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    Chapter 194: Gifting a Card

    Regardless of what others thought, the Cerberus had still contracted with Wen Xinxin. In that instant, only they knew what was going through their minds.

    Despite her legs still trembling slightly, Wen Xinxin's confidence soared. She instinctively searched the crowd for those exorcists who had previously condescendingly invited her. It dawned on her that none of them had been chosen by a demon!

    Feeling an inexplicable thrill, Wen Xinxin forcefully suppressed the corners of her lips from curving up, trying hard to maintain her composure and dignity. There were cameras live-streaming the event, and she didn't want people to think she was gloating.

    Wen Xinxin's father, Ou Yangcheng, was watching the live stream on his phone. Upon seeing his daughter contracting with a demon, he leaped to his feet in excitement, exclaiming, "Brilliant!"

    Unable to contain his excitement, he rubbed his hands together and sent a message to his secretary: "Double all employees' bonuses this month. Tell them it's to celebrate my daughter's contract with the Cerberus!"

    Even through the screen, the assistant could sense his boss's uncontainable agitation.

    In contrast, Wen Dingjue, who was overseas, was shaking so violently that he almost dropped his phone.

    An elderly tourist nearby asked worriedly, "Old Wen, are you alright? Your hand is shaking so much. Should we see a doctor?"

    Wen Dingjue wiped his forehead with a tissue in the chilly spring weather, forcing a smile. "I'm fine, just startled by that demon."

    An elderly man chimed in, "Indeed, that demon was terrifying."

    "It was called Cerberus, wasn't it? A harbinger of great calamity."

    "There's only one left now."

    "I don't think they're very enthusiastic anymore. The hierarchy within exorcists is quite peculiar. If I were them, I'd be head over heels for the Mirror Demon. You can tell just from its silhouette that it's a gentle and beautiful creature."

    "Not really, I feel like its back view exudes a bit of aloofness."

    Does the Mirror Demon suffer from discrimination or bullying in the Realm of Magic? I sense a hint of loneliness and solitude in that photograph, which makes me want to comfort him with a warm embrace.

    "Fore one, your abacus clicks loud and clear!"

    Bullied? Wen Ying raised an eyebrow and pulled up the album to view the photo he had sent. Did his profile and back view appear gentle and aloof? It must have been the effect of the white hair filter.

    Demons are highly attuned to human emotions, and it is through these that they feed on the life force of their prey, a hunting prowess unique to them.

    Among the twenty-nine demons present, they could vaguely sense the emotions of the exorcists around them, allowing them to discern that many of these exorcist students were unwilling to form a contract with the Mirror Demon.

    Muershi, uncommonly adopting an earnest demeanor, still exuded a flirtatious charm, but his devil-may-care attitude was significantly toned down. He gauged the thoughts of the surrounding human students through their emotions, gradually broadening the curve of his lips.

    What immense delight! The Archdemon almost couldn't resist reveling in anticipation.

    "The student contracted to the Archdemon felt something odd about the demon's smile, causing an uncomfortable sensation as if tiny ants were biting at him.

    Muershi glanced sideways, his charming and debonair smile now fixed on his face like a formula, "No, why do you ask?"

    The student's voice faded, "Just curious."

    "You're so kind," Muershi looked at him, his tone loaded with meaning.

    This student, contracted to Muershi, was now racking his brain for knowledge about demonic races from the Realm of Devils. The Archdemon race seemed to have a rather tricky disposition.

    Lu Qingyuan emerged from the restroom and noticed that only one table still held demon blood. Spotting the formidable Perseus, he realized that only the Mirror Demon had yet to be summoned.

    Not wanting to keep the others waiting, Lu Qingyuan hurried to join the queue.

    Although many hadn't succeeded in contracting a Devil, the line in front of the table with the Mirror Demon's blood wasn't overly long.

    As Lu Qingyuan joined the queue, a group of exorcists passed by, mocking him from their superior stance, "Pathetic common-blooded exorcists, even attempting to contract a Mirror Demon. How pitiful."

    Recalling the array of vials the Mirror Demon had given him, Lu Qingyuan looked at the speaker with a hint of sympathy, "Do you dare to say that to that Mirror Demon later?"

    The speaker frowned and scoffed, "Do I look like an idiot? Why would I provoke a demon for no reason?"

    One must assess their opponent's strength before challenging them. Historical records stated that Mirror Demons had long occupied the lower ranks of the Demon Realm, akin to Slimes. Even if a few powerful Mirror Demons emerged mysteriously during the great interdimensional war thousands of years ago, it didn't change the fact that most of the species were weak.

    According to ancient texts, after the barrier emerged, the descendants of those few strong Mirror Demons became weaker with each generation. Now, with the latest information they obtained from some demons in the Demon Realm, Mirror Demons were indeed at the bottom of the hierarchy, just like Slimes.

    That being said, Mirror Demons were still demons of the Demon Realm. They weren't fools who would rashly charge without assessing the situation. Once they had evaluated their strength, they would act and speak as they pleased.

    Lu Qingyuan spoke with a peculiar tone, "You'd better hope so."

    "What kind of expression is that? You dare to look at me with such a condescending gaze?"

    Given the grand setting, this group didn't dare to be too outrageous and merely whispered their sarcastic remarks.

    Cat Demon Wei Er whispered to Huang Yangsui beside her, "It seems you have a low opinion of Mirror Demons."

    Huang Yangsui hurriedly denied, "No, no, I didn't look down on the Mirror Demon."

    Wei Er turned to look at him with sincerity in his voice, "I hope that's the case."

    Huang Yangsui: "?" Something seemed off.

    Wen Ying stood up, straightening his clothes. He put on a white, pointed 3D mask and checked himself in the mirror, nodding in satisfaction. As Lu Qingyuan's aura emerged from the summoning magic array, Wen Ying responded to the call.

    It was a lovely thought, but Wen Ying had forgotten about his aversion to teleportation arrays. Planning for a dazzling and cool entrance, he stumbled out of the black mist of the summoning portal and landed on the ground.

    The chatter in the room significantly quieted down.

    "Ahem – sorry, I couldn't help laughing first."

    "As expected of the supposedly weak Mirror Demon... This entrance is indeed unique. +1 Good Deed."

    Lu Qingyuan was also stunned. Watching the Mirror Demon slowly stand up and brush off the dust from his clothes, he gasped, "Are you alright?"

    "I'm fine, I just get dizzy from teleportation arrays," Wen Ying managed to squeeze out through his throat with difficulty.

    "Ha-ha-ha! You finally get your comeuppance!" Scarlet burst into laughter first, followed closely by Wu Shaluo.

    Next to Scarlet, HuPo and Li Jie subtly shifted away from him.

    Wen Ying glanced at Scarlet, whose laughter faltered under his gaze. Then, Wen Ying turned to Wu Shaluo, who also abruptly stopped laughing.

    "Who would've thought that a demon could faint from a teleportation array? Aren't only those without much magic supposed to faint? This is quite..."

    "How weak must his magic be?"

    "I'm glad I didn't join the queue just now. That would've been utterly humiliating."

    "That demon picked Lu Qingyuan, huh. Tsk tsk, what's the point of being first in the written exam if he still ends up with a demon like that? Ordinary bloodline remains ordinary, after all."

    "An ordinary bloodline matches a weak-magic Mirror Demon perfectly, it seems."

    Whispers and murmurs echoed around them.

    Wen Ying's eyes narrowed slightly. He had no idea Lu Qingyuan had to endure such treatment.

    "I didn't expect exorcists to be so lacking in morals," Wu Fei said angrily. "Bullying and disdain are even more prevalent here than in ordinary schools!"

    As Wu Fei cursed, the whispers around him faded, replaced by surprise.

    "Isn't the Devil race itself supposed to revere the strong?" someone couldn't help but mutter in confusion.

    "Doesn't your teacher care at all?" Wu Fei asked the exorcist teachers.

    The exorcist teachers under Wu Fei's gaze: "..." The situation was rather complicated, involving factional struggles and conflicting identities – it was hard to explain in a few words.

    Unbeknownst to others, Lan Jiaying had moved to stand one meter away from Wu Fei, slightly raising his hand to shield Wu Fei as he smiled at the surrounding people. "While I also have my disdain for that Magic Mirror Devil, if anyone were to despise it, they would never receive a response when summoning demons from the Demon Realm in the future."

    Many people around them were startled.

    Lan Jiaying's tone was elegant and composed, pleasant to the ear, but it carried a heavier impact and sense of pressure than Wu Fei's angry insults. The golden-haired dragon-like devil's smile didn't reach his eyes.

    He had directly tied it back to personal interests.

    Wu Fei was deeply touched by Lan Jiaying stepping forward to defend Wen Ying. Whispering to Lan Jiaying, he said, "Big brother, you're truly tough on the outside but soft on the inside."

    Feeling disgusted, Lan Jiaying replied coldly, "Don't call me brother. I didn't help him. I'm just stating the truth. Aruda knows that they look down on Wen Ying. Can you guess what will happen to us if we don't speak up for him?"

    Lan Jiaying emphasized the word "be".

    Wu Fei: "...."

    Looking at Lan Jiaying, Wen Ying spoke gently, "You're so kind, Your Highness."

    Lan Jiaying's entire body was covered in goosebumps. With so many people watching, he had to maintain his image and clenched his fists in silence, revealing his usual composed and elegant smile.

    "It doesn't seem like demons are as cruel as legends say. They're obviously warm and even help weaker demons."

    "I kind of want to ship them now. Their eye contact is so cute, and that Demon Mirror's voice is so gentle."

    Not only Lan Jiaying, but those who usually clashed with Wen Ying were also disgusted. This was clearly the prelude to Wen Ying causing trouble.

    To avoid getting caught in the crossfire, a few weaker demons from Class One discreetly faded from the center and retreated backward.

    "What a coincidence, I brought a lot of magic cards with Your Highness's image."

    Wen Ying surveyed the surroundings with a gentle smile, his tail swishing behind him, sending out a platinum ring that encircled Lan Jiaying's magic card.

    Lan Jiaying was dumbfounded, his smile almost cracking. He swore that Wen Ying was doing this now solely because he had just mentioned "I also find that demon mirror annoying!"

    "I'm new here and don't have much to offer, so I'll give away some entertaining magic cards."

    As Wen Ying spoke, he passed the card to an exorcist student standing nearby. The student seemed at a loss, but Wen Ying instructed him to hold the magic card while conjuring a bit of magical energy with his other hand, infusing it into the card.

    Instantly, the magic card transformed into a virtual character projection.

    A chorus of amazed exclamations echoed around them.

    "One person's blood signature for purchasing access!"

    "Two people's signatures!"


    Lan Jiaying felt terrible, grinding his back teeth to the point of breaking. The mask on his face was in danger of shattering.

    "What a marvel." The boy in front of Wen Ying gasped in amazement.

    Although it was just an image, if one could replace it with their favorite anime character, a celebrity they admired, or even someone who had passed away... it would be nothing short of a miracle.

    And all it took to trigger it was a mere touch of magic!

    Satisfied with the reactions of the crowd, Wen Ying continued, "I wonder if any of you would like one. If you do, feel free to come over and grab one."

    The crowd surged forward, fearing that there wouldn't be enough. To their surprise, Wen Ying pulled out a large box from his spatial magic tool, filled with magic cards!



    "Damn! *N*!"

    Lan Jiaying managed to keep his composure because he noticed that the magic cards in the box were wrapped in blind bags. It meant they weren't all for him, which offered some small comfort to his heart.

    "Just a little token of my appreciation. Everyone here can have one for free. These are products from my company, and I hope all my human friends will enjoy them," Wen Ying said with a smile.

    "The truth is out – this Magic Mirror Demon's overall score was indeed boosted by money power."

    "Am I the only one bothered by the blind draw? So absurd, even the Netherworld has blind draws. How did such a culture emerge?"

    "I'm curious about the patterns inside. I wonder if anyone there would be willing to sell me a card."

    "Why can't I have one?" An exorcist student, rejected by Wen Ying, instantly expressed his discontent.

    Wen Ying's smile remained unwavering. "Because I just heard you cursing at me."

    "He really did, I'm dying here. Even his harsh words are so gentle."

    "Why do I feel something's off? I'm getting goosebumps for some reason."

    The exorcist student froze, wanting to say something but failing to articulate it after opening his mouth. With indignation, he turned and plunged into the crowd, muttering as he walked, "Being bad at something doesn't mean others can't criticize."

    Wen Ying precisely identified those who had spoken ill of him earlier. Mainly, they were guilt-ridden, and with his ability to sense emotions, he guessed correctly every time.

    After distributing for a while, Wen Ying pulled out another box. The surrounding demons included those who had been targeted by magic cards, like Essence, who couldn't care less, and others like Lan Jiaying and Beros, who were contemplating giving Wen Ying a good beating once the crowd dispersed.

    Muershi leaned in, eagerly whispering into Wen Ying's ear, "When do you plan on revealing your true strength to these humans?"

    He was already eager to witness their expressions of disbelief.

    Wen Ying replied with a hushed delight, "Now."


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