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    Chapter 249 - Mobile Phone

    The duality of pain and pleasure intertwined within Wen Ying's mind and body. He had no idea how long had passed, but when he finally felt numb, he vaguely heard the words, "It's really over this time."

    All the external fragments of law had finally entered his soul. Before Wen Ying could question why he was still in discomfort, the surging sensation in his soul rapidly spread to his body, causing his features to contort in agony.

    The angel paused, then awkwardly explained, "I've been here for too long, my brain seems to have rusted. I forgot about the physical impact. Hang on just a little longer. Don't worry, there won't be any aftermath. It's only temporary discomfort."

    Wen Ying was in so much pain that he didn't even have the strength to swear. His soul only felt swollen, but his body was experiencing a tearing agony. Black spots danced before his eyes as it felt like many knives were violently colliding inside him.

    He had no idea how much time had passed, but those waiting outside were growing restless.

    Guo Desheng asked Lou Wangmiao, who was standing beside him, "Minister Lou, it's already been six hours. Why hasn't Wen Jing come out yet? Has something happened inside?"

    For example, possession. Guo Desheng's conspiracy-filled mind involuntarily began spinning scenarios.

    Lou Wangmiao's tone was calm and composed, "This amount of time isn't considered very long. He might be receiving an inheritance or reading some secret manuals inside. This period of time would be nothing for such matters."

    Although he said that, Lou Wangmiao was stroking his beard faster than usual. Guo Desheng inwardly scoffed, You don't seem as calm and composed as you claim to be.

    Xiao Fengkan conversed softly with the exorcist knights behind him. Though he didn't have his phone, his subordinates were quite active on theirs.

    "How's the exploration of the other spaces going?"

    "There hasn't been any interference. Apart from here, all other areas are accessible. We've found numerous lost spellbooks and some missing historical information. In addition, we've discovered magic crystals, gold, and various alchemical ingredients."

    Upon hearing this, Xiao Fengkan wasn't particularly delighted. He inquired, "Have you found anything related to the angel himself?"

    The person reporting pondered for a moment before responding, "Not as of yet. We've uncovered a vast number of books, and everyone is currently categorizing them. Perhaps we'll discover something related to the angel in the process."

    Xiao Fengkan glanced at the guards by the bronze door, then, turning back, lowered his voice. "Did you find anything that contains the angel's power?"

    The informant also spoke softly, "I'm very sorry, but we haven't come across anything like that so far."

    Xiao Fengkan's lips pressed together tightly, his dark eyes clouded, as if brewing something. His usually solemn and robust demeanor seemed to have lost its luster.

    Just a few seconds passed.

    "Thank you for your hard work."

    Wei Zheng glanced at the Church Knights and walked quietly to Lou Wangmiao's side. "Vice President, those people seem to have ulterior motives. Shouldn't we make some preparations?"

    Lou Wangmiao remained calm as ever, even in the face of impending danger. He replied softly but steadily, "If the laws of the universe are on the side of the Mirror Demons, do you think they would succeed?"

    The Mirror Demons under Wen Jing's command were, technically, half-human hybrids. Born in the Human Realm, the laws favored humanity. With Wen Ying's human bloodline and the potential inheritance from an angel, the laws might be more lenient towards this particular Mirror Demon.

    The arrogant demons who had previously fallen into misfortune had learned their lesson and were now cautious. It wouldn't be as easy for the Church to succeed again as it was before.

    Curiously, the powerful demons didn't directly demand that Azef hand over the two escaped exorcists. A hint of concern flickered across Lou Wangmiao's eyes as he paused in his act of stroking his beard.

    He hoped the demons weren't just putting on a show.

    The lower-ranking demons in the demonic legion that had come from the Demon Realm were no pushovers. Their auras and gazes were razor-sharp, and each one of them was a weapon of war. The collective bloodlust they emitted was alarming. If a battle broke out, the humans would likely have to repeat the tragic process of sacrificing lives, just as they did thousands of years ago.

    The demons outside were growing impatient. Using magic, they created a luxurious container space to wait within.

    Muershi, bored, sprawled across the table and grumbled, "Why isn't that guy out yet? If he doesn't come out soon, I'll start suspecting the exorcists kidnapped him."

    Wei Er looked outside through the window. "Those exorcists don't seem to be doing anything either."

    Koroy observed Wu Shaluo typing on his phone constantly and couldn't help but ask curiously, "Who are you texting?"

    Wu Shaluo paused in his typing, avoiding eye contact. "No one in particular."

    Koroy pulled out his crystal ball, causing Wu Shaluo's forehead to twitch with veins. "I'm just talking to a bunch of people who think my vision is bad!"

    Koroy put the crystal ball away.

    Boros glanced sideways. "Yang Bofeng is still alive."

    Wu Shaluo's anger rose, making the feathers around his ears stand up. He stuffed his phone into his pocket and clicked his tongue. "When will this plan ever end?"

    Lan Jiaying sat calmly in his chair. "It's not about haste, it's about stability."

    Muershi spoke with a hint of amusement, "You seem quite eager to crush Asaph Academy and the Church right now."

    Lan Jiaying's eyes darkened, and he forced a smile. "I'll prioritize the bigger picture, Muershi. If you're bored, why not try entering the underground palace?"

    Muershi waved his hand. "Let's skip the 'try and die' kind, I value my life."


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