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    Xu Nian could hardly wait.

    This time, they are no longer separated by life and death.

    Xu Sijiang rarely showed a gentle smile, and rubbed the top of her hair, "A Nian has grown up so much, when sister left last time, you were still a little girl."

    Xu Nianxi smiled, "Sister must watch the New Year's Eve with me this year, I won't let you go."

    Smiling brightly and obtrusively.

    Qi Chu paused, then inexplicably looked away.

    Xu Sijiang responded one by one, and she also wanted to ask her sister carefully why she had predicted this incident so accurately.

    But when she raised her eyes, her gaze swept over the person behind her, just as she took a small look, Xu Nian had already taken a step sideways, blocking her view.

    She leaned closer to Sister and whispered, "He burned his face, it's not so scary if you cover it up, Sister, don't think too much about it."

    After speaking, he quietly turned his head and blinked at the person behind him.

    Qi Chu's deeply immersed eyes paused for a moment, and then drooped down obediently.

    "Sister, go do your business, I'll go back later."

    A low-key sedan chair with a roof is parked in the distance, and the logo of the Chen Mansion can be vaguely seen.

    Xu Nian still remembered one thing.

    The woman's suppressed sobs came from it, Xu Nian stood beside her, and said softly, "Chen Ning, do you feel the taste of despair?"

    Chen Ning's makeup was also crying, and there was a large circle of red marks on his throat. The fear of escaping death has not dissipated. Now he is limp in the car, and he just cried louder.

    Xu Nian ignored it, and said sharply: "I don't know the severity, I don't learn to be kind, and I want to hurt people's lives casually. I have no grievances or enmity with you, but you want to kill me three times and four times. "

    "I can't behave like a villain like you, and I won't trip you up with poison behind your back, but that doesn't mean those things just go away."

    Chen Ning opened the curtain nervously, and his words choked up: "As long as you have someone escort me back, I will not bother you in the future, and I will promise you whatever you say."

    In a hurry, she stretched out her hand to pull the person in front of her, Xu Nian turned sideways and put some distance away, "What you say doesn't matter, Feng Shui turns around, I almost died twice, you just want to go like this in a few words, There is nothing so cheap in the world."

    The sedan chair was the person she asked Sister to inform the Chen family. Three of the four bearers were familiar faces at the banquet at He's mansion that day.

    Accomplices of the day.

    "Kang Yi", Xu Nian suddenly called out.

    When Chen Ning saw her gaze, he suddenly had a premonition that something was wrong. These were the people who would send her back later.

    What is she going to do?

    Chen Ning was terrified and wanted to come down, but was blocked by Kang Yi.

    Kang Yi's tone was calm, but his attitude was tough, "Miss Chen, please sit back."

    The blood splashed on her body hadn't been wiped off just now, Chen Ning looked scared, shrugged his shoulders, bit his lips and backed away.

    "Those two, tie them and take them back."

    There was only one left, Xu Nian's eyes fixed for a moment, but he didn't call Kang Yi.

    She called without looking back, "Lu Zhi, find a river nearby, give him a knife, throw him in, and let him fend for himself."

    Qi Chu's eyes were on the same side as hers, and the man recognized him, and it was the one who gave him the knife that day.

    Some unexpected.

    This absence was only a few breaths, Qi Chu slightly hooked his lower lip, and replied: "Yes, miss!"

    He stood obediently behind Xu Nian, but stared coldly at the person in front of him who was just about to argue and explain, and said, "This person will definitely not appear in front of Miss again in the future."

    Chen Ning finally understood, she almost gritted her teeth and said, "Xu Nian! You took them away, how can I go back?!"

    Xu Nian smiled, "Did I leave one for you? Whether to go back or stay here is your business. It has nothing to do with me."

    The sun was setting in the sky, and when the smoke was rising, the village was so quiet that there was only the sound of horseshoes patrolling.

    Xu Nian suddenly lowered his voice, "You have to be careful, you like to kill people so much, there are all kinds of dead people here tonight, you are not alone here, and they are with you."

    Until the person left, Chen Ning still hadn't recovered from her fright. No matter what happened outside, she could tremble uncontrollably. She felt a chill behind her back, as if those hideous faces appeared before her eyes again.

    When Xu Nian got into the carriage, Qi Chu had already returned.

    He took the initiative to give her a hand with his shoulder, and at the moment Xu Nian turned around, he suddenly asked, "Did Miss just help Lu Zhi vent her anger?"

    Xu Nian glanced back at him, it was rare to see him smile so happily.

    Under the sunset, a pair of eyes were also stained with warm light, showing the pure and authentic appearance of the young man, making it impossible to move one's eyes away.

    Xu Nian couldn't help but said, "You don't always look like a young man, you should smile like this more in the future."

    Such a gentle, harmless, and endearing smile.

    It's really hard not to like it.

    If she sees Qi Xuan in the future, she will find that he imitates him very well.

    It's a pity that there is probably no chance. When all the dust settles, he can let her witness how that person died.

    Xu Nian made up his mind.

    According to his previous life, Qi Xuan had been a hostage in the enemy country for seven years, and he returned to Beijing at the end of this winter.

    But at this time, it seems that he will probably not go back this year.

    Can't figure out why.

    At this time, the sugar seller happened to pass by Xu Nian's team returning home, and when he passed by, Qi Chu looked sideways.

    Concentrating, said: "The chess game is over, the plan can start."

    The peddler just stayed for a moment, shouting as usual, and the figure passed by quickly, and disappeared in the busy city in a blink of an eye.

    At this time, one of them also returned to Yandu.

    The carriage stopped at the gate of the palace, and the eunuchs and maids knelt down to wait for a long corridor, where bright sparks stretched all the way to the depths.

    Qi Xuan took the mask from the waiter, and the silver-white brocade robe swayed slightly with his steps.

    With only his eyebrows and eyes showing, he looked more refined and approachable. He asked the accompanying person beside him, "He still hasn't appeared?"

    The tame shadow fled, even delusional to replace him.

    "Zhou Hai died, and died in Linyang City. We suspect that the last place he appeared was there."

    "Zhou Hai?" Qi Xuan found it interesting, "It's Su Yang's case, it's been so long, I still remember it."

    "One more thing." The attendant handed out another letter, "In a few days, there will be a banquet at Taifu Chi's residence, and I invite you to have a gathering."


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