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    Xu Nian never thought that one day she would be so courageous.

    He actually listened to what he said and followed.

    The carriage stopped at the end of Yandu North Street, when Xu Nian opened the curtain, what he saw was the place hidden in the dark with the signboard of the restaurant hanging outside, it seemed normal.

    After He Niang got out of the car, she walked to the door of the restaurant, she just pulled down the hood, and the two guards at the door let her go.

    Before going in, she turned her head and looked left and right, and the two maids called her: "Miss, you need to go back earlier, don't miss the time, let's go in quickly."

    He Niang didn't hesitate any more, she turned around and stepped in, when the figure disappeared from sight, Xu Nian lifted the curtain and said embarrassingly, "Why don't we go back for now, we can naturally leave it to others to investigate such suspicious things .”

    what can she do.

    What's more, there is no such thing as following on a whim. If there is really a problem, if they bump into them again, wouldn't they be silenced without anyone noticing.

    Qi Chu just knocked on the wall of the car suddenly, leaned his head slightly, and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Miss asked Lu Zhi to investigate the clues of the Su Yang case ahead, and Lu Zhi has already investigated it. The family moved here from Suyang City after the incident.”

    "Then it's useless for me to come?"

    If she has such ability, she doesn't need to ask him.

    "No, Miss, just take it as a favor for Lu Zhi." Their carriage is hidden in the shadows, and it is hard to be noticed if you don't pay attention. At this time, Qi Churang opened half the corner of the curtain to let her see the new car outside. carriage.

    The edging is wrapped in brocade, low-key and luxurious, and the crowds who come here are not small.

    After a short pause, a man and a woman got out of the car.

    Xu Nian frowned, looked at him, and asked doubtfully, "So what is this place?"

    It is said that it is a restaurant, but it is too deserted on such a lively day in Shangyuan.

    While talking, the man suddenly turned his head halfway to chat and laugh with the woman beside him, the candlelight from the lantern happened to hit the man's face, Xu Nian recognized the man almost instantly.

    It was the son of Beiyi who caused her elder sister to be miserable in the previous life. The woman next to her held a thin fan and clung to him as if limp and boneless. The son of Beiyi took out the token from his bosom, and then took out the mask to cover it. Keeping his face shut, the guard confirmed his identity and immediately let him go.

    Qi Chu smiled, and seeing her puzzled look, he asked, "Miss, have you ever heard of the 'Beauty Bureau'?

    Xu Nian thought for a while, "I've never heard of it."

    "This is it." She couldn't see Qi Chu's appearance at this time, she could only hear the clear voice deliberately lowered, and then explained to her, "A good place for the nobles of the aristocratic family to have fun, a place to have fun. Come on People here must meet two conditions, one is a family of merchants, and the other is to be accompanied by a female companion."

    Xu Nian probably understood a little bit, she raised her eyes suddenly, and said with almost certainty, "You didn't help me win the lantern at all, you thought I lost too fast, so you couldn't just run into He Niang sneaking out. "

    "You knew she would come here a long time ago, and you asked me to come here on purpose."

    Xu Nian was startled when he said that, he didn't show the slightest abnormality from the beginning to the end, almost making her think that it was really a coincidence.

    Qi Chu smiled and said nothing, just loosened something from his fingers and dropped it in front of her. Xu Nian could tell that it was exactly the same as the token they used to go in just now, the only difference was the words on it.

    The huge Xiao character almost dazzled her eyes, she squeezed the palm of her hand subconsciously.

    "Miss's cousin is not useless, he is so injured now, I am afraid that he has not been able to get out of bed yet." Qi Chu hid his edge in the past, but he can also brighten up for his plan when necessary.Play some cards.

    "Miss wants to know the truth, she has to do her part." A girl from an ordinary family is not interested in an old case that has been closed, and even recognizes him as Qi Xuan.

    Since we can't find out the whole story of unusual things, it's not a bad idea to pull someone down while walking alone.

    Xu Nian was silent for a moment.

    It's not like he is a guard, but she is a maid.

    The pretentiousness is so overwhelming that the person in front of him has no self-knowledge.

    She sighed and asked him seriously: "Are you sure we won't return without success."


    "Are you sure we can escape unscathed?"


    Whatever she asked, Qi Chu answered her one by one, very obedient.

    Xu Nian couldn't ask, but still flinched and said, "You can find someone else, why me?"

    With her shoulders lifted, she couldn't carry it with her hands. Not only was she afraid of death, but she was also afraid of being hindered.

    "Lu Zhi doesn't believe other people, but only believes that the lady will not tell what happened tonight."

    While speaking, a lot of people entered one after another, Xu Nian's frown did not relax, Lian Tang was terrified when he heard it.

    Since when did her young lady do such a deviant thing?

    "Miss..." Lian Tang shook her head at her, not easy to cause trouble.

    Xu Nian thought for a while, and whispered in Lian Tang's ear, "I haven't come out in an hour, so you go home and find Sister and Kang Yi. If you have anything to say, you must let them know that I am here." this place."

    Qi Chu just pretended not to hear, leaning against the side of the car with his downcast eyes under the night, and quickly moved the corner of his mouth.

    Xu Nian got out of the car, and looked at him with questioning eyes, "For the sake of saving me by flipping three times and four times, I believe what you said, I just hope you don't break your promise."

    "Miss, just believe me." Qi Chu looked at her from top to bottom, leaned closer to her, and whispered in her ear, "Miss can't go in like this. Miss also saw it just now. How are they doing?" made."

    While holding his breath in such a soft voice, showing his good voice, Xu Nian just looked up at him blankly like a ghost.

    Being disturbed by him, she continued until she changed her makeup from beginning to end, and even her cheeks, which were not usually pink in the past, became more beautiful.

    Looking at himself in front of the bronze mirror, Xu Nian almost failed to recognize himself.

    "I... I can really do it like this?" She raised her head anxiously, feeling that with her current appearance, if her father caught her, she would definitely be doomed by then.

    Her hair was loose in a bun, with a few strands hanging down slightly, dangling in front of her eyes somewhat obtrusively, and the dress was not like her usual one, the tulle dangling lightly, making people a little more charming.

    Only now did she fully understand how daring she was, such a frivolous woman in the world of mortals, there was no half of what Xu Nian used to look like.

    Qi Chu was talking with the clerk of the tailor shop with his head down, when he heard this, he turned his head to look and paused.

    Xu Nian is still lowering her head and carefully arranging her clothes, she is not very used to this style of dressing.

    Qi Chu called her inexplicably: "Miss."

    "Huh?" Xu Nian raised his head in confusion.

    Qi Chu smiled lightly, but said something wrong, "Don't worry, miss, we will definitely come out within an hour."

    Obviously he couldn't see the whole picture of his face, but at that moment, Xu Nian really felt a little relieved from his brisk tone.

    Since he wanted to dress up, he had to pack a full set, so Qi Chu took the clothes and went into the inner room. The shop waiter looked at it? Seeing that something had fallen on the table, he nodded to Xu Nian, and hurried into the inner room to deliver it.

    When the curtain fell, the shop clerk raised his eyes, it was Wu Zheng,

    He lowered his head and shouted, "Your Highness, if the layout plan of Beiming Mountain is really hidden here by the crown prince, I'd better ask my subordinates to get it for you."

    Qi Chu lifted the curtain, glanced sideways slightly, and Xu Nianzheng looked at the mirror solemnly, with a worried look on his face, it could be seen that he was really disturbed.

    "No need", Qi Chu withdrew his hand, the curtain completely blocked his sight, and his voice became colder, "Qi Yu was able to open this place quietly, which shows that he has made sufficient preparations. We are not easy to startle the snake. The original plan was for me to go in person.”

    Wu Zheng hesitated to speak, "Why do you take her with you, Your Highness, on such an important matter?"

    He hesitated at the last word.


    Qi Chu thought of what happened when he fell into the valley last time. Now that he came, he had to ask Qi Yu for some interest.

    Indeed, as he said, the driving force behind this is from Suyang City, who can give her the news she wants.

    Interest flashed in Qi Chu's eyes, but he just looked up and glanced at him, and said quietly, "Wu Zheng, talking too much is not a good thing."

    He just watched from afar, but now that he is in front of him, Xu Nian realizes that the two guards look fierce, and they are both equipped with sharp swords by their sides.

    When he saw them, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and saw that the token was indeed from his regular customer Xiao Cheng, he let it go without saying anything.

    Xu Nian's stiff hands tightly pinched the corners of her clothes. Just as she was trying her best to keep her face calm, Qi Chu's arms suddenly wrapped around her shoulders, slightly lowered her center of gravity, and moved closer to her. Warm sounds came from her ears. When exhaling, Xu Nian almost forgot how to walk.

    Qi Chu's words were short, but light enough to be almost ambiguous, "Miss, don't shake."

    When the words fell, Xu Nian wanted to let him go, but when he looked at him, he suddenly glanced back from his brows and eyes, implying, "There are eyes watching us."

    Xu Nian looked up and saw patrolling people standing beside the high fence, and his eyes were on them at this time.

    She shrugged stiffly, and shouted in a low voice, "Lu Zhi, turn around, what you said made my ears itch."

    Seeing her nervousness, Qi Chu relaxed a little, looked at the brightly lit building in front of her, and then told her, "No matter what happens later, miss, just follow me."

    "Yeah", Xu Nian glanced at him quietly, feeling that he really made him put on a show.

    It wasn't until he got inside that Xu Nian had a complete glimpse of the corrupt and prosperous scene here.

    There was a lot of people's voices, and silk music was endlessly heard. As they entered, all the gorgeous lights and scenes fell in front of them. As the door slowly closed behind them, the night outside and this place were completely separated into two worlds.

    The calls to buy big and buy small filled her ears, the first floor turned out to be a gambling house, Xu Nian looked up, and the upper part was actually cut off, she remembered that when she came in, there were four floors in this building, now it seems that there are only this layer.

    Among the chaotic crowd, someone immediately greeted them, led them to the gambling table, and introduced them: "Young master must also go to the private room on the third floor when you come here."

    She made a gesture of invitation, and then said the rules, "After two wins in three rounds, someone will take you to the second floor."

    Xu Nian followed him to the table, thinking he was going to play, but saw that there were women sitting at the table next to him, just when he hesitated a little, Qi Chu suddenly helped her on the shoulders and let her sit down. down.

    Qi Chu stood behind her, the waiter had already gone to reshuffle the cards, he bent slightly, and helped her tidy up the slightly messy coat that was pressed by him just now.

    "The reason why this place is called the Beauty Bureau is that the three games must be started by the lady. The lady just plays with them. After three games, no matter whether she wins or loses, Lu Zhi can take the lady out."

    The time of three rounds was enough for him to find what he wanted.

    Naturally, those who promised to her will not break their promises.

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