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    Chapter 160: Reward

    Felios had no idea what Wen Ying was thinking. If he did, he would have been even angrier.

    A devil releasing his grip on him just because he found him sturdy and resilient?

    That was an insult to devils!

    Wen Ying raised his hand. "Wait."

    Felios became cautious. "What trick are you planning now?"

    Wen Ying's knack for trickery had already infiltrated his devilish heart.

    Wen Ying said, "Give him the antidote. Levimo is still there."

    Felios gestured for him to hurry up.

    Wen Ying took out the antidote he had prepared in advance yesterday and handed it to Levimo, who was sitting on the ground.

    Levimo's expression was a mix of emotions as he handed over the antidote. Typically, it was poison demons who offered remedies after their fellow demons used poisonous magic, followed by healing spells.

    After Levimo descended, Phelios was eager to resume, but Wen Ying pointed at the large wall clock. "It hasn't even been half an hour yet."

    Phelios: "… Weren't you being arrogant just now?"

    Wen Ying looked at him like he was an idiot. "It's still half an hour away."

    Phelios snorted, coiling his tail and closing his eyes to rest, while pondering in his mind what trick Wen Ying might use this time.

    Since the first match yesterday, Wen Ying hadn't fought seriously at all, relying on cunning tactics instead. Phelios' subconscious thoughts had naturally leaned in that direction.

    Half an hour passed, and the ranked match began. Phelios felt like cursing – the numbness in his fist and the slight tremor in his arm made him look at Wen Ying with a skeptical expression about the meaning of being a demon.

    The same Magic Mirror Demon appeared once again, without any fluctuations of magical energy indicating no power amplification. He was using sheer physical strength augmented by magic.

    Either his physical fitness had significantly improved, or his magic power was so immense that it directly enhanced his physique.

    Regardless of which it was, it left Phelios utterly bewildered.

    Wen Ying rubbed his fist that had just clashed with Phelous', feeling a slight ache.

    "What was the expression on Phelous' face?"

    "Phelous took three steps back just now, while Wen Ying only took two!"

    Lan Jiaying and the others instinctively straightened their backs, watching the arena even more attentively.

    Lilith murmured, "Has Aruda made another breakthrough in his research?"

    It felt like witnessing a cat's strength being on par with a tiger's, shaking their worldview.

    Phelous, inwardly startled, approached with greater caution than before, defending against Wen Ying's tricks.

    Wings sprouted from behind Wen Ying, boosting his elevation and augmenting his speed. He launched a side kick towards Phelous' neck as he soared into the air.

    Phelous reached up to grab Wen Ying's ankle. His palm tingled slightly, and his astonishment deepened. Despite the shock, Phelous concentrated more magic in his hand, amplifying his arm strength, then lashed out with his tail at Wen Ying's waist.

    Wen Ying exerted force in his waist, lifting his lower body upward. The foot that hadn't been caught kicked Phelous' chest just as the tail swung toward him. Phelous winced in pain, momentarily easing his grip. Wen Ying seized the opportunity to pull his foot back.

    With a sweeping tail, a sharp whistle of air brushed past Wen Ying's ears, sending a shiver down his spine and raising goosebumps on his skin.

    The simple initial move had his adrenaline soaring, his blood boiling, and every muscle in his body crying out for release. The same was true for Phileas. His ice-blue eyes seemed to gain a hint of warmth from the rush of blood, his excited gaze fixated on his prey, exuding an eerie sense of pressure.

    In the next moment, Phileas vanished from his spot and reappeared behind Wen Ying, his sharp-clawed hand reaching for the nape of Wen Ying's neck. Wen Ying sidestepped, raising his arm to block while his bat-like wing swatted at Phileas. The latter seized the white wing, using it as leverage to toss Wen Ying away.

    Wen Ying hurtled backward, and from the watery curtain behind Phileas, a barrage of water arrows emerged, piercing through the air towards him.

    His spatial bracelet flickered, and several magic cards flew out, transforming into a wall of fire shields that enveloped him protectively.

    Water and fire intertwined, dense steam billowed across the arena, obscuring the center from sight. Phileas summoned a gust of wind to dispel the fog, but Wen Ying was nowhere to be found in his vision.

    Phileas froze.

    A sense of danger crept up from behind him, and he swiftly turned, using both hands to block the sudden kick. He managed to shield the direct impact on his back, but was still knocked to the ground, spitting out blood.

    Still reeling from the fact that Wen Ying's kick had been more powerful than before, Phileas instinctively rolled to the side. In the spot he had just vacated, thorns erupted from the earth.

    Phileas' pupils constricted, and he immediately took flight. In the next second, thorns rose in layers from the ground in that area.

    A trident formed of ice appeared in Phileas's hand, swatting away the incoming spikes of earth while slicing through the silver-white branches that intertwined with them. He paid particular attention to whether any white blossoms adorned these branches, but for now, he didn't spot any.

    It seemed Wen Ying had kept his promise – at least this battle wasn't going to involve poison. Phileas had never heard of such silver-white branches before, let alone ones that bore toxic flowers. What kind of demonic potion had Aruda fed to Wen Ying to transform a Mirror Demon into a Poison Demon?

    Not just a Poison Demon, but one with such absurd magical power.

    Phileas was mentally cursing under his breath.

    Just as he finished dealing with the surrounding magic, Wen Ying silently appeared and kicked him in the shoulder, sending a searing pain radiating through it.

    With his right hand grasping the ice trident, Phileas anticipated Wen Ying's next move and lunged forward, only for Wen Ying to be faster than expected. The trident missed its target, and Phileas found himself being kicked towards the edge of the arena.

    Phileas was utterly dumbfounded. Judging from the pain transmitted from where he had been kicked, he could tell how much force Wen Ying had exerted. His disbelief was etched on his face as he stared at his opponent: "Your speed..."

    He hadn't detected any fluctuations of magical energy, which meant that Wen Ying's sudden increase in speed wasn't due to a boosting spell but his own abilities. This realization sent shivers down his spine – had Wen Ying been holding back all along? What on earth had Aruda fed him to make him so ridiculously powerful?

    The demons in the spectator stands erupted in shock, their voices buzzing with excitement as they discussed the unbelievable turn of events. They were all agitated, as if they had witnessed something surreal.

    "Was he a Mirror Demon with that speed just now?"

    "Didn't they determine during the physical examination that he's already an adult? How can his strength still improve so rapidly?"

    "Aurora is that powerful? I'm tempted to pay her a visit now..."

    "Are you crazy?! Aurora is terrifying!"

    "I was just thinking about it..."

    Boros's brows knitted in worry. His hand, which had been resting casually on his knee, slightly clenched, and veins popped up on the back of his hand due to the strain.

    Impossible, that scene he had imagined for Wen Ying's adulthood would never happen.

    Wu Fei had been cheerful, ready to praise Wen Ying's prowess, but when he turned his head, he saw the horrified expressions on the faces of the nine-tailed fox siblings. Confused, he asked, "Is there something wrong with the match?"

    Lilith struggled to tear her gaze away from the arena. Looking at the bewildered Wu Fei, she said with a complicated expression, "It's... hard to explain."

    Muershi was also stunned. Had his friend been secretly training without telling him? Suddenly, he thought of a possibility and sent a message to Li Jie, a classmate who was skilled in potion-making from the Black Goat Clan, using his phone.

    Does Wen Ying's condition resemble the effect of a short-term power-boosting magic potion?

    "It doesn't seem like it. His magical aura is very calm, not frenzied at all."

    When one consumes such potions, their magic usually becomes "excited," making it easily noticeable.

    Felice opened his mouth to speak, but Wen Ying interrupted, "I didn't take any potion."

    Li Jie, who had been messaging Muershi with his head down, lifted his eyes in surprise upon hearing Wen Ying's words. He immediately glanced at Muershi. How could these two devils think so synchronously? One would ask, and the other would have the same thought.

    Wu Shaluo felt as if he was back at the beginning of the semester. Back then, he hadn't approached Wen Ying directly but had first sent Huiguo to test the waters. After the test, he had decided not to embarrass himself by going up.

    Now, he had that same feeling of not wanting to embarrass himself again, except this time, the tester had changed from Huiguo to Felice.

    His restless heart to step forward suddenly quieted.

    In human terms, this was unscientific!

    Undeterred, Felice stood up, planning to try again, only to fail miserably.

    Wen Ying stood by, his injuries seemingly insignificant as he hopped around energetically. He examined his hand while glancing at the part of Phileus's body he had just attacked, deep in thought. Phileus could sense a feeling of being hunted by a tiny white mouse from Wen Ying's gaze.

    Despite his bodily pain, he struggled to his feet and lashed out his tail at Wen Ying, who appeared weak. Then, he said listlessly, "I surrender."

    A red mark appeared on the right side of Wen Ying's face, outlining the shape of fish scales. He muttered to himself, "He still has strength left. I must have been too gentle. Next time, I'll need to hit Poros and Lan Jiaying harder since they have thick skin and flesh."

    Phileus was still present and was the only one who heard Wen Ying's mutterings. He couldn't quite describe the feeling but looking at the unsuspecting Poros and Lan Jiaying, he felt a sudden sense of equilibrium.

    Poros and Lan Jiaying inexplicably sensed an ominous foreboding.

    Wen Ying sat cross-legged, first indulging in the luxurious use of magic to remove the red marks of fish scales from his face. The mark, representing Phileus's stubborn attack, vanished quickly under the healing spell.

    Half an hour passed, and Wen Ying heard the approach of the next demon. This aura belonged to...

    Opening his eyes, Wen Ying saw Muershi smiling and waving at him, his casual demeanor not resembling that of a challenger.

    Ah, Muershi, Wen Ying mused, stroking his chin. Among the three major families in the Demon Realm, the foxes were the primary mages, the hellhounds the warriors, and the birds of extreme malice were balanced between the two.

    The birds of extreme malice had a premonition of danger, which, when applied in combat, allowed them to anticipate the location of threats and evade them.

    Essence was deeply engrossed in the match and said excitedly, "Koroy, who do you think will win between them?"

    "It'll be exciting no matter who wins," the Demon Fairy replied with anticipation. "Two cunning fellows... It'll definitely be a sight to see who can successfully trap the other."

    In the end, Wen Ying managed to evade Muershi's poisonous white flowers, dodge the hidden magic cards within the branches, and, using his danger perception, sidestep Wen Ying's more lethal attacks. Seeing Wen Ying summon the Grand Magic Mirror and create a wall of earth to block the mirror's reflection of himself...

    Muershi had successfully avoided all of Wen Ying's tricks and even set traps of his own for Wen Ying to fall into.

    The demons watching from the stands held their breath; this battle was more thrilling than the previous ones. It seemed as though they weren't competing in strength but something else entirely.

    Muershi chuckled lightly and asked, "Anything else?" He could tell that Wen Ying wasn't using his full power, but he aimed to exhaust him.

    "Do you know how despicable you look right now?" Wen Ying felt that his energy expenditure had exceeded his expectations. Muershi's face looked incredibly irritating.

    Muershi had been leading him on all along. His goal wasn't to win but to exhaust Wen Ying. With his Evil Bird's innate talent for evasion, he could easily dodge attacks, forcing Wen Ying into a nauseating game of chase where he would only attack when Wen Ying stopped running.

    It wasn't impossible to force him down, but expending the energy and magic needed to take down an Evil Bird would be enormous. There was still a long time before six o'clock, and Wen Ying was certain that Muershi would concede defeat before half-past five.

    For instance, at 5:20, if Muershi took a 30-minute break, it would be 5:59, just in time for another round to begin. As long as the match started, the time could drag on indefinitely.

    Wen Ying straightened his posture, assuming a pensive look. Muershi slowly ascended into the air, his innate racial spell "Malevolent Thunder" beginning to condense.

    Wen Ying suddenly looked up and asked, "Do you still remember that small cubicle from that day?"

    Muershi nearly tumbled down, a shiver running through him as the electric arcs on his feathers dissipated.

    "Speak up, what kind of small compartment frightened Muershi so abruptly?"

    "I wish to listen!"

    "The Tyrant Bird actually knows fear? Quick, take a picture!"

    "I'm going to set this as my phone wallpaper!"

    Lan Jiaying signaled Wu Shaluo to send him a copy of the photo.

    A fleeting thought crossed Perseus's mind, but he failed to grasp it, only sensing a sense of familiarity.

    Muershi forced himself not to look at Perseus. Landing on the ground, he approached Wen Ying before his feet had even settled, whispering, "Why did you have to bring this up again?"

    Wen Ying folded her arms. "Are you going down?"

    Muershi replied, "You can't always threaten me with that."

    Wen Ying turned towards the stands, and Muershi cried, "Wait!" He swiftly flew down.

    The old demonic referee looked at Muershi in confusion as he descended, then back at Wen Ying standing on the arena.

    Wen Ying said, "Teacher, he's conceding."

    The audience was in an uproar.

    Lilith grabbed Muershi, who was passing by, and asked curiously, "What small room is Wen Ying talking about? Why are you so obviously scared of it?"

    "It was a mistake I made back then," Muershi said wistfully. He shouldn't have told Wen Ying about Berossus's location just for fun; he had brought trouble upon himself.

    "What mistake?" Essence inquired, "Did the two of you...?"

    Berossus perked up his ears.

    Muershi sneered. Suddenly, he took advantage of Essence's distraction, yanking his arm and flinging him onto the arena.

    Essence: "!"

    Muershi clapped his hands. "Too many questions."

    Seeing Wen Ying looking over, Essence raised his hands. "Muershi threw me up here."

    Wen Ying held onto him. "Since you're here, why not give it a try?"

    Essence rolled his eyes inwardly, thinking of Phileas who had tried and perished. He didn't want to make a fool of himself, so he forcefully broke free from Wen Ying's grip while fluttering his eyelashes. "I have no interest in fighting at all."

    Many demons in the spectator stands were rolling their eyes to the heavens.

    Wen Ying still wanted to persuade him, but Essence paused and whispered into Wen Ying's ear, "If you promise me tonight..."

    Wen Ying instantly released Essence's hand and stepped back three paces.

    Essence shrugged with regret as he flew off the arena. Passing by Beros, he noticed the demon's cold, expressionless gaze and teased, "That look of yours will make me think you're jealous."


    Boros dismissed him with nary a glance.

    Though Essence had left, no other demon ascended the platform after him.

    Wen Ying guessed that only two demons would challenge tomorrow. As expected, on the third and final day of the tournament, Boros finally stepped onto the stage.

    Boros wasted no time with words. The elderly demonic referee's cry of "begin" was all the provocation he needed to launch his attack. Swift as lightning, his fiery figure darted before Wen Ying, the heat waves distorting the air and warping his vision.

    Reacting instinctively, Wen Ying parried Boreas's assault. A layer of white frost coated his arm, mitigating the damage from the black flames.

    In terms of strength and speed, Wen Ying had improved significantly. Beros' attacks were becoming more ruthless, but Wen Ying wasn't being overwhelmed.

    Initially, the oppressive sensation stemming from their stark size disparity had now dissipated. Wen Ying coolly assessed Boreas's next point of attack, his magic and martial strikes increasingly infused with the power reverberating back to him from the Bloodwood.

    "Bang!" "Whoosh!"

    Two demons clashed with fierce blows, each punch tearing through the air with a resounding whistle. Spells intertwined amidst their close combat, as silvery-white branches and black engulfing flames locked in a contest of might. The frost-coated branches proved resilient against the flames, which struggled to immediately consume them.

    Tiny white blossoms sprouted from some branches, causing the raging flames of the Incinerating Flame to wane as if encountering water.

    Perseus enveloped himself with magic, resisting the toxicity of those little white flowers.

    The muscular demon tensed, his physique formidable. The red eyes of the Hellhound, Scarlet, gradually became mesmerized, their gaze fixated solely on the battle at hand. The magical patterns on his face spread like flowing blood, exuding an eerie and demonic charm. Frenzied magical power clung to him in the form of flames on either side.

    Among the spectators, few demons dared to speak, awestruck by this aura. Even though it wasn't directed at them, they still felt intense fear.

    In Squad One, half of the demons were relatively unaffected. Scarlet, whether talking to himself or to the demon beside him, remarked, "Perseus has grown even stronger."

    Amidst the diligent efforts of his peers, Scarlet felt left behind, with an irresistible urge to rush home and devote himself to intensive practice for twenty-four hours straight.

    In comparison to that frenzied, battle-immersed figure, the Mirror Demon exuded a more tranquil aura, less terrifying to other demons. His power seemed to sprout like a tender shoot from the earth, quietly growing stronger. By the time the demons realized, they found themselves entangled by these grown shoots, wrapped around them in circles, drawing them into an endless abyss of darkness.

    Some demons, realizing the peril, broke out in cold sweat. They couldn't allow themselves to be the only ones frightened. One of them whipped out their phone, typing with fingers as swift as phantom claws, relaying the battle's progression in text to loved ones outside the academy.

    This Mirror Demon was defying the heavens!

    And the Cerberus of this generation was equally terrifying!

    The arena couldn't withstand the power of the two demons and cracked, putting the magical barrier that prevented the battle's magic from spreading in peril. The elderly demon referee intervened, stabilizing the wavering barrier, much to the relief of the spectators.

    Wu Shaluo was grateful he hadn't participated yesterday. He leaned toward Lan Jiaying and whispered, "Will you... fight this afternoon?"

    Lan Jiaying maintained a calm expression, showing no signs of worry. However, his hand on the armrest gripped it tightly.

    Today, the Devil King would be coming, though this information hadn't been publicly announced. He had secretly obtained it.

    Now, the Devil King was here. The King's magic concealed his presence, making it impossible for Lan Jiaying to locate him despite knowing he was nearby.

    At the thought of his father potentially witnessing his defeat by Wen Ying, Lan Jiaying instantly became anxious, filled with fear. Unconsciously, he crushed the armrest of his chair.

    Wu Shaluo gasped, "Your Highness..."

    Lan Jiaying nonchalantly replied, "I will fight."

    Fixing his gaze on the battle between the two demons on the arena, Lan Jiaying didn't miss a single detail. He sought to find any potential weaknesses in Wen Ying's defense and memorize his typical fighting patterns.

    The duel between the two demons on the arena lasted nearly half an hour, ultimately concluding with Beros being kicked down by Wen Ying.

    Boros still had one hand clutching the edge of the arena when Wen Ying stepped on it with his foot.

    Today, everyone had witnessed how powerful the Devil Mirror's kick was. Although it wasn't long, it made the devil's eyelids twitch. That foot was the only one among the younger generation that dared to step on Boros's hand!

    Wen Ying stood by the edge of the arena and exhaled deeply. "Finally kicked him down."

    He had also tested Boros's current limits today. Wen Ying concluded that Boros had no intimidation towards him before reaching adulthood!

    The Blood Tree was great, the Blood Tree was marvelous. Through telepathy, Wen Ying praised the Blood Tree, who responded with joyful emotions.

    Wen Ying then turned to look at Lan Jiaying, whose gaze had always been filled with a challenging desire. His black eyes stared straight at him, his pupils deep and serene, like the calm before a storm.

    Wen Ying didn't understand why Lan Jiaying's expression had suddenly become so serious. Moreover, that gaze... except for the time he cut his hair, he hadn't done anything too excessive to Lan Jiaying recently. Why did Lan Jiaying's gaze seem to convey a resolute determination to tear him apart?

    After much thought, Wen Ying still couldn't figure out what he had done.

    Could it be that he held a grudge against him for taking first place in the final exams? It wouldn't have delayed his giving such a gaze until now, would it?

    Lan Jiaying's gaze now was even more terrifying than when he had cut off his golden locks! A chill ran down Wen Ying's spine.

    Soon, Wen Ying sensed another murderous gaze directed at him. He lowered his head and saw Beros kneeling on one knee below the platform, looking up at him with half his face obscured by his hair's shadow. His blood-red eyes, still immersed in the thrill of battle, would terrify any ordinary demon.

    There was blood trickling down from the wound on his forehead, running over his eyebrows and into his eye, as if the eyeball had merged with the flowing blood, making it appear even more vividly crimson.

    He resembled a demonic predator ready to feast, but rather than causing him to appear humiliated, it only made him seem more terrifying.

    Wen Ying's heartbeat suddenly changed its rhythm, as if stimulated by something. An indescribable excitement spread through his body, making every pore tingle with anticipation.

    His mark remained on that muscular body. Looking down at Beros, the deafening, primitive roars of the surrounding demons created an illusion of ringing in his ears, making his heartbeat sound like a drumming in his chest.

    Wen Ying bit down on his knuckle to suppress the bizarre surge of pleasure.

    This wasn't normal.

    Essence sat slanted, observing the subtle changes in Wen Ying's expression. The corners of his lips curled upward.

    From their first encounter, he had sensed it. His intuition had been right; Wen Ying's hidden desires were gradually surfacing alongside his growing power.

    The demon king, concealed within the cacophony of cheering devils, stroked his chin thoughtfully.

    Despite the remaining time, no new demons appeared. Everyone glanced at Lan Jiaying tacitly. Instead of taking advantage of Wen Ying's less than optimal condition, he chose to challenge him in the afternoon.

    It was somewhat comical that despite Lan Jiaying's desperate desire to defeat Wen Ying in front of the Devil King, an inner voice told him that Wen Ying hadn't used his full strength against Beros.

    Being defeated by Wen Ying at his peak would sound better than being defeated by someone who had already fought Beros once.

    Lan Jiaying's agitated magical energy flowed unevenly within him, causing his nerves to tense up to the point of a splitting headache – a sensation he had never experienced before.

    Would the Devil King be disappointed if he saw him lose to a Mirror Demon?

    But Beros lost too...

    But Beros wasn't the Devil King's son.

    After a noon of contemplation and a refreshing nap, Wen Ying arrived at the arena to find a low-spirited Lan Jiaying with disheveled hair.

    The other's resentment made Wen Ying feel inexplicably guilty, so he cautiously asked, "Did I do something to offend you recently?"

    Right? Right?! He hadn't cut Lan Jiaying's hair lately, nor had he released any new magic cards featuring him, even though he had considered pushing the boundaries a little – but those weren't out yet, were they?

    With an aura akin to a vengeful spirit, Lan Jiaying still wore his usual elegant and faint smile, sending shivers down Wen Ying's spine. His tone of speech was unexpectedly gentle and obedient.

    The fight ensued, and Wen Ying was astonished by Lan Jiaying's even more deranged combat style than Perseus'. Perseus would exchange injuries, but Lan Jiaying took it to a whole new level. Amidst his berserk fighting, Lan Jiaying retained a hint of composure that made Wen Ying wonder if he had lost his mind.

    Wen Ying dared not use poison on Lan Jiaying, fearing that if poisoned, he might force himself to cast magic, thereby damaging his body irreparably. After putting in much effort and getting injured himself, enduring several blows from Lan Jiaying, Wen Ying finally managed to kick him down.

    The moment Lan Jiaying was knocked down by Wen Ying, he switched from his frenzied state to a serene, tranquil feeling as if all sounds had ceased.

    As Wen Ying touched the corner of his mouth, bloodied from Lan Jiaying's blows, he gasped and thought to himself that Lan Jiaying was truly acting strangely today.

    No demon ventured forward anymore.

    Demons inherently admired strength, and after three days of ranking matches, everyone had fully acknowledged Wen Ying's prowess. His first-place victory was no longer seen as mere luck; he had genuinely earned it through his power. He had defeated the strongest among the younger generation, both Beros and Lan Jiaying!

    Amidst the cheering, Wen Ying suppressed the urge to grit his teeth and gasped softly.

    It hurt so much. Beaten by Beros in the morning and Lan Jiaying in the afternoon, although his injuries weren't severe, the pain was excruciating.

    Among the cheering demons, some were crying tears of excitement while shouting ecstatically. These weren't isolated cases; it was surreal because they had placed significant bets on Wen Ying not securing the top position, and now they were suffering huge losses.

    A small fraction of the demons were ecstatic, having placed a meager bet on Wen Ying to maintain his first position.

    When news of the ranking match results spread, all the demons in the capital felt as if it was April Fool's Day in the human world. After verifying multiple times and confirming that it was true, they found it absurd.

    A Mirror Demon had defeated a top seed among the high-ranking demons in a round-robin competition?

    The demon students who had witnessed the three days of ranking matches at the Lucifer Demon Academy described the events vividly, adding fuel to the incredulity of the situation.

    Many demons in the capital began cutting back on expenses, as they had wagered heavily against Wen Ying's possibility of coming first and were now weeping bitterly. Wen Ying, on the other hand, had bet a substantial amount on himself, resulting in a significant profit.

    With the ranking matches concluded, the semester came to an end. Similar to schools in the human world, the Lucifer Demon Academy had winter and summer breaks, complete with homework assignments during those periods.

    Having secured the first place, Wen Ying excitedly followed Feng Luo and Lai Yehua into the Devil King's Castle to meet the Devil King, who would award him the prize for his victory – a legitimate ticket to the human world.

    Although he now possessed the ability to "smuggle" himself into the human world, Lu Qingyuan's current magic power could only sustain him there for about two days.

    "Starting today, you will be an intern presiding judge in the Human World Judgment Bureau's enforcement team."

    Wen Ying's smile froze as he looked up at the Devil King, wondering if he had misheard just now.

    "Lord Demon King, isn't the prize for first place the chance to go to the Human Realm?"

    The Demon King replied confidently, "That's right. Going to the Human Realm is done through proper channels. I've looked through your records and noticed that you seem to be quite effective against the Extremists, often foiling their plans. I think it would be excellent for you to serve as the Chief Justice of the Human Realm's Judgment Bureau Enforcement Squad. Once your achievements meet the requirements, you'll become a permanent member. As for the previous one, they'll be transferred back to the Demon Realm's Judgment Bureau."

    Wen Ying had a lot on his mind, but all he could manage to ask was, "Is there a salary?"

    The Demon King chuckled. "Yes, your salary will be paid in a combination of both Demon Realm currency and Human Realm currency."

    "…Thank you, Lord Demon King."

    "There's no need to thank me. In a few days, you can set off for the Human Realm to earn your achievements. It's winter vacation, so you won't miss any schoolwork."

    Wen Ying's eyes widened involuntarily. What the f*ck? He had a pile of homework!

    Wen Ying tried to decline tactfully, "Lord Demon King, I'm just a Mirror Demon. If I were to be parachuted into the position, the other demons would be very dissatisfied."

    The Demon King responded, "Use your aura to overwhelm them and intimidate them."

    "Lord Demon King, I'm not sure what kind of aura I possess…"

    The Devil's smile held a profound meaning: "You do. The look in your eyes and the aura you exuded when you looked down at Bellos from the arena that day were impressive."

    Wen Ying was stunned into silence, his entire body shuddering. He finally understood why Lan Jiaying had acted so strangely that day. It turned out that the Devil had watched the match.

    But as Wen Ying regained his composure, he said bashfully and awkwardly, "Your Highness, I don't have that kind of... fetish? Interest? Passion? Am I crazy? It all sounds weird."

    He had just momentarily lost his mind back then! He didn't have any abnormal thoughts!

    The Devil smiled but didn't comment.

    Feng Luo said, "Don't even think about refusing."

    Lai Yehua nonchalantly stabbed Wen Ying in the back: "You can write your homework in the Human Realm."

    Wen Ying looked at Lai Yehua and mentally noted this down.

    That was it. When Wen Ying returned home, he tried to get Aruda to rescue him, but Aruda was surprised. "This is a good thing. The Chief Justice of the Human Realm's Judgment Bureau's Enforcement Squad is the most powerful position a devil can hold in the Human Realm."

    "Almost no devils can enter the Human Realm now. This position doesn't seem to have much to do with power in the Devil Realm," Wen Ying muttered.

    Alruda: "Not yet, but there will be eventually."

    Wen Ying's heart skipped a beat. "The barrier has weakened again?"

    Alruda gently patted Wen Ying's head. "Don't worry about trivial matters. I've prepared a pot of Poison Demon Herb for you. It's time for your medicinal bath today."

    Wen Ying instantly forgot his melancholy. That medicinal bath was excruciatingly painful. He didn't want to recall the sensation of the poison invading his body – it was as uncomfortable as being boiled alive.

    "Alright then."


    While the Lucifer Demon Academy's ranking matches were in full swing, subtle changes occurred unnoticed in the Human Realm.

    After the Extremists successfully opened a portal between the two realms, demonic energy from the Demon Realm seeped into the Human Realm. Even though the portal had been closed, the demonic energy that had already infiltrated remained in the Human Realm.

    With the increase of demonic energy in the Human Realm, the barrier mistook it for an overall power boost and began to weaken, developing multiple vulnerable spots.

    Though the Extremists had suffered significant losses, many still remained scattered throughout the Demon Realm. They exploited these newly emerged weak points, sending numerous low-ranking demons to the Human Realm before they could be detected by the demon forces.

    The current vulnerability in the barrier was insufficient for mid-ranking demons to pass through, but the scattered low-ranking demons that infiltrated the human realm were more than enough to give governments worldwide a headache. These malevolent creatures wreaked havoc everywhere, causing panic and unrest across the globe.

    When demons appeared in cities, heavy weaponry could not be used, leaving Exorcists as the only line of defense. The status of these Exorcists rapidly soared.

    With heightened status came disharmony. While this was only a nascent trend within the Flower Planting Nation, some smaller countries had even witnessed a resurgence of the ancient "divine right of kings" phenomenon.

    In response, the Flower Planting Nation's top leaders held an emergency meeting, deciding to establish a Special Biological Disaster Response Department. They swiftly assembled a team of experts and established branches in every city, county, and rural area throughout the nation.

    Most of the enforcers were recruited directly from the military. Each regional disaster response department also collaborated with Exorcist churches and associations, requesting them to dispatch Exorcists to take up residence, ensuring that every location would have one on standby in case of any incidents, thereby preventing scenarios where a demon could wreak havoc unchecked, as seen in foreign lands.

    The establishment of the disaster response department aimed not only to protect ordinary citizens but also served the government's ulterior motives. They wished to prevent the Exorcist organizations from gaining too much power over state institutions. By creating this department, they sought to decentralize the Exorcists' internal hierarchy, putting those dispersed across the country under the jurisdiction of the disaster response department.

    Henceforth, in times of need, the government could directly call upon Exorcists without having to negotiate with their organizations.

    In the future, graduates from magic academies would also be assigned to work within this department.

    The gears of the national machinery began turning swiftly. The public trusted their government, and for a while, domestic social order remained stable, with no major upheavals or sudden spikes in prices. Food costs were kept within acceptable limits.

    Xiao Le, who moonlighted as a cosplayer, was assigned by the church to participate in film production. However, he didn't miss the ongoing transformation. After being allocated to the disaster response department in Mu City, he continued his acting duties on the surface while secretly building his own team, ensuring that the Exorcists under his command were reliable.

    From the perspective of the Church in Mu City, Xiao Le sensed that there were issues throughout the organization, with many exorcists having ties to extremist factions. It sent shivers down his spine.

    Given the Church's unreliability, Xiao Le secretly reached out to contacts within the Association.

    Both he and Wei Ranfeng had graduated from the same Exorcist Academy, and they still kept in touch. After graduation, Wei Ranfeng joined the Association, and he encouraged his old classmate to come work at Mu City's Disaster Countermeasure Department, secretly forming a faction together.

    The Disaster Countermeasure Department's regulations broke the unspoken rule of the Association and the Church each managing their own territories. The department stipulated that for fairness, both sides must be represented in every local department.

    Many high-ranking officials within the Church opposed this, but the Association members agreed amicably. With the involvement of government officials, the three parties negotiated back and forth during meetings. Eventually, a compromise was reached through mutual concessions.

    Wen Ying had no idea that after just a few days away from the human world, the societal landscape had changed significantly.

    He had endured the poison bath of Aruda's love, tolerated the excruciating pain as if his skin was being torn apart, carried a pile of winter holiday assignments, and obtained a mystical treasure for compressing power from the Devil King. Through the Devil King's ancestral special passage, he returned to the human world, only to discover that a new department called the Calamity Response Unit had emerged in the country.

    The sensation of compressed power was not pleasant. Previously, Wen Ying had felt it moderately, but with the elevation of his level, experiencing it again was akin to having both nostrils blocked while sleeping, forcing him to breathe through his mouth – it was incredibly uncomfortable.

    This was still a result of the human world's rules weakening their suppression on demons due to the increase in demonic aura. Before this, it had been even more unbearable.

    After only a short while, Wen Ying already felt dizzy and disoriented.

    He emerged from the restroom of a shopping mall, and Wen Ying gazed at his teleportation point with a bizarrely complicated expression. The ancestral teleportation point of the Demon King was actually in a toilet... Did Lan Jiaying know about this?

    According to Muershi, Lan Jiaying had been in a daze and locked himself up at home these past few days. When Wen Ying asked how he knew that, Muershi replied, "His demonic chef told me."

    Muershi also mentioned that Belos was likewise staying indoors, diligently practicing magic every day, as reported by his own demonic chef.

    Wen Ying understood now; one had to guard against cooks who might leak information.

    Before arriving in the human world, he had changed into human attire in the demon realm. After swallowing the magical potion given by Aruda, which could temporarily transform his appearance into that of a human, he put on a white mask and glasses with no prescription. Then, he pushed open the bathroom door and stepped out.

    Using a new smartphone, I scrolled through the latest domestic news on Weibo, checking the trending topics to get a general idea of what's currently capturing the public's attention.

    Special Biological Disaster Response Unit? Referring to himself as a special being, Wen Ying felt a mix of emotions.

    After scrolling for a while, Wen Ying followed the address provided by the Devil King. When he found the location, he was astonished to discover that the Demon Realm's Human World Judgement Bureau's enforcement team was situated within a... Cosplay cafe.

    At the entrance stood a young man and a woman. The girl was dressed in a maid's uniform, while the boy was attired in a butler's tailcoat. The shop was situated right by a bustling crossroads, a location that guaranteed a 100% head-turning rate - it was the epitome of public attention.

    More remarkably, just one street over was the location of Mu City's Special Biological Disaster Response Department, colloquially known as the Disaster Countermeasure Division.

    Wen Ying slapped his forehead, his eyes losing their luster.

    The Devil had said he would understand and relocate the Human Realm Judgment Bureau's headquarters to Mu City, as he knew Wen Ying was from there. Wen Ying had some expectations about the Devil's knowledge, but was still startled by his casual decision.

    He was still worried that the Devil's choice might cause his future colleagues to look down on him.

    Now, after seeing the place, Wen Ying suspected they wouldn't just look down on him, but might even wish to stab him.

    The two at the entrance were humans. After observing them for a while, Wen Ying couldn't see anything special. After some thought, he walked over. The girl warmly handed him a flyer.

    "Handsome, would you like to come in? Our services are comprehensive. The first floor is a café, the basement has a bar, the second floor is a restaurant with both Western and Chinese cuisine, the third floor has a gym, and the fourth floor is a hotel."

    Wen Ying: "...."

    Wen Ying numbly stepped in, and another girl immediately came out to greet him. After hesitating for a moment, he whispered, "I'm looking for your manager."

    "Manager?" The girl looked puzzled. "Please wait a moment, I'll go call them."


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