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    Xu Nian didn't have time to say it, Qi Chu had already jumped off the horse with her, and her back fell to the ground. Xu Nian realized belatedly that it was not a cliff at all, but a huge slope.

    Once they fell, they could only roll down the slope.

    The people who were chasing them also realized that the situation was not good. After several discussions, they sent someone back to report to the prince, and the rest of them reined in their horses and stopped to watch.

    "Maybe the bottom of the slope is full of cliffs. If you can survive, you'll be damned. We don't have to chase after it, do we?"

    "Who told you to report your family just now? If they really come back alive, we are going to hell." The leader lit the fire folder, took a photo below, and ordered: "Go around to other places Look, if you want to see people when you live, and if you want to see corpses when you die, you should be more cautious!"

    At this time, the men in black who were entangled with Kang Yi also realized that the situation had changed, and they did not love to fight. They quickly dispersed and disappeared in the same place in a blink of an eye.

    There was a mess everywhere, and the corpses of the servants who followed were everywhere, and the air was filled with a disgusting smell of blood.

    Kang Yi helped the coachman who was still breathing at his feet, and shouted loudly: "Old Zhang, hold on!"

    The coachman barely closed his eyes, but when he opened his mouth, he could only spit out big mouthfuls of blood, and his breathing became weaker and weaker. When Kang Yi probed the tip of his nose, he felt a chill spread all over his body.

    Kang Yi stood up with support, she could feel that this group of people did not have the slightest scruples when they attacked, and the knives were aimed directly at the door of life, and it was difficult for her to deal with it with all her strength.

    They brought quite a few people tonight, and there have never been bandits and robbers on this road. Why did those people come here to kill everyone?

    As soon as she turned her head, she saw Chi Yanyu standing there in a daze, wondering what she was thinking. She asked, "Master Chi, are you alright?"

    He hasn't spoken since just now, Kang Yi was just about to go over to see if he was hurt somewhere.

    Chi Yanyu suddenly woke up like a dream, looking at the corpses around him, his eyes were full of disbelief.

    His lips moved, but he couldn't answer Kang Yi's question.

    Those people, who don't want to survive so much, dodge everywhere when they meet him, and don't use all their strength.

    Tonight, father asked him to come out to see someone off...

    And that mysterious guest from the house!

    Chi Yanyu didn't dare to think about it anymore, he clenched his fists tightly, his eyes were red with broken corpses all over the floor.

    Regardless of the dryness and fear in his heart, he immediately got on the horse and said: "I'm fine, find someone to rescue Niannian!"

    Before Kang Yi could ask another question, he saw that he had already galloped towards the direction of Bie Yuan.

    The young man was extremely angry, but calm and restrained to the extreme. He was afraid that if he waited a moment longer, all those souls who had just died unjustly would come to him for an explanation.

    Why? !

    He originally thought that his father's sudden willingness to agree to this marriage was because they had already reflected on it during the few years he had been away from home, and they no longer obstructed his decision, and were willing to respect his ideas.

    But no! They are still the same as before, they only think about what they can get, and they don't care about his feelings and choices at all!

    When Xu Nian opened his eyes, he found that he was blocked in the middle by a thin dead tree, and his lower back was sore.

    She barely stood up, not caring about being drowsy, and under the faint moonlight, she panicked and looked for Lu Zhi's figure.

    It was too dark to see anything at all, a flash of panic flashed in Xu Nian's heart, she reached out and wiped the back of her neck, the blood was dry and sticky.

    It was not an illusion...

    When it fell halfway, she had a vague feeling that Lu Zhi seemed to help her block the falling gravel from above.

    The last moment of losing consciousness was the warm touch dripping on the neck.

    "Lu Zhi?" Xu Nian didn't care about his limp body, "Did you answer me?"

    But the only answer to her was her flustered breathing, except for the silent woods.

    Just when she didn't know what to do, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a silvery white cold light refracted under the moonlight.

    Qi Chu was lying on his back with his eyes closed. At first glance, the exposed skin was full of thin and deep wounds scraped all the way down.

    The bloodstains on the ground were obvious, and he didn't need to think about it to know that the wound that was almost healed had suffered again.

    "Lu Zhi?" Xu Nian's palms were sweating, and he hurriedly slid down the small slope next to him.

    When Qi Chu heard someone calling him, he was shaken uncomfortably. He opened his thick eyes, and under the moonlight, those eyes were shining with water, and he was looking at him without blinking.

    Xu Nianjian opened his eyes, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, "Lu Zhi?"

    Qi Chu's voice was still a little hoarse, "Miss, if you keep shaking like this, Lu Zhi's paper money will be indispensable for next year's Zhongyuan."

    She still has the strength to come to him, but she is not as weak as he thought, if she knew it earlier, she would not have blocked her.

    Seeing that Qi Chu closed his eyes again for some reason, Xu Nian quickly let go of him. All she knew was not to let the unconscious man fall asleep, so her first reaction when she found him was to let him open his eyes first. Think so much.

    "Lu Zhi?"


    Without moving his lips, he only uttered a syllable at the mouth of his throat.

    "Are you okay?" Xu Nian felt that he seemed not well.

    Eyes half closed, too quiet.

    Qi Chuyu replied to her with regret: "It's not very good, maybe I'm going to die."

    Xu Nianyi was in a hurry and wanted to say that you lived longer than me in your previous life, why you can't do it earlier now.

    It's just that the tears were already on the tip of his eyes, and when he raised his eyes, he found that he had opened them at some point, and was just looking at her bewildered look.

    There was a suspicious curve on the lips.

    Xu Nian came to his senses immediately, and asked in a daze, "Are you scaring me again?"

    When she fell down, she thought it was a cliff, but at that moment she really thought she was going to fall to death inside, it was so painful and miserable, maybe there wasn't even a complete body.

    She thought so much in her mind, but he didn't correct a word, and just led her to jump down.

    Until now, her heart was still hanging in her throat, and she was teased by him again, her eyes were sore with anger.

    He didn't even have any ruthlessness in the questioning words, it was all about holding on to keep the tears from falling.

    Qi Chu explained to her: "Miss, this is at best a suburb outside Yandu City, and the direction we are going is not so cliff-like."

    His voice was a little soft, but it was clear enough to fall into Xu Nian's ears in such a silent mountain forest.

    Xu Nian already knew that she was the one who panicked after it was dark, and saw the dark place in front of her as a cliff.

    "Lu Zhi didn't scare Miss. Although it is a rocky slope, if it hits a hard rock, it will only make you die a little better."

    It was obvious that he had just walked away from a life-and-death situation, but Qi Chu's eyes were so calm that there was no wave.

    He looked sideways at Xu Nian, with a sense of playfulness: "Miss, it seems that the gate of hell will not accept us for the time being."

    When Xu Nian met his gaze, perhaps she hadn't calmed down for the rest of her life, and her head was dizzy. From this gaze, she had a ridiculous thought.

    Maybe he was really betting on whether he would die just now, but now that he won the bet, you can even feel his joy from the inside out.

    Xu Nian frowned slightly. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Qi Chu suddenly turn his head, staring at the place above where they fell, and said suddenly, "We can't stay here any longer. If they don't give up, they will definitely Find a place to come down and find us."

    Talk as you say, why staring at her like this, Xu Nian felt a little uncomfortable, but when he stood up, he saw that Qi Chu hadn't moved yet.

    Qi Chu didn't know what she was thinking, when she turned her head and looked over with questioning eyes, she suddenly covered the wound on her shoulder, and the person whose face was as steady as a mountain just now suddenly frowned and cried out in pain.

    He seemed to be in pain, "Miss, the wound on Lu Zhi's shoulder seems to be cracked again."

    Hearing this, Xu Nian's complexion changed, he was nervous, and wanted to squat down to check how his injury was doing.

    "Miss, don't worry, I won't be able to die for a while." Qi Chu Heitan seemed to move his eyes subtly.

    He said: "Just bring me now, lest it will drag the young lady down. Why don't the young lady find a place to hide by herself and leave me here. If those villains come after them again, Lu Zhi can delay them here for a while."

    Xu Nian felt that his current appearance was very unreasonable.

    Not knowing how many strange emotions this person had, she stretched out her hand, not allowing him to continue these topics of life and death.

    "Get up, I saved your life, what are you doing on your own?" Seeing that he just looked at him quietly without making any movement, Xu Nian couldn't help urging:

    "Hurry up, don't you mean that they are coming soon, if you delay any longer, we will be in vain."

    The bright moonlight cast a layer of cold white on her face, and there were bloodstains left by scratches on the outstretched palms, perhaps because she was so frightened that she cried quietly before, the most beautiful and eye-catching ones were those fearful and firm eyes .

    The water light surged in it, bright and clear.

    Qi Chu felt it was very strange, he didn't want to move at all, but still stretched out his hand out of nowhere, using her strength to get up.

    He didn't have much strength, and he was pulled and swayed, stretching out his hands randomly.

    Xu Nian meant what she meant, but she didn't expect that he would actually reach out his hand. Seeing that he was drooping his eyes and didn't know what he was thinking, he fell silent again.

    The surrounding area seems to be a valley, Xu Nian looked around, feeling a little confused, "Lu Zhi, do you know how to get out?"

    At this moment in the Chi Mansion, the guests had all gone back, and the quiet mansion was no longer bustling.

    Chi Yanyu knelt in front of the hall, his eyes were full of stubbornness, "Father, mother, when will you really consider my ideas! Three years ago, you knew that I was happy, because Su Yang's case and his The family is involved, and you disagree, and you force me to break it with death, and you want me to go to Chenzhou County to be the wife of the county sheriff's daughter."

    Originally thought that he would be angry and questioned when he said such words, but when he got angry to a certain extent, there was only ashesy silence left.

    Mrs. Chi wanted to pull him, "It's cold on the ground, so I'll talk about it when I have something to say..."

    Chi Yanyu avoided it, "This time when I come back, when I know that you no longer oppose, and even support my choice, do you know how happy I am?"

    He laughed at himself, "But you guys turned my joy into a complete joke!"

    Taifu Chi's face turned cold a long time ago, "Nizi! You are disobeying and accusing your elders now, where is the courtesy and filial piety in your heart!"

    Chi Yanyu held his head high and held his chest high, refusing to be timid, "Father asked me about ethics, so I asked my father back, Uncle Xu's family considers you as a close relative and friend, but how did you do it? Not only did you plan to hurt Niannian tonight, but you also To push me on the road of injustice, when I did these things, did my father think about the word ethics!"

    Chi Taifu never thought that he would dare to keep his mouth open to such an extent, and when he stood up angrily, raised his hand and slapped him to fall down, but when he saw those eyes that refused to give in, he suddenly Stop in mid-air.

    He hated iron for being weak, "Don't you like her? There's nothing wrong with doing this. Not only can you marry her as soon as possible, but even Xu Zhouzhang can stand by our family willingly."

    Chi Yanyu found it ridiculous, "So for the power and status you want, you have to ruin the life of the person I like, and it makes me regret my life even more?"

    "I'm your own son. Are you going to harm me like this and make me such an unfaithful, unkind and unrighteous beast? Why can people choose, and I can only do what you say step by step , Why do you play with my life!"

    These words had completely enraged Taifu Chi, he turned his back on his hands, paced back and forth but still couldn't dispel the anger in his heart.

    If it wasn't for him, for the sake of the family, why did he put so much effort into joining that camp, but he actually said such outrageous words.

    He suddenly turned around and reprimanded loudly, "It's because I've indulged you too much that I let you utter such rebellious words without knowing the heights of heaven and earth. Come on, let me know the law!"

    Looking at the burning fire, Xu Nian finally calmed down a little from his fear.

    She hugged herself tightly, and sat as close to the heat source as possible, so that she felt the safest.

    It's just that the surrounding area became more and more silent, and she couldn't calm down any more, so she couldn't help but ask, "Lu Zhi, if those people don't find us, and my parents can't find us, will we never be able to get out?" gone."

    There seems to be no way to go up all around.

    "No." Qi Chu calmed down and comforted her, "Miss's family will definitely find her."

    Xu Nian also felt that if her parents and elder sister knew the news, they would definitely not let her stay here forever.

    Thinking of this, she suddenly raised her eyes, and asked curiously: "Lu Zhi, you never seem to mention your parents to me?"

    Thinking that when he first met him, he just lied to her, and both parents died.

    He is the first prince, and he was famous in his previous life. He was almost destined to stay in that position from birth.

    A strange emotion flashed in Qi Chu's eyes, but it only appeared for a moment, and then disappeared without a trace. Xu Nian didn't even see what it was.

    I just heard him say, "Miss, don't ask people like this next time. After all, not everyone in this world is like a lady. She can still rely on her family when encountering things. Miss is lucky enough, but others may not."

    Xu Nian didn't understand what he said, because she didn't want to say it, or she felt that she asked something that shouldn't be asked.

    After being silent for a while, she stared at the crackling fire in front of her, and said casually, "Then tell me something you want to say."

    "Anything is fine, don't be so quiet."

    She stared sideways at the pitch-black hole outside, and shuddered. When she was about to die in her previous life, she saw such a dark scene.

    At that time, no one could hear her frightened and desperate cry for help.

    Qi Chu never allowed anyone to pry into his past, just when he was about to fool around casually, there was a sudden weight on his shoulder.

    He turned his head and found that Xu Nian seemed to be asleep, but he seemed very disturbed, his brows were furrowed, and his expression was still highly nervous.

    Qi Chu frowned slightly, and was just about to let her lean against the stone beside her, but the moment she got up, she was stopped by the rapid and heavy breathing.

    Such a hot breathing sound, do you have a fever?

    Xu Nian was vaguely aware of his movements, and murmured in a daze, "Don't move, my back hurts."

    It wasn't too obvious when he fell, but now that he's fully recovered, his entire back seems to be screaming in protest.

    The muffled groan had been suppressed in his throat for a long time, and Xu Nian felt that he had reached the limit.

    Her voice gradually weakened, soft and slow, and her brows frowned even more as she spoke.

    Qi Chu was taken aback for a moment, he really didn't notice just now, the red marks would probably take several days to dissipate with such a thin skin and tender flesh, not to mention sliding down from such a high place.

    "Miss, why don't you tell me the name of your enemy. If something happens, Lu Zhi can help Miss, but it's a pity."

    That's what he said, but he really didn't move, staring at the bright fire lights and thinking about something.

    Xu Nian felt a headache and slurred a few syllables, also speaking of discomfort.

    Qi Chu didn't expect her to tell the truth, so he stirred up the flames even more.

    Suddenly he asked nonchalantly, "Since you're uncomfortable, why didn't you say it just now?"

    In the past, it seemed that he had never experienced any hardships, and his mind was like that of a child, who still took medicine and had to pay for sugar.

    Crying, screaming, screaming, and not being able to move is what he imagined.

    Xu Nian moved her lips, her voice was too low, and Qi Chu had to tilt her ears slightly to hear the extremely soft sentence, "I originally wanted to save you at first, but it seems to be hurting you more and more. It's getting worse."

    "If I didn't turn back at the beginning, maybe you would be more relaxed, and you wouldn't be trapped here because of saving me."

    Qi Chu thought of that snowy night, but he really didn't expect anyone to stop in front of him.

    A girl who is fairer than snow can get dirty easily.

    "Miss, if you don't turn back," Qi Chu said calmly, "Lu Zhi will die soon."

    After he dealt with the people Qi Xuan sent to kill him, he was exhausted to the extreme, his bow was exhausted, and he was in a terrible embarrassment.

    "No..." Xu Nian's voice was weak, "Kill him, and you won't die..."

    Qi Chu didn't hear clearly, so he moved closer and asked, "What?"

    Xu Nian felt that his throat was dry and sore, he frowned and subconsciously called out his name.

    "Qi Xuan..."

    "You—what did you say?" Qi Chu's eyes flickered, suspecting that he had misheard.

    Xu Nian felt dull in his mind, as if all reason had not been mixed together, without thinking, without scruples, in a daze, whispered mysteriously, "I always knew your name was Qi Xuan, and you still lied to me... ..."

    Qi, Xuan?

    Qi Chu froze in place, his eyes instantly turned cold, and gloom crept up his eyes like a thick fog.

    Xu Nian's intermittent voice continued, "Kill...Qi Chu, you promised me..."

    Qi Chu turned his head to look at him indifferently, his eyes seemed to be frosted, Xu Nian didn't hear his voice, raised his head, and told him seriously, "Only he will kill you..."

    Something exploded in my mind.

    The reason why she went and turned back was to distinguish him from Qi Xuan and save him, and it was only because she regarded him as that person, so if she didn't admit her mistake, she would have killed him at that time.

    It seemed that everything had suddenly come to light. When she was in Yizhuang, she angrily accused him of killing people just because of appearances. It was because she thought Qi Chu was that kind of person, so she wanted to kill him.

    All kinds of changes to him later were also because of Qi Xuan.

    He only thought that she mistook him for Qi Xuan's subordinates, but he didn't expect that it was for such a reason!

    Qi Chu's dark eyes grew colder and more gloomy, and the dagger in his hand gleamed coldly.

    In his entire life, he hated those two words the most!

    Qi Chu stood up suddenly, raised his foot and kicked out the fire.

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    If I keep you now, when you see him in the future, won't you directly help him to kill me, and then you will have to save him by mistake and hate and hate him even more.

    Xu Nian was startled by the movement he made, but saw that his expression was not right, "...what's wrong with you?"

    The last flickering light of the only beating fire also dimmed.

    Qi Chu smiled at her, but his eyes were cold, "Miss, I don't think it's a good idea for us to stay here tonight, we'd better go out and find the way up."

    The tone was so indifferent that it would make people despair. When Xu Nian was in a daze, he was already pushed against the stone, and Qi Chu walked out without saying a word.

    It was dark all around, there was no light, no sound, and everything was suffocating.

    Xu Nian was terrified and struggled to keep up, but he pulled the bruise behind him, gritted his teeth with a muffled grunt, and shouted in a panic, "Lu Zhi, wait for me—"

    It was too dark, dark and cold, and it was the same when was dying in previous life.

    The person who didn’t shed tears along the way, tears like broken beads, broke down and shouted inarticulately: “It hurts——my whole body hurts, my stomach hurts… Please, don’t leave me… "

    She didn't have much strength, and she stood up suddenly, only feeling dizzy.

    My feet felt like I was stepping on cotton, light and light, and I always felt that I couldn't fall on the real thing, but fear sprouted in my heart, and the endless darkness made it intensify. I instinctively and urgently wanted to grab something.

    Anything is fine, anything is fine, she doesn't want to be alone in panic.

    An unsteady footstep is a loss of balance.

    A hand suddenly reached out in the darkness and grabbed her wrist.

    Xu Nian clung to him as if grasping at straws, and begged in a low voice, "Lu Zhi, I'll go with you..."

    If there was light now, one would be able to see a face covered with tears, and the water in the eyes rushed out of the eye sockets trembling and clamoring.

    Qi Chu subconsciously glanced at her lower abdomen.

    "Miss, what Lu Zhi said is that we go together", Qi Chu's voice was cold, and he felt irritated seeing her like this, "Where did Miss miss?"

    Xu Nian hadn't recovered from the suffocation, sobbing and tugging at him, fearing that he would dislike him, so he just shook his head, "No, I didn't hit him anywhere!"

    Qi Chu was silent for a moment, and a little sneered, if you beg someone you want to kill like this, if you find out in the future, wouldn't you wish to get rid of me even more quickly.

    He suddenly knelt down in front of Xu Nian and pulled her behind him, "Miss, you are already dehydrated, don't cry."

    At the last moment when his patience ran out, Xu Nian finally calmed down.

    It was so quiet along the way that nothing seemed to exist.

    Maybe it was because he was too tired, at first Xu Nian would call him twice anxiously, until later, he fell asleep lying on Qi Chu's shoulder, but the breath that sprayed out became hotter and hotter.

    Even when Qi Chu deliberately stopped, he didn't open his eyes nervously.

    Qi Chu frowned slightly, thinking over whether to throw it here or in front.

    Finally, he stopped there and put her where she was, with her beautiful neck in front of her eyes.

    There is a voice in his heart urging him to hold it and twist it off.

    Xu Nian was already unconscious, and she couldn't tell what she was holding on to, her eyes were so heavy that she wanted to completely lose consciousness.

    Qi Chu didn't seem to notice anything, the eyes of You Leng Heitan had sunk to the bottom.

    The word Qi Xuan shouted from her mouth seemed to be ringing in her ears frequently.

    Kill him, is it possible?

    I don't mind killing one more person tonight.

    At this time, the two groups of people in the valley were also trying their best to search.

    The men in black met and exchanged information, but they got nothing. They could only say: "The prince said, this matter must not be discovered by others, and it must be silenced."

    After all, looked around again.

    On the other side, Xu Sijiang also stopped in her tracks. She picked up the dead leaves on the ground to check, then raised her head to look around.

    Ying's eyes were sharp, and she said: "There are other people passing by here, so be on guard, don't let go of any corner, and you must find Nian Nian as soon as possible."

    Xu Nian felt his throat burning hot, and the smell of blood rose more and more with his breathing.

    At this moment, there was a hint of sweetness on her lips, with a refreshing coolness, her throat improved a lot after being soaked, and she reluctantly opened her eyes.

    It was still dark all around, but Lu Zhi's face could be vaguely seen.

    There is still some water left on the big leaf in the hand.

    She said weakly: "What is this?"

    "Miss burned too much with the dew in the previous episode," Qi Chu explained calmly.

    Before she could react for a while, he handed her a handful of wild jujubes. I didn't want to talk about it, but seeing that she was not in good spirits, I said, "It's not sweet, miss, doesn't she have an enemy to kill?" ? If you don’t want to die before that enemy, Lu Zhi still suggests that the young lady bear with it first.”

    Xu Nian stared at him blankly, he could clearly feel that he was in a bad mood, the fruit was very small, and he didn't know where he got it.

    She lowered her head and stuffed a few into her mouth, and immediately frowned, but thinking of his words, she was afraid that he would dislike her hypocrisy at this time, so she swallowed quickly.

    Afraid of letting him see hesitation.

    Not only was it not sweet, but it was so sour that she woke up a little bit.

    Qi Chu remained sullen, watching her reaction with gloomy eyes.

    She didn't even doubt whether it was poisonous, she had to swallow such sourness directly, she trusted Qi Xuan so much.

    He can obey all his words.

    Qi Chu tightened the hands beside her, and the joints were creaking, and it was the same sound when she pinched her neck.

    Xu Nian's lips were still pale, and her slow thinking after a high fever made her somewhat puzzled why he was staring at her like this.

    "Lu Zhi? Why are you unhappy?"

    She had never seen him with such a cold face.

    "In such an uninhabited dense forest, isn't Miss afraid that Lu Zhi will have evil intentions and kill you?" Qi Chu couldn't hold back the anger in his eyes, "Miss lost guard against me over and over again, and I'm afraid she might not even know when she died. How did you die?"

    "Would you?" After the words came out, Xu Nian shook his head and denied it, and smiled weakly, "Lu Zhi, this is the third time you have scared me tonight."

    After the words fell, he saw that his face was even uglier.

    Those who didn't have any vigilance, even those who were soft-hearted and unguarded, believed that it was only because of Qi Xuan.

    Qi Chu closed his eyes, turned around and walked out, without looking back, he said: "Miss, go south, as far as you can go, your elder sister must find it from where we fell, as long as the miss does not Looking back, I will definitely meet her before dawn."

    Xu Nian was a little confused, "What about you?"

    Qi Chu turned his head, curled the corners of his lips, but the smile couldn't get into his eyes, and said: "Miss, I owe you my life, and I will pay it off after today."

    This time, he didn't care whether it was life or death anymore, he gave her one last look indifferently, and reminded her: "Miss, don't pick it up from anyone in the future, the ones on the side of the road will only eat people and don't vomit." Bone dog."

    "Lu Zhi..."

    Suddenly there was a faint sound in the woods.

    Qi Chu has already left without looking back, and the delay has been long enough, and the person sent by the trash met him by accident, so there is no reason not to charge some interest.

    Besides, he was in a bad mood today and wanted to kill someone.

    The man in black saw the people who came suddenly, approaching them step by step without any disturbance.

    The leader looked at the mask and frowned, feeling strange. There was also a person beside the prince who wore a mask all the year round. He only said that he was a distinguished guest and never told them who it was.

    Why is it so similar?

    But someone in the team couldn't wait any longer, "It's him! The prince has ordered that no one will be left alive!"

    Qi Chu stopped in his tracks, and there was silence behind him. The lady had indeed left him and left without even looking back.

    Even on that snowy night, she would look back when she left.

    But not today!

    Is it because you hate him? Do you think such an uncertain person is not like Qi Xuan?

    So now it doesn't even matter if he dies, maybe she has already noticed the clues, and wants him to die here on purpose, so that her wish to kill him has come true, she may still be glad that she found out early, Live your life.

    Before that, when he thought she regarded him as one of Qi Xuan's subordinates, he only felt that this status was convenient for him to stay in the Duke's mansion.

    But now, why should it be him!

    Anyone can do it, but it must not be Qi Xuan!

    All the turbulent emotions turned into a cold light in his eyes, Qi Chu looked at them, "After so many years, Qi Yu, this piece of mud, still can't support the wall as always."

    "I taught him before, when you kill someone, you should talk less!"


    When the last fallen leaf returned to calm, Qi Chu collapsed in a pool of blood all over the ground to recover.

    He stared at the sky aimlessly, and at this moment, he seemed to have returned to the embarrassment of being tied up with a heavy object and thrown into the water.

    The fate of those who fell into the water is to kill those bystanders, step on their bones, and find their own vitality.

    He looked sideways at the direction where Xu Nian was walking, and said silently: "You are also the same person as them, the same person who wants to kill me."

    He briefly let his consciousness sink, and then was swallowed by the darkness little by little.

    It should have been done long ago, how could the person who killed him be let go.

    He suddenly had endless regrets. It was too painless to break her neck. He should cut open the flesh and let Li Li's blood spray on it, soil her, see her fear, see her begging for mercy, and finally ask her cruelly:

    "Do you still want to kill me now?"

    It must have been a wonderful thing to appreciate her pain.

    A cat doesn't have sharp teeth, how can it kill its prey, it can only struggle and passively choose its fate.

    Qi Chu curled his lips, he shouldn't stay here, he's going to catch the cat that abandoned him, and then cruelly wipe out all her hope of life.

    Before he got up, he heard footsteps.

    Qi Chu opened his eyes, and saw Xu Nian who had gone and turned back again.

    He didn't even pretend anymore, the three bones were still not far away, and he didn't mind having one more.

    He quietly put away the dagger in his hand, forget it, such a beautiful and fragile neck is still suitable for breaking.

    Anyone who wants to kill him will not survive.

    Qi Xuan deserves to die, she deserves to die too, he is not a shadow! Why should he be his shadow!

    Thinking of this, Qi Chu was suddenly a little happy, and looked at her bewitchingly and expectantly.

    As long as she stretches out her hand——

    Thinking of this, he seemed to have sensed the trembling fear in the palm of his hand, that would definitely be a wonderful harvest.

    Xu Nian frowned, not knowing what he was laughing at, the little bit of strength she recovered was used to get here.

    "Lu Zhi", Xu Nian sat next to him and asked intently, "Have you rested yet?"

    Her whole body was too heavy, and her voice was hoarse.

    Qi Chu's gaze was blank for a moment.

    Xu Nian's pale lips moved, and he looked at him begging for help, "I really have no strength left."


    There was a bloodstain on the side of his ear, Xu Nian stared at it for a while, then suddenly wiped it off with his sleeve.

    This was almost her instinctive reaction when she saw blood.

    The tactile sensation that passed by quickly brought a little itchiness, and when Qi Chu raised his eyes, it was as if nothing had happened.

    Xu Nian whispered behind him, "Lu Zhi, you are a little scary today."

    When she came back, she saw him lying there, which inexplicably reminded her of that lunatic Qi Chu.

    "Miss, do you think I shouldn't kill them?" Qi Chu's tone was inexplicably low.

    "No", Xu Nian corrected his words, "You left me twice, your words don't count."

    Qi Chu looked sideways slightly, and could see her eyes closed due to high fever and exhaustion.

    The long and curved eyelashes spread across the eyes, quiet and relaxed.

    Qi Chu thought nastyly, maybe now is really not a good time, such an interesting thing must be revealed when she is unaware and unguarded to be interesting.

    He suddenly changed his mind and left her for now, and let her see how Qi Xuan died with his own eyes in the future.

    The people found in the distance were rushing towards this side, Qi Chu raised his eyes, the sky was slightly white, and the morning mist was hazy.

    Looking at the people surrounded by the crowd, he suddenly felt a little regretful.

    At that time, you should not comfort her that someone will come looking for her, you should scare her and tell her that the family you miss will abandon you, if they can’t find you, they will give up, and they don’t care about your life or death at all.

    You should shatter her hopes with your own hands, and let her show despair, so fragile that it will shatter at the touch of a finger.

    How could there be so many important people, but they just wanted to kill him.

    When Qi Chu closed his eyes, Xu Nian suddenly turned his head to look at him, but saw him standing far away, watching her quietly, and then suddenly fell backward as if he lost his strength.

    Xu Nian didn't hear what sister was saying, but subconsciously stretched out his hand towards the other side and called out: "Lu Zhi—"

    When Xu Nian opened his eyes, his whole body was drowsy after a long sleep.

    Even when he was reborn, he was not so weak.

    After calming down for a while, she sat up and asked, "Lian Tang, is Lu Zhi at the mansion? Call him here, I have something to ask him."

    She also couldn't remember what she said when she was unconscious that day, which made him look so scary.

    Lian Tang hurried in from the outside, and said falteringly, "Second Miss, why don't you go ask the Eldest Miss, she took Lu Zhi away after she brought you back last time, and this slave doesn't even know that he is here now. where."

    What does take away mean?

    Xu Nian didn't care about her weak body, she got up in a panic, and quickly asked, "How long have I been in a coma?"

    "Nine days."

    "Where is sister now?"

    Lian Tang was stunned by a series of questions, "...Slaves, servants don't know either."

    As soon as the words were finished, she saw that her own lady had already run out, she followed anxiously, and shouted: "Miss, the doctor said, you have a bruise on your back and you can't move quickly."

    Xu Nian can't control so much anymore, no one knows better than her how much sister's hatred for the surname Lu.

    This is the reason why she has been intentionally preventing the two from meeting each other.

    Going around the corridor, you can see Sister's yard, but there is no one in the house, Xu Nian gritted his teeth, suddenly went inside and picked up Sister's waist card, and asked the concierge to lead the horse and wait for her at the gate.

    When he got on the horse, he hurt his back. The pain was so painful that Xu Nian held the rope tightly. Without hesitation, he rode the horse across the street and hurried towards the north of the city.

    In the former site of the Lu family in the north of the city, there is a dark cell. This is what my sister told her after the previous family was destroyed.

    Xu Nian didn't know where his confidence came from, and he was almost sure where Lu Zhi must be.

    When I arrived at the place, I saw the guards, "I was ordered by Lord Linyi to bring someone here. Where was the person who was brought by Lord Linyi nine days ago?"

    The guard only recognizes the waist badge, so he is no doubt there, "Go forward, just go to the end."

    When Xu Nian arrived, what he saw was in front of the murals all over the wall. The young man was sitting in a corner, quietly watching every scene above, without any expression, watching in an unusually calm manner.

    Although Xu Nian had never seen the scene back then, he still recognized what was on the murals, which was Suyang City, the purgatory on earth.

    Suddenly there was a sound behind him, Qi Chu's quiet pupils moved, and when he glanced sideways, he smiled slowly.

    He said: "I thought Miss didn't want me anymore."

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