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    Chapter 239: Evidence

    The exorcists from Huaxia were at a loss, planning to make a mere show of effort for the sake of appearances. Just then, the demonic mirror suddenly paused its attack, taking out its phone... to answer a call.

    Asfah's people were practically seething with rage. This demon was too humiliating!

    They all attacked at once. Earlier, only Hai Lige and Wen Ying had fought because they needed to continuously provide stable magic power to the divine stone and couldn't leave their positions. Now that the formation was broken, they could finally join in.

    But without the formation's enhancement, the seven students and two teachers were almost powerless against Wen Ying's defenses, causing them to feel enraged despite their incapability.

    Wen Ying nimbly dodged their attacks as he answered Muershi's call.

    The caller ID showed Muershi's name, but the voice belonged to Kirishino. Wen Ying was delighted, "Finally, I have news from you. What's going on? Why did you turn off your phone?"

    After a barrage of words, he immediately added, "That's not important. The important thing is that I asked you to follow Lan Jiaying with a video crystal. Did you manage to record the situation inside the cinema hall at that time?"

    Kirishino had just picked up the call when Wen Ying's barrage of questions left him unable to speak. After Wen Ying finally gave him a chance to talk, Kirishino held onto his phone tightly and said, "I recorded it. Just now..."

    Wen Ying interrupted him, "Did Lan Jiaying kill anyone?"

    Kirishino: "No, I..."

    Wen Ying interrupted him again, also halting the demons who were attacking the Asaphians: "Hold on for a moment." If he didn't intervene, someone was going to die.

    Lan Jiaying choked Hai Lige by the neck, his voice now guttural and beast-like: "What are we waiting for?"

    Chang Mufeng was attempting to persuade Lan Jiaying to let go beside him but didn't dare to get too close. Without the earlier suppression of the law, Lan Jiaying's body had already begun to dragonize – his hands and feet were in animal forms, and his face was half-human, half-dragon.

    "Wen Ying," he quickly explained the situation, "since Koroy saw the prophecy, I've had Kirishino tail you. He has a recording magic crystal that can prove you didn't commit murder."

    The crowd erupted in an uproar upon hearing this.

    Asefa's pupils constricted, and Andre retorted, "That's impossible! You must be lying! What if you kill us here? We've already uploaded the footage to the global network! Everyone can see that it's not doctored!"

    Lan Jiaying sneered and tightened her grip. Hai Lige's eyes wandered as he grabbed Lan Jiaying's hand, stealthily reaching for the pendant around his neck.

    Wen Ying chuckled and spoke into the phone, "Where are you now? I need your recording crystal."

    "We're a bit far apart," the voice on the other end suddenly switched to Muershi's. "We... Hey! That's my phone!"

    "He talks too much," the demon on the other end of the phone switched back to Belphegor. "In short, we're currently in Heavenly Battle Mountain, between Nandu City and Beiyang City. There were quite a few extremists here, but we've taken care of them."

    Wen Ying was stunned. How could they suddenly appear there from here? The distance wasn't short. In such a short time, not only did they travel from here to there, but they also dealt with the extremists over there. It was likely that they used a spatial enchanted item to shorten the journey.

    "Bofeng Yang was the one who killed," Belphegor said. "From the video crystal, it looked like Bofeng Yang walked up to the deceased and said something before the person fell to the ground. The others around him didn't react, probably under an illusionary spell. After that, Lan Jiaying entered but stood at the back the whole time. He didn't go anywhere according to the video crystal."

    "Kirishino said he found Bofeng Yang acting strange. He saw him leave through another door, so he followed. He wanted to send you a message, but his phone was out of battery, so he couldn't."

    "As soon as he stepped out that door, he was teleported to Heavenly Battle Mountain, surrounded by extremists. If we hadn't come, he would be dead by now."

    Wen Ying didn't know whether to be speechless or to think that reality was even more absurd than TV dramas. Kirishino failed to send him a message because his phone had run out of battery – a crucial moment.

    Looking around, if Kirishino's phone hadn't run out of battery, the situation wouldn't have escalated to this point, and Lan Jiaying wouldn't have been severely injured.

    Charging one's phone when out and about was indeed crucial. Today's events were a direct result of a drained battery.

    Speaking of misfortune, it was Lan Jiaying who suffered the most. Wen Ying suddenly felt a great deal of sympathy for him.

    Through the background noise of the phone call, Wen Ying heard Kirishino shouting, "If my phone hadn't run out of battery, I wouldn't have been chased all over the mountain without being able to call for help. Fortunately, Lord Belphegor and the others came. They wanted to exploit the contract between Bofeng Yang and Wu Shaluo to lure Wu Shaluo over, so they tried to silence me."

    Wen Ying was taken aback once more. There was still a sequel to this conspiracy? He looked at the bruised and swollen faces of the Acesians and couldn't help but admire their ability to plot. A sense of caution rose in his heart; he had underestimated the minds of conspirators.

    Poor Kirishino, Wen Ying thought to himself. I'll give him extra bonuses later as a form of comfort.

    "Lan Jiaying, where is the recording magic crystal?" The prince's patience was wearing thin. His eyes were dark and menacing, devoid of any grace that a noble prince should possess. Now, he truly resembled a devil.

    "It's quite a distance away," Wen Ying paused, "in Tian Dou Mountain, between Nan Du City and Bei Yang City."

    Wen Ying relayed what Perseus had told him earlier, amplifying his voice with magic so that everyone present, both demons and humans, could hear clearly. The scene erupted into chaos once again. Endless chatter filled the air, turning the solemn venue into a bustling marketplace.

    Wu Shaluo: "???" Why am I involved?

    Yan Liwen immediately questioned Andre, "You're collaborating with the Extremists?!"

    He had been eager to find fault with the Church for a while now. When various demons had presented evidence of some church-affiliated families colluding with the Extremists, he had suspected that there was something wrong with the Church. He wondered if there were even more exorcists within the Church who were secretly working with the Extremists.

    Considering the extent and proportion of such collaboration, Yan Liwen couldn't help but be secretly alarmed. Could that Church still be called a Church of Exorcists? It might as well be a branch headquarters for the Extremists.

    It shouldn't be that bad, Yan Liwen hoped anxiously.

    How could an Ace Phantasmal accept that? Hai Lige's voice cracked with indignation. "H-How c-could it be possible? Y-You can't just s-slander us like that!" He sounded fiercely angry, like an innocent person wrongly accused.

    The principal of the Exorcist Academy, Chang Mufeng, spoke in an objective tone. "We'll know for sure once the video spell crystal arrives."

    He was surprised too, but also frustrated. Both sides were so cunning that there seemed to be another plan hidden behind their seemingly flawless one.

    No amount of magic could stop hair from falling out, after all.

    Wen Ying glanced at him and asked into his phone, "Is Yang Bofeng still alive?"

    Boros: "Still alive."

    Wen Ying gazed at Hai Lige with a quizzical smile, "Yang Bofeng isn't dead. I believe he'll reveal the truth in every detail. You have both the eyewitnesses and physical evidence you need. Is there anything else you wish to say?"

    For a moment, the people of Asaph were speechless, and Hai Lige, known for embodying justice, looked pale.

    Lan Jiaying's feral grin stretched almost to his ears. "You can go ahead and die now."

    Asapha's other instructor, Fimia, suddenly vanished on the spot. The demons were taken aback. Lan Jiaying, realizing something, wasted no more time and forcefully snapped Hai Lige's neck.

    Hailige's eyes widened in defiance.

    Other demons struck ruthlessly.

    These individuals had come prepared with enchanted teleportation items. One teacher had managed to escape early, but the demons caught on, and most of the rest were unable to activate their teleportation before being dealt with.

    Lena's necklace was snatched from her neck, turning her face ashen. She felt a chill run down her spine as she watched the beautiful nails headed straight for her face.

    "Our plan has a part you're not aware of!" Lena shouted with her eyes closed, sweat pouring down her forehead like rain.

    Lilith's sharp claws stopped just one centimeter from Lena's forehead. Her fox-like gaze coldly assessed the girl.

    One teacher, Phemia, and a student, Vincen, had escaped. Everyone else, except Lena, had perished.

    Lena could feel eyes upon her from all directions. The cold, malicious gazes of the demons made her barely able to stand, swaying unsteadily.

    Lan Jiaying threw the corpse away with disdain and walked towards Lena. Wen Ying also approached Lena. Seeing Lan Jiaying, he said, "Why don't you sit down for a moment?"

    Although the law suppression within the formation was gone, they were still in the Human Realm, and their powers and self-healing abilities remained restricted. Wen Ying sensed that Lan Jiaying's life force was disturbed, and her lower body was unstable; her steps were unsteady as if she were walking on air.

    Lan Jiaying paused. "Not necessary."

    Dark clouds blanketed the sky, as if the distance between heaven and earth had narrowed. Purple lightning writhed within the thunderclouds, accompanied by deafening thunderclaps that made one's heart tremble in fear, as if the lightning would strike down at any moment.

    Wen Ying's heart involuntarily echoed with the rhythm of the thunder. He looked up at the sky, sensing the power of the Law closing in. Though it wasn't the fault of the demons, their gathering and killing several people at once had still attracted the attention of the Law.

    "Muershi, how's your situation?"

    Wen Ying pressed the phone to his ear as Muershi's voice came through. "It's fine for now. The Law doesn't seem to be taking things too seriously. Did you spare any of the extremist group over there?"

    Muershi replied, "We left two alive. We'll take them to the Judgment Bureau when their demons arrive to clean up the mess."

    "No rush," Wen Ying said, walking over to Lena who was trembling. "What did you mean by what you just said?"

    He casually handed Lan Jiaying a few healing magic cards.

    The ever-stubborn Lan Jiaying didn't refuse. Wen Ying inwardly thought that his condition seemed worse than he had imagined.

    Chang Mufeng and the others approached. The demons, in a bad mood due to the Asserians, took out their anger on all humans, showing no intention of toning down their intimidating presence.

    Lena's voice trembled, almost ethereal as she spoke, "The Church still wants you." She gazed at Wen Ying.

    Wen Ying raised an eyebrow. "Does the Church want me or the Extremists?"

    "Both... both of them do."

    Confusion flickered across Wen Ying's face. The situation was different from what he had imagined. He gestured for Lena to continue.

    Lena dared not reveal the true mastermind, the angel. So, she said, "Because there are fragments of the Law within you, capable of extending one's lifespan." Her mind was in chaos, and she blurted out a makeshift explanation.

    Wen Ying was taken aback. The surrounding demons wore expressions of great surprise.

    There was only one Law in the entire world, and it favored the Human Realm. The notion that a demon could possess fragments of the Law was so absurd that no one would believe it if told.

    Lilith pressed her sharp nails against Lena's forehead, smiling with a chilling tone, "Is this really true? If it's a lie you've fabricated just to save your life, your death will be even more painful."


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