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    The young man sat in the shadow with his legs propped up, one arm resting loosely on his knee, Xu Nian saw the messy bandages on his side, and the scars on the back of his hands had not been treated in time, and had already developed in a more serious direction.

    His tone was inexplicably low, as if he was disheartened after being wronged but unable to explain himself.

    After he finished speaking, he lowered his eyes immediately, and he didn't seem to have any hope for her coming here.

    The people who followed were afraid that Xu Nian might misunderstand, so they had no choice but to explain: "I asked a doctor to help him bandage, but he untied it himself."

    "I didn't want you." Xu Nian glanced at him and asked someone to open the door, "I'm here to take you out today."

    The clear and clear voice contained an inexplicable power, Qi Chu raised her eyes, those eyes were serious and stubborn, maybe she came in a hurry, and there was a rush of blush on her originally fair cheeks.

    This reminded him that when she said she was going to kill him when she was in a coma, she was as determined as she is now.

    Xu Nian continued: "Lu Zhi, if you are still willing to go back with me, I will go and explain to my sister, and I promise that such things will never happen in the future."

    Qi Chu's calm eyes finally moved, as if a little loose, but the corners of his lips that fell in the shadows hooked silently.

    "Miss, it's not worth it to disobey my sister's wishes for Lu Zhi."

    Qi Chu lazily leaned back against the wall, raised his head slightly to look at the innocent little girl, "Besides, Miss is too blindly confident, or too blindly trusting me." Having said that, he smiled lightly, don't He asked meaningfully: "So how does Miss know that I'm not a jackal, and I don't have another purpose?"

    Xu Nian frowned, feeling that this person's words were really unpleasant. She had never shown any malice, so how did she get such an evaluation from him.

    "Why do you demean yourself?" Xu Nian didn't like his harsh words, so he said, "I can tell the difference between a human and a ghost."

    Qi Chu looked at her with a subtle smile on his face for a moment, and then said something inexplicably echoed, "Miss is indeed very clear, quite clear!"

    Every word in the latter sentence was bitten hard by him, as if it had a special meaning.

    Remembering that there was a blank piece of memory after the burn, and his reaction now, Xu Nian asked hesitantly: "Lu Zhi, did I scold you that day?"

    But she grew up so big, she never scolded anyone except Qi Chu.

    "That's not true," Qi Chu thought thoughtfully, but accidentally said that he wanted to kill him.

    "Lu Zhi is just unclear about one thing." Qi Chu's words came to his lips, he paused inexplicably, and finally became a sentence, "Why can miss trust me so much?"

    What kind of benefit did Qi Xuan give her, that he could coax her to trust her so naively.

    He has deep eyebrows, and there is nothing concealed on his face at this moment, showing his contemplation and thoughts clearly.

    Xu Nian felt that his piercing eyes made people uncomfortable, and the corners of her mouth moved, she said: "You said you are a jackal, but up to now, you have saved me twice at the critical moment of life and death, and it didn't hurt me. Shouldn't I trust you?"

    Answer irrelevant questions, hide the head and hide the tail.

    Qi Chu suddenly retracted his legs, he leaned forward, leaned closer to him, and looked at her in such a dim way, "Miss, if you don't admit it carefully, after all, if you regret it in the future, you can die more clearly. "

    Xu Nian was taken aback by his sudden movement, and instinctively wanted to take a few steps back, but suddenly stopped when he saw the self-deprecating self-mockery in his eyes.

    Firmly replied: "I will not regret it."

    Qi Chu was planning to scare her. He wanted to see her back in a panic, to see her trembling with fear, and to let her know that he was by no means a kind man, but a vicious wolf who ate people without spit out bones. He had no taboos or ethics at all. When he is in a bad mood, he can save her or kill her.

    But so close, he could almost see the tiny fluff on her face, the slightly trembling eyelashes, and the corners of her lips that tried their best to hold back her voice.

    When finally returned to those eyes, it was still that blind self-confidence.

    Qi Chu lost interest, and sat back in the seat just now, rejecting people thousands of miles away.

    "I'm sorry", but Xu Nian stubbornly blocked his line of sight, so he had to raise his eyes to look at himself, then carefully and sincerely repeated the rest of the words, "I'm sorry, thank you too."

    There was a slight arc on Qi Chu's lips, "Miss is too serious, I'm still used to the attitude of Miss who tried me many times before."

    Xu Nian didn't know why this person became so strange, but he didn't pay attention for a moment, and he looked away again, staring at the mural on the wall, wondering what he was thinking.

    "In the past, I worried about you a lot. It was you who evaded your words first, and I didn't do it on purpose." If he wasn't so different from the King Yu in his previous life and later, and he couldn't even detect a half-spoken word, she would have already Believe him.

    She was timid and did not dare to entrust her trust easily, lest she would be doomed.

    Qi Chu thought it was ridiculous that he was allowed to hear these words.

    Are you worried?

    Is it because you are thinking about whether you have admitted the wrong person?

    If it was really Qi Xuan, she might not have these worries at all.

    I believe blindly because think he is Qi Xuan, and Qi Xuan is trustworthy.

    As soon as Xu Nian finished speaking, he had already picked it up, "So Miss, you are here today to inquire about my crimes, and blame me for not being sincere and kind enough in the past?"

    Why didn't realize that he had such sharp teeth before, and he was not obedient at all when he refused to eat.

    "I didn't come to Xingshi to inquire about crimes." Xu Nian didn't know why he thought so, she said her intention, "I want to ask you to do me a favor."

    "In other words, I didn't want you, but there are more important things that I need you to do for me." After being ill, Xu Nian was even more enlightened. Why bother to be in the fog, no matter what he wants to do now , what to do next.

    What matters is what she wants him to do, those things to avoid repeating the mistakes of previous lives.

    She is now the one who has the initiative and decision-making power, so she shouldn't be too timid and cautious, holding back everywhere.

    Xu Nian knelt down, looked up at him, and said, "I want to know the truth about Su Yang City five years ago."

    The spy found beside her father was related to this case. My sister went to Su Yang to reopen the case in her previous life, and her family was labeled as treason. There is no such coincidence in the world.

    If the villain is removed, if the fuse is still there, it will still be ignited sooner or later.

    Instead of sitting still, it is better to take the initiative.

    During the moment when he was silent, Xu Nian thought that he would ask why, or refuse directly, but saw that he seemed to think of something, and suddenly agreed briskly and without any hesitation: "Okay, I promise Miss."

    There was a very obedient smile on his lips, not as piercing as before, the same as when he was just picked up.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes and looked directly at her with black pupils, "Lu Zhi said, as long as Miss is willing to keep me, I will always follow Miss. So Miss, if you have anything to say next time, just ask Well, if Miss speaks directly, Lu Zhi will answer directly."

    Xu Nian didn't know whether it was because the dungeon was dark or opaque, but felt that the people he met this time, although they looked as docile as usual, were full of danger in their eyes.

    But there is a bottomless smile in the danger, which makes people unable to find out the truth.

    Before she could take another look, Qi Chu had already got up.

    No matter what the situation is, this person seems to be able to deal with it with ease.

    "Miss", Qi Chu was not in a hurry to go out, and suddenly stopped her.

    He stood in the backlight, his pupils faint, but a completely different smile spread from his lips, and said: "Lu Zhi only hopes that Miss will not regret it too much in the future."

    Xu Nian smiled at him, didn't follow his words, turned around, saw his shadow fall on her feet from behind, and said: "Lu Zhi, don't talk like that next time, you won't have any friends. "

    friend? What a strange word, never owned, never afraid of losing.

    Qi Chu smiled disdainfully.

    He asked tentatively in his voice, "Miss, are you afraid of death?"

    "What?" Xu Nian didn't know why he suddenly asked.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes slowly, thinking of those old things, his face was also stained with coldness, and he said: "Because everyone who was curious about the Su Yang case has died, and if the young lady wants to know the truth, the truth lies in The sword is on the bloody edge, and if you want to touch it, the price is high."

    Xu Nian turned his head and looked at the blue sky, afraid? But again, we must do our best to make more changes.

    Xu Nian felt that it was very unlucky to talk about death all the time, and she didn't intend to make him continue to be unlucky.

    Called him and told him to stand up.

    Qi Chu came to the side of the car, Xu Nian asked him to stretch out his hand, the scratches on the back of the hand were shocking, what it looked like that day, looks like it looks now.

    But he just looked at her, but he was unmoved. It didn't look like he was giving him wound medicine, but it seemed like he was asking him to come and get the poison.

    "Hurry up", Xu Nian was so patient that she couldn't take it anymore, she asked, "Don't you know it hurts?"

    Thinking of this makes me angry, and sometimes his behavior is really incomprehensible.

    But seeing her like this, Qi Chu felt inexplicably better.

    His eyes moved, and he suddenly asked: "Miss cares about me so much, and she told me so much today, why don't you tell me the name of that enemy again."

    He made a very curious look, "What kind of enmity does Miss have with him? She's actually bitter about killing him."

    "Life and death are enmity, if he doesn't die, I will die," Xu Nian replied lightly.

    Seeing that he was lost in thought, and didn't want to mention that person for a while, he emphasized his tone, "What's wrong, reach out!"

    'Life and death enmity? '

    Qi Chu put these words between his teeth and thought about it for a while. He thought he was not a good person, but he really couldn't find any hatred that could hook her up.

    But the second half of the sentence, he agrees with it very much.

    It's a pity that it's not what the lady thought, he is destined to live.

    The winter in Dawei has completely passed, and the recent wind has become more gentle and nourishing. Qi Chu lowered his eyes and stared at the bandaged wound on his palm, with a smile on his lips, and looked at Xu Nian: "Miss, you are so kind to Lu Zhi."Well, what's the reason?"

    Are you happy with Qi Xuan?

    Or, Qi Xuan is kind to Miss Yu?

    But no matter what, you are all the same way, if you put him to death, he will not show mercy.

    Xu Nian frowned, and looked at him suspiciously, "Lu Zhi, you talk a lot today."

    She also asked questions that she couldn't tell the truth.

    Qi Chu said nothing.

    Three days after the calculation, it will be New Year's Eve.

    The fun is about to begin.

    He hid the deep meaning in his eyes, and returned to the way Lu Zhi should have been.

    Xu Nian did not expect to meet Ajie at the gate of the mansion. Xu Sijiang had been waiting for her for a long time. When she saw her back, he didn't ask a word, but just glanced at her, gave her a wink, and then turned around. gone back.

    Xu Nian wanted to find Sister A, so she asked Qi Chu to go in first, and when she saw Qi Chu walking away, she looked in the direction Sister A was walking.

    The sound of footsteps behind him gradually faded away, and Qi Chu gradually stopped in his tracks. Thinking of these nine days, he suddenly darkened his eyes.

    Turning around, stepping up, the figure disappeared from the path that must be taken back.

    Xu Sijiang was waiting for Xu Nian in front of the hall.

    She reached out and took the waist card back, looking at her younger sister with thoughtful eyes, "Nian Nian, I never told you that there is still such a place in Yandu."

    Not only did he find the place, but he even went in under her orders so proficiently.

    Xu Nian has already realized that a cautious person like Sister let her get things easily, so it turned out that she deliberately dug a hole for her.

    "Sister", Xu Nian wanted to fool her, she grabbed Sister's sleeve and said coquettishly, "Didn't Sister tell me this? Last time, when Sister came home, we talked at night by candlelight, Ah My sister told me if she slipped her tongue."

    Xu Nian spoke in a serious manner, but Xu Sijiang understood her soft words very well, and then asked another question: "There is also the matter of the foreign country preparing to massacre the people last time, Nian Nian, you were like that at the time." Mouding that this will happen, why is that?"

    Xu Nian's eyes moved, but before she could say anything, Xu Sijiang pressed her shoulders and asked her to sit on the seat.

    She looked directly into Xu Nian's eyes and emphasized: "Sister, you must listen to the truth, not lies."

    Xu Nian raised his head, thought for a while, but first asked a question: "Then sister, if I say so, can I continue to keep Lu Zhi in the mansion in the future?"

    Xu Sijiang didn't understand why she trusted a person of unknown origin so much, but because of her sister's persistence, she could only temporarily agree, "Tell me something that makes me believe it."

    Xu Nian looked around carefully, and after making sure that no one could hear it, he leaned into Sister's ear and said, "It's all Lu Zhi told me."

    Xu Sijiang didn't believe it, although she hadn't found out where this person came from, but she could sense that this person was not something in the pool, it was not that simple at all.

    "It's true." After two lifetimes, Xu Nian knows what her sister cares best. She continued, "Sister, he is also investigating the truth of the Su Yang case. On this point, sister should trust him."

    "Sister was wary of him because she suspected that he was involved in it, so she deliberately approached our house. But now, I can clearly know that even if he is involved, he is by no means the opposite of Sister."

    "Besides, sister, didn't you always want to know the truth of the year?" Xu Nian said, carefully observing sister's reaction. She said the last sentence very quietly, because she was afraid of touching sister's rebellion. scale.

    She said: "Sister, actually, I think Brother Shi Sheng may really be innocent."

    In the memory of the previous life, Suyang City later became an empty city.

    It's just that she couldn't protect herself at that time, and she didn't have time to take care of the reason.

    But since the involvement of this case indirectly led to the destruction of her family, if the truth is true enough, why would someone come to harm her family with a guilty conscience when Sister wanted to further verify the truth.

    The figure at the Moon Cave door closed his clothes, his gloomy eyes lingering for a long time.


    Obviously damn it.

    Everyone is innocent, but the young lady just wants to kill him. Qi Chu broke off the dead branch at hand, her eyes became darker and darker, she would defend everyone, but not him alone.

    I want to lock her up, want her to have no one to rely on, want her to be as hopeless and helpless as she was trapped that night, so that the young lady can be obedient.

    At that time, no matter whether she is willing or not, she can only trust him alone, and there won't be so many unsightly guys coming out to provoke her.

    What thoughts in my heart intensified, growing wildly like mushrooms after rain.

    But he immediately calmed down again, the corners of his lips stretched and curved slightly, he has never deceived people's sincerity like this before, such an interesting thing must be carried out to the end, right?

    When it breaks, you will cry miserably.

    Seeing her sister's serious expression, Xu Sijiang didn't say a word. She searched and searched for five years, but got nothing but more evidence about Lu Shisheng's heinous behavior.

    Just like what everyone said, she should admit to the ironclad thing.

    "Niannian", Xu Sijiang said, "I don't think my sister suspects that he has something to do with it."

    There were extremely complicated emotions flashing in her eyes, "I saw his name in the last letter from Lu Shisheng."

    Xu Nian didn't realize it, "Whose name?"

    "Lu Zhi", Xu Sijiang felt that her sister was still thinking too simply, she said: "I suspect that he was very likely to be in the city when the incident happened five years ago, but after the incident, I couldn't find any trace of him , but now he suddenly appeared by your side again, there is no such coincidence in the world."

    At this moment, there was a soft sound from the door of the moon cave.

    The two of them fell silent almost at the same time, and looked towards the source of the sound.


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