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    Xiao Cheng thought he was going to die, but the blade that had already approached the blood vessel suddenly stopped, Qi Chu frowned slightly, thinking of Miss's aversion to blood.

    Besides, it's too easy to kill such a waste.

    A smile stretched out from his lips, and he dragged him to the side of the pond next to him. The little lotus that had just exposed its tip in early spring was shaken to pieces by the water, and Xiao Cheng poured a big saliva into his mouth, trying to struggle to float When he got out of the water, the severed hand couldn't exert any force at all.

    Qi Chu stood by the pool and watched him, and when he was dying, he heard footsteps beside his ears, and then reached out to fish him up again.

    When Xu Nian came, he saw him standing at the side, Xiao Cheng was hunched over, spitting water, and when he saw someone coming, he seemed to see a savior, and moved towards the frenzied crowd, shouting indistinctly: "Quick, Save me, he's going to drown me..."

    Qi Chu didn't look at him from the beginning to the end, but looked at Xu Nian who was so calm in the crowd that he couldn't see emotions.

    There are many people around her, just like what Xiao Cheng said, they are a family, and only one family will stand aside.

    The boy's eyes couldn't tell whether it was indifference or indifference, even though there were so many people around, when Xiao Cheng was still accusing him of murder, his eyes were always calm and dark, so calm that even Xu Nian felt a little strange.

    With the support of several maidservants, Xiao Cheng stood up, pointed at Qi Chu with trembling fingers, "I kindly let him in and sit down, but who would have thought that he would have evil intentions, not only wanting to rape my maid Xiao Qin, but also to be raped by my maidservant Xiao Qin? After bumping into him, he still wanted to kill me."

    He suddenly raised his clothes, knelt down, and said in his usual way: "Grandfather, although you are not my real grandfather, I am also surnamed Xiao. I have called you grandfather for nearly twenty years. Today, you can do it for me." I am the master, I can't disregard my life and death just to favor my own granddaughter."

    Xiao Qin glanced at Qi Chu from a distance, immediately lowered her eyes, and then cried: "I just poured water for him out of kindness, but she did something to me. If the young master didn't show up in time, today I..."

    The following words were so crying that Xiao Qin kowtowed, "It's all the servant's fault. Everything was caused by the servant. It's good to admit it at the time. Now it's hurting the young master, and it's hard for the master and the cousin to do it." .”

    Her eyes were red, and she seemed to be speaking sincerely, as if she had really been bullied.

    "The courtyard is not a place to talk." Old General Xiao glanced at the young man who had not spoken the whole time, then turned around and said, "You all come over here, what is the cause of the matter, I will find out today, and the justice that should be given Of course there will be no less, you don't have to cry here."

    Old General Xiao frowned, sighed, and seeing Xiao Cheng's distressed appearance, he asked someone to send him back to tidy up.

    Before leaving, seeing that Xu Nian was still in a daze, he slowed down, looked back and hinted: "Nian Nian, you call him too."

    "Yes, grandfather."

    Everyone went to the front hall, Xu Nian turned to leave, but noticed that Qi Chu didn't move at all.

    She turned her head and shouted, "Lu Zhi, you—" Come with me.

    But before he finished speaking, Qi Chu interrupted him coldly.

    He stared at those unhappy eyes and said without any pause, "I didn't."

    It's only said once, believe it or not, it's up to her.

    Now he doesn't have to hide in Xu's mansion, and there is no need to obey her, and she wants to kill herself.

    Xu Nian was slightly taken aback, and looked at him. The young man was still standing still stubbornly, but his eyes were fixed on her, as if he was watching her reaction, waiting for her answer.

    Qi Chu said, "Miss's cousin said that he wants to sue Miss and ask Lu Zhi to look good."

    He lowered his eyes and stared at his hands, then raised his eyes quickly, then spread his hands to Xu Nian, and said, "Miss's cousin is going to chop off my hands. Miss will take Lu Zhi's hand later." Apologize?"

    It was strange, even though he was separated by a certain distance, he still felt that he could see himself in Xu Nian's eyes.

    The way she looked at him at this time was strange and familiar. What she was familiar with was that on that snowy night, she also thought about him from a distance. Later, he knew that she was distinguishing him from Qi Xuan at that time.

    Strange at this time, she hadn't looked at herself with such eyes for a long time, so long that Qi Chu almost forgot that he pretended to be someone else's identity, but viciously and crazy wanted to replace that person with his own way in her heart impression.

    If he couldn't continue acting, he might as well let it go, he didn't care.

    It's just a whim, it's just a plot to use the relationship, and it's not needed now, so it should be thrown away.

    "Lu Zhi", Xu Nian called him seriously, and said, "Calm down."

    She said, "You go with me first, we are not at home, this is at someone else's house, this is not good."


    Qi Chu felt that she was extraordinarily calm, so calm that she had even thought about it. Would she be afraid or distressed if she personally killed her cousin in front of her later?

    Isn't it just a hand?

    He could still chop it off and give it to her. The lady didn't like blood, so he went to grab a beautiful box and handed it to her with his own hands.

    She might not pick it up, or even accuse him, and just kill him together, so that there is no such trouble.

    Qi Chu smiled at her, and said: "Miss is so ambiguous and doesn't answer Lu Zhi, because she thinks what he said is true, and there are witnesses, which are much more credible than Lu Zhi. I got all the stolen money, and I just deny it." Miss also thinks that Lu Zhi is trying to quibble, right?"

    He has long been used to it.

    Xu Nian looked at him for a moment, then turned back helplessly, Qi Chu watched her walk towards him step by step, as if she was about to slap him, the hand behind him gently stroked the cold front of the dagger, the corners of his lips softened Slow down the trend of hooking up.

    But Xu Nian didn't do anything, just stood still in front of him.

    "Why are you so stubborn?" Xu Nian raised his head and said something unexpected, "He has said so much, but you don't say a word, where do I believe you, and where do others believe you?"

    He explained but didn't seem to have explained it. He said lightly, "I don't have one. This is not an explanation, not even a sophistry."

    If it weren't for his stubborn and full-faced appearance, Xu Nian would almost suspect that he was Qi Chu.

    But Qi Chu is such a proud and arrogant person. When he killed all the survivors of Su Yang at the gate of the city in his previous life, he had no reason, no reason, or even no explanation to the world. became dead.

    That kind of arrogant, high-ranking person never bothered to explain. He holds the power of life and death, without the slightest weakness, and can't see the emotions that people should have.

    Xu Nian closed his eyes, and swept out all the things about Qi Chu from his mind.

    She said: "If it's false, something that didn't exist at all, and was misunderstood and framed, you should explain, you should confront him, so what if there are no witnesses, you can find his flaws, why do you have to eat unspoken grievances silently."

    Xu Nian really hopes that he can become that glorious person in the future.

    Although she didn't know much about King Yu in her previous life, King Yu had the best reputation. Everyone felt that a person who was gentle and bright, with a soft heart and a sense of reason, was the one who should be the lord of the world.

    Mingjun should be like this.

    It's not like that lunatic Qi Chu, who uses violence to control violence, with blood on his hands, which is the level that a person would be afraid of when he sees it.

    Qi Chu's hand rubbing the tip of the knife suddenly turned away, and the sharp edge of the knife cut open between his fingers, without much feeling.

    His pupils were very dark, and just when Xu Nian thought he was going to be stubborn, he heard a very light and cold voice saying, "No one taught me this."

    Maybe it's because of emotions, or maybe it's because don't speak often, so when speak, voice is suppressed a little low, and the clear voices are kneaded together, muffled.

    "I'll teach you now." Xu Nian turned around, walked back, and said, "Grandfather is still waiting, you don't plan to talk about it, I'm going to listen to what Xiao Cheng said now."

    Qi Chu suddenly called her, "Miss has always wanted to kill someone in her heart."

    Xu Nian let out a "hmm", not knowing why he suddenly mentioned it.

    "Miss never said the reason why she wanted to kill him," Qi Chu remembered clearly. He looked at Xu Nian and asked, "If that person explained, would Miss listen?"

    He is not a good person, and he does not want to be a good person. He cannot change, and he does not want to change.

    He had evil intentions before, and even now his purpose is not pure, but so far, he has never done anything that would make her want to kill herself.

    Speaking of this matter, Xu Nian's lips were flat, and he replied without hesitation: "I won't listen."


    When Xu Nian looked back, there was a rare sharpness in his eyes.

    He just said, "He can't explain it."

    When he got to the front hall, Xiao Cheng had already changed his clothes and came back, he had even healed the wound on his hand, and he was covering his face and yelling.

    "The doctor said just now that such a large wound must leave a scar. He covered his face. Maybe there was some hidden disease on his face. His face was ugly and jealous, which ruined my face. I don't care, he will also do it today. Let me make a cut, and he broke my hand, and I want him to break my arm too."

    Qi Chu glanced at him coldly, he should have cut off his tongue just now, he shouldn't have thought it dirty and didn't do it.

    Xu Nian saluted his grandfather first, then turned to Xiao Cheng, "Cousin, you keep saying that he broke your hand, but you didn't mention why he broke your hand, do you also know that you are guilty?"

    Xiao Cheng expected that her girl was concerned about her face, so she definitely didn't dare to say what happened that night in front of so many people. Although she lacked confidence, her voice was strong, "What a guilty conscience, he is just jealous, jealous of my heroic appearance, good-looking talent, I am tolerant Treating people kindly, being patient with him three times and four times, but he turned his nose on the face and ran to my house to murder me."

    "Cousin, although I'm not your real cousin, you can't defend an outsider like this. If my cousin doesn't help me today, I'll ask my grandfather to ask your guards for justice. My grandfather is always fair, and he will never defend me because of me. If it wasn't his own grandson, I would let people bully me."

    Xiao Cheng looked at Xu Nian with a hint of threat. He is not the real Xiao family, and this is what he said. If they don’t help him later, they will just bully him as an outsider. It's a joke, the big town government can't accommodate Xiao Cheng.

    If she insisted on holding him, she would be talking about his grandparents, and she would be disloyal and filial.

    After hearing what he said, Xu Nian smiled and echoed him, "I'll help you. You're right. You're my cousin. If I don't help you, I can help someone."

    Her attitude changed too quickly, Xiao Cheng asked suspiciously: "Really?"

    "Really", Xu Nian answered affirmatively, and asked, "Cousin just said that he wanted to slash his face and fold his arms, and did he also want to cut off his hands?"

    Xiao Cheng added: "I want him to kowtow three times to me."

    "Yes", Xu Nian responded one by one, turned around, and walked towards Qi Chu.

    When Qi Chu heard her agree, his back stiffened inexplicably.

    Xu Nian still stood in front of him, and stretched out his hand to him, the palm was clean, but his gaze was so cold.

    Sure enough, it was a lie to him to say it so nicely.

    Now even Qi Xuan's identity is useless, it seems that Qi Xuan is nothing more than that in her heart.

    Xu Nian said, "I know you carry a dagger with you."

    The wound on Xiao Cheng's neck is so obvious that it was injured by a sharp weapon.

    "Miss wants to use my knife to kill me to avenge my cousin?" Qi Chu smiled coldly, "Miss is so cruel."

    Xu Nian couldn't control what he misunderstood now, and repeated, "Give it to me, I want to use it now."

    Her eyes are too clear, when she looks at people like this, she is more dazzling than all other beautiful jades, like a star has entered her eyes, and she wants to pluck them out, wash them off, and look at them like this every day.

    So he took out the dagger blade, but was snatched from the palm of his hand the moment he raised his hand.

    It's not about taking or grabbing, and even a little displeased with his slow movements.

    She is in a bad mood today, or in other words, from New Year's Eve to now, she has not been in a good mood.

    why? He did nothing.

    But she took the knife, turned around, and walked in front of Xiao Cheng.

    Xiao Cheng still had a big shadow of the knife, so he stood up immediately, Xu Nian ignored him, and turned to Xiao Wen who was beside him, "Cousin, hold his hand for me."

    Although Xiao Wen was puzzled and offended by saying something, he still did as he said.

    Xiao Cheng wanted to struggle, but how could he break away from Xiao Wen, who had been wielding knives and guns since childhood. He could only watch Xu Nian squat down, cut off the gauze, and exposed the freshly bandaged wound again.

    Xu Nian's voice was not loud, but clear enough, and said, "This is the day his hand was broken, and I hurt it myself."

    Xu Nian hadn't reacted too much yet, Lian Tang couldn't bear it anymore, she wiped away her tears and said, "Miss has a good temper, not only calling him cousin, but also being polite, but what about Young Master Cousin, It's just a matter of hands and feet when you come up, and where will our girl go."

    Everyone in this room has a good understanding of Xiao Cheng's behavior and style, once these words come out, there is no reason not to believe them.

    "Sister Nian Nian, how dare he treat you like this", Xiao Wen had anger in his eyes, he simply grabbed his shoulder and pressed it back.

    "Break it all at your own expense! How dare you beat him up!"

    Xiao Cheng yelled, the pain made his five sense organs tightly together, begging for mercy: "I just said hello, this is all a misunderstanding."

    Seeing that no one believed him, he looked at Xiao Qin in the distance again, and suddenly said: "Cousin is someone who defends herself. I am the victim of today's incident. Xiao Qin testified that his hands and feet are not clean. In fact, you should also listen to my grievances."

    Xu Nian turned to look at Qi Chu, but Qi Chu didn't leave her eyes, and met her naturally, the feeling at that moment was too strange.

    She stood up and walked towards Xiao Qin again. At that moment, Qi Chu's expression when he threatened her in her previous life flashed in her mind. She learned to calm down, put the knife on Xiaoqin's neck, and asked, "What do you say?" To be honest, either I will pay my grandparents a maid, and you can choose which one you want?"

    She didn't dare to do anything, but Qi Chu looked so familiar when he threatened her, that even her elder sister was shocked when she dressed up now, she didn't expect her to do such a behavior.

    Xiao Qin glanced at Xiao Cheng, shrank her neck slightly, and said: "I, I didn't lie, he touched me, he touched me, is Miss Biao wanting to kill innocent people indiscriminately?"

    Xu Nian used all his strength, "Do you think I dare not?"

    Qi Chu wanted to teach her, but his hands were unsteady, unfamiliar, and his tone was a little anxious. There were too many flaws, and he couldn't scare people.

    Be ruthless in your hands and ruthless in your words, and when necessary, choose the method that scares the other party the most to let her die.

    Feeling the pressure on her neck, Xiao Qin finally panicked, and hurriedly explained: "Don't kill me, I said, it was the young master who asked me to say that... I will follow what he said, and I will die."

    Seeing that the matter came to light, Xiao Cheng gritted his teeth and said: "Even if these are all false, then the fact that he almost killed me is true. He entered the house and killed people. I was at fault, and he was at fault too! If he is not punished , you can’t punish me, homicide is a serious crime, if you punish me, you’ll send him to the court, anyway, it can’t just pass like this.”

    Xu Nian let go of his hand, knelt down in front of his grandfather, and said sincerely: "My cousin is right, he almost killed someone, he should be punished, but I brought him here, so I should take him back and punish him."

    She straightened her back and pursed her lips tightly, "It's really good to be fair. I was not strict in teaching and discipline, and almost caused a catastrophe. I am also responsible for this matter. Grandpa is an elder, so he should be able to make the decision."

    Xu Nian stretched out his hand and said, "Then punish me, and then punish my cousin. If you think about it, you will have nothing to say about your cousin."

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    Cousin, you are so annoying!


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