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    Xu Nian was still a little uncomfortable with such obedience.

    She cleared her voice trying to hide it, and said, "You just need to tell me his whereabouts, and I will do the job of finding someone."

    She wouldn't let a seriously injured person run around for her.

    Qi Chu's eyes moved, and he asked, "I don't know why Miss must find this person?"

    Qi Xuan's jade pendant, the abbot of Qi Xuan's temporary residence at the Buddhist temple... all kinds of things are attracted to that person.

    Even that night, when she decided to save herself, it was because she saw that jade pendant.

    But this woman doesn't know this face, that means she doesn't know Qi Xuan, so she is so urgent because she wants to find Qi Xuan?

    There is a little playfulness in his hidden eyes, and things are really getting more and more interesting.

    Xu Nian gave him a strange look, and said in a muffled voice, "Lu Zhi, you talk too much today."

    And it was all she didn't want to answer.

    Qi Chu explained in a low voice: "It's not that Lu Zhi deliberately shirked, it's just that I was not down when I knew the master in the early years. Now that several years have passed, I still need to ask many people before I can give the lady an answer."

    What he said was not entirely unreasonable, Xu Niansi paused for a while and asked, "Then how long will it take you?"

    This matter must not be dragged on for too long, if she can't find someone, she will think of other ways in time, and she can't delay it on Master Pingdeng.

    Besides, he is not the only monk in the world, and it is the same if he asks his aunt to believe in a more famous monk.

    "Three days", Qi Chu affirmed, "Miss only needs to give me three days, and I will definitely present the master's whereabouts when the time comes."

    In three days, Wu Zheng will also be able to find out the relationship between Duke Teng's mansion and that person, and he will break this beautiful neck with his own hands.

    At this time, Xu Gui suddenly called her outside the door:

    "Nian Nian, come out, my cousin has something to say to you."

    He has been standing in the yard waiting for a long time, walking back and forth entangled, ever since his sister inexplicably picked up someone back, he still can't let go of his heart.

    The little girl was spoiled by the whole family since she was a child, and she has hardly suffered any losses, and she has no experience in defending others, so she is most likely to be deceived and trusted.

    If it doesn't work, should tell uncle about this matter, lest sister go astray.

    Xu Nian closed the door, turned around and saw his cousin looking restless.

    She laughed and said, "What made my cousin so anxious?"

    Xu Gui glanced at the room, then pulled his younger sister to the corridor, and said, "Sister Nian Nian, tell Brother Wei, do you know the person you picked up?"

    Things happened in a hurry that day, and he didn't have time to ask. He was not allowed to tell his family about such an important matter. He had been thinking over and over for the past few nights, and he still felt that she couldn't let her do whatever she wanted.

    Xu Nian followed his gaze and glanced back, the windows and doors were tightly closed, and it was quiet inside, perhaps people had already rested.

    Seeing her cousin's concerned eyes, she shook her head and said, "I don't know him."

    Xu Gui's delicate face was very serious, "Since you don't know him, you should send him away quickly. There are so many medical clinics in Yandu City, why should my sister keep him at home?"

    This approach was really dangerous and puzzled him.

    Xu Nian explained: "The wound on his chest was accidentally injured by me. I am responsible for this matter. Letting him outside makes my conscience feel uneasy."

    Xu Gui only felt that she had a big heart, "What if he has evil intentions and hurts you?"

    "You can keep him if you want, but I must tell my uncle about this matter. It will be up to my uncle to decide whether he will stay or not."

    After all, he turned around and was about to go to Duke Xu's yard, seeing that he didn't seem to be joking, Xu Nian immediately stepped forward to block his way.

    She raised her head and begged: "Cousin, I can assure him that he will never harm me. Don't let Dad know, okay?"

    At that time, if Dad asks the bottom line, she can't explain the reason for this abnormal behavior at all.

    I can't point to people and tell them that this is my husband in the previous life. In this life, I see him as pitiful, so I picked him up and raised him.

    This is so weird.

    Inside the room, Qi Chu closed his eyes and slowly opened them, his clear eyes gradually dimmed and became silent, turning into a bottomless cold pool.

    The voices in the corridor did not escape his ears at all.

    Xu Nian was also in a hurry, and made a strong promise: "When he recovers from his injuries, I will send him away immediately, and nothing will happen to him."

    When the little girl's voice became anxious, she looked pitiful.

    Xu Gui glanced at her and saw that she was persistent, so he hesitated for a while before answering.

    Seeing him let go, Xu Nian let out a big smile, "Nian Nian knows that my cousin treats me best."

    In the room, Qi Chu turned over. He habitually put his hands under his head, stared at the clothes on the beam for a while, and suddenly reached out and pulled them all to the ground.

    His eyes were gloomy, and his face was covered with dark clouds.

    Noisy, annoying!

    After being reborn, he lived a carefree life, and Xu Nian was brought back to have a carefree childhood.

    She was holding a bag of sugar-fried chestnuts, and walked leisurely down the corridor. In Dad's yard, there was a small peach grove, which was said to sprout when it saw the spring breeze.

    The pretty little girl stood on her toes and looked at the branches curiously, "Why hasn't there been any movement? This winter is too long."

    Lian Tang replied with a smile: "It's almost there. After a few more days of warming, Miss will be able to see it."

    Xu Nian was warmed by the sun, walked around the rockery, and was about to go back, but unexpectedly, he ran into his father entertaining people.

    At the waterside pavilion, only one person was playing the piano, sitting upright, with a bright back.

    She actually saw Yan Yu?

    Xu Nian subconsciously hid himself to the side, but he didn't want to step on a dead branch, which completely alarmed the people in front.

    At this time, the people beside the moon cave door also quietly disappeared.

    Duke Xu also spotted her and raised his hand to call her: "Nian Nian? Come here."

    All the way there, Xu Nian kept his body stiff, and after seeing the ceremony, he was even more afraid to look at the front of the piano.

    After hearing the familiar voice, the calm and elegant person hurriedly got up and greeted him, and Aiqin was also left aside in the cold.

    The shy smile couldn't be hidden no matter what, Chi Yanyu stood in front of her helplessly, and said:

    "Nian Nian, when I come back this time, I won't leave again. Does what you Jiji said to me that day still count?"

    In the boy's eyes, there are passionate love, longing, and the girl he likes.

    Chicheng was not afraid even in front of his father, Xu Nian blushed, and asked incongruously: "Didn't you say that you will not come back after going to Chenzhou County?"

    The talented Zhuo Lun was able to block the sophistry of the Hute tribe by himself before he reached the crown. Since then, he has become famous in Yandu City. Chi Huaibai, the only son of Taishi Chi, lives in seclusion.

    Most of the time, she was the one who followed his gaze, only daring to quietly follow behind and look into the distance.

    He is the bright moon in the sky, the person she dared not even look up to in her previous life.

    Before anything happened in her family in her previous life, she had imagined that his name would always be in her future life.

    On the day of Jiji, she had quietly grabbed his sleeve and confessed with a blushing heartbeat, but Chi Yanyu told her that he was going to Chenzhou County and would never return to Yandu again. His future wife was also in Chenzhou County wait for him.

    When Xu Nian had a crush on her for the first time, she had a big fall, and she still remembers the look of restraint and alienation in his eyes when he said this.

    I thought I had forgotten it, but seeing you now, I still feel a little uncomfortable.

    When Chi Yanyu said this, his face was embarrassed, and he explained eagerly: "That was not my intention, and I had to leave at that time. If I leave you thinking about it, I'm afraid it will waste your life for nothing."

    Speaking of this, he suddenly raised a smile, and said solemnly: "But now I have figured out what I want most, so Nian Nian, are you still willing?"

    Would you like to?

    Looking at those sincere eyes, Xu Nian felt a pain in his throat.

    If it was Xu Nian before he was reborn, he would definitely be willing.

    She had liked such a person when she was young.

    But after going through so many things, she will definitely not wish again. Since she missed it, then each of them will be safe.

    Xu Nian distanced himself from him, and made a little sister-to-brother salute, saying: "I used to be the one who talked nonsense when I was young, making it a joke."

    Chi Yanyu was stunned, and wanted to help her up, how could such courtesy appear between them.

    Xu Nian dodged it, raised his eyes and smiled slightly into those eyes, and said, "In my heart, Yan Yu is an older brother just like his cousin, and this ceremony is justified."

    Chi Yanyu seemed hurt by her words, and stood there looking at his empty hand in disappointment.

    Xu Nian excused that he was not feeling well, and left in a panic, while Chi Yanyu looked at the people who were leaving in a hurry, and unspeakable bitterness crept into his heart again.

    Lian Tang was puzzled and said: "Miss, don't you like Mr. Chi the most? Why did you leave suddenly today?"

    Xu Nian bit his lips, and hid his unnatural expression in a daze.

    In her previous life, Qi Chu always threatened her with someone she cared about, and whenever she reacted to Chi Yanyu's words, she would often be punished by him until she begged for mercy.

    The memory is so deep that when she hears these three words now, she has no other thoughts but fear.

    Besides, Xu Nian can't forget how embarrassing she was when her confession was rejected after mustering up her courage.

    They can't go back.

    Xu Nianzheng turned around the garden, lost his focus for a while, and almost bumped into someone who came.

    Qi Chu helped the unbalanced person. The person in front of him seemed to be seriously shocked. When he raised his eyes to meet him, his bright pupils froze sharply.

    His wrist also froze for an instant, making a tugging and struggling gesture, and there was a deep sense of fear in his tense expression.

    Qi Chu let go of his hand, and took a few steps back, "Miss."

    Xu Nian was already immersed in the memories of the past, when he first saw this face, he felt that his soul was about to be scared out of his wits.

    "Lu Zhi?" She patted her heart to catch her breath, and called out inexplicably.

    Qi Chu raised his head, waiting for the second half of her sentence.

    There was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, and her face was abnormally pale.

    Seeing her terrified look, he lowered his eyes and said, "Lu Zhi just wanted to help Miss, but didn't think that she would offend Miss. Please punish her."

    He was already tall, with such an appearance, Xu Nian could see his face clearly.

    She was stunned for a long time before she found her voice: "Why are you here?"

    The voice that came out was feeble and weak, lacking in strength.

    "I'm in charge of cleaning the courtyard."

    After his reminder, she noticed that he was still holding a broom in his hand.

    She was so unintimidated.


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