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    The room suddenly fell silent, and no one spoke again.

    Xu Nian gritted his teeth and made a sound, wanting to tell him with hatred, I believe no one will believe you.

    You are the biggest liar, how could you say such things again.

    After cheating her, he dared to come to her door to make her feel so uncomfortable.

    It is to say all the ruthless words, it is best to poke every sentence in his heart, poke hard at the weakest point, let him drip with blood, and it is the best to be hit hard.

    But when the words came to his lips, he couldn't open his mouth, so he could only torture himself for nothing.

    Qi Chu grabbed the corner of her clothes and shook her, not wanting to let her go: "Miss can abandon me if she is cruel, it was like this in the past, and it is like this now."

    "But if I am ruthless, no matter where the lady goes, there is someone else in my heart, even if the lady and others have married Qin Jin, I will keep the lady by my side."

    He calmly spoke out what he wanted in his heart, and presented it in front of her eyes in an upright manner.

    Xu Nian didn't understand if he really didn't know, or if he was so emotional on purpose, "You can go back and be your prince, and you will be promoted to a high position in half a year. The territory of thousands of miles is yours, and the world is in your pocket. What do you want? .”

    "Why must it be me?" After two lifetimes, she finally asked this question.

    Qi Chu asked back: "Why can't it be Miss?"

    What he Xiao thinks of is her, and wanting and wanting are always together.

    Xu Nian seemed to have heard a very funny joke, and laughed angrily: "Is it because I saved you? Or is it because I took you in?"

    "Qi Chu, you're not a fool, and you're the first to benefit. I rescued you and took you in because I mistook you for Qi Xuan. I pampered you because I knew your identity in advance, so I didn't dare to offend you easily. Trying to use your power to protect my family in the future."

    "Nothing I did was out of sincerity and kindness." Xu Nian looked at him and said every word clearly, "So if you misunderstood something because of this, or misguided What are you, it's really my fault."

    She dissected everything, hoping that it would be best for him to hate her and see what kind of person she was.

    "If I had known from the beginning that it was you, I would have struck faster than any of them, and I would have taken your life that night without hesitation."

    People are always easy to soften their hearts. When they want to speak bad words to each other, they will first think of him a little evil, and then think of him a little good, and then they will be pushed to two extremes.

    You will feel upset and disgusted with such a procrastinating and useless self.

    He has killed you before, but you are hesitating now, not only can't kill him, but you can't even say cruel words that gouging people's hearts and lungs without burden.

    If you are vacillating, don't you just deserve it.

    Would killing him really make me feel better? Will fall into what she does not know the next abyss.

    She felt herself on the brink of extreme danger.

    So the best way is to start from now on, there will be no intersection, and she will be a stranger in the future, so she will be more eager to hate.

    Thinking of this, she smiled a little, not only because she was laughing at such a trick, but also because she was only old and not capable.

    "Admit it, if it was someone else who saved you back then, you are speaking to someone else now. So you don't have to pester me, it's just because I happened to be that person by accident."

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, then suddenly raised his hand and pulled her into his arms, wanting her to listen to the beating sound in his chest.

    It may be because of anger, or it may be that patience is on the verge of exhaustion, so I am extra irritable.

    "Qi Chu!" Xu Nian knew that no matter how talkative the appearance was, it was all fake.

    The person in his arms was struggling and angry, and he got worse, but this could ease the uneasiness.

    Qi Chu closed her eyes, turning a deaf ear to her angry voice, "Last time you said, I am not you, so I can't replace what you think with my guess, the truth taught to me by the miss, but how can the miss forget it by herself now. "

    "If it was someone else, he would have died long ago." The young lady almost died too.

    "If Miss doesn't save me, as long as Miss stays in Weirdu for a day, she will meet one day, and it will still lead to the same result."

    Xu Nian was shocked by what he said, and remembered his previous life.

    For a moment, there was a sense of suffocation that could not break free from fate.

    "Let go", she repeated again, "I won't believe anything any of you say, so from now on, leave my house".

    The determination in her eyes would burn people, Qi Chu stopped after just one glance.

    He let go, stood still and raised his eyes to look at her quietly, as if he had accepted the fact that he was about to be abandoned.

    It's just that those eyes are too deep when looking at people, and they are breathtaking for no reason.

    Before Xu Nian looked away, he asked one last question: "Are you related to the Su Yang case?"

    Qi Chu shook his head, "It wasn't me," and smiled slightly, "I told Miss, I almost died there too."

    "Okay", she turned her back to him, and said alienatedly, "If we meet again in the future, His Highness and I will be strangers, and we will have nothing to do with each other from now on."

    She walked swiftly, without even taking up her sleeves in the wind, and without looking back, she resolutely left and became a stranger to him.

    Qi Chu stood there, silent for a long time, staring at the empty Heitian, and twitched the corners of his lips as if mocking himself.

    is it possible?

    Miss is too naive, letting him go is not the end, it's just the beginning.


    Xu Nian dreamed about her past life all night. In the fragmentary picture, there was the gentle smile on King Yu's face when he promised to help her save Ajie, and when Shen Jiao still insisted that she dare not do anything after the incident was revealed. of Mouding.

    There is also the blood froth that sister held her hand before she died, and she let go before she could say a word.

    Finally, he pushed open the door, and Qi Chu stood with the backlight, looking at her with a smile, "Princess Yu, long time no see."

    Xu Nian opened his eyes suddenly, and saw that the morning light was already bright outside, and it was already the second day.

    "Lian Tang?" She couldn't wait to get out of bed in a hurry, "Go and call my sister, I have something important to tell her."

    How could she firmly believe that King Yu is a good person with just a few face-to-faces, and he would not go without benefit? Under such circumstances, why would he be willing to help her.

    He promised to help him save Ajie, but Ajie died, she was targeted by Shen Jiao, and Ajie was killed by Shen Jiao again. Things never got better, and even got worse later.

    Shen Jiao could harm her, so why did she go far away and find a dead son's house to attack sister.

    Whether King Yu really didn't know, or pretended not to know.

    In the future, I am afraid that it will spread a little bit. In this life, it has been found out that the Su Yang case was done by King Yu. In the previous life, her family was destroyed, and the driving force behind it was also because she was afraid that her elder sister would find out the clues.

    Cut the weeds and eradicate the roots, and never cause future troubles.

    If it was really him, then he let himself go, not because of simple kindness, but for other reasons.

    What will it be? Xu Nian couldn't think of it.

    When Xu Sijiang came, his complexion was very bad. He took a sip of water and said, "Fortunately, you brought enough people, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous."

    "The person who harmed you was sent to Dali Temple, and he confessed without much trial. Although the emperor didn't say anything publicly this morning, he went to the Queen's Palace after he retired from the court. Hearing from the people in the palace, His Majesty issued an apology for this matter. It was a big fire."

    "Shen Jiao was called into the palace, and I didn't know that she actually had a marriage contract with King Yu. His Majesty was displeased with this disturbance, and I didn't want the Queen to make decisions without authorization, so it was cancelled."

    Xu Nian opened his eyes wide: "Sister, do you know King Yu?"

    Sister did you admit your mistake?

    Xu Sijiang didn't know why she reacted so strongly, "Didn't you always know?"

    When talked to her last time, seeing her fluent answers, she thought she knew it, so she didn't elaborate.

    Xu Nian paused, it turned out that she was the only one kept in the dark.

    Xu Sijiang said, "Lu Shisheng vaguely mentioned it to me back then. When I heard you call him Lu Zhi, I vaguely had an impression. Later, after investigating from Su Yang, and some time ago, the truth came to light. Of course I know." .

    Speaking of this, he teased her: "A Nian, you are so brave, the former prince dared to pick it up and hide it at home."

    Xu Nian was stunned for a long time, wanting to say something.

    Xu Sijiang just saw that her complexion was not good, and teased her listlessly, and helped her send it to him, saying: "I have a lot of clues about Su Yang, he should send them to me on purpose, so that I can know the whole story so quickly. At that time, I didn't know his identity, and I didn't dare to act rashly."

    "Do you think it's your luck that you haven't been suspected for so long? Sister Sister put in a lot of effort to cover it up for you."

    "Sister, aren't you afraid?" That was Qi Chu, not anyone else.

    Xu Sijiang smiled helplessly, "But what can you do? Who told you to bring people back? It is easy to ask the Buddha to send the Buddha away. Besides, the Sacred Heart is unpredictable, the government is unstable, and internal and external troubles continue. We have offended everyone. I'm sorry".

    Xu Nian was silent for a while, and inexplicably remembered another thing, "Brother Shi Sheng didn't rebel?"

    Xu Sijiang said in a deep voice: "I have one witness left in my hand who was framed by King Yu."

    "At that time, why did Brother Sheng betray Qi Chu and kill him?" She remembered what he told her at the time.

    "I remember that he went to Su Yang for this purpose, and he will come back tomorrow or the next day sooner rather than later."

    But he's back now.

    Xu Nian couldn't tell what it was like, and was afraid to make my sister suspicious by talking too much, so she talked about something important, "My sister has been working on this case for five years. Now that I know the truth, what will my sister choose to do?"

    Xu Sijiang said truthfully: "Among the princes, the most capable people are the two of them. But before Qi Chu returns, King Yu is the only one who dominates. It is impossible for the Holy One to let him go. Counterbalancing Constraints".

    "Sister, what you mean is that no matter what happens at this time, in order for the Holy One to restrain each other, no one will move?" Even if the truth is in front of you.

    This is the way of the world, even if the truth is in hand, the road to revenge is even more difficult.

    She asked: "Do you know why there were many descendants of the Holy One in the early years, but now, there are only a few scattered?"

    "Because of brotherhood?" So not to live to adulthood.

    Xu Sijiang expected that she would say this, "That won't be drastically reduced to what it is now. It has only happened in the past dynasties, starting from the Qishun period."

    Xu Nian was puzzled: "Why?"

    She didn't think about it.

    "Because the Holy Majesty deliberately let them go, the weak will be eliminated. Only by fighting among them can they live longer. For decades, Emperor Cheng has provoked and let go, all in order to select the most qualified prince."

    "No matter how harmful he is, His Majesty can condone it, because the one who won in the end was selected by His Majesty after decades of hard work, and he will never tolerate anyone destroying his achievements."

    Xu Nian lowered her eyes, she didn't know that it was so complicated, no wonder even Qi Yu's death was so sudden, it didn't make a big fuss, but quietly faded into people's memory.

    Xu Sijiang wanted to say something else, but Lian Tang came to report in a hurry outside, "King Yu came to visit suddenly, saying that he heard about what happened last night, and today he came to see you, Second Young Lady."

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