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    Chapter 182: Prophecy

    "So, I've decided to send the young devils from the First Class of the Demon Academy to the Human Realm to improve their acceptance of us. With their formidable powers and pleasing appearances, it should, without any mishaps, reduce their hostility towards us."

    The Devil King spoke with great enthusiasm, as if he was discussing something he truly enjoyed. He sounded delighted, and if Wen Ying hadn't previously heard the Devil King express his intention to invade the Human Realm, he might have believed that the Devil King genuinely wanted to establish a good relationship with humans.

    Of course, there were devils who opposed this idea. It was already good that they didn't invade the Human Realm; now they were proposing to proactively approach them without any positive signals from the humans. It was too humiliating!

    With a chuckle, the Devil King explained that this was also to uproot the extremist faction from the Human Realm. According to their intelligence, many exorcists had connections with the extremist faction. The main purpose of sending the First Class devils was to investigate which exorcists had ties with the extremists.

    Wen Ying listened to the Devil King's discussion with the other devils while enjoying his meal. Due to the Devil King's status and power, even those who held differing opinions dared not voice them too strongly.

    Time passed quickly during their exchange of ideas. Before Wen Ying realized it, the banquet was over, and more than an hour had passed.

    "Let's call it a day," the Devil King clapped his hands twice. "I will issue an announcement to the entire Devil Realm regarding this matter later."

    "Oh, by the way, the young devils from the First Class and their parents should stay behind," the Devil King said with a smile. "I would like to hold a parent-teacher meeting to discuss the precautions for the children's trip to the Human Realm."

    Wen Ying understood. He glanced at Beros. That's what he meant by "not yet".

    The Demon King, fearing that other demons would leak information, had only informed the demons of Class One and their parents?

    Soon, the grand hall was left with only the demons of Class One and their parents. Yan Yujing even dismissed the guards, leaving no servants behind.

    Yan Yujing said, "Your Majesty the Demon King, they have all left." Afterward, she activated the barrier within the venue to prevent any eavesdropping demons outside.

    "Very good~ Now then, let's discuss," the Demon King paused, his voice suddenly rising in pitch and becoming frenzied, "our invasion of the Human Realm!"

    The demons present were momentarily stunned.


    "There's a saying among humans: 'Know yourself and know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles.'"

    "Humans possess much technology worth our study. In the past, when we attacked the Human Realm, their fierce resistance stemmed from deep hatred. Our ancestors' methods were too brutal, making the humans unwilling to be enslaved by them."

    "As long as we can make the humans genuinely like us, we can achieve our goal of conquering the Human Realm."


    The Demon King rephrased his previous statement in a radical and sharp tone, tearing apart the facade of beauty to reveal the dark, invasive essence beneath.

    With a frenzied and triumphant tone, the Demon King eagerly recounted his advance plan, much like a child proudly showcasing their favorite toy, leaving Wen Ying's scalp tingling.

    Yan Yujing commented, "I believe your plan is excellent. Perhaps this time, we can fulfill the ambitions our ancestors left unattained."

    "Lennach wondered, "Would humans grow fond of demons? Merely based on appearance?"

    The Demon King looked at him, his lips curling up in a smirk. "There are no ugly individuals among us demons, but that's not the case for humans. They idolize those who stand out appearance-wise within their own kind. With the capital and resources of society grooming and packaging them, they can mass-produce so-called 'internet celebrities' according to their preferences."

    "They have different tastes," the Demon King extended his hand, palm up, and slowly clenched it. "We possess the appearance that humans desire, as well as immense power. With a little disguise, we can become the ones they favor."

    Wen Ying couldn't help but whistle inwardly. How long had the Demon King been mingling with humans?

    "Your Majesty the Demon King, do you still recall the prophecy of the Demon Witch Fae clan?" The Mermaid King Cangyuan looked at the clan leader, Wu Yi.

    The Demon King raised an eyebrow. "Of course I do. That's why I've devised this plan to avoid rejection by the laws."

    Wen Ying prodded Belos. "What prophecy is that?"

    Boros looked at his father and asked, "Father, what prophecy are you talking about?"

    The Demon King, hearing Wen Ying and Boros's voices, turned to look at them. He enunciated clearly, "When the demons return, the angels shall descend once more."

    Following the Demon King's words, Wizard Yi's ethereal voice echoed, "Angels born from the laws have been wandering beyond the realms. Once a war breaks out, they will reincarnate again, just like thousands of years ago."

    Boros whispered to Wen Ying, "I've never heard of this before."

    "Your plan still carries risks, Your Highness the Demon King," said Lin Lingwei, the leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

    Lan Jiaying interjected, "Even if the angels appear again, it doesn't mean we're destined to lose."

    "First Prince, what I mean is," Lin Lingwei's gentle voice carried a chill that sent shivers down one's spine, "we should find the reincarnated angels beforehand and kill them before they awaken."

    Wen Ying rubbed the back of his hand.

    "I think this plan is quite good," the Succubus Clan leader commented, "I'll cast my vote in favor."

    "I agree as well," another voice chimed in.

    "Lin Lingwei is right. We should deal with the Reincarnated Angels beforehand to avoid any interference,"

    The atmosphere in the banquet hall was growing increasingly tense and heated, with an eerie silence hovering above the crowd, sending shivers down one's spine.

    Wen Ying nearly succumbed to this atmosphere, his body involuntarily stirred with excitement. The demonic part of his heritage fueled a predatory desire within him.

    This is madness, Wen Ying thought to himself. Surveying the room, he saw twisted black mists enveloping the demons, their various expressions all reflecting a single, perilous sentiment.

    His heart pounded like a drum as he turned his gaze to Beros beside him. The demon exuded an excited state of magical energy, a dangerous aura radiating from him like a caged beast ready to break free.

    Wen Ying felt overwhelmed; he couldn't come up with a solution to prevent the impending war.

    He'd have to take it one step at a time.

    Above all, there must be no conflict.

    Wen Ying pondered pinning the blame on the extremist faction.

    Why did a twenty-something student like him need to think about how to stop a war between two worlds? Was that reasonable? He wasn't some superhero from an anime.

    Until the solemn and chilling "Parents' Meeting" concluded, Wen Ying was still at a loss. As the demons began to leave, the Devil King approached him, who was still seated. "Have you gathered all the materials?"

    Wen Ying sprang up like a fish flipping on its back. "Not yet!"

    Lost in thought, he had forgotten this crucial matter. He hurriedly looked towards the entrance and scanned the hall. Most of the demons from Class One were still there.

    The Devil King chuckled. "Go ahead."

    It was now an official bloodletting mission.

    Wen Ying rushed to Phelios, a mischievous grin on his face. "I need something from you to provide to the exorcists so they can summon you to the human world."

    Although he had anticipated being drained by Wen Ying before arriving, Phelios hadn't expected the Devil King's thrilling plan. He simply extended his hand to Wen Ying. "Draw it."

    Wen Ying's excitement deflated. Looking at Phelios, who didn't resist and was incredibly proactive, his mood soured like someone who had missed out on a limited edition souvenir.

    Collecting materials without any resistance was extremely dull.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Wen Ying saw Levimo and the others approaching him one after another, gathering around him to await their turn for blood extraction.

    Why do I feel so uneasy...


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