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    When the sun cleared in the cold winter, the black falcon on the branch moved its claws, and a pair of bright black eyes turned around, looking for its owner.

    At this time, in the house, the scattered clothes were tangled together, and the room was stained with moon frost.

    A slender white wrist protruded from the bed curtain, but just as it moved, it was brought back by another broad palm.

    Qi Chu put his hand on her lower back and rubbed it gently, "Is it still uncomfortable?"

    Xu Nian's voice was a little hoarse, and he took advantage of the situation to bite lightly on his arm, and raised his eyes pitifully, "You don't mean anything, you clearly promised me, as long as I tell you to stop, you will stop."

    That's what he promised at the beginning.

    But later, whenever she wanted to make a sound, he would kiss her fiercely, blocking all her words, so that she could only keep floating in joy.

    "Miss asked me to stop at that time, wouldn't it kill me."

    He leaned close to her ear, with a low and charming voice: "Next time, next time, I will definitely listen to Miss."

    Xu Nian angrily pulled the back of his hand and took another bite.

    Qi Chu didn't care about her sharp teeth and marks, and was very satisfied to let her do it.

    He rubbed the back of her neck and called out "Nian Nian", pronouncing these two words in a lingering way.

    It was as if he had returned to last night when he was deeply in love, when he was ecstasy and ecstasy, Xu Nian's face gradually turned red when he heard it.

    Xu Nian straightened up half of his body, raised his hands to cover those disturbing eyes, "If you do this again, there will be no next time."

    Qi Chu's eyelashes fluttered, making her palms itch, but she became obedient.

    Xu Nian said, "Sister, you haven't seen me all this time, so you definitely won't let it go." She let go of her hand and looked at him coquettishly, "I know you don't really want to lock me up, if we don't How about going to meet Auntie together."

    Qi Chu raised his hand to hold her hair, his eyes turned several times, but he didn't speak.

    What to do, he seems to be an extremely stingy person, so stingy that he doesn't want to agree at all.

    Xu Nian softened his voice again, hugged him, and kissed him, "OK? Let's go together."

    Qi Chu bent his lips and smiled, and he heard his own voice say "yes".

    Rebelling against nature, but also willingly.

    Xu Nian rested all morning, and finally regained some vitality at noon.

    Qi Chu insisted on combing her hair, Xu Nian looked at himself in the bronze mirror, wanted to make a sound a few times, but when he met his extremely serious gaze, he stopped again.

    "It doesn't seem to be done well," Qi Chu was a little frustrated.

    Xu Nian reached out to touch it, and saw through the bronze mirror that he wanted to try again, and couldn't help laughing, "It's okay, I will practice for you in the future, until you are satisfied."

    "No," Qi Chu unexpectedly said no, "I'll practice on my own, and I'll comb Niannian's hair later."

    Xu Nian felt that his tangled look was too cute at this time, so he sat him down in front of the mirror. Qi Chu repeatedly wanted to look back at her, but was threatened by Xu Nian.

    His black hair was thick and black, and Xu Nian picked up two strands, braided two playful braids, and tied them together.

    Qi Chu was looking at her through the mirror.

    Clean and elegant.

    Xu Nian slightly curled the corners of his lips, but he wanted to see not only his sister, but also his father and mother.

    The carriage stopped at the gate of the Duke's Mansion.

    Qi Chu stood beside her, looking sideways at her.

    The little girl's eyes were bright, perhaps she had returned to a familiar place, and the whole person was relaxed and comfortable from the inside out.

    "Father, Mother—"

    Qi Chu's voice brought her back to her senses.

    He looked back.

    The Xu family couple were talking in the courtyard, but they stopped their voices at the same time, and all their eyes were fixed on the person who came in at the door.

    Qi Chu frowned slightly.

    It was beyond his ability to cope.

    The joy in the young lady's voice when she called her parents was something he had never had before.

    Family is an extremely unfamiliar word to him, it is full of intrigue, and it is a word born with blood.

    Because he is not good at it, he is afraid of doing something wrong or saying something wrong, which will disturb her joy.

    He can't handle it well, and he may even make it difficult for the young lady.

    So he stopped.

    He will probably never be as frank as she is, and his eyes are full of air when he mentions family and friends like her, let alone be as good-hearted as her.

    Whether she wants to meet her family or friends, he will agree to her.

    That kind of thing that is lively is naturally suitable for her.

    Could he just stand aside and wait? Shout out to her.

    As long as everything is over, she will return to him.

    In a daze, Xu Nian took his hand.

    Looking back at the way she smiled, she was gentle and powerful, "I want to give you half of everything that is precious."

    Qi Chu held her hand instead, holding it so hard that he wanted to hold her hand tightly for a lifetime.

    Xu Nian knew that he had always been afraid that he would suddenly abandon him, that she would not love him.

    He seemed to be standing on thin ice, no matter how calm the surface was, the heart was still uneasy.

    "Qi Chu, they didn't come to snatch me away. You have to believe that Mom and Dad will like you very much just like me."

    The clasped palms are more reassuring than anything in the world.

    Qi Chu involuntarily walked to her side.

    Xu Nian added: "Don't be so unconfident. When it comes to liking you, I'm horribly stubborn. No matter what time it is, I want to stand with you just like I am now."


    "I'm also afraid that you will be snatched away by others."

    Qi Chu's grip on her hand tightened again.

    No matter what, he can learn, he can let his thoughts teach her.

    We had dinner together in the Duke's mansion. Just like what Xu Nian said, the Xu family and his wife were very easy-going. Even after the meal, Duke Xu found an excuse to keep the guy who kidnapped his daughter.

    He didn't do anything, just chatted and poured wine.

    The main reason is that his daughter, whom he raised for more than ten years, is about to become a family member in a blink of an eye, and now, he always feels a little uncomfortable.

    Qi Chu seldom speaks out on his own initiative, and occasionally echoes a few insignificant words.

    Regarding the thoughts of the person opposite him, he just pretended not to know, and let his drunken eyes catch his eye, Xu Guogong was finally satisfied.

    After Father left, Xu Nian quietly poked his head out.

    The drunk Qi Chu became even more obedient.

    He is not often drunk, even Xu Nian Er only saw him once.

    As he got closer, he realized that there was a faint scarlet color in his eyes.

    "Will you not like it?"


    "This is me."

    "Or what kind do you like", the beautiful eyes are hazy, "I will work hard".

    Xu Nian touched his cheek: "I just like you like this, there is no need to change."

    Qi Chu stared into her eyes for a while, with deep eyes, and smiled at her empty-handedly.

    At that moment, he vaguely saw a blurry figure, the boy who passed by on the street stopped, and looked at the smiling girl in the crowd.

    They are far away.

    So, the boy wiped off the blood on his cheeks, turned around, raised his eyes, and left.

    Behind him, a smiling and hopeful girl is running towards her family with her skirt up, laughing and laughing.

    It was one of many dreams.

    And now, the girl was right in front of his eyes.


    Xu Nian asked someone to prepare hangover soup, and as soon as he turned around, he saw Xu Sijiang's eyes hesitated to speak: "A Nian, you know better than anyone what kind of person he is, you really made up your mind, don't you regret it?"

    She only had this one younger sister, so she was extra serious.

    Xu Niandao: "They all said he was wrong. But for more than ten years Qi Shun, people's praise for King Yu has been stolen from him. If you force me to kill me, why don't I die with you."

    "In my heart, he is the best person in the world."

    But at this moment in the corridor, the person who was looking for him couldn't take his eyes off, and there was a faint smile on his brow, which lingered for a long time.

    The big wedding is set before the Singapore dollar.

    It was the most festive and lively year in the history of the Wei Dynasty. Under the attention of all people, the young man on the horse with the red mane greeted the wedding sedan chair, riding the spring breeze of the coming year, and stretched out his hand to the people in the sedan chair.

    Worship the heaven and the earth, and drink together.

    But at this time, the drums are playing the sheng, and the candle shadows are shaking red.

    The author has something to say:

    After stumbling through deletions, deletions, and deletions, decided to end the main text here, and the following is the extra episode.

    Thank you for your support and companionship all the way. Whenever I can’t hold on, there will always be a little cutie who will show up and push me in time. It brought a bad reading experience (°:з”∠), and I also want to say sorry to everyone. Because I blocked myself, I haven’t been blacklisted yet, and I can’t reply to the comment area, but everyone’s comments are carefully read. Fanwai is probably post-marriage (everyday children and everything) + previous life (there will be if line), these two parts.

    [And then, because I have been doing internships outside this week, the code words are not very convenient. I can only come back to update on Saturday. I need to take a few days off. Everyone can come back on the 16th ∑(|||▽||| )】


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