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    There were only three things to do, so he just had a good deal of time, and he accepted it when he saw it was good.

    The breath that made people's death reached the throat, but under his gaze that can't be understood or explained, it collapsed again.

    Xu Nian's eyes were full of anger, and his whole body was full of anger.

    Qi Chu became amused, raised his small jaw, and rubbed his fingertips on it, causing a slight pain.

    Yun Li was full of satisfaction: "Miss, please remember it. In the future, you can't just eat what other people feed you. They are not me, and they won't remind you so kindly."

    Xu Nian said angrily: "Qi Chu, if you tease me like this again, I will return it in the future."

    After finishing speaking, she felt that it was not enough to relieve her anger, so she added another sentence: "I will also feed you poisonous fruit."

    Her voice was already soft, and her threatening words had no deterrent effect.

    The eyes are very fierce, as if they are about to rush up and bite someone at any time.

    like what? Qi Chu thought.


    But rabbits are gentle, and there will be no time to try their claws like this.


    Thinking of this, he raised his eyebrows.

    Isn't it just a cat that has been provoked and has a fierce face.

    Qi Chu raised her lips: "Miss, you can just come and try, as long as you are not afraid of being folded in my hands."

    While speaking, he kept looking at her, revealing the provocation and bullying in his eyes.

    People can't ignore it, and it makes people want to frustrate his spirit, so that he won't be so complacent.

    Qi Chu's eyes grew deeper and deeper, the cat was just trying its claws, it hadn't been delivered to the door yet, it wasn't enough...

    As soon as he finished speaking, as if reflecting the thoughts in his heart, Xu Nian suddenly stood on tiptoe, raised the wild fruit in his hand and quickly sent it to his lips.

    Qi Chu's lips hadn't closed yet, seeing that they touched her teeth with only a little distance left, Qi Chu had already reached out and pinched her wrist first.

    He raised his hands above his head.

    Looking at the person who fell into the trap, he rolled his throat, "This is delivered to the door by the young lady herself."

    He had already reminded her.

    Xu Nian's remaining hand was still pushing against his chest, his body was pressed against him, and he couldn't break free, his face turned red.

    "Qi... um..." Before the words finished, they had already been swallowed up.

    Qi Chulan's hand between her tightened slightly, his warm lips tore together, and the chaotic panting sounds could not be distinguished from each other.

    Xu Nian resisted and struggled with his hand at first, but under his provocation, it rested on his shoulder like a boneless one. Under his irresistible persecution, he tilted his head back slightly, trying to move away.

    But as soon as he moved, his intention was discovered.

    Qi Chu let go of her hand, pressed the back of her neck with her palm, and brought her closer to her little by little, sinking into it together with him.

    In the gap between the trees, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves also stopped, only they were left here, and they could clearly hear each other's messy breathing.

    When Xu Nian's eyes were filled with mist, Qi Chu finally let go, but the moment he stopped, Xu Nian retaliated and bit him with the tip of his teeth.

    Qi Chu backed away a little, and on the jade face, a bead of blood rolled on the edge of his lips, which was extraordinarily beautiful.

    Xu Nian breathed in the air gulpingly, and there was a sparkle of water on his lips, which was surprisingly gorgeous.

    Qiu Shui's bright eyes were not as clear as usual, and some of them hadn't recovered from the suffocation just now.

    The corner of his lips was broken, Qi Chu didn't care, he raised his fingertips to wipe it off, and then wiped it on Xu Nian's lips.

    Add another touch of thick to the gorgeous color.

    "Nian Nian", Qi Chu leaned closer to her ear, "If you are angry, you can return it to me now, you look at me like this, it will make me feel that you are waiting for me to bully you."

    But no, those eyes were angry and anxious, and he felt wronged by his helplessness.

    Watching him cautiously.

    It's so miserable to be bullied.

    Qi Chu thought badly.

    I want her to laugh and want her to cry.

    It must be beautiful to be full of tears begging for mercy.

    He would hide her tears carefully so that no one could peep at them.

    Wanted to hide her whimpering in the middle of the night and let him hear it alone.

    No one can get close to her again, her emotions belong to him alone.

    The dark and crazy thoughts have taken root long ago, but nothing has been revealed above the skin.

    Xu Nian breathed a little more steadily, and couldn't help scolding him: "You are a big scoundrel, you scare me and bully me, you have done all the bad things."

    He was often at a disadvantage, blocked and speechless, and blushed when he disturbed him.

    He can't speak steadily, and he can't speak fiercely.

    Messed up.

    Xu Nian was not only angry, but also wanted him to experience the same pain.

    Qi Chu could see what she was thinking: "If Miss wants to take revenge on me, it's actually very simple."

    He looked at Xu Nian, "You don't even need to do it yourself, you can make me crumbling from now on, and if I make a wrong move, I will be forever lost."

    "What is it?" Xu Nian asked.

    The dark color hidden in Qi Chu's eyes is the madness that he tried his best to suppress, "Miss, have you ever tried to play with people's hearts?"

    For a person like him, even begging to be liked, he speaks so gloomyly and despicably.

    "My flesh and blood have been rotten for a long time. The only heart, now has a glimpse of light, and new flesh and blood are born from it." His voice was low, and the hidden joy bewitched her: "Miss, you can coax me until I am completely lost." After entering, no matter how Miss plays with me, I will listen to it and follow her."

    Slow plotting is too slow,

    He really wanted her to reach out to him, to guide her, and to take steps towards him even if she was a self-proclaimed person.

    His bright eyes seemed to say, come on, give it a try, you won't regret it.

    Xu Nian was indeed a little moved, his throat moved, and he said, "But I can't".

    "I teach Miss".

    At this time, his eyes were tender and tender, and he lured the little girl to take a step forward, "Miss, you can say you like me first."

    "I will be happy, I will believe it, and I will want more."

    "All my emotions will be affected by you, so I am happy and worried about this."

    "Destroying people's expectations is a very interesting thing. As long as the lady is willing, the lady can completely control me, and my heart is already in the lady's hands. At that time, the lady can throw it away and let the lady dispose of it."

    What he said was so tempting that when Xu Nian looked at him, he wanted to give it a try.

    She raised her face, Qi Chu leaned over slightly, touched her foreheads, but stopped within a short distance.

    "Miss", Qi Chu said without any concealment, "I like this very much."

    He told her what he liked, and he showed her his weaknesses.

    After that, whether he wins or loses, he is willing to do so.

    No, from the moment the despicable thought arose, he had already lost, and he lost silently.

    Xu Nian called him at a loss, "Qi Chu..."

    Qi Chu took her hand and put it on his cheek. It was an extremely intimate gesture. He said, "Look at me, think of me, like me, okay?"

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