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    Chapter 259: The Turning Point

    Wen Ying tried to think like the Demon King. As far as he could surmise, the Demon King pretended not to know about the angel's conspiracy, using the angel's plan to allow demons to fully infiltrate the human world. Afterward, he would declare himself the next Demon King and alter the laws.

    During this process, the Demon King would likely dispatch demons to secretly infiltrate the Church and investigate the location of the angel's vessel. Before announcing his ascension, they would attempt to destroy it.

    If the destruction failed and the angel managed to roam the human world through the vessel, the Demon King would find a way to expose the matter to the Law. If the angel wasn't foolish, he wouldn't reveal himself in public, and would still have to remain hidden to enjoy his desired human life.

    The balance lay here. As long as the angel didn't overstep, the Demon King would tacitly refrain from reporting him, and the human world would remain under demonic control.

    Although the angel would still obtain the human life he craved, it would be filled with frustration and humiliation. He might even be so angry that he couldn't sleep at night.

    After reluctantly sympathizing with the angel for three seconds due to his selfish desires that sparked a war between two realms, Wen Ying relished in his misfortune.

    The timing for revealing his identity was intertwined with this plan. Wen Ying pondered the possible reactions after publicly acknowledging his identity at different points in time.

    If it weren't for the Church, he could simply wait until the Demon King declared him the successor. However, the more he thought about the Church, the colder his gaze became.

    From the Church's perspective, once his non-human bloodline was exposed, the demons might either ostracize or look down on him due to deception or their disdain for human blood. On the human side, his family's company and those of his relatives might experience turmoil.

    With the company handling the demonic ingredients and his secret recipe laced with magic potions, any unrest would likely result in no more than a few lost hairs.

    As for the demons, Wen Ying could simply work out his frustrations; a good beating would suffice. His body was being gradually transformed by fragments of law.

    The reason Wen Ying couldn't decide on a timing was that he couldn't think of a way to exploit this situation to entangle the Church.

    "Maddening..." Wen Ying muttered to himself, "Why can't I come up with anything?"

    He sought out Aruda to share his concerns.

    "Grandma, when do you think would be the best time to reveal my identity to frame the Church?" he asked.

    Aruda chuckled. "When you or your human family ignore their threats completely, it will already anger them."

    "However, you could provoke them into attacking your family, catch them in the act, then step onto the stage as the victim and seize the moral high ground. You can play it however you like."

    Wen Ying scratched his cheek. "I did consider it, but..."

    "Are you still not confident in protecting them?" Aruda sipped her tea, her tone mild yet firm. "When you faced Wu Shaluo and the others, I didn't see any fear in you. Why are you hesitant against the Church's exorcists?"

    Wen Ying whispered, "Human bodies are quite fragile..."

    Aruda said with meaning, "Being overly cautious won't lead to great things; it can only result in a disastrous outcome."

    "...I was being too careful," Wen Ying admitted guiltily.

    Aruda stroked Wen Ying's head. "It's not bad to prioritize your family."

    Thinking of Aruda's past experiences, Wen Ying suddenly felt guilty. He didn't know if he had triggered any dark memories related to his family. If he hadn't handled it well, he would have slapped himself in the middle of the night.

    On top of that, Wen Ying had concealed something from Aruda earlier, telling Bellos but not Aruda. He felt even more guilty and asked tentatively, "Grandma, is there anything you want from the human world? I'll bring it back for you next time."

    "I still need corpses for my recent research – exorcist corpses, those who had connections with the extremist party. I remember quite a number of them. It's a waste to just dispose of their bodies after killing them; we might as well make use of them."

    Aruda's words shattered the filter through which Wen Ying had viewed this elderly lady as pitiful and helpless because of her abandonment by the family.

    Wen Ying wiped his face. "Okay."

    "Is there anything else you want besides corpses?" Wen Ying asked.

    Aruda pondered for a moment before slowly saying, "If I really have to say, there is something in the human realm that I'm quite concerned about."

    Wen Ying's eyes lit up. "What is it?"

    Aruda smiled with a hint of profundity. "An angel's vessel."

    Wen Ying nearly split his smile. He said gloomily, "That might be a bit difficult now."

    Not to mention seizing it, he didn't even know where it was kept. The Church's headquarters was vast, and such an important item would undoubtedly be hidden away securely.

    For a fleeting moment, Wen Ying suspected that Aruda was in cahoots with the Devil King. The series of coincidences were too ridiculous!

    "I was just speaking casually," Aruda laughed. "Aren't you curious about how a vessel that can contain an angel's soul is made? The materials that form bones, blood, and other life components."

    Wen Ying replied, "I am indeed a little curious." That vessel was essentially an artificial life form.

    He remembered that divine stones were one of the raw materials. A twitch pulled at the corner of Wen Ying's mouth as he thought about it. All the divine stones in the human realm had probably been depleted by the two angels.

    After spending some time in the castle, Wen Ying strolled around the capital city for a while before returning to the human world the next morning.

    Early in the morning, Lu Qingyuan arrived at Wen Ying's dormitory and summoned Wen Ying from the demon realm.

    Wen Ying emerged from the radiance of the summoning circle, smiling at Lu Qingyuan. "You've worked hard."

    Lu Qingyuan replied, "It's alright, not too tiring."

    Boros sat calmly on the sofa nearby, observing with a composed gaze. He knew that Wen Ying had grown up in the human world with a human identity and consciousness. Therefore, when he observed Wen Ying interacting with humans, he quickly realized that Wen Ying wasn't putting on an act – unlike pure-blooded demons.

    Wen Ying genuinely got along well with humans.

    Why was it that Wen Ying, who possessed such a rich human bloodline, was so skilled in combat? More powerful even than a pure-blooded Demon Mirror like himself. Just look at Wu Fei; despite having the same father, the mixed-blood Wu Fei was clearly weaker in overall strength compared to the pure-blood Lan Jiaying. That was the norm.

    Now that Wen Ying had inherited fragments of the Angelic Law, his power had increased even further. Boros narrowed his blood-red eyes slightly as he watched Lu Qingyuan laughing and chatting with Wen Ying.


    A chill ran down Lu Qingyuan's spine, and he wisely made his exit.

    Wen Ying walked in front of Boros and, with a casual yet teasing tone, said, "You're so fierce."

    Boros lifted his gaze to meet Wen Ying standing before him. The teasing expression on the other's face made him impatiently avert his eyes again. "I am the Cerberus of Hell." His inherent aggression was already strong.

    Wen Ying chuckled. "Then I hope you can restrain yourself a bit when you meet my family later."

    Boros's brows knitted slightly; this was his greatest concern lately, something that kept him awake even in the middle of the night.

    Wen Ying's family were weak humans, and he was supposed to be deliberately nice to them?

    Just thinking about it made Boros uncomfortable, incredibly so. It went entirely against his principles.

    Seeing the almost grotesque look of struggle on Boros's face, Wen Ying shrugged. "In terms of wealth, my family is quite impressive. If you don't want to go, you don't have to force yourself..."

    With a firm tone, Boros interrupted Wen Ying, "No, I will go!"

    Wen Ying: "Your expression is rather menacing."

    As he spoke, a miniature version of the Magic Mirror appeared in Wen Ying's hand, allowing Boros to see his own face.

    Boros's expression seemed ready for battle, with an intense focus and murderous aura. His gaze was so terrifying that it seemed as if he could devour someone.

    Wen Ying winced with a headache when his phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and glanced at the screen before answering.

    "Wen Dingjue here," he said. "Little Ying, I've just landed domestically. I'm fresh off the plane."


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