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    In the Duke's mansion, the remaining frightened servants have been settled. Kang Yi reported with a serious face: "Eleven people died on the spot, and three died on the way to the hospital."

    Xu Sijiang frowned, but also couldn't bear it, "Choose a good coffin, and I will show sympathy to their families."

    "The people we brought back have been properly settled. When will the general pass?"

    Xu Sijiang wrapped her wristbands around her, and after a moment of silence, she said, "No hurry, we have another matter right now, where is A Nian at this time?"

    She raised her eyes, and there was a calm thought in her eyes.

    It's not that she didn't have doubts, but he just hid it well and never really showed any important tell, but this time, in front of such an important clue, the fox still showed his tail.

    What exactly is hidden in her house, I'm afraid I can use this opportunity to thoroughly investigate it.


    Xu Nian has already tidied up his whole body. After taking a bath, he changed out his torn shirt and skirt. The moisture on his face has not been completely dried, and he is already anxiously walking through the corridor towards the small courtyard on the side. went.

    The wound on Qi Chu's body had just been bandaged by the doctor. At this time, his back was bare, and the gauze that had just been wrapped on it was immediately soaked red again.

    The blood-stained gauze was spilled on the side, it was all bright red, and the blood on the back overflowed endlessly, soaking through the gauze like it couldn't stop, and immediately it was scarlet again.

    The doctor had never seen such a situation where the bleeding couldn't be stopped, and he frowned whispered: "The wound has been cleaned up for you, and the golden sore medicine has been applied to you, and your blood doesn't stop at all."

    He has been practicing medicine for so many years, but he has never seen it.

    Qi Chu's face just paled a little, he rubbed his forehead, suppressed the irritability caused by the headache, and only said: "Come again!"

    As soon as Xu Nian came back, he sent someone to find Zang Mi, and asked worriedly: "He seemed to have a headache when he came back."

    At first, he could talk to her intermittently, but later it all became the sound of breathing that was suppressed because of the pain.

    Zang Mi looked up at her, hesitated to speak, and said after a while of silence: "I am really not good at studying medicine, not even half as good as my master. The poison on his body was adjusted by my master. They are all trying to find a way, but there is only a way to alleviate the suppression, and there is no way to solve the elimination."

    Xu Nian didn't understand: "Your master?"

    Zang Mi seemed reluctant to bring up the past, "Because I believed in the wrong person and was silenced, so now there is probably no one in the world who can make an antidote."

    "At the beginning, he was in a coma, and then he had a splitting headache and unconsciousness." When he arrived at the place, Zang Mi stopped first, "Just like last time, every time this time his temper is not good. Very good, Miss, let's go back for now, I'll go and have a look."

    Xu Nian was stunned for a moment, where she was standing at this moment, looking along the open window, she could vaguely see the person sitting by the couch who was removing the gauze by the doctor.

    He didn't move at all from the beginning to the end, his brows were slightly frowned, and his face that had faded from the blood was a bit more serious than before, especially when his thin lips were flattened, he was indeed more hostile than usual.

    The face of Qi Chu in his previous life suddenly flashed in Xu Nian's mind. The words "bad temper" would never be associated with King Yu.

    She breathed a sigh of relief, discarded all the chaotic scenes in her mind, did not answer Zang Mi's words, and said: "He helped my sister catch someone, and saved me again. I'm not afraid of him."

    If the guess is correct, the person who almost killed her was the person who delayed her elder sister for three days in the previous life, or it may be the beginning of the people behind the scenes who caused her family to be wary of designing their house.

    In the previous life, if Sister got nothing, it was the bad guy's gain. Perhaps all the fears in the future were also revenge.

    But this life is different, the person Ajie was looking for has been found, now the person behind the scene should be in a hurry.

    The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light, it is indeed difficult to guard against, but this time, maybe he can be caught from the dark, and now the Duke's Mansion still has the ability to compete with him and avenge his blood revenge in the previous life.

    The doctor had already given up completely. Looking at the gauze that had been dyed red again, he sighed frequently. Just at this moment, Xu Nian came into the river, so he said frankly: "Miss, I can't stop his bleeding. You should ask someone else to do it." .”

    Even with the windows open in the house, the faint smell of blood seemed to be irreversible.

    Hearing the voice, Qi Chu turned his eyes sideways, parted his cold white lips lightly, and shouted, "Miss."

    But Zang Mi stopped the doctor who was about to leave, looked at his medical box, and said, "At this time, the usual methods of stopping the bleeding are useless to him, please help me, and I will give him the needle."

    The doctor paused for a moment, and finally saw that he looked determined, and reluctantly answered.

    "What's going on?" Xu Nian only thought that his poison had been cured last time, because he said that Zang Mi had a solution, and she believed it.

    Qi Chu allowed the silver needle to pierce his body, and as it penetrated into the acupoints, the corners of his pale lips tightened, as if it was unbearable, but he still didn't make a sound, just closed his eyes not to look at Xu Nian.

    "If Miss has anything to ask, it's better to go back and wait for a while. Lu Zhi's current appearance is really ugly, and I'm afraid it will scare Miss later."

    Xu Nian saw that although he looked forbearing, the blood had indeed stopped.

    "I won't go back," she said stubbornly, "I want to go back because you are so scared to fidget, I'll wait here until you recover."

    Qi Chu didn't open his eyes, but let out a very short smile, "Lu Zhi remembers that Miss doesn't like blood, and these things haven't been confiscated yet, Lu Zhi is afraid that Miss will be uncomfortable."

    Zangya dropped another needle.

    Xu Nian did see a lot of blood. The blood on the gauze thrown aside had dried up, and the covered gauze was soaked again, but the speed slowed down a lot, and it was not as scary as before. Even the doctor let go. tone.

    Xu Nian suddenly called him, "Lu Zhi."

    Usually he was used to calling her like this, but today he completely let it go.

    Qi Chu thought she was still afraid, and responded softly: "Well, I'm here."

    Xu Nian felt depressed. In his previous life, he should be preparing for his wedding, and when he is being bowed down by thousands of people, he is most energetic.

    She is the one who knows all of this, and she has always felt that according to the trajectory of the previous life, it was a good life for him, much better than now.

    Although she doesn't know why this happened in this life, but since she can predict, pretending not to know anything, watching everything about him seems to be a very cruel thing.

    But so many things, if you want to say it, it can only be based on the premise that you have confessed everything and already know his identity.

    But now that they are separated by this, she is afraid and doesn't know how to deal with it.

    Qi Chu fell silent for a long time, but didn't hear her, and opened his eyes.

    Seeing that the bleeding had stopped, Xu Nian asked Zang Mi to lead the doctor out first, but when he was about to speak, he remembered Lian Tang who was following behind him.

    She said: "Lian Tang has also gone out. If my sister sends someone to come to me, you can help me hold them back for a while, and tell them to go to them later after I finish talking."

    Until everyone left, Xu Nian still looked at him, and said with an extremely complicated expression: "Sister will definitely come to you later."

    What happened this time must have made sister suspicious. His appearance was too coincidental, no matter how well he hid his identity, he should have revealed his clues.

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, and said affirmatively: "But there is a young lady protecting me."

    "I will do everything I promised Miss. Now I believe that Miss will know the truth about the Su Yang case soon." He left all the clues to Xu Sijiang.

    But whoever finds out is different, he has always been very clear about who is behind this scene.

    He was happy to send the truth to the young lady.

    "I know." Xu Nian stood up suddenly, and unexpectedly stuffed candied fruit into his mouth, "Hold it, it's very sweet, and it will hurt less."

    The tip of his tongue touched the pulp, and the sweetness did occupy all the senses in an instant, or it might be imaginary, because he had a headache and wanted to lose his temper at this time, and there shouldn't be such a comfortable taste.

    Xu Niandao: "I always feel that I owe you an apology and thank you."

    She hurt him with a sword when they first met, and she remembered all of his rescues many times later.

    Qi Chu dragged his tune a bit, and half jokingly said: "Miss is being polite to Lu Zhi again, what should I do, if Miss says this, I will take advantage of it and act obediently, and coerce you with kindness."

    What to threaten, he hasn't figured it out yet.

    Xu Nian ignored him, and continued to concoct good words by himself, and said sincerely, "I sincerely hope that you will be well every year in the future."

    "All the three things I want to say to you today, you must remember them well, and don't be careless."

    She looked at him with sincere words, worry, fear, and other emotions that were well hidden by her.

    "The first thing is that after half a year, your own brother will kill you in Yandu. He wants to kill you, but he won't take your life right away. He will use the most cruel methods in the world to torture you. Save yourself before then, otherwise it will be difficult for you to escape such a fate."

    Qi Chu's expression froze for a while.

    Xu Nian only thought that he couldn't believe it, and continued with the second warning, "If you can get rid of him before then, your life should be smooth and healthy in the future, and he is the only person who threatens you the most. "

    Qi Chu felt that although she was looking at him when she said this, her eyes were a little erratic and sad, as if she was seeing another thing through him.

    Xu Nian called him at this moment, calling out the name that had never been called to him before, "Qi Xuan."

    "I know your identity, I've always known it," she stubbornly repeated twice, "whether you believe it or not, I really want to help you."

    There was no expression on Qi Chu's face, or there was, but it was too pale to be seen, and she wanted to finish listening to her third thing.

    "You don't need to believe me in the first two things, but you can prove the third thing by yourself."

    Xu Nian let out a breath, and squeezed his palms tightly, "Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will marry Shen Jiao, and you will like her very much."

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is less than one month away. Small things have changed, but such big things have not changed so far.


    The objects on the table were smashed to the ground, Qi Xuan turned around, looked at the subordinates who reported back and forth, and said angrily: "Now you tell me that you have fallen short, and now this important clue is in Xu Sijiang's hands. How do you make me feel at ease?!"

    Handle, he doesn't like to leave any handle.

    Qi Xuan calmed down quickly, that would only turn the Duke's Mansion into someone who was with him.

    He immediately ordered: "The Shen family will open a mansion, and when the time comes, there will definitely be a banquet for all the aristocratic families in the capital. You go down and make arrangements. I want to meet Xu Sijiang's younger sister."

    Since Xu Sijiang couldn't do anything, he could only start with her sister.

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