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    Chapter 222: Advertising

    "The Minister, Cerberus says he wants to go abroad."

    "What is this? Going abroad?!?"

    "Hurry! Stop him! Persuade him to change his mind! (Screaming — !)"

    "Bring out my 400-meter-long sword, who's the spy? Are those people at the academy just idling around? They didn't even notice this?"

    "Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert!"

    "Where's the Minister? The Deputy Minister? The Secretary? The Information Department?"

    Old Tang was overwhelmed; the group was in chaos. Before he could resend the message to the Minister, the latter had already sent him a private message.

    "Old Tang, where are you right now?"

    Old Tang promptly replied that he was near the location of the fallen boulder monster, where Cerberus and the Demon Mirror were currently engaged in some affectionate behavior and wouldn't likely leave anytime soon.

    His subordinate, ignoring the term "sappy," had rushed back to his division office after receiving a heads-up from Old Tang. Without even bringing his team, he had hurriedly ordered the driver to turn around and take him back to the Thrill Paradise.

    The driver raced through the roads, delivering Guo Shengde to the amusement park. Despite the churning in his stomach, Guo Shengde dashed straight for Old Tang.

    Old Tang was currently engaging two demons in a dry conversation. As a middle-aged bachelor, he found it unbearable to witness the sappy display between the two demons, or rather, the one-sided affection the Mirror Demon had for Wen Ying's boyfriend. He tried his best to suppress the sour feeling in his heart.

    Finding a male partner wasn't that hard; there were plenty of men in their department. If only he were attracted to women, he would have been in a relationship too! So what if someone had a boyfriend?

    No wonder they hadn't noticed the Mirror Demon's high ranking among the thirty demons before. With such a sappy demeanor, it was hard to imagine the demon being formidable in combat!

    Let's rewind to a moment ago.

    Wen Ying was utterly astonished when he told Bellerophon about their vacation plans. A workaholic like Bellerophon would never think of going on a resort holiday unless prompted.

    Bellerophon didn't see the big deal. He spoke casually, "I saw a travel recommendation on my phone a few days ago."

    Wen Ying raised an eyebrow.

    He held out his hand. "Bellerophon, can I see your phone?"

    Beros mentioned a mobile phone, naturally not the one he used in the Demon Realm, but rather, the human world phone that the demons had purchased at the start of the semester.

    Wen Ying now had four mobile phones, adding to the burden in his pockets.

    Beros handed the phone to Wen Ying, who said, "Let me see that advertisement."

    Beros retracted his hand and operated on the phone while Wen Ying watched the screen.

    The place Beros tapped was the opening advertisement on the Wibo platform.

    Wen Ying: "...."

    Old Tang, on the side, was restless and couldn't resist stretching his neck, nearly popping his eyes out trying to see the screen of the phone. He couldn't help asking, "Uh... Excuse me, where did you see the advertisement on your phone?"

    Wen Ying, who could be considered a human spy infiltrating the Demon Realm, specifically, half a spy from Huaxia, kindly explained to Old Tang, "It's the opening advertisement on Wibo."

    Beros said, "If you don't like the snow mountain resort, there seems to be a luxurious cruise ship setting sail recently. Since you like this amusement park, I think you would also enjoy the cruise."

    Beros tried hard to recall; he wouldn't normally pay attention to such things, nor would he remember them if he saw them. But recently, Wen Ying had kept mentioning the word 'date,' so Beros subconsciously remembered this.

    Old Tang was inwardly exclaiming in frustration. Not only snow mountains, but also luxurious cruise ships? Those were even harder to guard against.

    Boros' next words further chilled Old Tang's heart.

    "There are also the deep sea and grasslands, among others. You can choose for yourself."

    The corner of Wen Ying's eye caught a glimpse of Old Tang, and sure enough, the expression on Lao Tan's face was one of sheer terror.

    With foreign forces unable to make headway domestically, they began to bombard the public with advertisements. They were everywhere, especially on Weibo, where there had been constant trending topics about demons lately. The demons would undoubtedly check them out from time to time.

    Upon opening it, one would inevitably encounter a splash ad.

    With thirty demons, perhaps some of them might find it interesting?

    As half an undercover agent from the Flower Planting Nation in the Demon Realm, Wen Ying said, "Traveling abroad is too troublesome. There will always be disturbances. Didn't you experience that before?"

    Belos pondered, and the thought annoyed him. A bunch of weak creatures, yet the Devil King's plan prevented him from making a move at this stage.

    "In that case, let's not go out then."

    To Old Tang, these words were like a heavenly melody, as if an angelic voice was singing "Hallelujah" behind the demonic mirror.

    Suppressing the urge to shake hands in gratitude, he replied with enthusiasm, "Yes, yes, yes! Those people abroad are as annoying as flies, impossible to shoo away. Unlike our country where everyone respects boundaries and wouldn't bother you."

    Beros asked, "Is there any luxurious cruise liner scheduled to depart from here soon?"

    As he spoke, Beros showed his phone screen to Old Tang, matter-of-factly saying, "Something on this level."

    Upon seeing the screen, Old Tang's smile froze slightly. "… Maybe, let me check."

    Coincidentally, Minister Guo Shengde of the Waijiao City Disaster Department stumbled over, and Old Tang's eyes lit up. He rushed over to support his pale superior, asking, "Will there be any luxurious cruise liners in the country soon?"

    Guo Desheng looked confused. "What thing?"

    "A luxurious cruise liner," Old Tang repeated, pulling him in front of Beros. Wen Ying held onto Beros' hand holding the phone, ensuring the newcomer could see the screen.

    Guo Desheng glanced at the phone, then at Old Tang, opening his mouth before finally asking after a few seconds, "Why the sudden interest in a cruise liner?"

    Old Tang pulled Guo Desheng aside, turning his head to smile at the demons, signaling them to wait a moment. He then whispered the details of the recent events to his superior in a hushed tone.

    Knowing that demons had keen hearing, they walked a distance and cast a sound barrier.

    "Wha-?!" Guo Desheng roared in disbelief. The foreign forces were swinging their hoes way too fiercely.

    The problem was... this was a standard business practice. They couldn't condemn it. Could they say that it was illegal to spend lavishly on advertisements?

    Guo Desheng didn't even need to think to know that the internet would be flooded with ads for foreign tourist attractions.

    If this matter didn't blow up, no one domestically would ever realize the sinister intentions behind the ads.

    Bellerophon grew impatient and asked the two whispering individuals, "Is there or not?"

    He thought that the luxurious cruise ship would be the most appealing to Wen Ying's taste. If it wasn't available domestically, he could endure the harassment from the weaker creature for a while.

    Old Tang, hearing the faint impatience of the three-headed hellhound, removed the sound barrier and said with a fawning smile, "Right away, right away! Asking now!"

    Guo Desheng scratched his head. "I don't know if headquarters has enough funding."

    "We'll have to make do even if it's not enough," Old Tang whispered. "Otherwise, once that luxury cruise ship starts, we'll have to chase after it to the ends of the earth. There'll be too many loopholes to guard against."

    That luxurious cruise ship would pass through dozens of countries!

    Wen Ying would usually dissuade Beros, but unknown to outsiders, he relished in the sight of their distress for a moment before deliberately raising his voice. "I've lost interest in the ocean recently."

    Guo Shengde immediately turned to Wen Ying and blurted out, "Exactly! What's so fascinating about the ocean? Recently, when our city was digging for a subway, we discovered an ancient relic. The experts are still studying how to excavate it safely. Once the work begins, I'll inform you to come and take a look."


    The Devil Mirror's tone suggested a great interest in relics. Guo Shengde promptly added, "Yes, a relic. According to the initial analysis by the experts who have rushed to the site, it was constructed at least a thousand years ago."

    It might even be earlier, dating back to when Devils were still active in the human world.

    Who knew? Guo Desheng said this to spark the interest of the seemingly uninterested Devil.

    Old Tang stood aside, watching his superior enthusiastically promoting the city's discovered relic to the two Devils, yet hesitating to speak.

    Because as Guo Desheng spoke, his gaze mainly fell on the indifferent three-headed hellhound.

    Guo Desheng's intention was clear. He wanted to pique the hellhound's interest in the relic and absolutely prevent him from boarding any luxurious cruise ships abroad!

    In fact, Minister Guo, you don't have to push so hard; it's enough if the Mirror Demon is interested, Old Tang thought to himself. But seeing his leader's enthusiasm, even going as far as to gesticulate wildly, he didn't dare to voice his opinion.

    Any seasoned office worker knew that when their superior was serious, it was best not to embarrass them. Otherwise, the embarrassment would fall on you.

    The rules of ordinary workplaces also applied in the exorcist community.

    Beros found Guo Shengde incredibly annoying. Wen Ying glanced at Beros and showed him her phone screen with a string of numbers. "This is my phone number. Just send me a message when the excavation begins."

    As Guo Desheng typed the digits into his phone, he replied, "Don't worry, I'll definitely send you a message on the day they start digging."

    With the number entered, Guo Desheng caught a glimpse of Beros out of the corner of his eye. Old Tang hurried over and whispered, "Minister, they're a couple! They'll leave together."

    Guo Desheng finally realized this and felt pleased with himself. Now, he only needed to convince the Mirror Demon. With his mission accomplished, he could relax and report back confidently. Perhaps he might even earn some rewards and resources.

    There were indeed many people around, and Beros had no desire to stay. Wen Ying asked Guo Desheng, "Are the facilities in the amusement park operational yet?"

    Guo Desheng instructed Old Tang to inquire, and soon, the rides in Excitement Paradise were all powered up.

    The human students were somewhat perplexed as they noticed the rides were now functioning. Should they still play given what had just happened?

    Seeing the demons having fun, they exchanged glances and decided that, after surviving a crisis, there was no harm in joining the celebration.

    Everyone, including the demons, went to enjoy themselves, except for Wu Shaluo, who was still recovering from his injuries.

    Although Wu Shaluo didn't fancy human amusement parks, wanting to and being able to were two different matters, especially when all his classmates were going. His face darkened to the point of dripping ink.

    The Extremists!

    Though the masked figure from last night was human, Wu Shaluo believed that only the Extremists would specifically target Wen Ying. As a result, the culprit behind the scene wasn't hard to guess.

    As for which human factions were involved... he had absolutely no clue.

    Wen Ying did have some minor injuries, but they wouldn't hinder his enjoyment.

    When Wen Ying and Beros left to have fun, Guo Desheng immediately took out his phone to frantically send messages to his superior, the headquarter's leader.

    He conveyed the advertisement incident and Cerberus's desire to travel abroad after seeing it.

    Divisional ministers could directly contact the headquarters' ministers. Filled with urgency, Guo Shengde made the same mistake as Old Tang, mistakenly sending the message to the official group chat of the disaster response department ministers.

    Head of the Headquarters Yan Liwen had seen it, and so had all the other Division Heads across regions. The group chat quickly filled with messages.

    "Unsportsmanlike conduct!"

    "How could an advertisement infiltrate like that? We need to get our team of psychological experts to investigate if other demons are now considering traveling abroad."

    "This time, Old Guo's people have really made a significant contribution."


    Amongst the flurry of messages, one stood out:

    "Old Guo, how did you convince Cerberus? He must be quite unyielding, right?"

    Guo Shengde typed:

    "I convinced his boyfriend."




    "Let's investigate if there are any romantic pairs among the demons, especially those who seem rather self-centered."

    "Good idea."

    The incident with the Stonefall Monster was kept under wraps, only circulating within a small circle. To the public, it was announced that all magical beasts in the Thrilling Paradise had been eradicated and the place would reopen the next day.

    For those uninformed, the matter ended there. But for those who knew, they were deeply concerned.

    The appearance of the Stonefall Monster during such a tumultuous period seemed particularly ominous.

    Upon returning to the academy, Wu Shaluo realized retrospectively that his contractor, Yang Bofeng, had mentioned that the Mu Family wished to befriend him. That night, the masked figure didn't seek out the other six demons but came exclusively for him. A connection began to form in Wu Shaluo's mind...

    The Mu Family might have ties with the Extremist Party.


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