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    Chi Yanyu was a little lonely, but the people who had been thinking about him all the way avoided him, and left after staying with Duke Xu for a while.

    And Qi Chu stood at the gate of the moon cave, silently taking everything into his eyes.

    Taishi Chi's only son who traveled around to study has returned.

    It seems that the one can't wait...

    Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard a strange noise from the wall behind him.

    At this time, Xu Nian had already poked his head out, and Lian Tang, who was holding the ladder below, said nervously, "Miss, this is too high, you have to step on it steadily."

    Xu Nian turned around, put his finger on his lips and made a hissing motion, "Hush, don't startle the snake."

    Qi Chu, who was the "snake" in her mouth, remained motionless, and swept the dead leaves in the yard to one place, as if he didn't know that there were eyes behind him.

    Just when she lowered her eyes, the corners of her lips curled up without a trace.

    This is... I want to change myself to watch him personally?

    Xu Nian watched for a while, then slowly frowned. The backs of the people in the courtyard were tall and straight, and the sleeves were light as they moved.

    He doesn't see being humble, but for some reason, he has made some extravagance that ordinary people can't match.

    At such a moment of daze, the figure suddenly turned around, Xu Nian was so frightened that he quickly lowered his head to avoid it.

    Fortunately, after listening for a while, it was quiet over there. She became more courageous and poked her head out again quietly.

    Qi Chu just turned around and cut off the dead branches protruding from the stone platform.

    Xu Nian was very distressed. He did it so seriously, but Qi Chu might be planning to seize power somewhere. He is wasting time in her house now, and he will only die worse in the future.

    In the previous life, she was angered and humiliated by Qi Chu because she married him. In this life, it must be because she saved him...and then Qi Chu angered her again.

    Xu Nian shook his head abruptly, throwing the terrible thought out of his mind.

    Her expression was serious, and when she looked at the people in the courtyard, she also had the tendency to hate iron and steel.

    The only thing she has left on her mind is to hope that Qi Xuan can help him kill that lunatic in the future, so that he can no longer waste his time on these meaningless things.

    As soon as I thought of this, an exclamation suddenly came from behind: "Nian Nian? What are you doing?"

    Duke Xu looked at his daughter who was leaning against the wall in surprise.

    Xu Nian was so scared that he was doing something with a guilty conscience, and quickly hid himself.

    I just hope that the person on the other side doesn't hear a sound.

    After waiting, she hurriedly explained to Dad: "I'm looking for a cat, my daughter saw a kitten on it just now, and the cat ran away as soon as I went up..."

    His hands were flustered, and his expression was quite unnatural.

    Qi Chu stopped his hands, and took a leisurely glance at the empty edge of the wall.

    The flustered cat did run away.

    Duke Xu glanced at the direction she was looking at just now, and suddenly asked in a complicated tone: "Isn't my daughter watching Yan Yu?"


    Xu Nian looked at Dad blankly, but Duke Xu saw that this look was a guilty conscience.

    "Father knows that you like Yan Yu since you were a child. When he went to Chenzhou County, you cried and begged Dad to send you there too. Last time you separated from our banquet, it was also because I told you to put down Yan Yu. When you get angry, you run away."

    "He came here today to express his opinion to Dad. He said that you will not marry in this life, and he is already discussing the marriage of the two families with his family. Dad didn't dare to answer this matter easily, but he just wanted to ask you what you think?"

    In her previous life, did she fall into trouble with her parents because of such a trivial matter?

    The memories of the two lifetimes, those unimportant details have become blurred in my mind.

    Xu Nian said calmly and restrainedly, "Father, I don't like him anymore, if he comes to the door next time, I will refuse."

    How can she be greedy for her children's love when her family has no clue about the catastrophe in her previous life.

    Whether he left her to go to Chenzhou County, or she came back after experiencing all the rebirth, it shows that there is no fate between them.

    Duke Xu wanted to persuade his daughter to reconsider, but seeing how preoccupied she was at the moment, he could only give up in the end.

    Perhaps because of seeing Yan Yu during the day, Xu Nian seemed to see Qi Chu again while he was half asleep and half awake.

    "Princess Yu, guess who Gu asked to wait outside?"

    The curtain divided the outer hall and the inner hall into two parts, and she could see half of the man's blue official robe outside.

    "Your Majesty, the list of officials involved in the Nansumi case has been fully displayed. Please take a look at it."

    Qi Chu didn't make a sound, and Chi Yanyu didn't dare to move rashly, so he lowered his head and waited.

    Xu Nian's heart was already in her throat, and she didn't dare to move, but Qi Chu lifted her jaw and forced her to look away from the outside.

    He leaned close to her ear and reminded her softly: "Gu didn't ask Concubine Yu to meet her former lover."

    "Your gaze should be entirely on Gu."

    Her clothes were half undressed, but at this time Qi Chu was fully dressed, just looking at her so leisurely, twirling her fingers and playing with the belt of her little coat, she curled up and pulled the quilt from behind in a panic to cover it up.

    Before the quilt was in hand, both hands were restrained first, Qi Chu held her wrist with one hand, and could easily lift her into his arms and sit down.

    The delicate skin was hurt by the lines on his clothes, and the hand holding the back of her waist was slowly smoothed twice as if to comfort her. The trembling did not make her relax, but made her feel like she was sitting on pins and needles, tensing her whole body.

    Xu Nian's tears swirled in it, and he raised his eyes to look at him almost flatteringly.

    Qi Chu only looked at it for a moment, then suddenly kissed her, biting her lips and teeth, rubbing the red petals, a burst of blazing fire was set off, Qi Chu tightly held her struggling hands.

    "No, no...wait a minute..."

    There is no tenderness at all, the rampage and the flinching and escaping tightly touch each other, and then they are entangled together, his breath is taken away by him, and there are rapid gasps and soft whispers.

    "Do you want to wait until your old lover is gone? Lonely no!" Qi Chu disturbed her words and sentences, and could only forcefully sob a few syllables from her throat.

    "Your Majesty?" Chi Yanyu suddenly asked when he heard a strange voice.

    Qi Chu said, "Just stand outside and read."

    Xu Nian's jade-like voice slowly sounded, Xu Nian was ashamed, Qi Chu turned and bit her earlobe, her whole body was so soft that she had no strength, her mouth was slightly opened, and she took small mouthfuls of calm breathing, beautiful and charming There are also suspicious water stains on her red lips.

    His eyes were absent-minded, and he didn't even notice that his hand was on Qi Chu's shoulder unknowingly.

    Qi Chu glanced at the tears in her eyes from the corner of his eye, tilted his head to meet the tip of her nose, raised his eyes and stared closely at those flustered eyes.

    The bottomless eyes reflected her pitiful appearance.

    "You take the initiative, how about if you don't move alone?" His voice sounded in his ears as if bewitching.

    The thin white neck fell into the human mouth again, and the warm and cold touch touched it. Qi Chu suddenly bit it lightly, and the fine pain also brought Xu Nian back to his senses.

    "Princess Yu, since you're already on the bed, what are you doing with your reserve?"

    Xu Nian met his eyes this time, obviously doing such a thing, but his eyes were so clear that there was no trace of lust. Looking back at herself, she was panting again and again, and the red tide was clinging to her skin. Feeling sour, she didn't know where the courage came from, she suddenly got up halfway, and bit his jaw.

    He took a bite like a kitten, did not bleed, but left a circle of marks. Qi Chu's eyes were unpredictable, and he pulled her away forcibly, rubbing the sharp white teeth away with his fingers.

    After realizing what she had done, Xu Nian frantically admitted her mistake, shaking her head like a rattle, but Qi Chu still slowly approached her, while outside, Chi Yanyu's voice had stopped.

    She covered her mouth helplessly, and put a wide and warm hand on the back of her neck, forcing her to raise her head.


    Xu Nian opened his eyes abruptly, the sky outside was still dark, and she was still in her boudoir.

    I was really stunned, why dreamed of Qi Chu again.

    In recent days, the rain has patted the bluestone bricks, and it has been raining continuously.

    At the gate of the Duke's Mansion, the young monk was wearing a green shirt. He had a baby face at the age of eleven or twelve, with big and bright eyes.

    When Xu Nian saw the person, he didn't realize it for a while, "Young Master, is Master Compassionate?"

    Zang Mi shook his head and explained, "Master passed away half a year ago. I am his disciple. You can call me Zang Mi."

    Xu Nian thought about it for a while, and his aunt believed in Master Mi Deng the most. In the past, charlatans under the guise of a master could make their aunt trust seven points, and it didn't matter if it was an apprentice who came.

    Asking Lian Tang to bring the person in first, she told the guard at the gate to keep silent, and when she turned around, there was an extra ink umbrella on top of her head.

    "Lu Zhi?" Xu Nian remembered that the boy who stayed here just now seemed to be still him.

    Qi Chu explained: "It's shift, miss is going to the front hall now?"

    When he did these things, he was not as submissive and cowardly as others, especially when looking at people, his eyes were so bold and straightforward that Xu Nian even forgot his current situation, creating an illusion that he had returned to a high position.

    Tall, with broad shoulders and long hands, it is difficult for people to ignore him when he is standing next to him.

    Xu Nian nodded, remembering that he helped find the person, and asked him: "You helped me find the person, do you want any reward?"

    Qi Chu paused, then suddenly raised his eyes and said, "Lu Zhi has only one wish, and that is to stay by Miss's side and serve Miss."

    The umbrella was lifted steadily, and not a single drop of rain splashed on Xu Nian's body. On the other hand, half of his sleeves were dripping wet.

    Thinking of the injury on his left shoulder, Xu Nian frowned slightly, and said, "Stop in the front corridor, and I'll ask someone to get another umbrella."

    "No, it's almost here."

    Qi Chu's voice was mixed with the sound of the rain patting on the umbrella, which was really pleasant.

    Xu Nian couldn't help turning his head to look at him. He didn't seem to feel his gaze fell on his face, but just stared straight ahead, following her pace.

    "Lu Zhi, there will be a banquet at the He Mansion tomorrow, and Kang Yi has gone out to do some errands, so you can go with me when the time comes."

    In the past few days, she has been thinking that if he really stays like this, it will be too late when Qi Chu kills him.

    Since he wanted to stay by her side, she gave him this chance, and only hoped that he could kill Qi Chu as he wished in the future.

    Already at the place, Qi Chu put away his umbrella, and Xu Nian thoughtfully.

    His figure and posture are all too outstanding, even this clothes can't cover up his demeanor.

    and this face...

    When Qi Chu looked back, it happened that Xu Nian was staring at him.

    "Miss, this is...?"

    Xu Nian asked him, "Has anyone ever praised you for your good looks?"

    His facial features are tough, his eyebrows are deep and engrossed, he is too outstanding, and he can't just take him out rashly.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes in a daze, and the person who was lost in thought was still looking at him intently.

    He paused for a moment, then asked, "Does Miss like this face?"

    At this time, her brows and eyes were curved, and she really seemed to be in a good mood.

    There was no disgust, no resentment, no fear, just pure, natural looking at him like this.

    Xu Nian met his eyes and said, "I don't really like it, but I think it looks good."

    "Your face is suitable for hiding and showing it to people who like it later."

    In this world, you don't know who you will be with, but before that, it's hard not to cause trouble with this ostentatious face.

    She was afraid when she saw it, and it would be easy for others to cause trouble, so she hid it temporarily, and then he returned to the palace, and he didn't care about her business no matter what.

    Thinking of this, Xu Nian told him, "I'll bring you something in the evening, and I'll ask the doctor to come and look at your injury by the way."

    The last time he was injured like that, he was able to toss around like a normal person. Although he looks good these few days, Xu Nian dare not be careless. she.

    Furthermore, if he is unharmed, he should be sent away.

    After listening with downcast eyes, Qi Chu finally replied: "Lu Zhi knows."

    After waiting for the person to leave, he slowly raised his eyes again, quietly watching Xu Nian's back disappear around the corner with a pair of deep pupils.

    His hand touched the sword wound a few days ago, his eyes dim.

    This sword, I'm afraid it won't be better.

    Xu Nian just borrowed Zang Mi's hand to send three kits to his aunt. During dinner, he saw his aunt's pale face and stopped A Niang to speak.

    The previous family was slandered and conspired against, all the evidence was found in Father's study, and the witnesses were Father's most trusted subordinates.

    It is impossible for Dad to do such a thing, if he wants to frame him so delicately, he must be someone close to him.

    If it is checked from now, there is still more than a year, and everything will be in time.

    "It is said that the master calculated it. For this kind of thing, I would rather believe it than believe it. Conspiracy is a serious crime that implicates the entire family..."

    "My family has always disbelieved in these things. They are all cronies brought out by me. What good is it for them to frame me?"

    This is Dad's voice.

    Xu Nian saw the timing, knocked on the door and walked in, "Father, I just remembered something when I heard what you said just now."

    "The rebellion case of the Su Yang reinforcements five years ago, as reinforcements, they were instigated by the enemy generals, embezzled the army's salary halfway, burned the food and grass, and caused the fall of the three passes and five cities of the Great Wei Dynasty. Draw close to those you trust."

    "They betrayed, and my sister was fined to guard Zhijia Pass for five years."

    "My daughter thinks that this is the reminder from the Buddha to my aunt. Our family has already encountered a villain once. If the villain is still alive, why are we still hiding around?"

    After the fact that the family was framed, Dad will definitely raise his vigilance tonight.

    The remaining two tips, one is about cousin Xu Gui will be able to go to high school next year, and the other is about telling sister not to marry into the Prince's Mansion.

    When it rains during the day, the bright place in the yard can reflect the full moon in the sky.

    Treading water is a child's favorite thing, but Xu Nian held up the hem of her skirt and briskly crossed over, causing ripples in the shallow water, but she rolled her eyes with a smile.

    The major events that weighed on my heart are almost over.

    Then there was only one Qi Chu left who didn't know where he was.

    This matter was also resolved by the short-lived husband in the previous life. What she has to do now is to remind him to plan quickly.

    As soon as Xu Nian stepped on the stairs, he saw a familiar figure in the shadow of the rockery ahead.

    "Lu Zhi? Why are you here?"

    Qi Chu paused, but immediately returned to normal.

    He turned around and said, "I am afraid that the road will be slippery in rainy days, and it will be difficult to see the road at night, so I came here to meet Miss."

    Under the night, with his movements, the flashing black shadow quietly disappeared under the moonlight.

    Xu Nian didn't think too much, seeing a gazebo in front of him, he asked Lian Tang to light the lights.


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