closed, he suddenly raised his eyes and glanced cautiously outside.

    Afterwards, he resumed his dullness at the beginning, and followed the manager inside.

    The outside was back to normal again, Wu Zheng came out and lit the fireworks at his feet.

    The splendor that rose to the sky and exploded was extremely unusual on such a night, Qi Chu glanced lightly.

    The young man held the sword in his arms, his eyes seemed to be extremely lazy, but there was deep meaning everywhere, his fingertips were regularly lighting on the scabbard, planning the time to get out.

    But Wu Zheng looked at the countless lights and felt a headache.

    Suddenly there was a crowd, and Xu Nian was squeezed into it. She wanted to turn around, but she couldn't move as she rubbed her shoulders.

    "Miss", Lian Tang barely squeezed in front of Xu Nian, "We shouldn't go this way, this way, the tallest restaurant in the city will have a fireworks show tonight, everyone is going this way to enjoy the excitement."

    But he was halfway there, so he could only follow the crowd first.

    Xu Nian suddenly realized that she had not heard Lu Zhi's voice from just now until now. She turned her head to look, and there was no sign of Lu Zhi in the crowd.

    "Have you seen Lu Zhi?" Xu Nian asked Lian Tang.

    Lian Tang shook her head, also wondering, "Didn't he follow behind all the time?"

    On the eaves, Qi Chu, who escaped early, took the prepared night clothes from Wu Zheng, and asked without looking back, "Are you sure there are no omissions?"

    Wu Zheng replied: "In Xushi, there was a young servant who tried to come out to report the letter. The solution was timely, and the guests of the Xu residence did not notice the abnormality. Everything was within His Highness's expectation."

    Qi Chu asked again, "What's written on it?"

    "..." Wu Zheng silenced Xu'er, and answered cautiously, "This subordinate is incompetent, and did not find the lamp His Highness mentioned."

    Qi Chu stopped in a hurry and looked at him.

    With the chill on his head, in order to try his best to make up for it, Wu Zheng had no choice but to ask in a concentrated voice: "Your Highness, is there any important information on it? What my subordinates found were written in ordinary words, and I didn't find anything unusual."

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, "Then keep looking."

    There was a burst of irritability in his heart for no reason, and the movement of turning his head happened before he even realized it.

    Xu Nian was already trapped by the crowd, he purposely led her to go that way for this effect.

    And at this time——

    Xu Nian was thinking which side of the street would be less crowded, when suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder, and a hand wrapped around her shoulder from behind.

    Then a frivolous and boring voice sounded: "Cousin, who are you looking for? You are in such a hurry."

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