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    In the courtyard of Hengsheng Weeds, Li Li had his hands bound and knelt down in front of the visitor.

    It never occurred to him that he came to a banquet in a good manner, but encountered such a thing on the way.

    Qi Chu walked out of the shadows, and when Li Li saw him, he subconsciously called out "Your Highness".

    But when he met his cold and gloomy gaze, he suddenly stopped talking. If His Highness wants to find him, he can call him directly, and he will never be tied up in such a way.

    But this that one!

    Li Li frantically wanted to struggle away from him, "You, you're back?"

    "Am I not your Highness?" Qi Chu's eyes reflected his lifeless image, "Li Li, when you betrayed me in Changzhi Palace, you should know today."

    Li Li couldn't tell whether it was his voice shaking or his own shaking, he just felt that the blood all over his body rushed to his brain the moment he saw Qi Chu, and he just wanted to find a way out immediately.

    "No, no, no, I have reasons." Li Li shook his head like crazy and denied it, but the killing intent did not lessen. He just wanted to survive, as long as he could survive.

    "Sorry?" Qi Chu raised his lips playfully, "Talk about it, if it satisfies me, it will save you from death."

    With a flash of inspiration in his mind, he suddenly raised his head, his eyes were scarlet, "Your Highness, don't kill me, I know why Lu Shisheng betrayed you back then, it was also that one, they conspired together, and they did everything ..."

    He was so terrified that he could speak incoherently, and he was so panicked that beads of sweat dripped from his forehead non-stop.

    No one knew better than Li Li what would happen in his hands. Under the tragic circumstances back then, the first thing the person in front of him did when he crawled out of the pile of corpses was to kill those who had different intentions with his own hands. His blood had splashed all over his face.

    In the violent storm, the young man was standing among the corpses all over the ground. Even the rain couldn't wash away the bloody appearance of the young man.

    Eyes full of indifference and horror: "All those who betray me and want to kill me will only die in my hands."

    Li Li recovered from his memory and swallowed wildly.

    "And then?" Qi Chu scratched the edge of the sword, and raised his eyes to appreciate his desire to survive on the verge of death, "Lu Shisheng betrayed me and chose Qi Xuan, why?"

    When it came to the last sentence, his tone was extremely low.

    Li Li could only continue tremblingly, "They want to accuse His Highness of the crime, they want His Highness to die!"

    "I've said everything, please, let me go..." Li Li frantically grabbed the ground, he had already said everything he knew.

    "Begging me, but what should I do? What you said didn't make me happy." Qi Chu raised his eyes coldly, "So you still have to die."

    Li Li only had time to see the sharpness in front of him, and the next moment he felt a hot touch on his face, and he fell straight to the ground, dying with regret.

    "Wu Zheng", Qi Chu shouted.

    Wu Zheng still had the puddle of blood running down his feet, and obeyed his orders.

    Qi Chu spread his hands, sniffed his sleeve lightly, then frowned, "Half a stick of incense, go find clothes that are exactly like this."

    While changing the music, the surroundings suddenly started whispering.

    "Have you heard? I heard that an abandoned courtyard in the north was on fire just now, and Mr. Li who was walking there was gone. I'm afraid it's a bad luck."

    "My maid came to tell me just now that the man has been found and has been burnt to a piece of black charcoal."

    "Ah, it's so miserable..."

    Xu Nian cocked his head and listened to them talking for a while, and seeing that it was getting late, he waved to Kang Yi while everyone was not paying attention, and whispered in her ear, "Is the carriage ready?"

    "According to the order of the lady, everything is ready."

    She had made an appointment with He Jia to go home early, and He Jia left the banquet just now, and Xu Nian also quietly left by taking advantage of the wind.

    As soon as walked across the stone bridge, saw a figure standing on the opposite side waiting.

    "Nian Nian", Chi Yanyu looked up and saw her very happy, and hurried over, "I wanted to invite you to have a good talk, who thought that there are too many guests today, so I really didn't take the time."

    Xu Nian stopped in his tracks and wanted to change his way, "Since He Jia is not here, I will trouble Yan Yu to tell her later that the family rules are strict, and my father does not allow me to return late, so I will go back for now."

    Chi Yanyu was a little frustrated, but he cheered up and followed her footsteps, "Sister He Jia already knows, Nian Nian, there is still a way to go back to the city, Dad asked me to see you off."

    "Yan Yu, don't follow me anymore," Xu Nian said helplessly, "I brought so many guards with me, I can go back by myself."


    At this time, the prince suddenly realized: "So, brother, you have already arranged assassins on the road, and then let the young master of the Chi family be a hero to save the beauty, and the lonely men and widows stay in the wilderness for one night, and then everything will come to fruition? "

    He was puzzled and said, "Wouldn't it be faster to take the medicine?"

    "What's the use of not being there when you're there. When you have nowhere to go, the hand you stretched out when your life was dying will be remembered for a long time."

    Thinking of this, Qi Xuan has already begun to look forward to it, "Even if there is no friendship, after tonight, she can be used by me from now on."

    The prince paused on the spot, feeling his back getting chilly. This black-hearted man not only wants to plot against his family, but also plots against his heart.

    All bad things are done in his name, but in the end you yourself are clean-sleeved and not dirty at all.

    Thinking of this, a treacherous smile appeared in his eyes, you are the one who caused such trouble, so don't blame me for fishing in troubled waters.

    There is no such thing as giving in to a beauty who reaches her mouth.

    At this time, an eunuch hurriedly ran outside, and said nervously: "Your Highness, something is wrong, Li Shilang from the household department is dead!"

    On the way, Xu Nian quietly opened the curtain, only to see Chi Yanyu still following behind the car unhurriedly.

    Qi Chu glanced at her, and his eyes turned cold inexplicably, "Miss, as long as you say a word, Lu Zhi can immediately make him disappear from Miss's eyes."

    Xu Nian glanced at him inexplicably, and didn't respond to his words, but asked, "Are you in a bad mood today?"

    Usually he would never say such dangerous and vague words.

    "Miss, are you reluctant?" Qi Chu looked up at her.

    When looking at people with deep eyebrows and eyes, there is always an illusion that makes people sink in.

    She was not good at all today, Xu Nian thought, but she didn't admit it even if she was in a bad mood.

    "What are you reluctant to talk about?" Xu Nian closed the curtain and said, "We don't care about him anymore, if he wants to follow, just follow."

    Qi Chugang looked back sideways, suddenly concentrating, there seemed to be some strange noise mixed with the wind and grass.

    The next moment, the carriage was forced to stop.

    When the sharp arrow pierced through the air, the man in black who had been dormant for a long time also appeared.

    Kang Yi quickly stepped forward to block it, but the bows and arrows never stopped, so don't be shocked by Chi Yanyu, he doesn't understand why this situation happened.

    Chi Yanyu: "Who are you? The Yandu City is in front of you. You are making trouble here. Do you not want to survive?"

    The man in black attacked the carriage regardless, and the frightened horse rushed away from the crowd like crazy, and ran straight with the carriage in the opposite direction from the city.

    Everything happened so fast that there was no time to stop it.

    Kang Yi exclaimed, "Miss—"

    Chi Yanyu was shocked, and just about to follow, there was already the sound of horseshoes behind him, and the mask revealed a cold light, Qi Chu glanced at him sharply, Chi Yanyu was stunned for a moment, not waiting for him No matter how much he reacted, the black shadow had already passed him, chasing in the direction of Xu Nian.

    Kang Yi couldn't stop her anymore, so she could only ask for help, "Young Master Chi, what are you doing in a daze, come here and help me!"

    The distance to the carriage was getting closer and closer, and Qi Chu slapped the horse's belly and was able to touch the carriage.

    In the bumpy carriage, Xu Nian held tightly to the wall of the carriage, raised his head, and met Qi Chu's gaze.

    The front is about to touch the cliff, and it's too late.

    Qi Chu stretched out his hand, frowning: "Hold me!"

    Xu Nian felt that if she let go, the bouncing carriage would be thrown out of the carriage, and then fell to a bloody mess.

    She hesitated a little, not daring to let go of her hand to catch him.

    Qi Chu said in a cold tone, "As long as Miss holds me tight, Lu Zhi will surely keep Miss safe."

    He spoke seriously, Xu Nian was ruthless, and she still gritted her teeth and pulled her up. Almost instantly, she landed safely on the horse, and the carriage slammed forward out of control.

    Qi Chu put her around her body, moved the tips of his ears, but suddenly turned the horse's head and changed direction.

    As soon as he left, people hiding in the woods rushed out.

    "The prince said, the girl who wants to live!"

    A group of people chased after the horse in an instant, and they refused to slow down at all.

    When Xu Nian saw this kind of formation, he was so frightened that his heart almost raised his throat.

    "Miss, if we all die here tonight, we will have company on Yellow Springs Road"

    In the dark night, there is no need to deliberately hide, Qi Chu's voice is bold and crazy.

    But the wind was too strong, Xu Nian couldn't hear clearly, her whole body was under tense fear.

    At the end of the road, the darkness ahead looks like a monster with its mouth wide open.

    Xu Nian grabbed him tightly, chills filled his whole body, "Lu Zhi, hurry up, stop quickly, there seems to be a cliff ahead!"

    That's what they said, but the sound of horseshoes behind them kept pushing them this way, following them closely, there was no retreat at all.

    Qi Chu didn't have the slightest thought of stopping the horse, his voice and the cold wind brought endless joy:

    "Miss, did you hear what they said just now? They want to arrest you alive. There are so many people who are so ungrateful that life is worse than death. Let's take a gamble."

    "If they die together, the lonely souls and wild ghosts will make an appointment to be their companions; if I die, I will trouble the lady to burn a piece of paper money to Lu Zhi during the New Year and holidays, and if the lady dies—"

    He suddenly smiled, "Miss might as well tell me the name of that enemy right now, then Lu Zhi will definitely send him down with his own hands to make amends to Miss!"

    The author has something to say:

    [Thank you for your support and company along the way (●V●), the next chapter is going to enter V~ There will be a 4D update on the day of entering V, see you in the next chapter! 】

    ———Advance copy of "Black Lotus Sockpuppet/vest Lost"——

    The new owner of the pharmacy next door, Bai Su, is so weak that he has to hesitate for a long time even to kill a chicken.

    Ning Li liked him, so on the first day they met, she called all the neighbors in the neighborhood,

    With little hands on hips, the voice is crisp and clear:

    "I will support Bai Su from now on, if you have the ability, you can come to me, don't make trouble with him!"

    The slender arms were trembling with fear, and he pinched himself with his left hand to forcibly strengthen his courage.

    Bai Su stood behind her with his lips curled up, his weak and helpless image must be revealed.

    In the future, Ning Li would often show her bold and powerful ability like this,

    She felt that Mr. Xiao Lang couldn't do without her, and would still need her protection in the future.

    Unexpectedly, on the eve of the marriage proposal, Ning Li accidentally bumped into his true face.

    It was the mansion of the man who smashed his pharmacy during the day,

    Blood water snaked down the stairs, and Bai Su stood in it, wiping his fingertips slowly.

    The gentleman has picturesque features, but is gloomy.

    What is weak and helpless, it is clearly asking for his life to live Yan Luo!

    In order to survive, Ning Li had no choice but to pretend nothing happened.

    The next day, someone came to find fault again, and Bai Su obediently stood behind her,

    The voice said softly: "I'm so useless, my wife won't dislike me after I get married, right?"

    Ning Li: QAQ

    The tyrant of Linzhou, Bai Su, was decisive in killing and attacking with cruel methods. He would do whatever he could to get what he wanted.

    When he was living in an enemy country, a little girl regarded him as a helpless scholar.

    At first, he just thought it was fun, just playing casually,

    Who would have thought that he would play himself in later.

    One day Ning Li suddenly backed away from him, and even sent her a wedding invitation with someone else.

    The red is dazzling, the gentleness fades, and the gloom climbs up the bright eyes,

    He let her go, but told her: "If you dare to take a step, I will kill that pretty boy as a gift for your wedding!"

    Black Lotus VS Optimistic and Cheerful Sweet Girl


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