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    It doesn't matter whether he did it or not, in the past ten years, he never cared.

    But not now, because Miss is too different from him.

    Would she care, would she not like him, or would she hate him because of it?

    That person always wanted to make him the same as he was back then, he knew it, and even let himself change like that without thinking.

    Over the past few decades, his experience and personality have overlapped more and more with that disgusting person.

    No big deal either.

    He used to think so.

    But the further he walked back now, the more he began to panic.

    What if one day he really becomes the same person as that person and kills her.

    Don't be like that, and can't be like that.

    His extreme anxiety comes from being uncontrollable.

    Other things can be controlled, but Miss is a person, her thoughts, her likes and her dislikes are things that he cannot decide.

    He can change forcefully, but if so, what is the difference between him and that disgusting person.

    Not the same, he is still different from that disgusting person.

    His resentment and hatred all come from that person, so if one day he walks on the same path as him, he will hate himself to death.

    The last bit of conscience he has left is the young lady, and only the young lady can help him, and help him not to become that kind of person.

    Qi Chu had never been so afraid of anything.

    Power can be sought, positions can be seized, people's hearts can be calculated, but the lady's willingness cannot be calculated.

    Self-deception will be like a flower in a mirror, it will fall apart with a light touch, and he will still go uncontrollable.

    The only person who can hold him back is the young lady.

    He looked up, wishing he could take out his heart and hand it to the young lady, "If someone tells the young lady that I have done many bad things in the future, the young lady should not believe them."

    He's really not upright enough, whether it's the calculations when we first met, or the cruelty and evil that grew out of his heart countless times later.

    If had known earlier, should have been more sincere in the first place, and hadn't coaxed her like that.

    Qi Chu lowered her voice, confirming anxiously: "Miss, as long as you trust me, I will not let you down."

    Xu Nian didn't know what happened to him, he was obviously arrogant before he went back, but now something is wrong.

    She reached out and rubbed his face, it was cold, so she held his face with the palm of her hand and passed the heat to him, "If I knew you were going back, I should have stopped you in the first place."

    Qi Chu wanted to say that if he had left Yandu early, it would probably be different now.

    He will go deeper into the abyss, and he will not say these words now, he will only stubbornly use his own method to trick her heart.

    Such a despicable temptation, he didn't even dare to reveal his whole face.

    Once he finds out that he can't get it, he will drag her to sink with him.

    Leaving is letting oneself go to the abyss, but choosing to come back is the hand of the drowning person stretching out his hand for help, wanting to break through the water and explore the sky.

    The person who gave up on himself and walked into the darkness stopped, and began to yearn for the moonlight above his head.

    "Miss, don't give up on me, I think even if I have faults", from the moment he realized it, his despicable nature made him develop those bad thoughts.

    "But Miss is the only one who can cure me."

    He would be crazy without her.

    Xu Nian stared at him for a long time. She used to not be able to see into his eyes, but now that she sees them, the uneasiness made her feel very uncomfortable.

    She stretched out her hand, hugged him, put her chin lightly on his shoulder, and said in words and deeds: "Qi Chu, don't doubt yourself like this. I have never disbelieved you. In that palace, we The most trustworthy person is you."

    How can you be so insecure? You are Qi Chu. I always thought you were invulnerable with such swift and resolute actions in your previous life.

    Xu Nian said: "If you can't remember it, don't think about it. If you don't remember anything, then don't recognize it."

    Qi Chu's deep pupils looked at her without blinking.

    She raised a smile, raised her eyes to meet his gaze, opened her lips and said, "Don't think about it, I'm here at all times, I won't trust others, and I won't hate you just because of a few words."

    "I never need others to intervene in my opinion of you. You are very good now, and you are very good to me. I can stay with you without any scruples. I can leave Lian Tang and go with you, and—"

    The eyes of the girl in front of her gradually gathered a bright glow, "Come closer."

    Qi Chu leaned forward, just as he moved, Xu Nian raised his head and kissed him.

    The noses touched together, the warm fragrance from her body and the heat from her face all rubbed against him.

    Qi Chu was slightly stunned, but Xu Nian closed his eyes first because of shyness.

    "Miss," he called softly.

    Xu Nian's face turned blushing, he was already nervous, but he was still barking, he didn't notice it for a while, the tip of his teeth touched his lips, and the bright blood stained her lips, which was more beautiful than anything else.

    "I like it too," she whispered.

    Qi Chu looked at her slightly flickering eyelashes and asked, "What do you like?"

    People still kiss.

    Xu Nian stood up, held his hand, and smiled as scorchingly as spring in March when he looked back.

    She said, "Today is a very lively day. I have you in every lively event this year, and I should have you today."

    Qi Chu looked down at her hand that was being held, and held hers tightly, but did not move.

    Xu Nian looked at him puzzled.

    "Don't make a fuss," Qi Chu said, "I want you."

    only you.

    "Miss, please hide me, just hide me by Miss's side, so that I can see Miss all the time."

    Xu Nian tilted her head, and asked: "Wouldn't it be better to be upright?" She couldn't hide the faint smile in her eyes, and imitated his previous appearance, and said, "You're not that bad at seeing people."

    Qi Chu felt that if she wanted her own life at this time, he would be willing to hand over the knife.

    Just look at him like this, keep your eyes on him, and stay with him.

    He suddenly bent down and picked up Xu Nian's legs, her feet were off the ground, she could only hold on to his collar tightly, and looked at him with confused and puzzled eyes.

    Qi Chu said, "Sleep with me."

    He really didn't have a good rest, he had to deal with Qi Wenyu, that person, and there were things he planned secretly.

    "Qi Chu?!" The words were good, but why did they suddenly change.

    Qi Chu's lowered eyes were not joking, but they were also serious and pure without any other meaning.


    Xu Nian originally thought that he just wanted to take a short rest on the boat, but he didn't want him to send her back home.

    "Lian Tang hasn't come back yet..." After walking a path she didn't know, Lian Tang might still be waiting for her outside.

    Qi Chu didn't like her caring about other people, he said, "Wu Zheng will handle it."

    After finishing speaking, he emphasized unwillingly: "Miss Today can't mention other people anymore."

    She always misses this little maid. Did she miss him so much when he was not around?

    "Qi Chu," Xu Nian said, "You are so stingy."

    Seeing him walk into her house with ease, she knew that during the half a year that this man stayed in her house, he often went out behind his back.

    No wonder at the very beginning, she asked Kang Yi to stare at him, but nothing came of it.

    The house he lived in was still the same as he left it, and nothing had been touched.

    "You can let me go now." Xu Nian was startled, she was obviously the thief in her own home.

    This kind of hidden guilt has only been experienced once in two lifetimes.

    Qi Chu had already put her on the bed, he squatted down and helped her take off her shoes.

    Xu Nian wanted to struggle, if someone else was like this, she would have scolded a prodigal son, but Qi Chu raised his eyes pitifully, as if to say, really just sleep, I don't want anything Do.

    After hesitating for a while, she moved inside, looked at him with her legs crossed, and asked, "His Royal Highness, do you know your name?"

    There was a slight smile in her eyes, as if she had calculated that he would not be able to answer.

    Qi Chu fell silent.

    Xu Nian said: "Rogue, bastard."

    Well said, being abducted by him is not the behavior of a gentleman.

    Qi Chu said: "Miss blames me for not giving me enough titles." He then asked: "Is the miss willing?"

    Xu Nian looked at him steadfastly, and it was strange to be asked if he would like to.

    After all, there were many days and nights when he decided everything about her on his own, without asking her if she was willing.

    "Qi Chu, do you really know what you are doing?" She was afraid that he would regret it.

    She is just a coward, insecure, and has become a habit of self-defense, unable to take a step.

    Qi Chu didn't answer, but said: "If Miss is willing, no matter when, I will definitely come to hire you with three letters and six courtesy."

    He spoke so earnestly, firmly and persistently.


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