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    Xu Nian hesitated for a moment before getting into the car on the second day, and looked around, his frowning brows could not be opened.

    The carriage leisurely left the city and headed towards Yandu.

    Xiao Lin peeled open a tangerine and handed her half: "I've been preoccupied since I saw you this morning, what are you thinking about?"

    Xu Nian didn't know what to eat, and couldn't taste whether it was sweet or not, "Sister went out last night, she only told me, but didn't tell the family. I'm thinking about how to explain to my parents when I go back later."

    "This, you pretend you don't know, just let it go, what's there to worry about," Xiao Lin said.

    Xu Nian lowered her eyes and was still worried. She realized something last night. She knew that her elder sister from the previous life would come back well, but she didn't know about Lu Zhi.

    She could foresee what happened to everyone, but he was the only one who jumped out of her range of cognition.

    She was suddenly a little troubled, he was always injured, and in the past six months, he was either injured or poisoned, and she did not hesitate to die.

    Xu Nian raised his eyes, and was just about to lift the curtain to see where he was, when the carriage shook violently, as if it hit something and stopped.

    The curtain was blown up by the wind, and there was a sound of □□ piercing the sky, Xu Nian hurriedly pulled Xiao Lin to lower her head to hide for a while, leaving a sharp arrow on the car wall, right where they were just now.

    "What's the situation?" Xiao Lin was stunned.

    Someone outside reported: "The big thing is not good, it seems to be an assassin...!"

    As the voice fell, the sound of violent fighting suddenly came from outside, and the curtain was lifted, and the man holding the knife came into view. The man in charge had a look in his eyes, and seemed to see Xu Nian at a glance, and said: "Your sister is bad!" Since we can't complete the task, I will use you to teach Xu Sijiang a lesson."


    Xu Nian didn't know how she got out, she was extremely nervous and panicked, but there was only a voice in her heart telling her, don't stop! Can't go back!

    The vegetation was lush in the woods, scratching his clothes, tripping his feet, Xu Nian stumbled up, ignoring the pain on his body, he could only continue running forward.

    After listening to her words, sister changed the road temporarily. She must have really missed the person who was ambushing on the road in advance. Now this person wants to pull her back. There is only one possibility, and that is that sister has gained something this time and broke them. It was because of her plan that they turned into anger and turned to her.

    I don't know how Xiao Lin is doing now.

    Xu Nian couldn't run anymore, she was out of breath, and all her strength was spent on running, the hem of her skirt was scratched and tattered, it caught on the dead branches next to her, her steps were caught, her body was out of control fell forward.

    She stretched out her hand and pestered it, only to feel the palm of her hand being rubbed against the sand and the pain was burning. The footsteps behind her were getting closer and closer. Xu Niansao saw a bush half a person's height nearby, shrank her body and hid behind it .

    Those two people stopped not far from her, and stopped, as if they were listening to the voice to judge her whereabouts.

    Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to him, Xu Nian could only tightly cover his nose and lips, praying that they would never find him.

    But they seemed to have discovered it, and suddenly turned their eyes, and Qiqi looked at the place where Xu Nian was hiding. Xu Nian felt that her breath was up to her throat, and she let go, because she couldn't help but wanted to get up and run because of fear.

    But as soon as she made a move, she felt as if someone was falling behind her, and she quickly silenced the exclamation that was about to come out of her mouth. Xu Nian was startled and struggled with her eyes wide open.

    Qi Chu whispered, "Miss, don't be afraid, it's me."

    Wei Ze finally breathed a sigh of relief, he made a noise in another place, trying to lure the two away.

    "Lu Zhi..." Sensing the person beside him, Xu Nian subconsciously grabbed the corner of his clothes.

    As soon as the words came out, he smelled a faint smell of blood, but he was originally dressed in dark colors today, so he couldn't see where he was injured.

    Qi Chu glanced at the person who was already walking away, and when he pulled her up to stand up, he explained: "Accidentally ran away with two annoying guys, miss, don't worry, miss's sister should be on her way back."

    Xu Nian didn't listen at all, but just looked straight at him and asked, "What about you?"

    Qi Chu smiled: "Miss, are you worried about Lu Zhi?"

    Xu Nian was frightened to death just now. He was holding on to his emotions. Maybe it was the rest of his life, or he suddenly saw him find a little sense of security. I fell down and my eyes were red with pain.

    Don't listen to him changing the subject here, but just look at him, as if he won't stop until he says something.

    "They are indeed a bit annoying, but they are not enough to kill me." Qi Chu spread his hands and let her look at them. Seeing the withered grass on her head, he reached out and took it off for her.

    "Lu Zhi", Xu Nian called him after careful consideration, "I won't let you go in the future."

    Because of her previous life, she could know when many things happened to many people, but he was the only one who was full of uncertainties. She didn't know, so she shouldn't be so hasty.

    Qi Chu was slightly puzzled by what she said out of nowhere, just as he was about to ask why, he suddenly saw a person who suddenly turned back behind her.


    Qi Chu's eyes changed, he could only turn around with her, pressed her into his arms, and blocked the knife for her.

    He moved too fast, Xu Nian hadn't recovered from it when a muffled groan came from above his head.

    Xu Nian was stunned, Qi Chu's face was already stained with coldness, in front of the young lady, he wanted to spare their lives, but he didn't expect that these people would come to die.

    Before turning around, he called her slowly: "Miss, close your eyes."

    When Xu Nian heard his voice, Xu Nian only felt a hand fall in front of her eyes, covering all her sight, and followed the sound to lead her to close her eyes.

    There was no voice in his ears, but the short sounds from his movements did not disappear. He didn't call to open his eyes, but Xu Nian really stood where he was, closing his eyes tightly, not daring to look.

    What was splashed on the face, the warmth brought by it did not dare to be thought about.

    After a while, everything quieted down.

    Qi Chu walked back, seeing that she was still the same as before, suddenly chuckled, and raised his hand to wipe away the drops of blood on her face one by one.

    Xu Nian opened his eyes, and Qi Chu saw that her face was uglier than his at this time, her lips were pale, and she looked at him as if she could cry in a second.

    He asked, "Miss, are you afraid?"

    He didn't directly ask if he was afraid of the near-death just now, or because he was so ruthless. Although he tried his best to restrain himself, she should have heard all the noise just now.

    He just looked into her eyes, because the young lady's eyes are the most deceitful, and the most truthful answers are always written in them.

    Xu Nian didn't have time to think about these things at this time. Hearing the words, he shook his head vigorously. When he saw the wound behind him, his throat felt a little sore, and he didn't know what to do.

    She raised her head and looked at him as if asking for help, wanting to ask him if it hurts.

    Qi Chu laughed in a muffled voice, and stopped when he wanted to answer that it didn't hurt.

    His face seemed pale again and he returned to that snowy night. He looked at her with the same eyes as at that time, and said miserably: "Lu Zhi is in pain, and now his head is dizzy and his vision is blurred. I can hardly see Miss clearly." .”

    The words fell, just as he expected, he saw her worried face, nervous and flustered.

    Xu Nian wanted to help him, but her voice was flustered and unsteady: "Persevere."

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, and when she didn't see her, he suddenly curled his lips to look, and let her help him up strangely.

    He said: "Miss, if you soften your heart to me once, Lu Zhi always wants to make progress."

    He said this as if he was talking to himself, when Xu Nian raised his eyes to look, he found that the last trace of blood had faded from his face, and the whole figure was still standing upright, only a little bit of strength was borrowed from Xu Nian.

    Qi Chu really had a headache, but felt that it was the best now, he killed someone, and some people felt sorry for him.

    He put aside the usual purgatory and turned to something strange and curious.

    "If I die, the lady will be very sad, and remember me for a long time, right?" He didn't know why he decided.

    "I will remember whoever dies for a long time," Xu Nianhua said, but his mind was affected by his words again, and he thought about the scene for a while.

    Then he suddenly raised his head and glared at him angrily, "Don't keep scaring me. If you say something about yourself like this, it will be unlucky."

    Qi Chu told her stubbornly, "But if Miss dies, Lu Zhi will remember it for a long time."

    Xu Nian realized that he might be looking for someone to talk to, so he followed her words and asked, "How long is a long time?"

    I don't know how long you remembered the situation in your previous life.

    "Probably... remember until death," his voice was very soft.

    It seemed as if he was thinking about it and then spoke.

    After all, the prey he hasn't caught for so long must be special.

    He was born rebellious, with thorns all over his body, and he didn't obey discipline at all. Even if he pretended to be bad, he was full of loopholes.

    Xu Nian felt that this forest was really big. After walking for so long, he finally heard shouts from afar.

    At this moment, Qi Chu suddenly lowered his eyes to look at her, perhaps due to blood loss, his eyes were stained with something that was not there before.

    "Miss, please take care of Lu Zhi in the future, don't indulge me like this again, I will really get worse."

    "Miss is too polite to me, like a guest, it's too unfamiliar."

    "I'm still very willing to be under control, so miss don't treat me as a guest, miss is indeed a miss, miss doesn't need to have any worries about me, if miss chooses to trust Lu Zhi, Lu Zhi will never let miss down."

    If you leave him alone, he's about to reveal himself.

    Xu Nian looked up, but saw that he seemed to be feeling something, and smiled at her. It was not like the usual easy-going smile, but a smile that suddenly let go of his guard when he was unconscious.

    The corners of her lips were not too curved, but inexplicably soft, not as sharp as usual.

    Xu Nian has seen him smile many times, but this is the first time he has seen him show such an expression.

    She said: "But if I always ask you, won't you be angry?"

    Qi Chu shook his head, his head hurt even more, and he frowned slightly, "I will be angry if other people do this, but Lu Zhi won't be angry if it's Miss."

    Xu Nian listened quietly, moved his lips, and finally fell silent.

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    Wait for me, I should be able to make up the debt in the next few days~


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