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    "Miss Biao, the master is talking to your sister inside, and the old slave will take you there."

    Seeing her happy birth, Mammy couldn't help but say a few more words, "In the past six months, this old slave has often heard the master talking about Miss Cousin. A few years ago, the master was going to go there, but he caught the wind and cold again, so he gave up. , Master must be happy to see Miss Biao today."

    Xu Nian looked worried, "Then grandpa is better now?"

    "It's much better, much better," said the nanny quickly, "When you get older, you will inevitably suffer from illness and disaster."

    After finishing the words, she pointed to the front and said, "It's over there. The master thought the original front hall couldn't get the sun, so it was rebuilt here last year."

    Xu Nian had a look of sadness in his eyes that ordinary people couldn't understand. After his family was in trouble in his previous life, his grandfather and uncle's family tried their best to find evidence to vindicate the unjust case, but in the end they were charged with colluding with the rebels.

    My grandfather once assisted the late emperor to reorganize and create the current Great Wei. The old general who drank blood against the wind and defeated countless enemies was executed by beheading in his old age.

    Xu Nian remembers that the wind was crying that day, and Ajie tightly covered her eyes, but the sound of all the dust settled, like bloodstains from a split heart being sprinkled with salt, was a piercing and heartbreaking sound. pain lingers,

    The word "rebellion" is the heaviest blade hanging above the head, and the day the rope is broken, it will be a scene of blood flowing like a river.

    So who is harming her family?

    Xu Nian stopped at the door, relaxed his expression slightly, and then walked in, knelt down to salute, and shouted: "Grandfather."

    The sixty-seven people on the main seat, although most of their hair has been grayed, can still see the iron and bone appearance of the year, their eyes are bright, and they look tougher than their peers.

    "Get up." Seeing the little granddaughter, Old General Xiao's sharp brows softened a little, and he waved to her, "Go and sit next to your sister."

    In turn, he asked people to serve desserts and snacks, and said with a smile: "Try some, I know you are coming, all are prepared according to your preferences."

    Xiao Cheng hid at the corner, with one hand hanging around his neck and gauze wrapped around the other, his eyes almost narrowed into a slit, and he asked the subordinate who hurried over, "Have you hooked?"

    The servant replied triumphantly: "It's a matter of one word, it's just a fool, and he will be fooled after a few words." He gestured to the room in front of him, "Now that he is inside, the young master really wants to see him?"

    When Xiao Cheng thought about it, his hand still hurt, so he didn't want to be sent to his door to be beaten, if he dared to spoil his good deeds, there were plenty of ways to kill him.

    Danfeng's eyes were full of uneasiness and good intentions, and he asked harshly, "Have you found the person you are looking for? Later, we will go in at the right time, not only to expose his good deeds, but also to fight in front of my cousin." kill him."

    The servant also gave a smirk, and echoed, "Young master is wise, when he takes off his clothes, it doesn't matter whether he does it or not. As long as Qin'er insists, he will be molested by him. Walk!"

    Xiao Cheng thought about it leisurely, and felt that it was too easy to do so, his eyes moved, thinking of the catkin he pulled into his hand that night.

    I thought, when the time comes, I will use this matter to blackmail my cousin and let her sleep with me for one night. After my cousin cries and sacrifices herself, then I will say that my cousin seduced me. his handmaid.

    Thinking of this, Xiao Cheng licked his dry lips, and said: "Come on, let's go over and have a look, this kind of erotic palace is not common."

    Qi Chu tapped on the rim of the cup with his fingertips. Xiao Qin had never seen a person with such an outstanding posture and charm. Just sitting there, his body was like a pine and cypress, with a happy air.

    He just hid his face for some reason.

    Xiao Qin felt that her heart was beating a little fast, she gave a self-conscious smile, walked over, and said: "What are you doing sitting upright, Qin'er will pour water for you."

    After all, he lifted the teapot and filled it with water.

    Qi Chu stopped the hand knocking on the rim of the cup, and put his wrist on the table unsuspectingly. He picked up the teacup and shook it slowly between his fingers, but he didn't take it in. He just asked with a smile, "Pour the tea too." Now, the door is closed, Mixiang is lit, what's the next step?"

    He glanced at the eyes with meaning, and in the raised eyes, the smile only floated on the surface, but the voice that came out was extremely ambiguous, "Shouldn't it be time to go to bed?"

    Xiao Qin didn't know whether it was because of Mixiang, or the smile on his lips was too captivating, irritable and chaotic, she boldly stretched out her fingertips, trying to help him take off the mask .

    Xiao Cheng, who was hiding outside and eavesdropping, raised his eyebrows triumphantly, and said with a sneer, "I thought he was such a gentleman, but that's all, it's a waste of my good fragrance."

    The smile on Qi Chu's lips faded long ago, and Xiao Qin was in a state of confusion, staring at his chin nervously and shyly, feeling that she had never seen such a good-looking person in the past ten years.

    She was about to touch her finger, Qi Chu also slowly raised his eyes, the ambiguity was no longer there, it was as cold as a pool of stagnant water.

    "Young Master..." Just as the Jiaochen voice yelled, Qi Chu suddenly raised his hand, and poured the cup of hot tea he was playing with directly over, the tea soaked into his eyes, Xiao Qin screamed, his eyes hurt as if someone had gouged them out Like a knife.

    Qi Chu picked up the cup and knocked it on the table, the teacup instantly fell apart in his hands, Xiao Cheng just sensed something was wrong, the broken porcelain fragments that pierced through the air had already pierced through the window, headed towards him, brushed past the corner of his eyes, and finally pierced through the window. on the tree trunk behind him.

    He glanced back in surprise, and felt that if he hadn't moved his body slightly to avoid it, he might have pierced his eye now.

    When Qi Chu was about to go out, Xiao Qin straightened up half of her body by holding the corner of the table, barely opened her stinging eyes, and saw a pair of pupils that were full of displeasure sweeping towards her.

    She moved back in horror, but saw that the boy just walked back to the table, picked a piece from it unhurriedly, then kicked open the door and walked out.

    "I gave you a way to survive," a gloomy voice came from behind.

    Xiao Cheng covered the corners of his bleeding eyes, and roared almost gnashing his teeth: "Are you looking for death? Do you remember where this is? It's the Xiao Mansion!"

    "You almost killed me, I will go to the front hall and call my cousin here, let her kill you and avenge me!"

    Xiao Cheng was horrified to find that the person in front of him seemed to be stepping on his voice and walking towards him.

    Every time he said a sentence, Qi Chu's eyes turned cold, until the last sentence, his eyes were frighteningly gloomy.

    Qi Chu tasted the last sentence again and again, and repeated in a calm voice: "Revenge for you?"

    That's right, he just broke one of his hands. The lady didn't look back at the door just now, and didn't even leave a word.

    Xiao Cheng seemed to have sensed something, suddenly gained confidence, and shouted even more aggressively: "My cousin has always treated me the best, and I am her favorite cousin, just wait, I will go over to show her now , when the time comes, I will let her vent her anger on me, first chop off your hand and make amends to me."

    After finishing speaking, he was also terrified in his heart, winked at the young man beside him, and wanted to run to the other side of the hall, but just as he took a step, he felt a heart-rending pain in his knee.

    Looking down, he saw that the broken porcelain pieces were inserted into the joints like this, his face turned pale instantly, and he turned his head in horror.

    Qi Chu stopped in front of him, pressed the dagger he was playing with to his throat, and called the boy who was about to run away without looking back, "Stop!"

    He chuckled lightly, not in a funny way: "If you take a step, I'll goug out a piece of flesh from your young master, and see if it's you who sues faster, or he dies faster."

    The boy felt that the voice was so deep that it would make people tremble, it was gloomy, and it didn't seem like a joke at all.

    "You, you don't let go, you killed me, and you will be buried with me, my cousin... ah—"

    Xiao Cheng's back was already soaked in cold sweat, he stared wide-eyed, he could see the sharp blade cutting through the flesh, blood beads rolling down from it, the pain was not so obvious in front of the fear.

    Qi Chu unhurriedly stepped on the back of his hand that was stabbed by Xu Nian, and crushed it, with a smile in his eyes, as cold as winter.

    He said: "Then I'll kill you and see what happens to her."

    Not long after Xu Nian arrived, his cousins ​​also arrived.

    "Nian Nian?" Xiao Lin shouted in surprise, "Why did you come here? I said why there is no movement at the door, so it was called by my grandfather."

    Xiao Lin is the cousin who is the closest to her age among all the cousins, and she has a lively temper. After talking, she saw Lord Linyi again, and she restrained herself a little and called out, "Cousin Si Jiang."

    After meeting with them, Xu Nian asked again, "Where are uncle and aunt? I haven't seen them since I came here."

    Xiao Lin waved her hands helplessly, "Don't mention it, the abandoned children are still far away in the town and county. It is said that the road is blocked by heavy snow over there, and they are still on the way back. There should be a few more days."

    Xiao Wen pulled the incongruous girl over, he looked a bit genteel, and when he stood in front of others, people would always overlook that he was also a major general who was holding a silver gun and guarding the Great Wei on horseback, and now he can lead alone grown up.

    Xu Nian laughed at them, and obediently called out when it was over, "Cousin, long time no see."

    Xiao Wendao: "Sister Nian Nian, don't listen to her nonsense, what she said happened several months ago, father and mother stopped by to seek medical advice for grandfather on the way back, and they will be back tomorrow at the earliest. "

    Xu Nian nodded, looked up and saw Cousin Xiao Xing standing beside him feeling uneasy, and when he saw her, he pulled Xu Nian aside and told her in a low voice: "I haven't seen Xiao Cheng all morning, maybe I went outside to fool around again."

    The grandfather had one son and two daughters in his life. The two daughters were her aunt and aunt, and one son was her uncle. The aunt was sick and ill when she was a child. When she came out of the court, the grandfather stayed at home. She left in less than three years, leaving behind Xiao Xing. Later, her uncle married Xu Xian, and the child was Xiao Cheng.

    Xu Nian still remembered what happened that night, she turned around and walked in front of her grandfather, the words of complaint came to her lips, Xiao Qin suddenly ran from the outside in a hurry, knelt down in front of Xu Nian, and cried: "Everyone, go over quickly!" Look, the guards brought by Miss Biao are going to kill the young master."

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