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    Chapter 224 - Arrival


    Wen Ying's tail wrapped around Beros' own, intertwining in a tight spiral with almost no space between their bodies.

    Wen Ying kissed Beros eagerly for a long while.

    When Wen Ying's mouth captured the tip of Beros' ear, the latter startled, causing his fur to stand on end. The fluffy hairs brushed against Wen Ying's nose, making him turn his head and sneeze softly.

    Beros pushed Wen Ying away, taking several steps back. He looked at him warily, one hand stroking the ear that Wen Ying had just bitten, his eyes wide with surprise.

    "What are you doing..."

    Wen Ying rubbed his nose and stared at Beros' ear. "I've wanted to do this for a long time."

    Beros opened and closed his mouth, unable to form any words. His chest heaved with heavy breaths as he kept fiddling with the bitten ear, a rare expression of panic on his face.

    Just now, a peculiar sensation had spread from his ear throughout his entire body. In the instant Wen Ying bit his ear, Beros felt a loss of control over his body. It felt weightless, numbness spreading downward from his ear, rushing through his spine and into his tail, then enveloping his whole body.

    Boros pinched his own ears repeatedly, struggling to suppress the uncontrollable bodily reactions more intense than those from their tail entanglements.

    Wen Ying observed Boros with a hint of contemplation in his eyes, then suddenly, he chuckled teasingly, "Boros, could it be that your ears are the most sensitive spot on your entire body?"

    As he spoke, Wen Ying abruptly unfurled his bat wings and swiftly flew to embrace Boros, quickly gripping the latter's head while reaching for his twitching ears with both hands.

    Boros's ears continued to quiver at a high frequency.

    "Wen Ying!" Boros growled, attempting to pry Wen Ying's hands off his ears.

    His voice was different from usual, lacking its usual fullness and carrying a slight tremble. Wen Ying chuckled, "As expected. I initially thought your tail was your most sensitive spot, but it turns out to be your ears."

    Seeing that he couldn't free himself from Wen Ying's grasp, Boros resorted to grabbing at the base of Wen Ying's tail. The sudden stimulation made Wen Ying subconsciously loosen his grip, allowing Boros to rescue his ears.

    Wen Ying stroked his own tail, noticing Boros's heightened alertness and realizing he wouldn't be able to touch his ears anymore. He leisurely flew back to the sofa and lounged on it.

    "What got into you all of a sudden..." Boros still felt a lingering fear, as Wen Ying's fervor seemed almost manic.

    Wen Ying propped his hands behind his head, his lips curving into a small smile. "I just suddenly realized that you truly like me."

    Boros nearly rolled his eyes. "…Can you pretend to like someone?"

    Wen Ying closed his eyes, feigning sleep. Boros asked, "What do you mean?"

    After racking his brains, Boros said, "Is it because I didn't take the initiative to ask you out? Or that I wasn't attentive enough on our dates?" The love manual mentioned how dates played an important role in couples.

    Romance and surprise gifts were also part of it.

    Romance? Boros felt his teeth grit at the thought. He could manage surprise gifts, but dates… they seemed so dull.

    Unable to hold back, Wen Ying chuckled, covering his mouth with the back of his hand as he laughed uncontrollably.

    "Boros, how can you be so…" Wen Ying paused, "How can you be so adorable?"

    Boros replied, "You have the chance to take that word back now." It was a horrifying adjective.

    Wen Ying smiled for a while before extending his arms towards Boros. Boros hesitated. This gesture probably meant Wen Ying wanted a hug, but...

    "I won't touch your ears."

    Boros stepped forward and scooped up the sluggish Mirror Demon.

    Wen Ying leaned his head against Boros's neck and smiled. "Boros, will you still beat me up when you're an adult?"

    Knowing that Wen Ying was up to something, Boros didn't follow his line of reasoning but deflected the question. "Don't just think about me. Think about the other demons. The first thing they'll do when they come of age is probably to find you."

    Wen Ying's smile froze slightly as he tried hard to recall the birth months of those demons.

    He had seen everyone's files while he was with Feng Luo. In Class One, apart from Wu Fei and himself who had already reached adulthood, the remaining twenty-eight were all underage, and all would reach maturity this year, in a certain order.

    The first one to enter adulthood seemed to be...

    After much thought, Wen Ying asked Boros, "Was it Wu Shaluo?"

    Not good. Wu Shaluo had been quite resentful towards him recently.

    Boros replied, "I think so."

    Wen Ying looked a bit panicked. He really had no idea how much more powerful Wu Shaluo would become after reaching adulthood. Hopefully, he wouldn't be completely crushed. As Wen Ying became more anxious, his thoughts of romance vanished. He jumped off Boros and sat down casually on a nearby sofa, pulling out his phone.

    Boros: "?" He couldn't understand why Wen Ying's enthusiasm had suddenly ignited and then extinguished the spark he had felt as well.

    Looking at Wen Ying, typing intently on his phone with a serious expression, Boros felt as if what had just happened here was an illusion he had experienced.

    "Who are you messaging?" Boros asked. "The Demon King?"

    "No," Wen Ying replied casually without lifting his head. "I'm messaging my great-grandmother."

    He urgently needed to confirm with Aluda whether he would easily be overpowered by Wu Shaluo once the latter reached adulthood.

    Aluda sent Wen Ying a photo of herself fertilizing the Blood Tree. The angle of the photo was a bit low, possibly taken by Little Bai.

    Recently, staying in the human realm with his magic suppressed, Wen Ying wasn't sure how much his current strength had increased due to the Blood Tree.

    Contemplating the picture for a moment, Wen Ying inferred that Aluda was helping him and there was no need to worry.

    Wen Ying exhaled a long, relieved sigh.

    From the shadow hidden behind the sofa, he secretly stretched out his hand and gently stroked the few small tendrils that had emerged from his shadow, affectionately and tenderly.

    The Bloodtree was the cheat that allowed him to remain arrogant even after his classmates had grown up.

    Boros approached, and the vine retreated into the shadows.

    The moment Boros passed by, Wen Ying, with his changed mood, clung onto him again.

    Boros: "…"

    He really didn't understand.

    A few days later, the students from the foreign Asaph Academy arrived at Nandu City's harbor on a luxurious cruise ship. The Disaster Control Department had arranged security to clear an area beforehand, keeping the curious crowd at bay.

    It happened to be Sunday, so everyone was off work and had come to watch the spectacle. The place was packed, and many guards were deployed.

    Major media outlets had already set up their cameras, creating quite a grand scene.

    Everyone still remembered the undercover incident from before. Rumors had it that the recent increase in foreign travel advertisements was aimed at luring demons from the Realm of Devils overseas. Those sensitive to the situation felt that the Asaph students arriving at this particular time couldn't simply be here for friendly sparring.

    There were also other guests on the luxurious cruise ship, ordinary passengers who had boarded as part of their trip. Some of them stood on the deck, curiously watching what was happening below.

    A squad of uniformly dressed individuals descended from the cruiser's gangway, each exuding an impeccable demeanor that set them apart at first glance.

    Good posture already enhances one's appearance, let alone that this group was not lacking in attractiveness to begin with.

    "Wow, we don't look like we're filming exorcists; it's more like we're filming a celebrity ensemble. Their aura surpasses that of some stars," commented an eager journalist.

    The blond youth who seemed to be the leader caught everyone's attention under the sunlight, almost blinding them with his dazzling looks, not physically but in terms of charisma.

    His form-fitting uniform accentuated his toned physique, broad shoulders, and narrow waist. His white-gold trousers hugged his straight legs, and with every step he took in his boots, an air of efficiency and sharpness radiated from him.

    A sunny and approachable smile graced his face constantly, while his golden eyes shimmered with brightness.

    Though there was no official live stream, independent media outlets were broadcasting the event. The audience's opinions swayed with their perception of the group's good looks.

    "Cough, everyone, stay calm. These are our adversaries. Let's recall the faces of the demons."

    "What a pity... Hey, could they be using a charm offensive against the demons?"

    ".... Damn, never even considered that possibility."

    "They've already resorted to advertising. There's nothing they won't do."

    "But would demons even fancy humans? I heard they recognize us by scent."

    "Wear perfume, then."

    "....Utterly ridiculous."

    Wen Ying was in his dorm watching a live stream with Boleos. Seeing the concerns in the chat, he laughed heartily, "Hahaha, that's hilarious. Boleos, do you really think they'd use a seduction tactic?"

    Boleos replied, "They might use it, just not on us."

    Wen Ying's laughter faded, but his smile remained. He blinked, and Boleos interrupted his thoughts, "Stop thinking about it."

    Boleos paused, then looked at the phone screen, "That blond human, is he good-looking?"

    Wen Ying also gazed at the screen, "He's good-looking, but he's no pushover."

    Hailige, the favored Saint Son of the Archangel Church, was unlike those domestic Saint Sons and Saint maidens with empty titles. This one genuinely had a chance of becoming the next Pope.

    Wen Ying muttered, "The Church is really willing to take the risk. They're not afraid that he'll stay here forever."

    After that, he said to Beros, "Beros, you look much cooler in your uniform than he does."

    Beros huffed lightly. "Are you comparing me to a human?" His tone was dismissive, but there was a hint of pride in his eyes that was barely noticeable.

    Wen Ying chuckled. "Oh, a three-headed hellhound."

    In the live broadcast, the students from Asaph disembarked from the cruise ship and headed for their waiting vehicles, leaving the scene.

    The Exorcist Academy didn't allow outsiders to approach, so the luxurious cruise ship didn't dock directly at the academy's island. The Asaph students were now taking a car to where the ship had anchored.

    The live broadcast concluded there.

    Wen Ying went out to see the commotion and encountered Muershi, Wei Er, and Koroy on the way.

    "Weren't you with Essence?" Wen Ying asked, puzzled.

    It was Essence who had taught Muershi how to manipulate information through online chats previously.

    Muershi: "He said he wants to study how to charm the people of Asaph."

    Wen Ying's eyelids twitched.

    Muershi continued, "Gathering intelligence is something succubi are really good at."

    With that, Muershi glanced at Beros and said to Wen Ying, "In terms of winning someone's favor, Essence is more skilled than Beros."

    Beros looked at Muershi with a cold gaze. Muershi walked to Wen Ying's side.

    Inside the vehicle, the Asaph group was also mentally rehearsing their pre-planned scenarios.

    They had several targets this time, with the most important being the Mirror Demon. Not only did the Extremists specifically demand the Mirror Demon, but they also wanted to obtain something from it.

    Wen Ying sneezed.

    The demons had already arrived in the woods near the beach, hiding within its shadows.

    Not only were they present in this forest; the surrounding auras were mottled and intricate, with figures scattered about, more than just a couple of individuals.

    "Here they come," a faint voice echoed from within the woods.

    The boat carrying Acefa's students approached, and one by one, they disembarked. As Wen Ying listened, the chatter within the forest grew louder.

    "A blonde..."

    "Such a powerful magical aura..."


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