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    Chapter 201: Implementation

    In the end, the academy's top leadership agreed to let them leave the island, but only with an accompanying contracted individual.

    None of the other demons had any intention of leaving the island, especially those with fiery tempers like Beros and Scarlet. The further they ventured out, the more likely they would expose themselves.

    Beros had no intention of going, but when he saw Wen Ying walking arm in arm with Muershi, he reluctantly followed with a tense expression.

    Wen Ying's actual intentions were different from what Beros imagined. He wasn't planning on causing trouble with Muershi; rather, Muershi had sensed something and voluntarily tagged along.

    This guy would be wasted as a gossip reporter, Wen Ying thought to himself in jest.

    Standing on the yacht that would take them off the island, Muershi squinted slightly, enjoying the sea breeze. He relaxed, saying, "Human world's wind is cleaner than the demon world's."

    Wen Ying turned his head. "Are you sure?"

    The air pollution in the human world was much worse than in the demon world. When Wen Ying first arrived in the demon world, he felt refreshed with every breath.

    "I meant there's no stench of blood."

    Muershi leaned on the railing of the yacht with both hands, his chin resting on them as he nonchalantly said, "You've indeed been up to something in secret lately. Your thoughts have been distracted."

    Boros stood aside, maintaining his silent, cool demeanor, but his ears perked up discreetly.

    "Weren't you quite clear about what I've been doing secretly lately?" Wen Ying mumbled, mimicking Muershi's posture by leaning against the railing too. His tone was melancholic as he continued, "The one above has instructed me to complete a mission, and I must do so."

    He didn't directly refer to the Devil King because there were many Security Department members from the Exorcist Academy on this yacht. If Wen Ying's guess was correct, the boat was likely bugged all around.

    Muershi gazed at Wen Ying for a moment before surrendering with a wave of his hand. "Alright, alright."

    Wen Ying turned his head and noticed Boros' perked-up ears, causing his thoughts to wander and his gaze to go slightly vacant.

    Observing Wen Ying's slightly absent-minded expression, Muershi's gaze sharpened, a hint of curiosity flickering in his eyes.

    Since arriving in the Human Realm, Wen Ying's behavior, speech, and mannerisms had undergone subtle changes. He was definitely hiding a significant secret.

    Was it the Devil King's secret or his own? The burning desire to uncover the truth within Muershi raged uncontrollably.

    Around Wu Fei, a group of demons had gathered, and Wu Fei was explaining some basic knowledge of life in the Human Realm to them.

    Lu Qingtao had yet to arrive. Wu Fei claimed to be fond of mortal culture and thus had a good understanding of human world trivia. For now, that was the story. If exorcists were to discover the truth about half-human, half-demon hybrids later on, they would change their tale.

    Koroy and the other girls planned to go shopping together, exploring the garments and accessories available in the human realm.

    Wen Xinxin looked at them enviously, then subtly glanced at the towering, icy three-headed Cerberus beside her. She secretly sighed, filled with melancholy and regret.

    Unbeknownst to her, demons had acute hearing. Belphegor picked up on her sigh, his ears twitching as he lowered his gaze to question Wen Xinxin, "Seems like you're quite dissatisfied with me?"

    Wen Xinxin's spine tingled with fear. She frantically waved her hands, shaking her head like a rattle drum. "No, no way! How could I be? You're a high-ranking demon, and from one of the three major demonic bloodlines ruling the Underworld now. Why would I be dissatisfied?"

    Boros's crimson eyes fixated on Wen Xinxin. Wen Ying had asked him to form a contract with this human, yet the human didn't seem to recognize Wen Ying.

    Lost in thought, Boros continued staring at Wen Xinxin without uttering a word. The overwhelming terror that had enveloped Wen Xinxin led her to even contemplate her last words.

    "Wh-what are you doing?"

    A light and pleasant male voice suddenly sounded beside Wen Xinxin, like a divine melody to her ears. Her breathing eased, and the oppressive, bloodthirsty aura above her head dissipated.

    "I'm thinking," Boros replied.

    Wen Ying observed Wen Xinxin's startled expression, sensing that this was more than just deep thought from Poros.

    He approached and wrapped his arms around Poros, leaning in with a casual intimacy, "What were you thinking about?"

    After being scared and then witnessing this display of affection, the words 'worst day ever' echoed in Wen Xinxin's mind.

    Poros fell silent for a moment before he said, "Speak to me in your usual tone."

    Damn! Wen Ying's smile froze for a few seconds. He released Poros's arm and spoke with an icy impatience, "What were you just thinking about?"

    Poros remained silent.

    Wen Ying clenched his fists.

    Unaware of the tension, Muershi came over and asked, "Speaking of which, Poros, I'm curious as to why you chose this girl? It doesn't seem to align with your usual preference for strength."

    Wen Xinxin listened attentively.

    Boros instinctively glanced sideways at Wen Ying, and although his gaze shifted only slightly, Muershi caught it. Just as he was about to enthusiastically say something, Wen Ying leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Remember what happened in the bathroom?"

    Muershi's fiery curiosity was abruptly doused with cold water. He looked at Wen Ying with a pout, while Wen Ying smiled, his eyes warning.

    Ever since becoming a demon, the bathroom had taken on many other connotations for Wen Ying, leaving him in a delicate state of mind.

    "We've arrived. The boat has docked."

    The girls eagerly went shopping, while Wei Er and the others dispersed in small groups to places that interested them. Wu Fei looked around and followed Essence, the succubus, who seemed most likely to cause trouble.

    Since entering the Lucifer Demon Academy, Essence had toned down her exhibitionism, but one could never be too careful. With a single flirtatious glance, a succubus could cast a spell of enchantment, and Essence was particularly shameless, throwing seductive glances everywhere she went...

    Wu Fei dared not think about it and hurried after her.

    Security personnel were discreetly scattered among the crowd, keeping an eye on their targets.

    Muershi was sent away by Wen Ying, who claimed that he needed to spend time with Boros in the Realm of Demons.

    Looking at Lu Qingyuan and Wen Xinxin, Muershi pulled a long face. "You're being too dismissive of me now. Can't you come up with a more believable excuse?"

    Wen Ying said, "Now that you know, let's go quickly."

    Boros' tail swished behind him. Muershi watched the expressionless yet somehow pleasing Boros and couldn't help but twitch his lips. He turned away in a huff, with the human he had contracted hastily following him.

    "Walking," Wen Ying told Lu Qingyuan, striding forward.

    Expecting Wen Ying to engage him in conversation, Boros watched as he walked away without any intention of calling back to him. The air around them instantly became tense with heat.

    Wen Xinxin asked cautiously, "Should we follow them?"

    Boros strode forward with a cold expression, his long legs carrying him purposefully ahead.

    Wen Xinxin appeared outwardly tense but secretly relished the turmoil, thinking, That bad temper deserves it!

    Lu Qingyuan knew where to head, and he led Wen Ying towards the nearest mall. They appeared to be casually strolling, but in reality, they were making a beeline for the restroom.

    Bellerophon was no stranger to the Human Realm; he held no interest in its societal environment. He marched forward, and aside from Wen Xinxin, no one dared to approach him.

    "I just told my department a moment ago that the demons from the live broadcast would be visiting Nandu today, and here they are right in front of me. What a coincidence."

    "Do you think that demon's black nails are natural or dyed?"

    "It feels even more intimidating seeing it in person than through a live stream."

    "It's truly surreal. Despite his good looks, most of my energy is spent on being scared."

    "That silver-haired one in front, I heard they're in a romantic relationship with the demon."

    "Hmm... quite an exciting size difference."

    Boros's fingers flexed slightly before relaxing again. Wen Xinxin asked from the side, "Big shot, are you thirsty? Would you like some water or a drink?"

    "No need."

    Wen Ying's mind was preoccupied with something significant, so he didn't pay too much attention to Boros at the moment.

    Yes, something significant.

    He had put on a front of not caring about Lu Qingyuan, but in reality, he cared deeply.

    This matter needed to be resolved with great care. Well in advance of the start of the semester, Wen Ying began devising ways to address this potential identity issue and put his plans into action.

    Wen Ying has mentally rehearsed the entire plan countless times, and he can immediately articulate what needs to be done and how in each step.

    Despite this, as the plan finally unfolded, Wen Ying's heart was far from calm. Anxiety and tension lurked beneath his composed and relaxed exterior.

    He had Aludra develop a magical potion tailored for both demihumans and humans, one that could lessen their affinity to magic. If taken beforehand, it would suppress their magical aptitude, making them appear no different from ordinary individuals during talent assessments.

    This magical potion is not intended for long-term consumption, and its stability is fragile. Its efficacy will wane after about a week.

    Wen Ying originally planned to send a batch to his family from time to time, instructing them to consume it when the Disaster Ward informed them about the talent test. He didn't expect this moment to come so swiftly.

    The potion ingredients are spared, I only need to prepare a batch.

    His sense of smell was impaired during a drug trial, due to the potent effects of the medication, which hyper-sensitized his olfactory receptors. Strong scents now cause him discomfort, necessitating the constant wearing of a mask.

    My sense of smell is estimated to return sometime next week.

    Wen Ying stepped into the restroom.

    In such large malls, the restrooms usually had individual stalls with considerable depth.

    Wen Ying entered and came out again, taking hold of Beros' wrist and leading him to stand by the restroom entrance.

    "You wait here for me a moment, don't leave. If anyone asks, say I have a bit of stomachache, maybe from eating breakfast too hastily this morning."

    Beros seemed to wear a question mark on his face. Wen Ying hurried in, covering his abdomen as he rushed inside.

    Standing at the entrance like an intimidating deity, not one person who came looking for the restroom dared to enter. They'd rather seek out another restroom elsewhere.

    The original occupants of the restroom emerged one after another, soon leaving Wen Ying all alone inside.

    He activated a barrier to shield any magical fluctuations, then summoned his magic mirror. Staring into the mirror, Wen Ying took a deep breath and began his operation.

    Following the practice he'd done before, he made the reflection in the mirror step out, imparting a fraction of his spirit energy into it.

    The mirror image opened its eyes, revealing the vitality of a living being within those silver-white irises.

    Success. Wen Ying exhaled in relief, putting away his magic mirror, dispelling the barrier, and extracting some magic cards from his platinum ring. He placed them into the identical ring worn by his mirror image.

    The reflection's possessions possessed a portion of the original's power, and the same applied to spatial magic tools. The platinum ring on the clone's tail saw its space shrink, but it remained functional.

    After transferring some magic cards, Wen Ying promptly controlled the mirror image to step out and take his place, returning to Beros' side.

    Beros looked at the emerging Wen Ying, his brows involuntarily furrowing in a rare display of emotion.

    "What's wrong?" Wen Ying asked.

    Beros: "You..."

    Lu Qingyuan approached, "Let's have hotpot on the third floor of the mall for lunch. Their soup base is incredibly flavorful."

    Beros opened his mouth, but forgot what he was going to say.

    Wen Xinxin stood one meter behind Lu Qingyuan, "I'll treat everyone, feel free to order whatever you like."

    Lu Qingyuan turned, "That would be too embarrassing..."

    Wen Xinxin said boldly, "There's no need to feel embarrassed, my dad owns that restaurant."

    Lu Qingyuan: "..."


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